Fonda’s Hair Fashions

Fonda’s Hair Fashions

Fonda’s Hair Fashions is a long standing salon (30+ years) specializing in cuts, color, high light


Due to impending snow storm Saturday March 4th, Fonda's will be closed, safety for clients and us comes first. We will reopen Monday March 6th ❄️


Hello All, as we get into snow storms, we WILL be open unless you hear otherwise. If you can not make your appt please call and let us know. 207-657-4449 as always stay safe out there ❄️☃️❄️


Hey it's Jenn here, taking a minute to thank a few guests at the salon for thinking of me while away on vacation living their best life. In the past month I have received
~ homemade grape jelly (Diane)
~cheese from the Netherlands (Herb)
~ chocolate from Belgium (Rob)
~ caramel apple from Disney (Angela)

Feel to blessed to have you all in my life and not only clients but true friends

Photos from Fonda’s Hair Fashions's post 09/16/2022

The humidity is gone and we’re heading into fall!

Whether it’s a perm, balayage, root touch up, clipper cut, or just a trim, give us a call for all of your hair needs!


We are so excited to announce that Julie will be staying behind the chair working with Fonda and Jenn!! We had to twist a wrist or two to get her there (pun intended 😂) we couldn't be more happy to welcome her!

She will be working on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays!

Call the salon at 207-657-4449 to schedule an appointment for any of your hair needs!


Update: we are 3 weeks in from Fonda breaking her wrist, turns out she sprained her other wrist too 🤦🏼‍♀️. I am 1000% thankful for Julie (Fonda's niece) for stepping in to help a few days a week. Not only has she saved my sanity but has been a lot of fun to work with. Clients have been amazing with her stepping into VERY big shoes. Thank you so much to all whom have been patient, understanding and helpful as we continue to do our best.
We've been putting in many 10+ hours days, and found ourselves high fiving each other at the end of today. We got this! 😵‍💫💇🏻‍♀️💇🏼🙂


Alright everyone... just letting everyone know our hours will look a little different for about 6 weeks. Fonda fell and broke her wrist and will be unable to work for this time period. Jenn will be solo and only there Tues, Wed and Sat (she has 2 jobs) please be patient with us as we do our best to get back to normal asap. 😩


Hello to All... quick reminder the shop will be closed for the holiday weekend from Friday May 27 and will reopen Tuesday May 31 at 9am. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe. 🌺🌼


Happy Easter from both of us here at Fonda's. We hope your day is as
Wonderful as all of you are 🐣


The sun is shining and spring is right around the corner! It's time to get your highlights, feeling warm is wonderful. 😎💇🏻‍♀️💇🏼🌞


Due to tomorrows forecast, Fonda's will be closed. Stay safe, we will open back up Monday Morning.


Happy Fall from Fonda's!!! Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. As we approach the cooler days and nights we ask that if you are feeling under the weather, that you take the YOU time. Stay home, rest and get better. If that means needing to reschedule an appointment with us, we promise to do our best to get you in as soon as possible once you are better. 🎃🍁


Wow, how did the middle of September get here already?! We are happy to announce we are starting to have random openings here and there and can now open them back up to new clients as well as our regulars. We are still typically booking about 2 weeks out. So as soon as your hair misbehaves the first time, that is the best time to call us. As always we look forward to seeing familiar faces as much as meeting new 💇🏼‍♀️💇🏻‍♀️💇🏼💇🏻‍♂️


Happy Sunday all! Beautiful day out there. Thankful for the rain to bring the green back, also thankful for the warmth and sun of summer.
Fonda will be back from vacation this week and Jenn starts vacation Wednesday for 1 week. Our schedules are very full, please if you call leave a message we WILL get back to you.
A few things to know:
• we are finding that due to price increase of all we do, we also need to increase our prices. We are working together to raise them as reasonably as possible. Say tuned.
• we are booking out 2-3 weeks so please call early.
• with being so booked we are no longer taking on any new clients for a little while. We want to make sure to be able to get our regular and always loyal clients in as timely as we can. We will let everyone know when we feel comfortable taking on new clients.


Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸🎆. Hoping everyone takes time to relax and smile. Remember the true meaning of the day. With that said, we will be closed until Wednesday the 7th, (Jenn will be back) and Fonda is on vacation all week and will return the 12th. Be safe all.


Hello to all!!! Hard to believe we are
1/2 way through MAY already!!! Just wanted to take a minute to update all going on with COVID-19. Today the U.S. Center of Disease control lifted nearly all mask mandates with few exceptions. HOWEVER our governor has taken her opportunity to over ride that for our state of
Maine. Please be patient with us while we NEED to follow the rules to not jeopardy our licenses or business. Hopefully we are within site of somewhat normal, for now we just keep plugging along. Thank you all for your loyalty to us. We enjoy each and everyone of you.


Good Morning, hoping everyone has had a wonderful January. Signs of winter are beginning, it's time to remind everyone Fonda typically does not close due to snow. We understand safety is number 1 priority. If you are not comfortable driving in the snow please stay in touch with us to reschedule. (If the shop does close because of larger snow we will always call you) Thank you again for all of your patience during these weird times. We have been crazy busy and try our best to get each of you in as fast as possible.


MERRY CHRISTMAS To You and Yours from Us and Ours. May you all be healthy and safe, enjoy the little things in life 🎄


Here it is; right in the middle of the Holiday Season, we are booking up quickly. With the world still in an unpredictable place we continue to take every step possible to make sure we stay safe for every client and ourselves. With that said, we ask for patience as we do our very best to get everyone in as soon as possible while always striving to make sure you all know just how important you are. It is our goal to continue to allow the time needed for your service. We do receive and listen to every message, trying to get back to each one by the end of the work day. Remember to leave your phone number when leaving a message as it helps to speed up the return call. Happy Holidays to You and Yours From Us and Ours 🎅🏼🤶🏻🎄


Sorry it's been awhile. The salon has been very busy. We are so appreciative of all of your patience while we still work to catch up. Both of us have continued our extended hours. (Coming in early and staying late). We have been talking about changing it up a little. We may add a station on the other side of room to allow us to work together while remaining a great distance apart. We have the room per state guidelines however; we feel it would be safer for all of you (also less annoying than a curtain or barrier between us) to be as far apart as possible while still being able to work together. Likely just one day a week. Please, if you are not comfortable with others in the shop at the same time as you, let us know so we can make sure to book your appointment on a day or time where there is no over lap. Lastly masks are still required, your health and well being is our first priority. 💇🏼‍♀️💇🏻‍♂️💇🏽‍♀️


Wow, can't believe we are approaching the end of July already.
Wanted to reach out and thank everyone for their patiences and cooperation wearing masks, yes they are required to have us do your hair as there really is no way to distance.
Everyone has been wonderful being on time for appointments, we are so thankful for all of you. There are only 2 of us and we are still booked beyond our normal hours, we are doing our best to get back to all messages in the order we received them. If you haven't heard back make sure to listen to voicemail and or try again.


Hello all and Happy July 🇺🇸 we hope all are well and staying healthy. A few things from us:

• If you have traveled out of state via plane, train or auto or any other way, you CAN NOT come get your hair done for 2 weeks ( unless it is NH, VT, CT, NY or NJ)

• You do have to wear a face covering (talk to us if you need to step away to breath)

• We will be closed from Friday July 3rd to Monday July 6th for the holiday weekend

• Lastly but very important. Please be patient with us as we have remained very busy and booked beyond solid, we've come in early and stayed late many days and will continue to do this. As of now we are booking mostly toward the ended of July. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are so thrilled to see everyone, it just may take a little time still. When we get cancellations we move people up when possible.

Again Happy July, be safe and healthy! 🇺🇸🇺🇸


Wow, where did May and 1/2 of June go?? Wanted to update everyone. Things have basically been going very smooth, we want to continue to thank everyone for all their extra patience as we all continue to implement the new rules for both all of you and us.
It's nice to have SOMETHING be normal (as normal as it can be) like going to work and you all getting your hair done. We've had many great laughs and have enjoyed seeing all of you again 😊


Happy Memorial Weekend. After a very busy few weeks of catching up, we will be closed for the holiday weekend. We will re-open Tuesday May 26th. Hope you all have a great relaxing weekend. Thank you to all those that lost their life for us. 🇺🇸


Good morning all. Hoping you are all staying healthy. Here we are week two and both of us (Fonda & Jenn) are back doing what we love. Our schedules are very full so continue to do what you've all been doing, call leave us a message and we will get back to you. 😷💇🏼‍♀️💇🏻‍♂️


Well we survived week one of back at it! We were so excited to see everyone (well most of everyone's face) 😷. A big shout out to ALL of our clients for working with us to follow all of the requirements. We can't thank you enough for all of your help. 🤞🏻for continued smooth sailing. Stay healthy


Here is an update: so far re-opening has gone pretty smooth! 🤪 Fonda has been working crazy hours to catch up, Fonda and Jenn have been and will be working opposite days/hours to allow for 1 stylist 1 client at a time. 💇🏼‍♀️ . Linnea is taking a little bit longer off with kiddos being home and family with compromised health issues it just makes sense right now for her. Again a couple things
• all clients (and stylist) must wear masks 😷
• please hang tight in your car, we will wave you in for your appointment 🚗👋🏻
• no walk-in appointments at this time. Call and we will do our best to get you in ASAP. 🚫🚶🏻‍♂️📲📞

Thank you all for all your kindness and patience through this crazy time! 🙃


As we begin to open tomorrow here are a few things we need help from you all with:
•the list in picture is important, please don't come in if you have or have experienced or been around anyone that has had any of them
•you must wear a mask
•we are required to be by appointment only for now no walk ins.
•please sit tight in your car when you arrive for appointment. We will wave you in or text or call you to come in when we are ready for you.
• we will have hand sanitizer to use upon entering and we ask for you to use it or you can wash hands if you'd rather do that

We have committed to following the guidelines and have been busy and creative to come with suitable ways to make that happen. We are excited to see everyone and nervous at the same time as your health along with ours is very important.


Great News!!! We've made the cut for first stage opening! Tomorrow we need to get our "badge" meaning we basically electronically sign a commitment to a list of guidelines. I will update tomorrow with what we need help from you all with. We are so excited to see everyone and hear what you've all been doing 😊


Hello everyone! Happy Sunday evening. We are hoping everyone is staying healthy and doing great things while having to be home. We are excited to hear how and what everyone did the past 6 weeks. Fingers crossed we will be able to open soon (as in May 1st!)

Fonda, Linnea and I will be starting by mid week to reach out to all those that had an appointment cancelled due to our closure (if we are able to open), we will then move onto our growing list of people that have reached out that need us 🙃. Please have patience with us, we have every name and every message, every single one makes us smile knowing we will see you soon!

There will be a few things that will be new to us along with all of you which we will explain when we talk to you. (Possible masks, hand sanitizer upon coming in, waiting in your car until either your exact time or we wave you in to help limit how many are in the shop, also allowing us time to wipe things down as your health is important to us). If you are not feeling well PLEASE stay home, we will get you right in as soon as you are feeling better.

Lastly we believe we will be extending our hours a little to do our best to get all of you back on track.
So excited to see you all!!

~PS if you don't hear from us please feel free to call the shop and leave a message, just leave one, we will get it, it just may be the end of they day before we can do call backs. You are all very important to us we WILL get back to you 🥴


Hello All, hoping you are all staying healthy and sane 😜. We are looking forward to re-opening as soon as we have the go from CDC and Governor. We have been talking about our re-open and hours we will work and ways to keep ourselves along with all of you safe. We don't want anyone getting sick. We appreciate everyone; you've all been super understanding in that our hands are tied. Believe me, no one more than us is wanting to get back to the shop.
If all goes well we will start calling people around Monday April 27 to start putting people back on the schedule. We are starting by contacting those that were cancelled due to shut down, we will then move to people that have contacted us about needing their hair done since the closure happened. Please know that every single one of you is so important to us and we want to meet everyone's needs. It just may take a couple weeks to pull that off. You are welcome to message us here or call and leave a message at the shop, we are stopping in to retrieve messages once or twice a week.
~stay healthy and see you all soon



Well there you have it, we now have to closed until at least April 30th. We feel so bad for all of our clients that are also our family and friends. We have been talking about what we can come up with to help you all through this. Stay tuned if we can come up with something we will. We are checking messages so if you call and need to leave a message we will get it. Please stay healthy and safe.


Due to Governor mandate non essential shut down, we are forced to comply. We will be closed March 25th - April 8th (we will be open April 8th if all goes well). If you had an appointment during the shut down hopefully we've gotten hold of you already (please check messages). You are also able to leave messages at the shop as we will check them during shut down to hopefully get everyone in as soon as we can. Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding. Together we will all get to the other side of this.

Fonda, Jenn and Linnea


Jenn here.... Well sadly the time has come to step back for a few weeks. I have let my clients know and have rescheduled them for a later date with fingers crossed this will pass and all will remain healthy. Fonda herself will be working for now as it will be one on one contact. This may change per governor order. One day at a time. Please reach out if you have any questions 😷


Hope everyone takes time to relax and not get caught up in the panic. We will remain open during our regular business hours and continue to disinfect more than we already do.


Hello everyone, just letting you all know your health is important to us. We have been busy disinfecting all surfaces, chairs, k***s and even the toys and pens. We hope this helps you to relax and enjoy getting your hair done 💇🏼‍♀️💇🏻‍♂️

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