Touch of Beauty Inc.

Touch of Beauty Inc.


When it’s safe to get services, make your lash appointment with Jennifer Phung ay Touch of Beauty Inc. You’ll feel like a new woman! 😍
Jenn has been doing my eyelashes for years now and I will be a customer/ friend for life. Love my lashes!!

Touch of Beauty offers top notch customer service and personalized attention. Our services includes


Failed attempt with Microblading client came with her sister for a brow procedure that would deliver the desired results.


Failed attempt with Microblading at another studio, this client found Nanobrows which gave her the brows that stayed.


Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe and and enjoy. We are so thankful for you.


Wow, this beauty got some new brows. She was so ready to get this done. No more buying stencils, new brow pencils, brow stamps and most of all done with wasting time trying to put her brows on every morning.


Going from no brows to brows in one day can be a bit of a shocker. This wonderful client healed very well and retained most of the strokes we added from the initial procedure. Here you will see the brows from Day 1 to Day 37.


Taking it really conservative with this beauty. We went with a lighter color because of the first week shock. She was fair with sensitive skin. Going from no brows to brows in one day can be a bit of a shocker and we totally understand this. We will do what you are comfortable with.

Photos from Touch of Beauty Inc.'s post 10/24/2022

TMJ surgery caused nerve damage causing clients brows to droop and not able to move. We used Nanobrows to re-align her brows.


This wonderful client came to me after she was done with worrying about her thinning brows. She did the research and decided it was time. 👌3d


Chemo treatment took some of her fullness of her brows away but worry not… we got Nanobrows. #cancersucks


It was a pleasure working with this beautiful lady. Enjoy your new look and more time to do other things other than make-up in the mornings. 👌3d


It’s been a few years since I’ve seen this wonderful client. She started in 2017 with Microblading and now with newer and better techniques we touched her brows with Nanobrows. #


Full Lip procedure clip

Photos from Touch of Beauty Inc.'s post 10/19/2022

From original procedures Microblading, eyeliner and full lip from 2017 fast forward to 2022 touch up of nanobrows, eyeliner and lip procedures.


If you have dry skin , well this procedure works well for you. Most clients with dry skin and over 55 years of age tends to hold pigment very well. This client came in for her second visit and the strokes were still great and going strong before we touched it up. These results don’t happen for everyone. Things like lifestyle and skin type can have different outcomes.


Art is my passion and transferring what I love to my clients is the best part. #lashartist


A Touch of Beauty. This beautiful client had a pretty good set of brows but wanted a little enhancement since one of the brows was slightly lower and lighter. We added a little more shape to her brows as well. Thanks for coming in see you again for your touch-up session.


Results after the initial Nanobrow procedure. We shall see this beautiful client in 6 weeks for her touch up. Amazing what a set of eyebrows can do.


Finished Product. See you in 2 years for your brow touch up 🤗🤗


So happy to help this beautiful client enhance her naturally beautiful brows with a little more color and fullness.


Working on client’s lips here in this picture. Touching it up after more than four years. We also did brows and eyeliner touch up for her.

Photos from Touch of Beauty Inc.'s post 10/04/2022

What a transformation. Here is pictures from initial to post touch-up. 👌3d #yelp


I’ve know this beautiful client for over 10 years. She has on Omni Volume lashes and not to mention, she had Nanobrow brows done. Thanks for being such a loyal client and friend. 🥰🤗.


Don’t have to say much about these brows, it speaks for itself. 🙌🏻 👌3d


Nanobrows with lighter skin can look a little reddish but it won’t stay like this for long. It could take anywhere between 5-7 days. The first week is always the hardest but trust the process.


Loving her eyeliner. She was done having to put on eyeliner everyday and couldn’t wait to have this done for her backpack trip where it is hot. No smearing of her eyeliner for sure!


Work in progress. We did the full lips here and the clients brows and eyeliner are in the healing process. Typically we do no more than two procedures on the same day. If you are traveling from another state to have the procedures done with us, it is do able but it is a lot (6.5hours)


We added a bit of hair-strokes to this client’s brows. We improved the shape, fullness and added color using Nanobrows


Switching from Microblading from another artist to Nanobrows. This beautiful client is also sporting some Omni volume faux mink Xtreme Lashes. Thank you for trusting me with your brows, I know how you don’t like needles and pain. I am proud of you 🤗🤗.


This beautiful client was searching for something other than Microblading and researched and found Nanobrows. She left a happy and satisfied client. Can’t wait to see you back for your touch-up 🤗


A wonderful person inside and out. We took baby steps to get our client comfortable with having brows again.


She has it all. It took a couple years to get it all done. Shown here is Nanobrows, Upper Eyeliner and Full Lip procedure.


Zen Jen at Your Service 🧘🏻‍♀️


Singles VS Volume Lash Extensions.


A little enhanced brows and a little shaping to make this set of brows amazing. 👌3d #browshaping

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Full Lip procedure clip
Finished Product. See you in 2 years for your brow touch up 🤗🤗
Feeling a little “Blue”?
Beautiful Nanobrows before and after. #nanobrows #touchofbeautyinc #nanobrow #nanobrowspmu #nanobrowartist #nanobrowarti...
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Full Brows Nanobrows
Nanobrows and Lower Liner. All ready to go. Saving time is saving money. The investment in yourself is so worth it! #tou...
#touchofbeautyinc #xtremelashes #nanobrows #beautifulinsideandout #pmubrows #nanobrowspmu #nanobrowartist #nanobrownorth...
Nanobrows over old tattoo work. #touchofbeautyinc #nanobrowsoveroldtattoo #nanobrowspmu #nanobrowartist #nanobrowartistv...
Nanobrow procedure


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