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Sparkles Nails Lounge


Love my nails as always Jason dose a wonderful job
Sunny does amazing job just love this place!!!!
Thank you Sunny for a pleasant first experience. See you soon.
Hi, I am with Town Hall.

We are preparing a Welcome Kit for new residents that are moving into your community.

Our Welcome Kit can only feature one Nail Salon and I would like to discuss your being the exclusive Nail Salon for your communities’ new residents.

I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.

Please message me or for immediate assistance, feel free to call or text me on my cell which is listed below.

Loreen Loring
[email protected]
Another great job! Thank you Sunny and Jason!
Another beautiful job on my nails today. Thank you for fitting me in. It was relaxing and much needed after a very productive few weekends. 💅🏼❤️
Had my nails done again today with Jason. He dose a wonderful job. The light purple was three weeks ago
Ok so I LOVE MY NAIL TECH and dont want to leave her as she also does my eyelashes...BUT she doesn't do anything beyond regular polish/gel polish.
DOES SPARKLE HAVE AN AIRBRUSH? To do matte finishes and ombre color, etc
Congratulations sister ❤️

Sparkles Nails Lounge in Riverside Plaza at 1892 Route 57 Unit 10, in the heart of Hackettstown, NJ.

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It’s never a dull moment at Sparkles Nails Lounge! Visit us and find out why? :)


The Apollo Story | Motivated +

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Getting Spooky Spooky ! ❤️


We would like to share with everyone our updated services and values effective as of Saturday, October 22, 2022. Sparkles Nails Lounge continues to appreciate everyone in the community for your love and support!

Please also remember to kindly take care of our technicians as they work hard to serve you! We always recommend you to pay in cash and tips in cash for your convenience and to save you from the credit card merchant’s fee.

We have new technicians to better take care of you and fulfills all your request! Schedule your visit with us today and make it your new place to be.


To help promote Breast Cancer Awareness, Sparkles Nails Lounge will design similar design in photo for all customers wishes to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness at no cost for any two fingers. Designed by Jason Sparkles.

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Lets put the Creepy and Fun Halloween design onto your Nails ❤️❤️


Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling! 🍂🍁

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Sparklesweenie is around the corner!! What are you waiting for?? Dare you to come to Sparkles for us to Spooky you up :)!

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What a Sparkles Fallin’ Designs with us! Let us take care of your nails today :) Design by Jason Sparkles!


Hailey Beiber Nails

The nail fit that took social media by storm this month – Hailey Beiber nails. These will definitely continue to be a mainstay throughout the fall. They’re so versatile and can be worn regardless of what season you’re in.

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Just another the beautiful day at Sparkles Nails Lounge ❤️


Come visit the community’s voted #1 professional and fun along with very skillful and friendly Sparkles Team Members, ready to serve you!!

It is our blessing to have our team members working so well together in serving the community! Please show your love and support!!

Sparkles Nails Lounge, we aim to Sparkles everyone!!


Happy Falls 2022 to all!

Sparkles Nails Lounge
would like to share great news with the community.

Please help us to welcome Blanca, Alesia, and Laura joined us recently. If you or anyone you know that has been looking for them or had been taken care by them, they are now part of our Sparkles Nails Lounge family members!

Together, we continue to serve the community with great talents! Our new Ultima 24k Golden Sparkles Spa is ready for you! We will continue to provide the upmost and upscale services to you, our motto is: “We are not satisfied until you are, and when you are satisfied, please share the wealth and let it be contagious”! Together let us Sparkles you today!! Schedule your visit with us soon!!

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Its been a while for Pictures of Nails !
How is everyone doing ? ❤️


Happy 21st Birthday to our special team member, Sunny Sparkles! We would like to wish Sunny a Sparkles Birthday and we appreciate everything Sunny done and will continue to do!!! Please help us to celebrate and share your love and support!



Effective August 1, 2022, we would like to promote our Spa Mondays Special! Enjoy a great time with our Spa Pedi or Ultimate Spa every Mondays! Yup! That’s right, what’s better than to start your week with a wonderful Spa to pamper yourself?

Every Mondays, you will enjoy $5-$10 off all day Monday. Schedule your appointment in advance and $10 deposit is required to secure your appointment which will be apply towards your final service cost as we are closed Mondays and it will be Spa Mondays Special day so we want to appreciate the time that Technicians agreed to come in and be able to pamper you!

Thanks for your support and love!
For all questions, please call us and ask for Q.

Sparkles Nails Lounge


Summer is sparkling with designs at Sparkles Nails Lounge. What’s yours? Schedule your appointment today!


🌺Sparkles Nails Lounge 🌺 is now hiring both full-time and part-time experienced Manicurists, Acrylic Fullset. 💅💅💅
☝️We are an upscale, full-service nail salon with a friendly, clean working environment.
☝️We offer competitive rates and flexible scheduling.
🤳Please call us at 5714390009
🤳or business phone number 9084412579


Greetings all Sparkles Family Members:

As our token of appreciation, we will be open on Mondays in August 2022 to serve and take care all of our new and current members! Feel free to come on Mondays in August too! Schedule your appointment!

*** Sparkles Nails Lounge will be closed for our Sparkles Team Members to be off from Friday, August 19, 2022 through August 22, 2022 and back to work Tuesday, August 23, 2022 to continue deliver extraordinary services and values to all!

Thank you for your support and love always!!
-Q Sparkles Nails Lounge team


A taste of summer with Sparkles :)!


Let us Sparkles all the way for your summer and more!! Bring a friend, bring your family, bring everyone and enjoy your time with us!!


Oh mine! Enjoy your summer time with Sparkles!! :)! Schedule your visit today!

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Happy The Forth of July Everyone ❤️❤️


Oh la la! What’s more fun then letting us Sparkles you away! enjoy your Spa Pedi soon too! Summer’s special!


Design to prepare the celebration of 4th of July :) Jason Sparkles and Sunny Sparkles!

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Let’s get ready to Sparkles for 4th of July! Design by Jason Sparkles! Schedule your visit now! Don’t forget to try our new Ultimate Spa :) it’s sparkling fun!!


Sparkles Design just for you :)


It’s Sparkles Fruits time! why not? :) cravin’ watermelon and strawberries??



#SparklesNailsLounge #NailsBySunny #OmbreeSparkles

Hello summer 🌞

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Dear all customers: Please kindly provide your feedback on the outcome of the regular pedicure done below.
(Update for reviewer to better understand:
The customer left a really inappropriate review criticizing our services and against one of the tech that worked hard to prepare her for the main Tech to finish taking care of her Pedicure. She doesn’t appreciate the efforts of the tech that helped to prepare by only performing basic prep for pedi includes scrubbings and massaging the foot before our main Tech can finish everything for her, which we did inform the customer. After seeing the negative review, we reach out to her and ask how we can better her experience, she demanded full refund, in which usually we don’t offer. However, the tech that helped to prepare her for our main tech, felt bad and sad so gave up his earnings to refund. As the owner, I care for our tech so we refunds out of our good will and comfort the tech. We gave the customer refund and reminded her it was Father’s Day so be nice to our Tech. Finally, she updated and removed the negative review because she saw this post. The bottom line is, nothing is worth for anyone to be mean to anyone over a simple service.)

The sad part is, the customer claimed to have 17-years as a beauty tech for a hair salon, but yet doesn’t treat her fellow beauty (our nail tech) with respect and appreciation because English is their 2nd language. We wonder how she would feel if a customer like her treat her at her workplace.

In the world of any beauty services, we understand there are all type of customers and depends on their type of day, they can be really mean to hardworking technicians and staffs at times... but if one truly put themselves in the shoes of the technician or so, one would understand how it feels for anyone to disrespect you, or look down on you just because English is their 2nd language, but its the final result or outcome that matter.

Our team is proud to deliver excellence service to all customers and whether one team member might not satisfy you, but we have other team members to deliver the final satisfying result before any customers leave.

As the owner, it is my duty to ensure the deliverables of all satisfaction for all services to all customers. However, I must also have the courage to uphold justice and protect all technicians and team members to provide them a safe working atmosphere with respect as they all are working hard to take care of all customers.

Regardless of how not satisfied a customer can be, we ask with respect to share with us your experience so we can address and mitigate the issue. However, we do ask all customers to be understanding and respecting our technicians in return! No problems can’t be resolved, but one shouldn’t disrespect the technician that put efforts and time into taking care of you. Not knowing English is not a crime, ask yourself: “do you even know how to speak their language”???

No one is perfect and we are more than happy to meet all expectations at a reasonable cause to ensure satisfaction for all customers, but as the owner, I will not tolerate any customers disrespecting my team. Imagine if it was a family member of yours, getting the treatment youre giving our technicians and our team members, how would that person feels??

Sparkles Nails Lounge always work hard with passion to deliver all satisfaction services to you. If you are not satisfied with the final result, we do have policy in place to resolve for you.

The photo below reveals a great Pedi was done with extra foot massage from a wonderful tech that is also a father for today’s father’s day, yet a customer was not nice enough to understand and ruined one’s person day just because of their own selfishness. The below is a pedicure well done, compared to lots of worst result elsewhere from our years of experience.

We understand everyone might have a bad day sometimes, but please be respectful and kind to our technicians eapecially on special day like today.

Thank you for everyone love and support always! We understand we cannot also please everyone, but I vow to deliver the most upscale services to all customers and always care to protect our team members because everyone is a family member at Sparkles Nails Lounge.

-Q Sparkles Nails Lounge

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🙈❤️Sparkles Nails Lounge aims to provide the upmost, extraordinary and excellency in Customer Service and Satisfaction as it is our top priority in growing our business and growing within the community as our official First Year Anniversary is approaching in August 2022. We are working hard with passion to continue to strive to pay it forward and reward all our customers soon…

Sparkles Nails Lounge love to challenge all current customers that are satisfied with our services and had a wonderful experience with us to comment below as to what you love most about Sparkles Nails Lounge.

We also challenge all previous customers that felt not so satisfied to comment below and we challenge you to come back and earn a chance to satisfy you, especially if you felt you were rush or not happy with your past experience. We are confident we will change your experience! Just ask for Q as needed.

Your comment below will earn you great incentives and chances to earn promos with us when it comes to our anniversary! -Q Sparkles Nails Lounge


Let the transition from Spring to Summer kick start!


Are u ready for summer

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Are u ready for summer !


Prom Sessions Are In! Book Us🥰


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Don’t forget to book your beauty needs! Nails matter😀


Our Ultimate Spa which includes Facial Mask (with collagen, Bird’s Nest, Aloe Vera), hands massage with special handmade massage oil, and everything our Sparkles VIP Spa offers (hot stones, paraffin wax, unique candle massage oil with foot massage) is guaranteed to wow you! Schedule your visit today for only $90 limited time promo!

Our Regular Pedicure will now be $35. As always, please remember to bring cash to earn points and we do have Venmo for your convenience too! We thank you for your support and understanding.

-Sparkles Nails Lounge




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Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling! 🍂🍁#sparklesnailslounge#fallnails #autumnnails #naildesigns
Come visit the community’s voted #1 professional and fun along with very skillful and friendly Sparkles Team Members, re...
Summer is sparkling with designs at Sparkles Nails Lounge. What’s yours? Schedule your appointment today!
A taste of summer with Sparkles :)!
Let us Sparkles all the way for your summer and more!! Bring a friend, bring your family, bring everyone and enjoy your ...
Oh mine! Enjoy your summer time with Sparkles!! :)! Schedule your visit today!
Oh la la! What’s more fun then letting us Sparkles you away! enjoy your Spa Pedi soon too! Summer’s special!
Design to prepare the celebration of 4th of July :) Jason Sparkles and Sunny Sparkles!
#SparklesNailsLounge #NailsBySunny  #OmbreeSparkles
Are u ready for summer
Prom Sessions Are In! Book Us🥰




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