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Here to help YOU achieve YOUR body goals by offering new non-invasive technology. SLIM TIGHTEN & LIFT

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to see this clients A-mazing 👀 results with just ONE session!
If you’re tired of seeing those stubborn areas that just won’t change. If you’re putting in the work yet you’re still not seeing any improvement. You need cryobody! This technology pairs well with a healthy lifestyle with results being visible after just one session! (*results may vary)
Message us or text 615-323-5401 to get started on your journey with CryoBody!


No Pain! No Needles! Revolutionary filler with Needle-less Hyaluronic Acid​
Hyaluronic needle free injection has become the most trendy cosmetic treatment since 2017, it is a new technology that allows a jet injector using high pressure to force a hyaluronic acid through a person’s skin. The result is less discomfort than a needle injection, which is why a lot of clients prefer this method - it causes less anxiety and trauma to the area, so this is ideal for anyone considering filler that is afraid of needles and causes minimal to zero bruising.
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SPRING PROMO HAS DROPPED!! Snag this deal today and begin your transformation just in time for swimsuit season!
HOW DOES Cryoskin work? The CryoSlimming or “fat freezing” session uses thermal shock to initiate apoptosis (fat cell death). These dead fat cells are then filtered out of your body through your lymphatic system.


Whether you’re looking to loose weight and shed those stubborn inches or lift saggy skin CryoBody can help! Message us today for a free consultation! 615-323-5401


Stubborn fat? Are you working out, eating healthy and you still can’t lose those inches?
CryoSkin can help! Our slim or tone sessions are 30 minutes, non invasive and no down time!
Slim to destroy those inches.
Tighten and lift loose dull skin with our toning session.
Need to refresh and brighten your completion as well as lift your face? You want to try our Cryo facials!
Message us or call for a free consultation. Ask about our current promo! 615-232-5401

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It can be more than a little frustrating when working out at the gym and following a healthy diet doesn’t produce the physical results you desire. Troublesome pockets of fat around the waist, hips and thighs just don’t seem to budge no matter how much you exercise. Why? There are two types of fat in our body, visceral fat is the one you you lose when you diet and shed pounds. Then there is subcutaneous fat that just lingers, no matter how much cardio you do.

Thankfully there is a solution.

Cryoskin is a cutting edge fat freezing technology that slims the selected area, leaving you with the slender, contoured physique that has always been just out of reach. Come find out for yourself!
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Our summer promo is back! BOGO on all slimming, toning and facial packages! to see results from only 2 sessions!


It’s that time of year! We’ve brought back our BOGO! Call or message us for details! 615-323-5401

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This client says, “I’m obsessed!” to see what she’s talking about! Text or call to set up your free consultation to get started with Cryo Skin! 615-323-5401


CryoToning is best done in a series and then continued on a maintenance plan. For example, a series of 5 intensive treatments, then once per month or as needed.

Avoid collagen killers, such as excessive sun exposure, smoking, dehydration, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy processed foods or an overly sugary diet. All of these are examples of ways to load the body up with toxins, halt blood flow and impede natural collagen production. Take care of yourself!

If wellness and anti-aging is important to you, keep yourself hydrated and eat a balanced diet. Some form of daily exercise is highly recommended both for your physical and mental health as well as its impact on signs of aging.
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Book your free consultation with us!
Cryoslimming is a non-invasive alternative to other invasive fat loss methods. Completely safe with no side effects or down time. Lose inches and feel great!


What is Cryoskin?

Originally developed in France, Cryoskin is an umbrella term for the elimination of fat cells through the concentrated application of cold and heat, a process known as apoptosis (or, “programmed cell death”). The treatment is non-invasive, painless, and uses a wand-like instrument to glide over target problem areas. But there are actually three different Cryoskin treatments available: CryoSlimming, CryoToning, and Cryoskin facials. All three treatments use essentially the same technology, the only difference is the setting to which the wand is programmed.
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We are booking for summer!
Let us help you with those stubborn areas and get you summer ready! 615-323-5401
slim fat
tone & lift loose skin
smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
reduce the signs of aging and cellulite


Mother’s Day is coming! Treat that special woman in your life to Cryo!


The CryoSlimming™️treatment uses cold temperatures to reduce fat. It is completely non-invasive and uses science that works with your body’s natural systems.
Clients see results after one session, but best results after about 5 sessions. Message us for more details and to set up your free consultation


Fall in love with your body this February by treating yourself to Cryoskin! ❄️ ♥️
This gentle, yet effective treatment helps you lose inches in stubborn areas, improve facial wrinkles, and tighten the skin. Perfect for those who feel like diet and exercise aren't enough. Message or text us for a free 15 minute consultation


Would you like to try cold therapy to reach your body goals? Scheduling a consultation with Body Creations Hendersonville in Suite 109 is an excellent place to start! Cryo Body Creations helps you to “achieve your body goals by utilizing the latest non-invasive body shaping technology from Paris.” Cryoskin 3.0 uses the science behind cryotherapy to apply sub-zero temperatures to help you achieve your goals. To schedule a free consultation, call 615-323-5401 or visit today.


Cryoskin - Cryolipolysis Permanent Fat Destruction
This is the new wave of Non-invasive Liposuction with benefits of tightening and creation of new collagen and elastin!
Cryo-Lipolysis triggering thermal shock and cell death without harming the surrounding tissue.
Over the next two weeks, your body naturally flushes the destroyed fat cells through your lymphatic system.
Our exclusive treatment and technique has been backed by science and clinical support and can be used on any part of the body.


Our goal is to help YOU achieve your body goals by utilizing the latest non-invasive, body shaping technology from Paris. Cryoskin 3.0 uses the science behind cryotherapy, to apply sub-zero temperatures to tighten skin and destroy fat cells throughout the body.
We work with you to customize a unique plan of action depending on your personal needs.
No matter what treatments you choose, your experience here at Cryo Body Creation will always be comfortable, timely, and most importantly effective!
Free consultations! 615-323-5401


Let’s get you scheduled!


How can we help? 615-323-5401

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Here at CryoBody you probably hear us talk a lot of the importance of a healthy LYMPHATIC SYSTEM and you may be asking,
So what is lymphatic drainage?

The lymphatic system is one of your body’s most important mechanisms; but most people know very little about it.

The lymphatic system is part of our body’s immune system and is essential in helping to protect us from infection and disease. Lymph fluid is clear and surrounds the tissues in the body, it travels through the lymphatic system, including the lymph nodes, on a one-way draining path, moving fluid and white blood cells (which fight infection) from the tissues into your blood stream. This is also how cellular waste is removed. A healthy and functioning lymphatic system is essential for optimal health. Poor functioning lymphatics usually present as swelling and bloating.
After every CryoSkin slimming treatment we massage the treated area to help get the dead fat cells moving along towards the lymph nodes. Message us for more details!


Slim. Tone. Tighten.


Ask us how to join our Cryo Club!
Exclusive offers!


New year new you! Message us to find out about our amazing deals! ( 🤫 we might even have some BOGO’S happening!!)


Finally get rid of those stubborn inches with the technology of
Cryo Skin!
Treatments start off with the technician warming the treatment area using the warm wand. This preps the area by bringing blood to the surface and preparing the fat cells for the drop in temperature. Next, there is an immediate controlled drop in the temperature; by using the correct technique, the technician can bring the temperature down quickly, which gets deep into the hypodermis layer of skin where that stubborn subcutaneous fat lives. After the cold temperature has worked its magic, it’s time to warm the treatment area back up for another couple of minutes. The treatment is followed by a massage to send the broken down fat cells towards the nearest lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system and act as little washing machines to flush all the toxins and waste out of the body, including these broken-down fat cells. CryoSlimming® is perfect for the abdomen, flanks i.e. love handles, upper and inner thighs, and even a double chin!
Message us to set up your appointment! 615-323-5401


What Are the Benefits of Cryoskin?
CryoSkin treatments offer three main benefits – Slimming, Toning & Skin Rejuvenation.

Slimming occurs by freezing fat cells by targeting specific areas in your body. When those fat cells go below freezing temperatures, they die and get absorbed by your lymphatic system. You can say that it is a natural, advanced non-invasive treatment and a non-intrusive way of losing fat instantly. Book a free consultation with us! 615-323-5401


What’s the difference between Cryoskin & Coolsculpting?

The technology is similarly effective. Primary difference is cost, efficiency, & method.
Both procedures deliver Cryolipolysis- the destruction of a fat cell with therapeutic subzero temperatures creating apoptosis of the adipocytes (the cells that primarily compose adipose tissue, specialized in storing energy as fat)
Cryoskin device offers:
3 Methods
❄️CryoToning (Skin tightening and cellulite treatments)
This NEW technology came to the US market from Europe in 2017
30 minute treatments
10 treatments is a 36%-44% destruction of fat cells.
💁🏼‍♀️Use of a manual wand
🙌🏻 No downtime, no pain, no tissue damage. Results as early as 7-14 days.
5 treatments $1625 & 10 treatments $3250
👍🏼Pros: One package can be used on multiple areas. The wand is small and can be used on any area.
👎🏼Cons: It can take time to see a difference and at least 5 treatments
1 Method
👵🏻older technology circa 2002.
1 to 3 hours for treatment.
3-5 sessions for best results.
Clamps and vacuum suction to the area that is stationary during a treatment. The area is the size of a phone.
Downtime 7+days of tenderness to the area & may have sensitivity and tissue damage from vacccum suction.
Results in 10-14 weeks ($800-$1500 for one treatment)
👍🏼Pros: May need 1-3 treatments
👎🏼Cons: Higher price point, clamps can make the treatment uncomfortable, uneven fat destruction dubbed "shark bite" (this can also be technician error
Can cause nerve damage or a burn from stationary cold temperatures. May not see results for a month or longer.

Overall Cryoskin is significantly less in cost, with prices typically coming out to $325 per single session vs $800. The newer technology brings the manual treatment for even destruction of fat cells and can treat a larger area for a more affordable cost, with a quicker result.
Regardless of the treatment you choose always research your provider.

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CAN YOU PINCH AN INCH?Subcutaneous fat can be found right below the skin- it's the fat you can pinch. It has five main functions including storing energy and protecting the body from impact. But like most things in life, too much can be a bad thing. Swipe to see our tips on moderating it 👉🏻


We are now offering our 3 month subscription! What you get:
4 treatments a month
Discount on teeth whitening and other Cryo treatments
Ask us how to join! 615-323-5401

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Toning happens as a result of thermal shock, and it also benefits you by improving circulation and producing healthy col...
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