Spray Tans On The Glow

Spray Tans On The Glow


Its was awesome to meet you today. Thanks so much for an amazing tan
Thank you for keeping me glowing Spray Tans On The Glow 😍😍😍

If you haven’t already been you neeeeeed to go get ✨Bronzed By Brooke✨

Newly Located at the Salon Suites in Rivergate 🎉

Book her by clicking this link -

Between fighting for clients in the courtroom, coaching baseball, and working hard at home on the farm, full-time dad, husband, and attorney, Rocky McElhaney, doesn't have much time to dedicate to himself. That's why Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is so thankful to Spray Tans On The Glow for turning Rocky's funky farmer's tan into a natural, all-over caramel, camera-ready glow for our new series of commercials!

Brooke did a fantastic job! Highly recommend!

Licensed Esthetician in Nashville, TN
Luxury Solutions with Naturally Derived Ingredients
Mobile Spray Tanning
DM to book an Appointment

Operating as usual

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@_yosianna LAST RODEO 🥂🤠🖕🏽

Don’t forget to book your spray tan for your next upcoming 🤪

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 09/28/2022

Does your spray tan artist remember Your Signature Color EVERYTIME you walk in the door? 😏 This definitely knows! 👏🏽☺️✨

swipe over for some tips on what days you should schedule your other beauty appointments 📆 Always try and book your spray tan to the last or two days prior to your event!!

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 08/30/2022

here’s to all the babes that got for their weekend activities 🥂✨ my bronzed babe is wearing that tan!!

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 08/26/2022

custom airbrush tanning ✨

swipe left for for do’s & don’ts ➡️

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 08/23/2022

a spray tan is the staple of every outfit .. obsessed with this GLOW on @becca.parslow ✨✨✨

everyone will thank you went to the beach overnight 🤩 book the active glow ✨

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 08/17/2022

it’s giving . . The PERFECT GLOW 🫶🏽

your vacation plans need a custom tan like @lavishtrish ✨ this is your sign to book your tan for your next luxury trip!


let’s talk about instant (aka cosmetic) bronzers ✨

Instant bronzers allows me to see where I’m spraying & gives you instant gratification while the actual tan itself develops underneath!
Even though, I dry you, apply a ton of drying powder to your skin, the bronzers are still transferable if you aren’t careful.. especially if you are constantly touching your skin, or wearing too tight of clothing..

best tips to keep your palms tan-free 🙌🏽
✨I apply a thin layer of barrier cream on your palms to protect your palms from any overspray & if you accidentally touch yourself in your session 🙂
✨ wear a long sleeve & pajama pants to bed, you can not touch your skin if it’s all covered! 👍🏽
✨ I know you will be obsessed with your glow.. but just don’t touch yourself until you rinse! 🤩

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 08/12/2022

✨ coming in H A W T 😏❤️‍🔥

how amazing did this spray tan come out for @just.peachey_ 🤩🤩🤩


here’s a checklist of all the things to remember the day of your session 👏🏽

I’m here to always remind you what to do and wear so we can achieve that flawless tan 😮‍💨🤌🏽✨

my tips 👇🏽
-loose dark clothing (transfer is less noticeable w/ dark clothing)
-no make up to achieve a nice natural glowing face
-no lotion, oils, or perfume come to your session free of anything on the skin
-if the weather is bad being a umbrella, wear a jacket or a hoodie & wear closed toe shoes -if your car may have leather seats bring a towel to sit on + for your legs or if you want to be extra careful of transfer use the towel

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 08/08/2022

addicted to the glow? I have a resolution for you ✨

introducing my ✨Only TANS✨ membership where you can purchase a bundle of tans for the whole month— these packages are best if you want to stay TAN & save some extra coins 😊 my clients have been begging for monthly packages so here they are!!! 👏🏽😄✨
just click the link in the tab or bio and purchase your monthly membership ✨

below are the packages you can choose from👇🏽

✨Two Sessions $85
✨Three Sessions $125
✨Two Rapid Sessions $95
✨Three Rapid Sessions $135
✨Unlimited Tans All Month $165

💰📦 saving $10-$20 on purchasing the only TANS packages 📦💰


need a reminder what all to do before your spray tan session? Well.. I’m here to remind you! 🙂👍🏽✨

Make sure you have all your appointments booked for the week ☑️ think of it like this this.. your spray tan appointment should always be last thing to do.. you want your tan to be closest to your event (I always recommend booking a day or two before your occasion!!) ✨


GlowMate’s never tan alone 👯‍♀️✨
book your next session for you and your bestie under the tab “Spray Tan w/ Bestie” !!!

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 08/01/2022

Rolling LOUD 22’ 🤘🏽
my three girls had a LIT time in Miami ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 & all babes were tanned by @bronzedbybrooke_ ✨


take her out to @strawberrymoon 🍓🌙
my cousin @tamara1raye looks absolutely adorable in her glow like WOW 🤩✨✨

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 07/27/2022

what little miss are you ? 😊😊😊

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 07/26/2022



Get that spray tan for YOUUU baby girl ✨

one thing @barbiebkay will always take bomb pics showing off that glow 😍🫶🏽


no one wants to be pale especially in the summer time 😭😭 come on & let me turn you into a bronzed goddess ✨✨✨


let me jussssst say.. your poppiń Insta pic isn’t complete without a @bronzedbybrooke_ tann ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
look at her GLOW 🤩✨✨✨


baby girl is glowing in her own skin 🫶🏽

my clients skin can speak for itself ✨
no filter needed just a spray tan & natural lighting, live from her camera roll 🎥

so happy you enjoyed your birthday @mvdisonleigh thank you 4 always coming to me for your tans 💗


h🔥t girl summer isn’t quite the same without your SPRAY TAN ✨

don’t forget to book your 4th of July tan for this week 🌟


✨ golden hour hits just right on @yourstrulyjai_ 🤩✨

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 06/16/2022

wowww 🤩 i mean. . . @trinrandolph is glowing inside & out 🫶🏽✨


❤️‍🔥 sexy & bold ❤️‍🔥
Asia’s World] lingerie line is so sexy .. ladies if you have a bo***ir shoot coming up I highly recommend shopping with Asia’s World] 🤩✨

the main question I’ve been getting .. can I tan as a woman of color ?

YESSS .. Spray tanning is for EVERYONE!! 🫶🏽
It’s several reasons why you should get that Glow ✨ as a black girl getting a tan, it will help with evening out your complexion, blending scars, defines muscles and makes you have a healthy glow (spray tans also helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks & scarring) ✨


Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 06/08/2022

going outside isn’t complete without a fresh spray tan 🤪💚✨

book your next spray tan session for the next Sunday funday with the girls, outing, or dinner date! 😊✨

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 06/06/2022

Congratulations to the lovely @ashtonejxo on completing her 1:1 Spray Tan Specialist course! 👏🏽🤍

I can brag on @ashtonejxo after our training she already had clients lined up, that’s soooo amazing! Lovvvve that for you!! 🥳🥳🥳
Welcome to the Sunless Beauty Industry.. So proud of you for investing in your future career & business and can’t wait for you to start slaying these tans! ✨



✨ B A R B I E is dripped in G O L D ✨

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 06/01/2022

out the country vibes 🤪🌴☀️
you know its better to be pool side + already bronzed ✨

happy birthday to one of my favs @leahalexandrea 🥳🥳✨ hope you enjoy your special day.. thank you for always coming to get tanned by @bronzedbybrooke_ ✨


✨ shoutout to all the slaying these tans … the world would be a very light & pale place without us.. hehe 🥹✨

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 05/16/2022

can I just brag on how beautiful @dymejackson looks for her birthday!!!! like… how is this possible 🤯🤩😍✨

if this picture doesn’t make you want to get the H❤️‍🔥T GIRL TAN .. then idk what’s stopping you 😏🥲😉

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 05/06/2022

@bronzedbybrooke_ tans will make you feel like the “IT GIRL” on your next vacation✨


it’s that time where we are looking kind of pale going into the summer months , don’t go all summer w/ your winter color. Book your spray tan and get glowing ✨

✨ book your custom spray tan — link in bio and “book now” tab✨

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 05/04/2022

glowing & lost in paradise w/ @jasminjackson._ 🌴☀️🌊

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 04/29/2022

when your skin is 90% of your picture…. 🤩🤩🤩 & let me tell you @barbiebkay is wearing that GLOW flawlessly 😏💚✨

this is your sign to stop wishing you had a great tan, and book your session now ✨


🤍 ✨ H A P P Y F R I D A Y ✨ 🤍

let’s face it .. I’m not a booth or a machine.. I’m a and a good one at that! Just save the time and book your next Glow with @bronzedbybrooke_ ✨✨

booking in link and also in the “book now” tab on my page .. direct message me if you may have any questions about booking or tanning in general .. i’m here to help 🤩

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 04/20/2022

my beautiful little cousin @abby_hinsley looking absolutely beautiful for her Senior Prom 😍✨ are the BEST tans ✨ soooo proud of you & can’t wait for you to graduate next!!

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 04/19/2022

✨ F L A W L E S S W E D D I N G ✨

thank youuuu so much for trusting me with your very first spray tan, I gave @run_mdc the perfect glow for her special day .. a spray tan will definitely add that special touch to your wedding day ✨ you both looked absolutely stunning.. I wish you both nothing but happiness in you guys new union together .. Congratulations to the Newlyweds 🤎💍 ✨


don’t forget with approaching to book your sessions ahead of time ✨ best to always book your spray tan session a day or two before your scheduled event or outing ✨

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 04/12/2022

✨ can we just all agree that this might be the best prom dress I’ve seen 😍😍😍 safe to say @lushaeee showed out for her high school prom… ✨

a natural tan for is always the way to go, you looked beyond beautiful 🥰thank you for letting be a small detail in your BIG day ✨


🐝 what did beyoncè say... me, myself & my GLOW ✨

book your next spray tan session for your next girls date, event or night out 🤩✨

Photos from Spray Tans On The Glow's post 04/05/2022

overly obsessing over this glow I did for @kamibivins for her presentation ball.. looking absolutely STUNNING 🤩✨

don’t forget young ladies to schedule your spray tan for ✨


✨ MIAMI calls for a fresh ✨

🚿 Rapid Spray tan on @kristennadamss24 left on for 4 hours to achieve this glow ✨


arriving on your already bronzed.. is THE vibe ✨ no one shows up to vacation pale anymore 🫠 the girls that get it.. GET IT! 🫶🏾

This is your reminder to pre-book your tan session before your next getaway 😌💫


no need to ask Google, when I’m right here to give you all the tea on spray tans ✨

How to get LONGEVITY 🔋 out of your spray tan? ✨

🧴 Moisturize morning, noon, and night! Moisturizing properly will prevent your skin from exfoliating too soon!

🚿 Use the right products. Some products as in DOVE will strip your tans color! Below are some tips!

💡 You want your products to be free of Mineral Oil / Sulfates / Parabrens

🪒 Recommend shaving 24-48 hours after your fresh tan, use conditioner when shaving instead of shaving cream!

- Recommended Moisturizer: Aveeno, CeraVe, SJOLIE Moisturizer & Tan Extender (which is both available at my suite to purchase!)
- Recommend Body Wash: Aveeno, Native, SJOLIE body wash (which is available at my suite to purchase!)
- Recommend Sunscreen: Sunbum, Black Girl Sunscreen (I do not recommend the spray sunscreen!!)
- Recommend for Extended Color : SJOLIE Medium/Dark Bronzing Mousse (which is available at my suite to purchase!)

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baby girl is glowing in her own skin 🫶🏽 my clients skin can speak for itself ✨ no filter needed just a spray tan & natur...
when you are feeling yourself on vacation and take all the videos you want .. when the skin is poppin you feel 100x more...
@criisten is giving mermaid vibes all the way from Mexico 🧜🏽‍♀️✨ spray tanned by mee in a rapid rinse for the PERFECT BD...
$30 Spray Tans
Hiiii! ! I’m Brooke, the girl behind the spray gun — your spray tan artist! ✨
can’t get over this glow ✨
Pink Wednesdays 💕🌸💖




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