Wild Hair Electrolysis

Wild Hair Electrolysis

Wild Hair Hendersonville Electrolysis provides professional electrolysis permanent hair removal that


I’m closed until October 10th. Hope everyone has a great Fall Break!


My motto for this year.


A client of mine wrote a post about her Electrolysis journey on hairtell.com. She's given me permission to share the link here for anyone interested in reading about her experience.



I'll be closed June 11th - 17th

Looking forward to some garden therapy!


Permanent hair removal. Once you’re done you never have to think about unwanted hair again. That’s an investment in yourself you’ll always be happy with.
Electrolysis is permanent hair removal for everyone. Works on all hair and skin combinations.

Photos from Wild Hair Electrolysis's post 02/07/2022

Electrolysis can be uncomfortable, but for the most part it's tolerable. Some even find it relaxing enough to fall asleep. For others we can choose different distraction techniques ranging from music, podcasts or listening to me talk about whatever book I'm currently reading. A few people have suggested an informal book club, of sorts. So.... here are a few of the books I've read recently or plan on reading soon. We never know what the topic will be the day of your appointment, but it should always be interesting! Bigfoot, the housing crises of '08, or the Ancient city of Atlantis.
Permanent Hair Removal and great conversation. How can you beat that?


Electrolysis tip of the day


Happy Christmas to everyone - watch out for any unexpected Wild Hares (hairs) this holiday!
New location coming soon...exciting things in the New Year!!


Electrolysis tip:

Water is a great way to boost your immune, elevate your mood, and it's also beneficial when having electrolysis treatments. Stay hydrated and enjoy some delicious water!
Being hydrated promotes easier healing, comfortability of treatments and keeps your skin looking healthy.


If you are interested in an appointment, please call and leave me a message. I promise I will call you back. It may take me up to two weeks, but I will call you. Multiple messages are not necessary. I return calls during appropriate day hours.
There is only one reason I won't call someone back and that's if I cannot understand the message. If you haven't heard back from me after two weeks, then please reach back out to me.
I look forward to talking with anyone who is interested in learning more about Electrolysis and is ready to begin treatment.
Currently, I'm filled to capacity and not taking clients. However, I'm happy to talk with anyone about the future.
Return call tip:
Add my number to your contacts so you know it's me calling and not spam. It will cut down on the phone tag and prove to be time efficient for us both.


The State of Tennessee has strict licensing and regulation laws in place for the practice of Electrolysis.
Make sure your Electrologist is licensed in the State of Tennessee. If you have any questions about how to find this information with the Tennessee Department of Health, please contact me and I will share how to lookup any person to ensure they are legally practicing within our State.
The influx of people moving here means that some may set up shop without following our laws. This is not okay and it is illegal.


Enjoy the simple things in life... like a bumpity-ride in a wagon of hay!


If you’re interested in beginning Electrolysis, please call and leave me a message. I would love to talk with you.
I’ll be closed October 3rd-8th for Fall Break.
So, if you’re going to call do it before or after this week, because I’ll be happily lost in a stack of books I’ve been craving to read!
Counting down the days most ardently!


Name that Tennessee Waterfall! Did you know that Tennessee is riddled with waterfalls? This one is a particular favorite of mine because of the journey to get to it.
The best time to begin your Electrolysis journey is in October after fall break. The one caveat is.... you'll have to schedule in September to be ready to rock and roll after fall break in October. This gives you a strategic advantage to beat the holiday and first of the year "rush". If you are ready to begin, don't wait until the first of the year when everyone else pushes off to a running start at the same time.
***UPDATE: looks like a few folks took my recommendation to heart and got a head start - I'm now currently booked to capacity for a bit. However, I'd love to talk with anyone and very happy to answer any questions about the process.
Planning ahead and understanding the Art of Perfect Timing is a skill that will prove useful in all areas of life.
I'll be closed October 3rd-8th for my own fall "break".


Electrolysis works every time to permanently remove unwanted hair. Consistent treatments are key to success.

Goal - Plan - Action


Good hand hygiene is the number one way to prevent the spread of germs and to prevent infections. Clean hands help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria that cause colds, flu and other infections. Fancy sink and expensive soap is not necessary...
With school beginning and offices populating again, keeping those germs at bay is a strategy worth investing in. Stay healthy, my friends!


The weeks surrounding beginning/end of the school season are always busier. Our society used to revolve around harvest times, now it revolves around school times. If you want to begin treatment, one of the hardest times to get an appointment is right before and after school starts. There is too much going on at this time with the majority of people... school shopping, planning a new daily routine, trying to squeeze in one more vacation. This year makes it a bit more uncertain with work schedules being all over the place and the increased volume of people who have moved here make getting anything done much busier and more time consuming.

In a span of 4 days last week I received over 2 dozen emails and phone inquiries. It's not possible for me to return all this correspondence quickly. My current clients are dedicated to the Electrolysis process, and I'm dedicated to them. I won't bump current clients because someone all the sudden decided they want to start treatment tomorrow. One call or email is plenty. Leaving multiple messages does not expedite the process, it slows it down.

Please be patient and pleasant with small businesses, your neighbors and random strangers standing in line at the grocer. Slow down. Take your time. Enjoy the day. Stop tailgating and blowing your horn. If you plan ahead, then you'll be fine. Waiting until you decide you want something and then demanding - well, that is absolutely not going to work.

Be respectful of others and they will be respectful back.
*Reminder: Do NOT bring family, friends, children or animals to your treatment appointments. Electrolysis is not a place for family outings, hanging out with friends, occupying children and animals absolutely do not belong at your appointment.
If you are interested in beginning Electrolysis, please call and leave me a message. I do not make appointments via email. A phone conversation is necessary. I will call you back as soon as time permits.
Be Well, Be Happy and be part of the community by engaging in neighborly behaviors.
For the first time ever - I now have office policies. Please look over them here https://wildhairelectrolysis.com/rates-policies.html


What is the 3 Month Bloom?
Hair grows in stages and takes its time to surface. Every hair you see above the skin is not all the hair you have. We lose hair everyday and whether its from plucking or it falls out naturally on its own, it has to begin the hair growth cycle again. This can take anywhere from a few months to the better part of a year before we see a new hair from that follicle surface.
Our first goal is to clear all the hair we see and then start catching new hairs the minute they surface. That way none can escape and we stay ahead of the hair growth cycle.
After a few months of treatment you'll feel really good about the progress and wonder why you waited so long to begin electrolysis. And then one day around the 3 month mark, there will be a bloom of hairs and it will look like we are starting all over. These are all the hairs that have been growing to the surface and we are just now seeing them for the first time. So, while it's a blah moment to see "the bloom", it's also a great milestone, because we've reached our first challenge and met it head on with success. After this, we catch up easily and generally treatments spread out even more until one day you'll leave me because there's no more hair. The bittersweet moment of victory!
And that's why electrolysis is a commitment, especially in the beginning. We just cannot make those follicles grow any faster. We have to wait until the hair emerges so that we can nip it in the bud!


If you want permanent results, it'll take time, commitment and determination. And it's very much worth it!
Having realistic expectations is important. Nothing worth having is easy or fast. This is a very general timeline to help understand the path to getting rid of unwanted hair forever. And yes.... Electrolysis is permanent.
Keep in mind this is a very general timeline. Some people need more time, others need less time. Together we will develop a treatment plan specific to your unique goals.
It's within your power.


1. If you are ready to begin treatment and want to schedule an appointment, please call. Appointments are not made via email.
2. Beginning in June, we will be closed on Sundays.
3. Do not bring family, friends, children or animals to your appointment. The office is not set up for extra people and is not a place for animals. Treatments are for one person only.
When choosing your Electrologist, look for signs they are using good magnification. Surgical loupes provide the highest quality magnification to see those pesky hairs!


Happy Springtime, everyone! Enjoy the simple things this year 🌷
(watch out for those mischievous wild hares!)


Electrolysis tip: Wear sunscreen whenever outside, but especially before and after treatments. Protect your skin from sun damage for beautiful, healthy skin. Choose a sunscreen that is zinc or mineral based.
Remind me when you're here, I have travel size sunscreen samples to take and carry with you. That way you can protect your skin when you're out and about.


If you are a current client and have sent a text message to me that I did not reply to... call me and let me know. Several messages over the last week have not made it to me.


Your goals and commitment to success influence the answer. Together we will make it happen.

Thor Ragnarok Immigrant Song Scene. |Thor awakens his power into God Of Thunder in Final Battle. 03/22/2021

This is how I feel after the most perfect few days off! I'm recharged and ready for action!

Thor Ragnarok Immigrant Song Scene. |Thor awakens his power into God Of Thunder in Final Battle. Thor awakens his true powers of God Of Thunder in Thor Ragnarok's movie. Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanc...


Spring is so close! I say embrace the cabin fever and enjoy the season change. I’ll be closed March 14-19 to do exactly that. Remember to be good to yourself 🌿


If you’re ready to begin Electrolysis, I would love to talk with you. Currently, I am booking about two months out. Planning ahead gives you a strategic advantage to plan for Hair Free success. Here are a few common questions and answers that may help.
1. How long will it it take? Answer: A number of variables including hormones, genetics, previous methods of hair removal, goals and consistency all play a role. A VERY GENERAL timeline is 18 months. Some need more, others need less. The more consistent we are in the beginning, the more our appointments will spread out further and further apart until we reach the goal.
2. What is the estimated cost? Answer: The size of the area and consistency in following the treatment plan can influence this. Your goals are an important factor; do you want every hair gone or just the biggest and baddest?
3. Is Electrolysis really permanent? Answer: Yes. Yes, it is absolutely permanent hair removal. It’s been in use successfully for over 140 years. It works on all hair and skin combinations. As long as you’re dedicated and consistent, then hair free success is yours to be had.
Other useful information:
1. Calling and emailing are the best ways to reach me. I don’t get Facebook notifications and may not see messages for awhile.
2. It may take me a week to respond to inquiries, but I will respond as soon as I can.
3. The more consistent you are in the beginning; the quicker you will achieve your goal.
4. Choose your Electrologist wisely. You’ll be together for awhile.
5. It really is worth it.


Your future self will thank you
I’m the first to admit this year has had a rocky start. It’s taking me some time to rearrange and prioritize my goals. However, where I’ll be in one year in relation to my goals is worth it. Whatever your goals are - they are obtainable.
It’s within your power to make it happen.


It's success o'clock! Start planning now for a hair-free victory. It's possible. It's within your power. Call me and together we will develop a personalized treatment plan that will bring you freedom from unwanted hair. It's so worth it!

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