Meg Donnelly, Nova Weekend Warriors

Meg Donnelly, Nova Weekend Warriors


It's Small It's Small Business Saturday! This year more than ever, focus on supporting your local community and your local economy. I'm sure you've seen the meme "When you shop small you support a dream and a family" well, here's mine. :-) This crew puts up with a lot and has been so supportive of me following this dream.
I have way too many to list but here are some of my favorite local brick and mortars that you can support with your holiday shopping: Books Reston's Used Book Shop or Scrawl Books, chocolates and handmade gifts Chesapeake Chocolates or River-Sea Chocolates, ship some tea from Elden Street Tea Shop or granola from Dano’s Granola, pick up pretzels from Nordic Knot, buy a bike or accessories from The Bike Lane, a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant or taproom Lake Anne Coffee House & Wine Bar, Local VA, Kalypso's Sports Tavern, Lake Anne Brew House, 100 Bowls of Soup or grab clothing from so many of us small businesses who offer branded apparel. Wouldn't you rather have your kids sport a local logo than a big brand?
Think about your other local salons, galleries, services that you can support too. Meg Donnelly, Nova Weekend Warriors , Rowan Tree, Reston Museum , Reston Art Gallery & Studios , Top Style by Kate Noda
There are so many others to support - feel free to comment with your favorites!
WIN a Meg Donnelly, Nova Weekend Warriors Moving Freely Session. Value $75. Virtual raffle entry $10, only 20 entries will be sold.

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4. Please comment on the posts of items you want to win! A comment, emoji, or GIF is welcome (but please keep it appropriate!)
5. When all of the raffle tickets for an item are sold, we'll close the ticket page and post a photo of the prize wheel on this post.
6. Each Saturday, we'll spin the wheel live on Facebook for all of the items that have sold the maximum raffle tickets.
7. We will contact all winners to arrange pick-up (in Sterling). We will also offer an option to pay to have the item shipped for non-local winners.

All proceeds will benefit Sterling Playmakers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit community theatre organization. We are Community Theatre for the Entire Community.

Want to see all of the items at once? They will all be viewable at starting Sunday evening.
Covid shut things down for a bit but that doesn't stop warriors from taking what they want...and we want to get out and about in NOVA. We loved offically meeting Meg Donnelly, Nova Weekend Warriors (felt like we've know her for ages) with NoVA Weekend Warriors and getting to take over her Podcast for a bit. Listen to what routines we have been able to maintain, had to change and long for to come back!

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Meg Donnelly, Licensed Massage Therapist visits the podcast to talk about advocating efforts in a time of COVID-19.

Sponsors: Acuity Scheduling, The Jojoba Company, & Yomassage.
Meet our Treehouse Member Meg Donnelly, Licensed Massage Therapist & Host of NoVA Weekend Warriors

Meg provides solutions to weekend warriors in the Northern Virginia area: runners, cyclists, recreational athletes, and fans of fitness. While she is not able to provide massage during this time of social distancing, through the partnerships cultivated over the last 3 years and more, she is focusing on providing recommendations to clients and other professionals by providing remote solutions that complement massage...from a distance of 6 feet or more.

Weekly Zoom Meet Up: While we are physically distancing and many touch-based therapies may not be appropriate in these unique times, join zoom Wednesdays at 12 noon for "Ask A Massage Therapist" with a different health, wellness, or fitness guest co-host each week. They'll go through some common massage related questions, discuss tips and tricks of other therapies that can be utilized when massage is not an option, and more. Check

Mother Earth Thermal Pillows: When massage isn't appropriate, Mother Earth thermal pillows can be warmed or cooled to address your everyday aches and pains.

Thinking Ahead: Purchasing packages and gift certificates now are a great way to show your support for my small business and commit to future health and wellness. All expiration dates will be extended to accommodate this time of social distancing. Available at:

Meg’s Mantra: I hope you have fun with your fitness goals and find ways to appreciate each challenge that comes your way.

Connect + Follow Meg:
Facebook: Meg Donnelly, Licensed Massage Therapist
[email protected]

At the present time, when social distancing is becoming more prevalent, we remind you that social distancing doesn’t have to make us distant. We are here for you. We support you, our community, and we appreciate your support of us. But if you, our community, are unable to visit us in person, you can still support us, your local small businesses… in many different ways.

We appreciate your support of our unique, personalized shopping and sipping and self-care and sweating and service-based experiences, especially as we go through the coming weeks and months. How can we support each other if you can’t make it in to see us in person? A few ways, actually!

* Purchasing tickets now for future events
* Purchasing merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs
* Purchasing gift cards in our stores or online
* Schedule appointments remotely with us via Skype, Facetime or Zoom
* Order a hot chocolate to go
* Purchase a multi-session package now for use later
* Get some roasted coffee beans to go or online, you can also buy a gift card online
* Follow, like and share our posts on social media
* You can shop online, you can purchase gift certificates and you can even grab a growler to go
* Buy some chocolate bars online
* Order a tea to go
* Buy a t-shirt, a magnet or other merchandise to show your support of our local businesses
* If you cannot attend events that we are hosting in person, please support us by attending online
* Pick up a growler or cans to go, did you know that we deliver
* Stock your closet and home with something other than toilet paper… try purchasing merchandise, apparel, magnets...anything showing your support of us, your local businesses

Let’s really support each other. Finding ways to support you is what makes our small business community so special. Supporting us, your small business community, in these ways and more will help us thrive through this, together, as a community.

Social Distancing doesn’t have to make us distant. Together, we are a community. We are small business.

AKG DESIGN STUDIO is offering gift certificates for all your upcoming occasion - We will gladly meet after the all-clear or meet you "online". Stay tuned for more options to support us coming us.

Flow us on Instagram-

Special thank you to for their amazing editing and the following local small businesses who provided Please make sure to checkout tier business pages to see how you can support them. videos: New Trail Cycling Studio Lake Anne Brew House Nordic Knot Meg Donnelly, Licensed Massage Therapist Elden Street Tea Shop River-Sea Chocolates The Bike Lane Bike Lane Brewing Weird Brothers Coffee

I’m so excited to be nominated as a finalist in two categories: #26: Best Swim School and #33: Best Youth Athletic Trainers/Programs in Posh Seven Magazine for Moms! Please visit:

to vote for some of these amazing companies! I would really appreciate your vote! My accountability partner, Meg Donnelly, Licensed Massage Therapist is also nominated under section 58 “best place for a massage.” If you’ve ever been a client of Meg’s (and if not, you should! She’s freaking amazing!), please vote for her as well!

Thank you so much!
Once a month this amazing lady Meg Donnelly, Licensed Massage Therapist comes to Rowan Tree to do 10-min Refresh Sessions for our members. Today I (Amy) got a few minutes extra (owner treat!) and I was in heaven! Thank you so much Meg for adding to our wellness culture and giving everyone a moment to relax and refresh! So glad to be partnering with you again in 2020!
Our event on Tuesday evening at Fairfax Church of Christ in Fairfax County, Virginia was a wonderful, warm and cozy event. Throughout the entire day we raised, through everyone's generosity, close to $2,000 on this national day of . A great big to our vendors, raffles donors and evening's volunteers: Scout & Molly's, Kendra Scott, - handmade beautiful jewelry -, FanCee Scents by CeeCee,,, The Artistic Scribe - Maria Turk's beautiful hand lettered ornaments, Thirty-One Gifts, Pinot's Palette, OpenBlooms, The Women's Club Fitness Center & Day Spa, Grace Covenant Church Chantilly, Virginia, Paper Source Reston, Meg Donnelly, Licensed Massage Therapist and our event supporters Wegmans, , Cake4Kids and our hosts . All of our vendors donated 20% back of their proceeds to WFCM - a generous and much appreciated gesture of support.

Enjoy the set-up photos folks and stay tuned for future "mini events!"

Massage + mobility for new-to-fitness & returning to sport athletes at all levels and all abilities.

Movely freely is an important, integrated part of our overall health & wellness. I create personalized massage and movement sessions based on each client's specific goals to provide comfort, relieve pain and improve mobility with a strong focus on the pain science, movement physiology and research into the nervous system's role in pain management.


Answering some common questions. What is sports massage and who is considered an athlete? Who is sports massage for?

I’m Meg Donnelly with NoVA Weekend Warriors. Two questions I get asked often.

One, what is sports massage?
Two, am I an athlete?

To answer the first question…
Sports massage is very simply the science of applying massage and related techniques for the overall health and wellness of an athlete or to support performance.

But who is an athlete? Are you an athlete?

Whether you're just starting out on your fitness journey, or you're a seasoned athlete. You are an athlete. You are a weekend warrior. Hope to see you soon!

Have questions or want to learn more. Book a complimentary 15 minute online exploratory call to learn more about how massage can assist you with your goals.

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Got my free Washington Nationals bandaid today for getting the latest updated monovalent COVID-19 vaccine for fall/winter 2023! Just kidding, it’s the Walgreens logo.

Getting the latest vax that dropped last week was important to me because it more closely targets circulating variants, including XBB.1.5. So I’m better prepared for my clients for the fall/winter season!!!

Also, heads up! Free Covid tests are coming back. Beginning September 25, every U.S. household can again place an order to receive four more free COVID-19 rapid tests delivered directly to their home.

As a reminder, my massage studio is currently masking optional for clients but I will remain masked for the entirety of the session. Air purifiers run throughout the day, humidity is checked, and windows are opened and fans blow air out, weather permitting, in between clients, all to improve air quality and reduce risk.

And of course, as always, if you are experiencing any new symptoms, we will reschedule for your safety, mine and the safety of others!

Where my fellow vaxxed bandaid wearers at?! I see you and I appreciate you! 💕


A post with an ask of my fellow massage therapists.

The first annual happens in less than a month.

There’s still time for Black massage therapists to register to attend and also all my fellow massage therapists are welcome to support this important conference through sponsorship or just simply a financial donation to the planners.

Congrats to Davonna of and all those involved for leading up this important, first ever conference.


Not a bad place for a remote learning day.
⛱️☀️📚Lots of pre work to complete, including this amazing textbook and 16 hours on online coursework, before my 3 day hands on oncology massage class in September through . I’m already learning so much. It’s a well-thought out program, a book full of thoughtful integrative, client-centered approaches to cancer care and I’m looking forward to learning more each step of the way… even on beach days. 💕

Reston Triathlon will return this fall after three-year pause | FFXnow 07/25/2023

The Reston Triathlon is BACK!!! Let me know in the comments if you are racing or volunteering?

Reston Triathlon will return this fall after three-year pause | FFXnow Reston Triathlon will return this fall after three-year pause Fatimah Waseem Today at 2:15pm The Reston Triathlon returns in September (courtesy CORE Foundation) A staple of Reston’s sports scene is embarking on a post-pandemic return. The Reston Triathlon returns for its 37th year on Sept. 10 aft...


I signed up for virtual access to not really knowing what to fully expect. As a massage therapist, the conference doesn’t provide continuing education credits (it does for many other health professions) and I knew many of the sessions would be diving into expertise outside my scope of practice.

But learning is greater than continuing education credits and learning about the latest research in other professions working with female athletes is not out of scope, rather it helps me understand the fuller picture of female athletes, and athletes in general and help me refer clients out to the appropriate health professionals.

There were so many aha moments for me. And so many amazing panels and sessions (42 in total if I counted correctly). I was late to watching the sessions before the deadline but I think I did pretty well, watching 27 of them.

I’ll be reviewing my notes and aha moments this week, so if there’s anything from the conference agenda you are interested in, let me know in the comments. I can’t share slides as some research shared is still pre-publication, but I’m happy to share my thoughts!


Did you know about the Slow AF Run Club. It’s online, it is led by the amazing Martinus Evans, there are both free and paid subscription options and Martinus literally wrote the book on celebrating running at all sizes and athletic ability… The Slow AF Run Club: The Ultimate Guide for Anyone Who Wants To Run. Plus, the Club has the coolest run gear…. Check out my new turtle running leggings! They are my new favs. Who’s with me?!

ps… No hate against our faster runners. We are all individuals with our own goals and our own pace and I just love the spaces where there’s room for us all! 💕

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New Blog Post! Pain Analogy 1: Legos #@&%ing Hurt

Think about a time when you stepped on a lego. It probably felt like the sharp of a metal nail went clean through your foot or like a knife piercing it. But that Lego probably didn’t puncture the skin or even bruise it. It was just your body sending a pain signal to alert you to a potential threat. There was no tissue damage, it was just a warning.

Now usually with a random lego warning, the pain stops when the threat is removed. (For me, as soon as I reach down and throw the lego across the room while shouting “@ #&%” and other, er, creative words… [want to read more? Check link in bio or comments to read the full blog post].


New Blog Post! A Guide by your Side Approach: Empowering Clients in the Massage Therapy Studio

In the realm of massage therapy, person-centered care is emerging as a pivotal approach. Some refer to this as Guide by the Side. This collaborative and empowering approach aims to transform the massage therapist-client dynamic. In my massage studio, I refer to it as Guide by Your Side, because I’m working with you.

Explore the foundations and principles of this approach in my latest blog post. Give it a read and share your thoughts at:

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Today is Reston Pride Festival 2023 at Lake Anne Plaza! While I’m pulling double volunteer shifts today in Herndon and can’t be there in person, a big piece of my heart is in Reston today at Lake Anne Plaza celebrating Reston Pride.

Shout out to the Reston Pride 2023 board members, the volunteers, the planning committee, the sponsors and most importantly the community near and far that comes together to celebrate each year. I can’t wait for everyone to share all the pics and videos of everyone celebrating and community building today!


Today is Reston Pride Festival 2023 at Lake Anne Plaza!. While I’m pulling double volunteer shifts today in Herndon and can’t be there in person, a big piece of my heart is in Reston today at Lake Anne Plaza celebrating Reston Pride.

Shout out to the board members, the volunteers, the planning committee, the sponsors and most importantly the community near and far that comes together to celebrate each year. I can’t wait for everyone to share all the pics and videos of everyone celebrating and community building today!


and I and the whole Herndon Community Television (HCTV) crew are set up and excited for the start of the Herndon Festival tonight - Sunday!!! We are set up to the right of the entrance up the hill across from the First Aid booth. I’m stepping up my game this year as the Volunteer Coordinator all weekend long! Come say hello… and judge how I’m doing?! ❤️

Big shoutout to the Town of Herndon Government staff including Herndon Parks and Recreation Department. They are working hard today coordinating and setting up for our community to have an AWESOME Festival weekend!!!!!

Also looking forward to hearing Herndon’s own tonight on the main stage!!!!


Thank you Main Street Alliance Action Fund for providing me the opportunity to be a part of today and tomorrow. Sharing the unique needs of small businesses, especially those under 20 employees and sole proprietor LLCs like me! I’m learning so much and can already see the impact and collaborative relationships we are cultivating through the process this week. Proud to be a member and proud to participate!

We're hitting the ground running for May Small Business Month! Today our members met with the Treasury Department and White House officials to bring the issues that matter to Main Street to the forefront. Join Us !

Photos from Meg Donnelly, Nova Weekend Warriors's post 04/21/2023

As a responsible and caring massage therapist, I understand the importance of being prepared for emergency situations that may arise in my studio. That's why, in addition to being CPR, AED, First Aid and Mental Health First Aid trained, I recently completed the REVIVE! opioid overdose and naloxone education training, available through Fairfax County Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board and the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

This training has equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to respond quickly and effectively in case of an opioid overdose, with a focus not just on what to do but also what not to do. I am proud to have taken the necessary steps to focus on the safety and well-being of my clients by keeping Narcan in my first aid kit. Narcan, also known as naloxone, is a medication that can rapidly reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, potentially saving a life.

Read more on my most recent blog post which also provide links to sign up for this free training available to our local community members. Link in bio or visit


I’m a proud member of Main Street Alliance Action Fund, alongside so many awesome fellow small business owners.

Can you spot me in this pic from the last training workshop I attended?

We're still gushing over our amazing members that came out to Alexandria, VA for our Organizing for Power Leadership Training! We are so thankful to have members invested in the work of changing their communities and improving their businesses! Join Us:


Heads up and feet up! A new crosswalk just went up yesterday between my massage studio location at Springwood Professional Center and the Herndon Parkway entrance to Sunset Business Park.

If you are driving, please be aware of the new lines and signs and be ready to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk.

If you are walking, while this might make getting to us more convenient, please be extra careful. Many cars use this route regularly and even though it’s the law, not all are stopping yet. I’m sure this will get better as more drivers become aware.

If you feel safer, you can still cross at the light at Spring Street/Sunset Hills and Herndon Parkway.

Photos from Meg Donnelly, Nova Weekend Warriors's post 02/25/2023

An amazing weekend of learning jam packed for me!
Check out the continuing education I’m taking this weekend and let me know what you are interested in!

I’m half way through this years San Diego Pain Summit and the presentations have been amazing so far:

💥 Keynote Kathleen Sluka, PT, PhD, FAPTA: “The Science of Exercise for Pain Control: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications”

⁉️ Nathalia Costa, BPhy (Hons), Ph.D.: “The Ubiquity Of Uncertainty: Learnings From The Low Back Pain Context”

🎯 Nathan Hutting, Ph.D., PT: “Person-focused self-management support in people with musculoskeletal pain conditions”

🗓️ Morten Hoegh, Ph.D., PT: “Low Back Pain; what to do about it in 2023?”

🧷Mai Huong Ho-Tran, PT, DPT: “Creating Patient Safety – Practical Movement Applications For Experiential Knowledge and Integrating Psychosocial Approaches in Patients with Persistent Pain”

🚪Devra Sheldon, PT, DPT: “Intruding On The Intruder” Describing the underpinnings of ‘approach and withdraw’ from valued tasks

💡Ryan Shelton, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert MDT: Reimagining The Role Of Business In Healthcare: Aligning our work with the needs of the community to minimize health inequalities

‼️Keynote Jessica Isom, MD, MPH: “The Urgency of Now: Disrupting Racism In Pain Management”

🔌Karime Mescouto, BPhty (Hons), MSc: “Let’s Talk About Power In Pain Management: Thinking Beyond The Biopsychosocial Model”

⚖️ Ericka Merriwether, PT, DPT, Ph.D.: “Personalized Pain Management for EveryBODY: Considerations for Research and Clinical Care at the Intersections of Race and Health”

🏥 Jonathan Alexander, Ph.D.: “Queer and in Pain: The Challenges of Being an LGBT Patient in the Contemporary Medical Establishment”

🧠Laura Rathbone, PT, MSc: “Phenomenology: the body as a place of knowing”

Next up, starting at 10am this morning into tomorrow is the Healwell Within Reach: The Quest for Information and Research symposium. I’ll post about those tomorrow!


Laundry day looks different in our household. I prefer to do my own laundry for my massage studio linens so I can control what detergents are used (perfume free/scent free/gentle on skin but tough enough to do the job) and how linens are cleaned, folded and stored to remain that way.

It’s a process but I do love looking at a stack of clean linens at the end!

Some will laugh at my individually wrapped linen kits, but I’m a fan. What say you? Good idea or overkill? Let me know in the comments! (Just know I’m probably keeping the kits regardless).

Photos from Meg Donnelly, Nova Weekend Warriors's post 02/03/2023

📚 Here were some of my fav reads (books & papers) over the past month (ok, some were “listens” - gotta love audipbooks)!

⁉️ Let me know if you’ve read any of these and watcha think! Or if you haven’t read any, which peak your interest and why?!

Reading List.
1. Running While Black: Finding Freedom in a Sport That Wasn’t Built for Us - Alison Mariella Désir

2. “You Just Need to Lose Weight”: And 19 Other Myths About Fat People - Aubrey Gordon

3. How to Keep House While Drowning: A Gentle Approach to Cleaning and Organizing - KC Davis LPC

4. Strength and Conditioning for the Roller Derby Athlete; Parten, Alyssa L. MS, CSCS, (PT’; Herron, Robert L. MA, CSCS*

5. Roller derby: experiences with injury and pain in players’ behavioral repertoires.

6. Descriptive study of female roller derby athletes’ beliefs about risk factors for injury in roller derby; Michelle L Cathorall, Megan Punches

7. The Epidemiology of Injuries Among Female Roller Derby Skaters; Michelle L. Cathorall, DrPH, MPH’; Andrew Peachey, DrPH?


Some days my self care is a massage… others it’s a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Happy National Hot Chocolate Day!!!!


Still shopping? No need to go out in the cold to make it on time. I’ve got online gift certificates for massage available for purchase that can go right to your inbox.

Happy Holidays!!!!


It’s the winter solstice. And while the pessimist in me would like to focus on today being the shortest day of daylight of the year… the optimist in me knows that every day hereafter for the next 6 months will mean a little more light each day!

My energy slows down as the days get shorter and this year I just embraced that. Gave myself permission to do less, allowed myself to get cozy and embrace the down time instead of fill it, booked myself an extra massage this month and today, even shifted my focus away from the to do list and made slow cooker French onion soup… the quintessential meal for a cozy dark winter evening.

We think of self care as the bigger, structured things that take energy. But sometimes, little, simple things are the self care that gets us through the darker days. Not always… but sometimes. (Hey, a little pessimism is still healthy).

As the days slowly grab more light, I will grab more energy. But in the meantime, I’ll continue to allow myself to do less when I can.

Speaking of slowing down, I’m not going away next week. So I’ve opened up not the full week, but just a few appointments on Tuesday and Thursday only. So if you are looking for one more massage before the end of the year, you are in luck! Book online at:

Past clients and existing clients can use the Existing clients only link. New clients, simply schedule a quick online exploratory call and we can get you an appt scheduled during your call.


Congrats Yasser and the entire team at Deli Italiano Herndon on their soft opening. We LOVED our lunch today and are so excited to have another restaurant in Town of Herndon. Shout out to Bianca Moskaitis with NOVA EATZ for giving us the inside scoop on the soft opening and for choosing the best wines for me to take home 🍕😋💕


Work Space Available for Licensed Massage Therapists and other Health and Wellness Professionals

Become a part of Suite 116! The massage therapist who was subletting from me on my days off is moving on to a new career. So the best work space in Herndon has an opening (ok I’m bias, but still, it is truly awesome space).

I offer flexible arrangements in a well appointed, furnished work space for sublet on the border of Herndon and Reston. Perfect for Licensed Massage Therapists and those in similar professions. This office is perfect for those looking to rent space for their individual client appointments on a part time or full time basis, operating under their own business, while sharing space with other independent businesses.

This in not an independent contractor (IC) or employment agreement. Applicants are required to have proper establishment and business licenses and permits through State of Virginia, County of Fairfax and Town of Herndon.

About the space:
• 144 square feet, plus additional lobby/waiting area
• New Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring installed January 2022
• 1st floor with no stairs
• Natural light and fresh air with two side by side swing out egress windows
• Fully furnished
• Many amenities including use of Electric Lift Table and hot towel cabinet

Rent same days of the week each week with a maximum of 6 1/2 hours per day for one monthly rental. Part time and full time rental options available.

Please contact me for an application and/or to discuss full sublet lease terms and requirements.

Details available at:


Earned our stickers today!


🎉Share in the comments what you think of when you hear Moving Freely? One term can have many meanings and I’m excited to hear from everyone!

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Yesterday The Mister and I had the pleasure of attending the The RoSigle Community Giving Foundation Launch Party (and snapping a quick pic with flat Dolly). Meg Donnelly, Nova Weekend Warriors was proud to make a small donation towards their current project, bringing Dolly Parton's Imagination Library to Reston, after years of success in Herndon. Thank you Kurt, Dianne, Andy and Kim for your focus on

“Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is dedicated to inspiring a love of reading by gifting books free of charge to children from birth to age five, through funding shared by Dolly Parton and local community partners in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Republic of Ireland.”

RoSigle’s 4 founders fund all the administrative needs so that 100% of donations go directly to the charitable causes they support. They have a lofty goal but did you know $100 provides enough support for 4 children in the program for a year and $25 provides for 1 child.

If you have the means, I highly encourage supporting as they bring The Imagination Library to Reston! 📚❤️

Donations came be made at


Ask me anything! Well… anything massage related! I’m updating my FAQs and not so FAQs. So send me any and all massage related questions!

You can also check out my answers to my current FAQs at

There I have answers about:
💧massage and hydration
👟Swedish vs sports massage vs deep tissue
❤️‍🩹 massage and post op recovery
💳 using HSA and FSA cards
🌸 scent sensitivities and allergies in the massage studio
❓ what to expect on your first visit
⁉️ what’s included in your appointment

What’s missing? Let me know what massage questions I can answer for you… in the comments, DM me or answer the prompt in my stories.


Did you know I offer complimentary exploratory calls?

Explore: A 15 Minute Complimentary Exploratory Call

In this complimentary 15 minute exploratory call, we’ll discuss your goals and answer your questions to see if therapeutic massage is a good fit.

While the picture here shows an in person consult, exploratory calls are now done online so you can get the information you need quickly and promptly without having to travel.

Schedule your exploratory call at


That’s it. Just sharing a little peace and love with all of you today. 💕

Thanks for the tank reminding me that this is the best mindset for me to start from . 💕


✨🛼✨Fancied up my roller skates tonight at ! I’m in love with the look of my new pastel rainbow and purple toe guard for my not so old roller skates. But also, I’m instantly obsessed with my new . I might actually find some rhythm in this new wheels! 💃🛼💕

I also learned how to change out my own wheels and we left with our new roller skate recruit fully outfitted by our most favorite local roller skater and shop owner !!! She spent SO MUCH TIME with us!!!!💪🏻🔧🛼

Wednesday night amateur skate in will be awesome this fall!!! 🛼💕🪩


Fall begins Thursday. And so does fall training season! And whether you are starting a new fitness routine, getting back to sport you love or training for your fall and winter race season, let chat about how massage and mobility can fit into your training routine. I specialize in easing the everyday aches and pains of those new to fitness, beginners and those returning to sport, so you can stay motivated and keep achieving more. Schedule your complementary 15 minute exploratory call at

Watch this reel by novaweekendwarrior on Instagram 02/28/2022

A quick preview of my new studio floors and cabinet refresh

Watch this reel by novaweekendwarrior on Instagram The Poison Oaks • Morning Date


Just got fitted for roller skates (and more importantly padding) by the amazing at the brand new in Herndon. Thanks Katie for sharing all your expertise! I can’t wait to get started… as I don’t think I’ve worn a pair of roller skates since the 80s! My spin around the store was a shaky start but I didn’t fall… yet!

Special thanks to
and Bri Morgan for joining me today and helping me choose the best disco helmet ever!

Who’s gonna join me for some outdoor roller skating???

Derby Star Pro Shop


Getting back into the recording studio to create new episodes has been so rewarding! Just finished my socially distanced interview with the Queen of Peanut Butter and all around AMAZING woman, Radhika of . We chatted about protein packed peanut butter fuel for the seasoned athletes, the new-to-fitness and the youth athletes alike, the importance of sustainable products, our awesome, supportive local community and more! Episode should drop in April-ish. In the meantime, chat up on old episodes at!

**during filming we had a great display of … But I had to turn the camera around for this behind the scenes shot, with the best ever film crew of one and super editor Maryssa!


*Sound On for Full Effect* New floors in my massage studio means I can now pretend to be an Olympic curler while cleaning!

Photos from Meg Donnelly, Nova Weekend Warriors's post 02/04/2022

Just wrapped our Herndon Community Television (HCTV) show tapings. Our firsts in two years!!!! So excited to share the experience once again with THE one and only Tess Rollins and super excited to have had the opportunity to record safely in (aka my garage) and show it off. Can’t wait to see the episodes of both and !!! Stay tuned!!!!!! In the meantime, catch up on old episodes at


𝗗𝗲𝗰𝗶𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗙𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗴𝘂𝗲! 𝗪𝗵𝗼 𝘄𝗮𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝗵𝗲𝗹𝗽 𝗺𝗲 𝗱𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗱𝗲?! Coming soon to my massage studio…. a fancy new .craftworks Hands Free Deluxe Electric massage table with a lift back and all sort of fancy accessories, but there was a hiccup.

💕 I LOVE the color of my current table, which is just slightly off white. It just pops against the dark wall and looks great against my new grey floors and awesome in pics. (Side note: I still love my old table. Im so sad to part with her. I’m ONLY replacing her because the motor is going and when they updated the model, the new motor won’t fit on my old base).

😢 I had chose “White Tie” for my new table because it was almost a perfect match. But sadly there was a upholstery mishap in the warehouse and the manufacturer discontinued the color so they can’t purchase more for me.

🎨 So I need to now choose another color. I’m torn between “stainless steel grey” and “ivory”. I like the grey but it’s not going to pop like the white of my current table in my room against the blue and also, all my accessories are off white already. The ivory is more cream or beige, not really a white ivory. But it’s the next lightest color available.

✨ I’ve had my current table for 5 years and it’s still spotless so I’m not worried about a lighter color clean. Everything is wiped down between clients so a lighter color is fine. Also, I know the color doesn’t make a huge difference because I keep an off white cover on my table anyway and all my accessories match that off white.

⚖️ its still a tough decision, since I can’t get my first choice of “white tie”. So, I ask you, smart, decisive people of the Internet,would you go with Ivory (the closest) or would you do contrasting with the Stainless Steel Grey?

⁉️ What’s everyone think?


When a community stands up for you and your profession, literally!!! 💕

As many of you know, last night we spoke to a supportive Town Council during general public comments at the Town Council Public Hearing regarding the unfair business license fees from 1992 uncovered during a recent audit, that are targeting Massage therapists. We still need support to ensure actions to rectify this move swiftly. But it is good to here the town council and town staff is dedicated to working on this.

Here’s time stamps so you can watch the portions of the meeting where our cause was mentioned.

✅ @ 4:50 mark - mayor speaks about business license fee concerns

✅ @ 6:15 mark - Mayor asks eligible massage therapists to file an appeal, referencing Code 30-217

✅ @ 7:43 mark - comments from town council
All but one council member present spoke and stated a commitment to working on solutions for us

✅ @ 14:33 - 43:30 marks: comments from audience starts and ends with massage license fee comments with 3 speeding comments in between.

Speakers of behalf of all of those in attendence and others who were unable to attend included Meg Donnelly, LMT, Casey White, LMT White HART Massage , Netta Chiorello, LMT New Health New Life - Massage, Lymphatics and CBD - Netta Chiorello (who in addition to reading her statement reads the statement of support from John Boylan Interim President of the Official Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce), Tess Rollins - prominent community member Simply Enhance LLC, Jessica Drummond, LMT, Charles Williams - concerned community member, Kerri Bundy, LMT 2 Hands Massage & Birth Service.

Additionally to respect the time of town council and audience there to speak on other agenda items the public hearing, 18 others stood in support and were counted into the public record as supporters of our statements. (please assist me by tag yourself and others in the audience).

Additionally, the Town Clerk received many comments for the record priori to the session, to showcase support for us from those who couldn’t attend in person.

We still have quite a fight ahead us, as forcing us into an appeal for this year still creates an undue burden, on language which doesn’t apply to us.

Reach out to us and we can share other ways you can support us to get this rectified quickly but thoughtfully.


Please support our cause as we work with the Town Staff and Town Council to change old code that was uncovered during a recent town financial audit. Visit for the latest ways to support us. Ways to support us include:

✅ Attending Town Council Public Hearing on Tuesday 1/25/2022 at 7pm promptly

✅ Email the Town Clerk to showcase your support,

✅ Review our Concerns and the State/Local Code of Laws that apply

✅ Like, comment and share the Patch Herndon Facebook post and Patch Herndon article that features our cause.

✅ Watch, like and comment on our conversation with the Town of Herndon Vice Mayor Cesar del Aguila, page is Cesar Loves Herndon (discussion starts at the 2 minute 15 second mark).

✅ Watch Town Councilmember Signe Friedrichs bring our concerns to the recent Town Council Work Session. (Signe begins the discussion on this around the 2:06:00 mark).

As you can see, this is not an “us vs them” fight. Town staff including the Director of Finance and town council is willing to work with us to change this old code from 1992, which none of them were aware of until the audit. We thank the Town for their empathy and professionalism as they work with us on a solution.

Time is of the essence, as business licensing fees are due on March 1st, 2022 which is why we are asking for everyone’s immediate support.

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