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We have a new winner! Picked by big ol loveable (and adoptable 😉) Miso ❤️ Congratulations Paula Thompson and thank you everyone who donated this month! We raised $81 for Feline Community Network & Cat-Themed Gift Shop to help keep kitties like Miso happy, healthy, and loved until they find their forever home 😻 If you're new to this, I have a donation jar in my room at work. When you donate, I put your name in a jar and have a cute kitty pick a winner at the beginning of each month! I personally give back by letting you choose a shampoo, conditioner, and styling product of your choice 🥰


Updated availability! There's only a few spots open for the rest of February!


Updated Availability 🥰


❤️ Availability for February ❤️

All availability posted is my only availability. As always I will update this post as appointments are taken. Please remember as well that I am off on Sundays and Mondays and typically handle any booking and responding to messages during business hours. Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation 🥰

Wednesday February 15th-3:00 or 4:00 (last color at 3:00)

Tuesday February 21st-2:00 (cut only)

Tuesday February 28th-10:00-4:00 (last color at 3:00)

Photos from Laura at The Professional Edge's post 12/10/2022

Giving my natural blondes a little brightening and fun pops of pink 🥰


Updated Availability!


🎄Availability for December 🎄

What is posted is all that will be available. Per usual I'll be working a little extra closer to Christmas so please check days and times that will work for you asap before they are gone. I will also be editing this post daily as appointments are made. Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation

Tuesday December 27th-11:00 (cut only)

Wednesday December 28th-2:00 (cut only)

Thursday December 29th-12:00-5:00 (last color at 3:00)

Friday December 30th-10:00-3:00


🍂 Availability for November 🦃

Wednesday November 23rd-5:00

Saturday November 26th-10:00-3:00

Tuesday November 29th-1:00-4:00 (last color at 3:00)


Hello! It has been almost a year since I have utilized this page! Due to planning and having my own wedding and also being in and celebrating both my brother and sister in laws I was prettty busy 😅 Keep an eye out for availability postings again along with any other updates! I just had to add one of my favorite pictures from our big day in case anyone missed it 🥰


Happy New Year Everyone!

I am on vacation from now until the 10th. I will be on a cruise tomorrow through the 8th and have ZERO cell phone service. Please contact me AFTER the 8th for any work/appointment related questions ☺️

Also as many of you know my prices have increased (mainly color) and I will have the new pricing posted at the salon after I get back. Thank you all for being supportive and amazing! I will also be posting on here frequently again after the 10th ☺️


Hello Everyone! I am completely booked for the rest of this month and have just a couple openings left for the first week of June. The available times that week would be 12:00, 1:00, or 6:00 Wednesday the 2nd. The 12:00 or 6:00 can be color appointments. Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation! And also PLEASE try to pre-book appointments if possible. I know I have been very accommodating lately and working extra hours but due to my family's health and my personal life I need to keep my hours normal again. Thank you for understanding!


My schedule will finally be lightening up a bit next week so here is my availability for the rest of May! Always remember that if possible pre-book your appointments at your next visit so you never have to wait and always have a date set 😊

Thursday 5/13 12:00-2:00 (last color at
Tuesday 5/25 11:00-2:00 (last color at 1:00)
Wednesday 5/26 12:00-3:00 (last color at 1:30)
Thursday 5/27 12:00-6:00
Saturday 5/29 1:00 or 2:00

The times listed are my ONLY available times. I will edit availability as appointments or made or open up. Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation 😊


Hello everyone! I know I haven’t posted in over a month but there are many reasons for that. As much as I hate to put my personal life on here I feel like I should give everyone a little update as to why I haven’t been posting as much availability and what-not. My dad was diagnosed with cancer and started treatments and my mom had a major surgery all within weeks of each other. I have been keeping my hours down to my “normal” times and not adding anything extra and taking any free time I may have to help my parents out as much as I can because at the end of the comes first ❤️ I will be posting more availability in May but in the meantime feel free to text/call for any availability (there isn’t much left this month). If I have any major cancellations I will post them but that will be about it for this month. Thank you for understanding ❤️


Availability This Week! 2/2-2/6

Wednesday 1:30 or 2:00 (cuts only)
Thursday 1:00-2:00 (1:00 can be a color)
Friday 10:00-3:00

Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation!


Availability this week!


Availability this week!

Wednesday 1/27 12:00 cut only

Friday 1/29 12:00 cut or color
1:00 cut only

Saturday 1/30 2:30 cut only

Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation!


I have a pretty full week this week BUT I do have 1:00-4:00 open this Thursday!

Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation ☺️


Availability This Week!

Wednesday 4:00-5:00
Thursday 2:00 (cut only)
Friday 10:00-2:00 (last color at 1:00)

Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation!


I hope everyone had a great Holiday!
Here is my availability until January 2nd!

Thursday Dec 31st 1:00-2:00 (1:00 can be a color)

Saturday Jan 2nd 2:30-3:00

Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation!


Availability for the rest of 2020!

Sorry for the lack of posting! Anyone that knows me personally knows my family has been going through a lot lately on top of working non-stop 😣

Wednesday December 23rd 1:00-3:00 (last color at 2:00)
Tuesday December 29th-3:00 or 4:00 (last color at 3:00)
Wednesday December 30th-2:00-6:00
Thursday December 31st-1:00-4:00 (last color at 2:00)

Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation


Availability until December

Please note that these are my only available times, and I am also working 9-10hr days the week of Thanksgiving.

Monday Nov 23rd- 10:00 (cut only)

Tuesday Nov 24th-10:00-12:00 (10:00 can be a color)

Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation!


I have 3:00-4:00 open this Wednesday 11/11/20. 3:00 can be a color or either time can be cuts! Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation ☺️


I have a few openings on Thursday this week!

1:00-3:00 or 5:00 (1:00 and 5:00 can be colors)

Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation ☺️


With covid on the rise again and it also being flu season PLEASE be mindful of others and if you are not feeling well or have been exposed to either illness reschedule your appointment. As most of you that have seen me or personally know me are aware, my boyfriend has been in the hospital for over two weeks now and I have family that is also going through some medical issues. These people (and myself) can NOT get sick since their immune systems are very compromised at the moment. Thank you and stay safe out there ❤️


I have a couple openings this week!

Thursday 6:15
Friday 2:30 or 3:00
Saturday 1:30 or 2:00

Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation!


Updated availability for the rest of October 🎃🍂👻



Friday Oct 23rd 11:00-12:00 (11:00 can be a color)
Wednesday Oct 28th 3:30 (cut only) or 5:30-6:00
Thursday Oct 29th 1:00-4:00 or 5:45
Friday Oct 30th 10:00 (cut only) or 1:00-3:00
Saturday Oct 31st 10:00-2:00

The dates/times posted are my only available times and will be edited as appointments are made. Any other days are booked or an off day. Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation ☺️


Availability for the next two weeks!

Times and dates are the only ones available. I will update everything as appointments are taken or if there are any cancellations ☺️

Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation!

Tuesday September 29th-2:00-3:00
Wednesday September 30th-1:00-4:00 (last color at 2:00)
Thursday October 1st 2:00-3:00 (2:00 can be a color)


Availability for next week! Sept 8th-Sept 12th. Please remember I don’t have any available Saturdays until mid October! Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation 😊
Thursday-1:00-3:00 (last color at 2:00) or 5:00 (cut only)


I still have a few spots left this week! I’m also giving everyone a heads up that I don’t have any open Saturdays until Oct 10th so take advantage while you can!

Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation

Friday-2:00-3:00 (last color at 2:00)

Photos from Laura at The Professional Edge's post 09/01/2020

Root melts with pretty vivid colors from last week and today!

Downtown Hobart becomes traffic challenge as construction projects continue 08/30/2020

When planning your next visit, please be aware of the construction nightmare surrounding the salon 😣

Downtown Hobart becomes traffic challenge as construction projects continue “Any start date after that left the chance that Old Ridge Road, Front Street and Main Street could have to be closed all winter,” said city engineer Phil Gralik in a post on the city’s website.


Availability This Week!

Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation

Friday-2:00-3:00 (last color at 2:00)


Hello! I know it has been awhile but my schedule has been VERY hectic getting used to the “new normal”. I am going to start posting availability as I did before and plenty of pictures of my work again 😊 Here is my availability for next week (Sept 1-5).

Thursday-3:00 (cut only) or 5:30
Friday-1:00-3:00 (last color at 2:00)
Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation!


Just reminding everyone that with the new phase 4.5 that we are in until July 17th, myself and my guests are still required to wear a mask. I will continue to send reminder texts the morning of your appointment as a reminder of all of the protocol for your appointment, but I just wanted to make everyone aware. I take my job, my health, and my clients health seriously and I will continue to follow a strict regime with everything.


Hello! Even though my schedule is lightening up I am still pretty booked until August. Here are my available dates/times left in July for your hair needs! And please note that any date or time not listed is NOT available. Text 219-895-9440 for your reservation!

Monday July 20th-2:00-3:00 (last color at 2:00)
Wednesday July22nd-12:00-2:00 or 6:00 (12:00 or 6:00 can be colors)
Thursday July 23rd-1:00-2:00 (last color at 1:00)
Tuesday July 28th-12:00 or 2:00 (cuts only)
Thursday July 30th-1:00-3:00 or 5:00 (1:00 can be a color and 5:00 is a cut only)
Friday July 31st-11:30-2:00


Hello! I just wanted to touch base with everyone now that I am finally done with my crazy 50-60hr work weeks and I’m back to my normal schedule. First I would like to thank all of my amazing clients for being beyond generous, patient, and understanding with these chaotic times we have all been going through. We are still following the same protocol (masks, waiting in your car, payment methods, etc) and will be until July 6th. Also my apologies if I have forgotten to respond to anyone regarding an appointment or anything. I have literally been working non-stop 6 days a week since May 18th, so if you haven’t heard from me please text me and let me know! I do have a couple openings left the last week of June and will post those soon! Have a great day everyone ☺️


I am officially booked solid until Wednesday June 17th! If you have a standing appointment in the next week and are usually pre-booking every 4-5 weeks I would highly suggest that you book your next appointment ASAP! Also if you have made an appointment for anytime in the next 4 weeks and need to cancel/reschedule please note that I will not have any availability until the week of June 17th. I am working crazy long days for the next 4 weeks and won’t have time to move any appointments around unless someone cancels. Thank you all for sticking by my side through this pandemic ❤️


With work opening back up next week I just wanted to remind everyone of the importance of pre-booking! Over half of my clientele does it and it makes things a lot easier for everyone! During this whole mess for the past 8 weeks it was easier to move and reschedule my already booked appointments. I fear that this will all happen again and it’s always best to be prepared! So if you have a schedule that allows you to book ahead please do so at your next appointment ☺️


After moving all previously made appointments and scheduling everyone on my call/wait list, I am currently booked until the second week of June. Please be patient when booking because I am working 10-8 almost every day and have to book out extra time to completely sanitize my work area in between clients so there is no room for double booking or squeezing anything in. I will not be posting availability like I usually do until work has slowed down and I’m back to my normal hours! Thank you all for understanding and keeping me busy when I finally get back to doing what I love ❤️

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315 Center Street
Hobart, IN

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 1pm - 8pm
Thursday 1pm - 8pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

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