Alice's at By Shear Design

Alice's at By Shear Design


Alice's at by shear design is amazing! I will not go anywhere else! I've lived in Branson for 13 year and I've been to several hair salons. About a year again I came to by shear design and have Alice cut my hair. I will not go anywhere else ever again thank you so much and see you soon!
Smile Brite Teeth Whitening
There is always a reason to smile so make it white!!


This page is about Hair, grooming tips, Nails, and body work, Hair styles, cuts, color, and all the fun in between!


In partnering with an essential oil representative, we are offering these classes in May. Fun, informative, low pressure AND you get to take goodies home! RSVP please. Times will be announced.


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Updates are obviously not a strong point! It’s been a while. 🥴

THANK YOU to all my clients/friends who were so good to check on me, come visit, bring food and offer support during my recent 4 week recovery from surgery.
This is why I love what I do. The relationships built over the years are invaluable.
I am back to work 3-4 days a week, however, will be out again June 7 for another 4+ weeks as I’ve scheduled the next surgery.
I’m so grateful too for co-workers who gladly step up to take care of my clients and keep them happy when I’m out. Kelly, Karin, Trish, Shane, Donna, Tina, Diana, Lee, Cathy, Charlotte… thank you! You’re the best and I love the tribe!
Hang with me girls… I’ll be back to normal (?) soon!

Photos from By Shear Design Salon & Spa Suites's post 01/24/2022

Photos from By Shear Design Salon & Spa Suites's post


ONE WEEK ONLY...Monday, January 24th through Monday, January 31st.

We are in the midst of a small remodel and that means extra savings for you!

Save 30% on all, IN STOCK, hair and skin care products, styling tools, and boxed sets. (Aveda, Amika, Lanza, Redken, Sexy Hair & more).

Sale cannot be combined with any other salon offers. This offer excludes special orders, pre-orders, coffee, tea, and minis.

P&G recalls some conditioner, shampoo sprays over carcinogen concern 12/20/2021

P&G recalls some conditioner, shampoo sprays over carcinogen concern

Buy Professional product!!

P&G recalls some conditioner, shampoo sprays over carcinogen concern The recall is due to concerns over the levels of the chemical benzene, which is known to cause cancer.


I’ve stood in this place when you told me you were pregnant and no one else knew. I’ve stood here waiting to do your hair for your child’s or your mother’s funeral. I’ve stood here when you told me your spouse left you and you had no idea what to do first. You’ve brought me your job applications, your divorce paperwork, even your will for me to look over. I’ve read the deepest text threads you’ve had, I know all the details of your secret relationship. I have been a reference for your future employer. I’ve stood here and shaved your head so it wouldn’t suck so bad when you received chemo the next day. I stood in this place and discussed the pros and cons of your prospective wedding date. Too hot, a high chance of rain. I’ve discussed your bloodwork results with you, and yep, I knew it was your freaking thyroid. Your kid ran off but came back, your dog swallowed rat poison. Your boyfriend is way too attached to his mother (girrrrllll I knowwww). Your husband died, you want so badly to find love again. I’ve stood here when you told me you’d spent over a hundred thousand dollars in infertility treatments. I’ve been here when you said it. finally. worked. I’ve stood here as you tried to figure out religion. I’ve stood here as you wondered if you should quit your job. I’ve stood here knowing your college graduation was the same night. When you couldn’t wait to tell me all about the birth of your grandchild. I’ve stood here when you told me about going to war. Going to court. Thinking about ending it all. I’ve listened to your diet and exercise endeavors, I’ve stood here as you’ve shown me all of your Pinterest boards, how you were finally going to ask the girl to marry you. And if you ever wonder… yes, my dear client. I love you more than you know. Yes, I’m thankful more than any words I could ever say. Yes. I love being your hairdresser.


Y’all I have been PRAYING for the owners of this deceased Yorkie laying in the middle of Lehmberg road the past 2 days both headed to work and when I come home.

I have felt so bad for this poor dog’s owner and praying to our Heavenly Father for some imagined sad lonely old lady with an empty lap and a bag of uneaten dog treats….I started praying for her every time I pass this Yorkie’s body.

Well today there wasn’t too much traffic and I got closer to see him/her….oh Lord help me, y’all IT’S SOMEBODY’S WEAVE! I’VE BEEN PRAYING FOR A WIG!!

Some weaveless wigless person out there has likely found their head now covered in prayer. You’re welcome.

Lord help me. Weave!! 🙄


Fun hilite and cut. As usual I forgot to take a before. 🥴🙄




Happy Mother’s Day to the amazing women who permit me to be their stylist AND my co-workers who not only are mothers, but have to mother me often!

Photos from Hair Design By Britney's post 04/25/2021

Photos from Hair Design By Britney's post


It’s been a busy spring! Please try and call ahead (at least a week) for an appointment with me. There are 14 of us at By Shear Design Salon and Spa and most days unable to accommodate walkins, even though we always try!
My personal schedule is cutting down a bit as well as I seem to be aging () and feeling some physical effects from years of standing.
I AM available for evening appointments for those working folks, However, at this time I am working just one Saturday a month. I’ve worked Saturdays my entire career and am enjoying having some off (in my old age! Ha)
Thank you to all my amazing clients (and co-workers) for your loyalty and friendship!
I love getting to visit with all my best friends every day. It has always made my job not feel like work!

Photos from Alice's at By Shear Design's post 03/26/2021

Fun makeover! Long shag/ends lit up!! Isn’t she gorgeous??


Dear Salon and Spa Guests,

So many have become dependent on appointment reminders that are sent out through our salon computer system.

In the event that we should ever lose our service connection, please know that we are still open and expecting you to arrive for your appointment.

Feel free to contact your salon artist for an appointment confirmation if you are uncertain of your scheduled appointment date and time.

Our salon will continue to be open Monday through Saturday. Thank you for choosing us!


Still have Covid Hair? Washed out summer hair?

Make an appointment with me for highlights, root touch up, overall color, low lights or fashion color and receive a FREE deep condioning treatment AND I will take 20% off any color service over $100.
10% off color service below $100!
Covid precautions taken.
Mention this add for your free conditioner and color special.
Evening appointments available.
Text 417-294-2050

Refreshed, Younger and Happier: A MAKEOVERGUY® Makeover 09/29/2020

Refreshed, Younger and Happier: A MAKEOVERGUY® Makeover

Refreshed, Younger and Happier: A MAKEOVERGUY® Makeover Linda, age 69, from the republic of Panama, came into Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a MAKEOVERGUY makeover. Linda normally would wear her hair back, but she wa...


❤️ So excited!
Our schedules are full this week! You can call or text our personal # if you have it or call the salon at 417-544-1927.
Our Guest Coordinator will only be taking messages at this time. Your favorite artist will return your call as time allows. Thank you for being patient! ❤️


To our guests at By Shear Design Salon and Spa:

In light of recent announcements from Governor Parson, and in accordance with the City of Hollister, we will be reopening on Monday, May 4th.

We want to be very clear that the safety of our guests, as well as our artists, is something we are taking very seriously as we navigate this strange time in history! Our salon will continue to carefully follow MO State Board Sanitation Guidelines and will be taking on several extra safety precautions to ensure our guests can leave our salon healthy and happy.

We are doing our very best to get everyone scheduled for their services, but we have limited appointment availability. Our artists will be reaching out to their guests about scheduling appointments, but if you’ve not heard from us yet, please feel free to contact them individually about their availability! Our artists will be scheduling extended appointment times to allow for proper sanitation and disinfection in-between guests, as well as working one-on-one within their suites to reduce the number of people coming in and out of the salon. Beginning on Monday morning, we will have a Guest Coordinator taking messages for our artists, but she will not be scheduling appointments. We ask that you please refrain from calling the salon before May 4th, as no one will be available to take your call. If you’d like to make an appointment with our artists, please feel free to fill out our online form at

Here's what you can expect:

-First things first: If you are not feeling well, are immunocompromised, or are uncomfortable coming in for an appointment during this time, do not come in! We can always reschedule your appointment for a later time or work with you to accommodate your needs. Reach out to your artist if you have any concerns!

-Arriving for your appointment: Please do not arrive early! We will not have any seating available within our lobby, so you will have to wait in your car or in our “socially-distanced” outdoor seating.

- Limited items and guests: Please limit your belongings to only your necessities, perhaps your phone and form of payment if able. Do not bring any extra guests with you, including children to your appointment at this time. If you bring extra guests, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment for another time.

-At the door: Your temperature will be taken upon entry. If you have a fever of 100 or above, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment for a later date. You will also be asked to use the hand sanitizer posted outside of the door prior to entry.

-Waivers and questions: Some of our artists will require you to sign a waiver prior to your service. You can also expect to be asked if in the last 14 days you:
•had a fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath
•have traveled more than 50 miles outside of the city of Hollister
•have been in contact with any confirmed COVID-19 patients

-Masks: All of our staff will be wearing masks. We require that you wear a mask to your appointment, preferably one that secures behind your ears. If you are not wearing a mask, we maintain the right to refuse service.

-Gloves: Please do not arrive at your appointment wearing gloves, as we cannot ensure that they are clean!

-Capes: Each guest will be fitted with a new cape for their appointment, and all capes will be properly disinfected between uses.

- No beverages: We will not be offering any beverages at this time.

-Touchless greetings & goodbyes: We will not be shaking hands or hugging at this time. 😞

This has been an incredibly difficult (and weird!) time for all of us, and we’re forever grateful for your patience as we do our best to accommodate your needs while keeping everyone as safe as we can! We will be working diligently over the next few weeks to handle the influx of appointments that have accumulated during this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your artists, or to our salon after May 4th!

Thank you so very much for your kindness and support during this difficult time in history. We look forward to seeing you in the salon soon!

-All of us at By Shear Design Salon and Spa



We are hopeful that we will be able to reopen our salon on Monday, May 4th.
I am taking appts and if that should change due to executive order by the governor I will contact any of you with an appt.
We also will be implementing some new procedures as we all ease back into our new normal.

1. When you arrive for your appt please text/call me and wait in your car. I will either come and get you or text you back when I am ready. We will be avoiding any waiting in the front area.
2. I will scan your forehead for your temperature.
2. Please notify me if you have traveled anywhere outside of taney or stone county 2 weeks prior to your appt.
3. All stylists will be wearing a mask, feel free to wear one, however it may have to come off at some point for your cut. You are not required to wear a mask.
4. I will be sanitizing my stylist chair after each client and/or any surface touched or used by prior client or myself.
5. There will be hand sanitizer outside the front door. Please sanitize your hands before entering the salon. You will be asked to wash your hands or use sanitizer in front of me as well while I do the same.
6. If you are not feeling well in any way or have a cough you will be rescheduled.
7. Please do not bring a friend or family member with you for your appt. Exceptions will be if a child is receiving a service.
8. Shared shampoo area will also be sanitized before and after each guest as well as the chair backs and arms.
9. I ask if you are uncomfortable with anything you might see or experience while visiting my private room/shampoo area that you immediately communicate that to me.
As always, YOU are my priority and now more than ever your health and safety will be top of mind and I will diligently keep any area you visit sanitized and safe.
Thank you! I have missed you all and am looking forward to getting back to the “grind”. I love my career and my place of employment, so being back together again, even though a little different, will be a happy time for me!


Dear clients, I’m feeling your pain!! Soon and very soon!!


Thankful hearts...Sending you our love! We miss you! “Together is our favorite place to be!”


If you dare to venture out and are going to Harter House in Hollister do a drive by of the salon!
We have encouragement for you!!


Strange times!!
Yesterday I received a picture via text from a favorite client who needs a haircut. Asked to be first in line when we resume! Haha!! I will say the picture tells the story - she DOES need me!
Today, a parade for another great client’s 90th birthday! As we drive by her house - with signs and balloons on our cars - I have gathered some interesting finds in my house to wrap and toss! I can’t say I’ve ever given jello as a birthday gift!
Share some of your stories of how life has changed and how you’re coping. I love the creativity I’m seeing of family projects, etc...
Hang in there - and step away from the scissors - Kay Anthony!! 😛😙


When you’re owner is a quarantined hairdresser.


In an effort to get through this together do NOT make me charge you double next time I see you because you’ve cut or colored your own little self.
I will however, offer you a sweet deal in hopes of preventing that very thing.
Buy gift certificates now or pre pay for your next service ( or 2 or 3)
and receive dollars to spend on STUFF!
For every $10 you spend now receive $2 !! of spending money (credit that is) Credit towards product, tools, hair accessories, anything hair related your heart desires and that I can order from one of my suppliers.
Pretty sweet huh? Contact me and let’s get started!!
If you need product, I’ve got you covered - don’t stray from your professional products just because you may not be able to get them.
25% off professional products and FREE shipping to local addresses. Or possibly delivered to your front porch! 😁
I’m here for you - even though I’m not “there”!
Payments can be made through Pay Pal or I can take your card number over the phone.
Be safe
Be kind
Be diligent

HUGS!! Virtual hugs that is.

Photos from Alice's at By Shear Design's post 03/15/2020

Come on in - I’ve got this covered!





215 Gage Drive
Hollister, MO

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9pm - 6pm
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