Wet dirt.

Wet dirt.

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Brianca Gordon Avon
Brianca Gordon Avon


Hey West of 3rd fam,

We'll be open this evening for FF until 7pm! 😎

When you're cruising around & visiting all the wonderful restaurants, bars, and shops downtown, be sure to come on by & say hello!

We've got lots of beautiful local produce from Rosebird Farms, local herbal skin care products & sustainable clothing from Wet dirt. , freshly baked goodies & candy from The Bearded Baker & In Good Taste, & locally made artisan gifts from Southwest Trading Artisan Co-op!

Also be sure to visit our wonderful neighbors at Sea Dog Merchants & Shady Grove Records, the Paw Spa, Sara Peterson Gallery & Wildflower Studio!
Today kicks off the first day of our Spring Market!

We have seasonal herbal skin care products from Wet dirt.

Fresh produce & flowers from Rosebird Farms

Spring gifts made locally & fair trade (ethical) gifts small small artisans across the US & abroad from Southwest Trading Artisan Co-op

The shop looks beautiful & is bursting at the seams with gifts made with heart & soul, that you can feel great about gifting. 🥰
Have you tried Onilee's Easy Eats?!

These are made by Sarah's big sis, Onilee!

Her organic soups are flavorful & absolutely delicious! Just add organic diced tomatoes, organic green chilies or organic coconut milk (now available at the shop for convenience!) & you're set!

For our fancier foodies, throw in some fresh produce from Rosebird Farms or locally grown gourmet mushrooms from Wet dirt. . Heck you can even try adding some amazing pasture raised beef from Fort Rock Farms !

We also carry her regular & gluten free pancake mix which pairs perfectly with the new maple syrup!!!

*All items can be prepared vegan.*
‼️New product alert!!!‼️

Organic & vegan ready-to-make dried soups & beer bread mix!

Want to get fancy?! Add some pasture-raised beef from Fort Rock Farms , gourmet mushrooms from Wet dirt., & fresh veggies from Rosebird Farms !!

(Don't forget to support your local breweries ;) )
Soft, classy, useful, compassionate- just a handful of ways we like to describe this sustainable company we now carry at the shop.

This ceramic travel mug with bamboo lid is absolutely gorgeous- worthy of holding your favorite Wet dirt. tea or coffee beverage from Old Bisbee Roasters. @ West of 3rd
And this week it’s squash up to our eyeballs... if I could lift it that high, these flats are HEAVY.

For farm stand Thursday we’ll have the following:

Rosebird CNG:
Mixed summer squash
Arugula (plenty of extra this time)
First of the cucumbers
Asian greens
Little gem mini romaine

Kingman, grown using organic methods:
Cherry tomatoes
Salad tomatoes
Asian eggplant
Mini butternut squash

Local Grass Fed Ground Beef

CA Organic:
Organic Avocado
Organic celery
Organic mushrooms (maitaki and brown beech)
Organic Yukon gold potatoes
Organic Yams

CA conventional:

Larrea blossoms wrapped bouquets:
Black eyed Susan’s

PS Wet dirt. just released their summer skin care line in the shop, so if you want to make sure what goes on your body is just as good as what goes in it you need to check it out!

PPS The Bearded Baker will be all stocked up with fresh baked goods as always and Southwest Trading Co.has some amazing new kitchen gear in to display your locally grown meals.

P^3S We also now accept SNAP/EBT, we hope this makes our food more accessible for our community

3-6 THURSDAY inside 224 Beale St
We’re across from the circle k between st Vincent and Shireys. Look for the teal door! 🚪

See you there
Just look at how beautiful this freshly mixed rosehip oil soap is!

Rosehip oil is high in vitamin A and other good-for-skin fatty acids that nourish and help keep your skin even in texture and appearance.

This soap is a custom order for Wet dirt. so keep a look-out for it with its new pals this summer!
Meliora Cleaning Products available from Southwest Trading Co.

We have-
Concentrated all-purpose home cleaner in a refillable glass spray bottle. (Just add water!) *Essential oils, like lavender, tea tree, & peppermint are available from Wet dirt. *

All-purpose cleaner refill (fills bottle 18+ times!!!

Heavenly Lavender (essential oil) laundry detergent

Laundry stain-remover stick

Peppermint (essential oil) gentle home cleaning scrub
Siren's cafe has roasted garlic and onion soup.

It. Is. Delicious. 🙌
And good for ridding your lungs of bad bugs.

Did you know allicin the main antimicrobial component of garlic is excreted through the lungs?! That means every breath you exhale after eating garlic is protecting your lungs from microbial threats.
Plus they deliver!
Peace of mind blend.

Viola//johnny jump up- saponin rich beneficial for dissolving fat coating on viral cells.
Lemon balm- calming and cooling emotions.

Saponins make this blend bitter. I suggest pairing it with local raw honey.

-Available from Wet dirt.
Peace of mind blend.

Viola//johnny jump up- saponin rich beneficial for dissolving fat coating on viral cells.
Lemon balm- calming and cooling emotions.

Saponins make this blend bitter. I suggest pairing it with local raw honey. -Available from Wet dirt.
Locally made loose-leaf herbal tea from Wet dirt.

Locally crafted herbal skin and body care made with wholesome and responsible ingredients, sustainab


I go on a bit of a ramble on why our Speakfree herbal tea is soooo very important to the health of our community.

Healthy flowing mucus contains proteins that trick opportunistic(bad) microbes into opening up and revealing themselves WITHOUT the need to sacrifice the body to infection. It gives your immune response, helper T and B cells, a sneak peek to formulate a plan of attack about an impending infection.

Your mucus membranes are the frontline of your immune system so keep it wet, keep it flowing, and most of all keep it free from inflammation with soothing demulcents and reparative tonics.

Mother Nature has all the answers are you open to listening?

*Professor Gordon Lauc’s work in glycoproteins and the glycasylation of microbes in mucus.* Extremely interesting subject if you have the inclination to dig deeper. 😘

Also peep my super cute nails by .nails 👀


Have you seen the new earrings from yet?

Absolutely in love with these little peaches 🍑 👁👄👁🍑


Our Speakfree herbal tea blend is back for cold and flu season.

Be proactive. Drink herbal tea and eat lots of fiber as well as practicing good hygiene. Your wellness is no ones responsibility but your own. 💋


Feeing like sporty spice in these cotton bike shorts from and slit dress from both made in the USA!

We switched out all of our more sustainable loungewear yesterday it’s feeling really fall like already. Go peep the new duds friends. I hope you like what I’ve curated for you. 💛


Making seed bombs in preparation for some more rain. Come on over to to stock up on all the high desert climate tailored medicinal herb seeds. Plant now for a bountiful spring harvest!


I hope this isn’t an inconvenience for anyone! We appreciate your support and understanding.

Fresh pink, blue, and pearl oysters @westof3rdkingman 

Who wants more recipes? ✋✋✋ 08/11/2021

Fresh pink, blue, and pearl oyster mushrooms available at West of 3rd, 224 Beale St.

Ps. Did you see Sirens' Cafe & Custom Catering is making cream of mushroom soup with our mushrooms today?! Make a trip downtown to snag them both.


Fresh pink, blue, and pearl oysters @westof3rdkingman Who wants more recipes? ✋✋✋

Watch this reel by sporrymushrooms on Instagram 08/10/2021

Lions mane “crab” cakes are a delicious way to use up these super special mushrooms. Good for your body. Good for your mind. Available West of 3rd, 224 Beale St


Watch this reel by sporrymushrooms on Instagram 9 Likes, 3 Comments - Sporry and Sons Mushroom Co () on Instagram: “We have lion’s mane available Try this “crab”cake recipe! ✨Ingredients list✨…”


We’re bringing lots of fresh oyster mushrooms along with us. Stop by to say hi and pick up some produce and art at West of 3rd, 224 Beale St.


Did I mention these are back in stock?

The summer blend contains skin softening arrowroot that helps protect against chafing during these hot and sticky months.



Lemons are the cutest fruit. True or false?

I seriously need a friend to help me show off all the cute 👑 queen 👑 sized loungewear we have at the moment. Like this adorable lemon print mini dress. It’s flowy and airy and more sustainably made. Checks all my boxes for a must have summer ‘fit.

DM if your up for coming to play dress up with me!


Haha. These mushrooms are sassy af.
Remember when I said they would be ready for farmstand this weekend? Well they are ready now. 🤪

We have pearl and pink available please buy them up We need to payoff this new grow room. 😅

Photos from Wet dirt.'s post 07/19/2021

Who wants a time lapse?


Coming along nicely. We Could have some ready for this weekends farm stand

Stay tuned for harvest announcement. ❤️


Could that storm have been any more perfect? My heart is singing. ⚡️❤️


This summer’s cleansing oil rocks. It smells like fresh cut roses. 🌹

Cooling rose and stimulating mustard seed is the duality necessary for these hot summer months. Pair it with these indestructible stainless steel scraping tools and get to moving that lymph. Stagnant lymph=dull complexion and under eye baggage.

This season is all about brightening and illuminating. And oil cleansing is suitable for all skin types in different intervals.

Wanna talk about those intervals? Set up an appointment for a custom skincare plan using all our clean and sustainable herbal skincare.



Under Luna holistic hair care restocked

I used the Warrior shampoo and Serenity conditioner with just a smidge of our NEW GLOW body and hair oil. Can’t argue with these results!

Now offering 8oz and 17oz bottles for your convenience!


Hey! So big news. Remember how we were growing gourmet mushrooms for ya Kingman?

I didn’t want to say anything before it was officially real but we built a new grow room. One that’s 5x the size of our old grow room. 😱

So yeah we have been waaay too busy with construction to keep up with supplying mushrooms to weekly farm stand. But I’m excited to say that hiatus is over and we are filling the new room. You’ll be tasting the sweet fruits of our labor in 2-3 weeks!
Here I’m transferring blue oyster mycelium to build up our culture supply again.

Another note, who would be interested in growing for themselves? We can help getcha started. Lmk. 😘

Photos from Wet dirt.'s post 07/02/2021

It happens once every 23 days.
And the mood looks like this.

Menstruation is a time of slow reflection. My body forces it when I am too hard on her. Hence the look of discomfort, but I’m starting to welcome it as a reminder to why I want to eat and live well.

Part of that is using these two period products. I love this combo. The locally made flannel pads are so soft and comfy. Like a hug. The cups are sturdy and fit well. I’ve had better luck with these regaining their shape after insertion. No leakage! And they are a nice hot pink color that doesn’t stain like others I’ve used.
Anyway these are both available


Good day for sun tea.

May I suggest our Rest Easy blend?

Fortify nerves, relax muscle, and calm the mind with mint, chamomile, wild lettuce, passion flower, skullcap, and bee balm.

Make a bunch and keep it in the fridge! It’s the most refreshing drink before bed AND 3am on those extra hot high desert nights. 🌵🌜🔥🥵🔥🌛🌵



Got a great deal on this carrot seed essential oil from

Passing the savings onto you friends by offering a few in store

A few reasons you might like to snag a bottle:
▪️soothe after sun by adding a few drops to fresh aloe gel
▪️ spot treat breakouts
▪️fortify your favorite serum
▪️manage nail fungus

Not for children or pregnant persons.


Made in the USA is cool but this color is 🔥


Aluminum bottles are perfect for refill or travel. Save some $$$ by reusing pump bottles from last season. 🐸

Photos from Wet dirt.'s post 06/22/2021

Hey guess what!
This is the actual color of our aloe based cleanser for this season. 🤩
Rocking butterfly pea, rose, slippery elm, and ALL our favorite adaptogenic mushrooms.

Patiently waiting on a couple supplies to arrive but the summer line is coming out in bits and pieces.

Keep an eye out for updates. This season is about to get LUSH… you don’t wanna miss it. 💦😎


It's taken me a ridiculous amount of time to get these restocked. And I am grateful for your patience. Packaging is slowly coming back into stock from my suppliers so.... whew. I think we made it! 👍

If you've been missing our Let it Grow or Lash Love conditioning treatments they are both back in stock


Shop model Jessica spent the weekend pulling weeds and is feeling it in her shoulders and neck (remember pull with your legs, not your back!)

Good thing my friend Avalanche brought in some more lavender infused flax pillows! Pop it in the microwave for a minute and let the soothing warmth loosen up all your aches and pains.



Buzz and hum.
Soaking up the good vibrations.

Photos from Wet dirt.'s post 05/21/2021

Enjoying the flowers. 🥰


From lounging to a casual date. Looooove these flowy wide leg pants. If I were a better photographer I'd have shown you what they look like when I spin! 💃


Photos from Wet dirt.'s post 05/03/2021

🌱Herbal skincare tip🌱

Beef up our face polish with a little AHA rich toner.
This combo is the best after long windy days that suck the moisture out of your skin, leaving you parched and flakey.

Exfoliate the dry skin mechanically with poppyseeds AND chemically with the alpha hydroxy acids found in our toners.

Simple steps.
▪️With dry clean hands scoop a grape size of the polish.
▪️add a whole dropperful of toner to the polish.
▪️ work between hands until it is spreadable
▪️ massage over face, neck, and chest
▪️let sit for 5 minutes
▪️ rinse with warm water and pat dry
▪️follow up with a sealing moisturizer, I suggest our Recuperate salve 😉

All this available

Photos from Wet dirt.'s post 05/02/2021

Did you know is open Sundays?! Its true 11am-4pm

Stop in for some freshly picked pink oysters.

They are so versatile! Have you tried adding them to your taco meat in your favorite recipe? Mushrooms are a low calorie source of nutrients, making them an excellent filler for all of your meat based dishes. 🤤🍄


Taking time to stop and admire the flowers isn't as easy as it sounds. Though it's always worthwhile. 💜


Look at this absolutely giant pearl oyster picked this morning! Lots more big fruits today.

We have lions mane, pink, blue, and pearl oysters today. Plus farmstand offerings look amazing too. Have you signed up for the weekly newsletter that tells you exactly what's gonna be at the farmstand every week yet? Check the link in Andrea's bio to do so, you wont regret it!

Local food tastes better.

Photos from Wet dirt.'s post 04/14/2021

I am a fan of these new Tencel denim shirts we just got in. They are so soft and light. Perfect for gardening in the sunshine. I've never had a denim shirt fit me so well either!

Tencel is a brand name for fabric made from wood waste. Taking otherwise unusable bits and turning them into cellulose. Lenzing AG, the creators of Tencel, utilize techniques to prevent runoff wastes by recycling their solutions and using more ecologically minded dyes and dying practices.

Clothes are nowhere near impact free. Every item you buy, wear, and dispose of has an impact on the Earth. So if you do buy new, choose the brands making an effort to do better. You'll find that supporting them will lead to more innovation in the areas you care about most.

Available in small, medium, and large

Photos from Wet dirt.'s post 04/13/2021

Medicinals for kids! Get them started early learning, caring, and using herbs with this super cute and informative Kidz Herb Garden kit from
12 different packets of easy to grow herbs, row markers, and interactive book!

Plus we restocked our seeds for summertime growing! Plenty of sacred white sage, wild lettuce, nettle, valerian and tons more!!!

Photos from Wet dirt.'s post 04/12/2021

Nothing like cold hard steel to get puffiness and stagnation under control!

Check out these super sweet stainless steel facial rollers. They glide so smooth, are refreshingly cool on the skin, and built solid.
If you use our nutritive oil based serums you need to add one of these rollers to your routine. I can promise you will notice a difference.

And since it's fun and easy to use your more likely to massage it in better. When the serums absorb fully they work better!

Get it all

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Kingman?
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Herbal Skincare for our Unique Climate.

Being born and raised in Kingman, Arizona is a thing I appreciate more and more as grow older. The diverse landscape, central location, wild and wonderful plant and animal life, and of course the agreeable climate are treasures found in this humble little city of ours.

I’ve spent my life playing and learning in our high desert valleys and foothills. Finding bugs and lizards, making “soup” from local plants, and burying myself in the soft sand in washes surrounding my childhood homes. These activities surely imprinted a love of the desert where we live.

I created Wet Dirt to celebrate and honor the beauty found in each and every face. Enhancing your unique features through clean and wholesome ingredients. We strive for sustainability and source our ingredients from responsible sources. Community is important and we aim to make knowledge and confidence accessible to everyone. Supporting local is also very important to us, sourcing our local ingredients from dedicated and knowledgeable makers, doers, and farmers.

Videos (show all)

I go on a bit of a ramble on why our Speakfree herbal tea is soooo very important to the health of our community. Health...



224 E. Beale Street
Kingman, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 12pm - 6pm
Tuesday 12pm - 4pm
Wednesday 12pm - 4pm
Thursday 12pm - 6pm
Friday 12pm - 4pm
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