Sparkle Strands - Northern Virginia Fairy Hair

Sparkle Strands - Northern Virginia Fairy Hair


I’ve been looking for these everywhere!! So glad I found you. Sent a PM
✨10 Days✨until the Christmas Market at Firefly Cellars!
🎄Saturday December 4th
🎁2 pm - 7 pm

This is a FREE family friendly event. All are welcome to attend. ❤️

Cuddle up in The Jar (Firefly’s wine cellar) with a Christmas movie or stop by The Cabin for mulled wine or porty hot cocoa. ☕️

Enjoy live music, fire pits, food trucks (Bilstad's BeignetsBilstad’s & Zainy’s Flyin’ Grill will be on site), and shop the outdoor market featuring 20 local artisan vendors under the Christmas lights. 🎁

But wait....there’s more! 🤗 Sign up for a mini photoshoot with BGB Photography LLC (link in comments) and get your hair sparkled by Sparkle Strands - Northern Virginia Fairy Hair

I sure do miss having your exquisite sparkles in my hair. I’m trying someone local here in Sarasota but will definitely see you next time we’re up in NoVA.
Maison Warehouse’s Spring Market is this weekend!! Join us for three days of shopping, eating, and (safely 😷) gathering. We’ve invited some of NoVa’s best local, small businesses and can’t wait to see their fantastic collections: District Gifting Nollypop Boutique Rose Mountain Designs Fornash Two Jaynes Sparkle Strands CRYO Candy Grace&Heart Global Local Stella & Dot Paparazzi Accessories

Need directions? Want to invite your friends? Curious about our vendors? Click here ➡️

Maison Warehouse
21558 Stonetree Ct. Sterling, VA
Market Times: Fri/Sat 10-4 Sun 11-3p
Get your sparkle on! Sparkle Strands - Northern Virginia Fairy Hair will be at Rust and Refind Saturday!
Morgan loves her sparkle strands !! Thank you!
New details are coming in daily for our artisan market anniversary celebration... mark your calendars 📆 JULY 11, Saturday. From 10-7! 🎵Live 80s band, 🍺beer, 🍷wine Fleetwood Farm Winery, Italian ice Kool Zone Food Truck, and food available plus HammerDownBBQ is next door, contest for the best 80s wear... that’s right, get your 80s flash dance attire out!, sale, drawings, Sparkle Strands Fairy Hair (hope she can add that to big and teased hair!😂).... and an outdoor market with guest artisans! Check out our Facebook event for details here 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻there’s space for a few more vendors, too. Contact us for information.
Hi! So sad I missed you today. I came out but was late 😪. Let me know if I could do an appointment or something instead. 💕💕💕
Gettin’ SPARKLED!!
Come See Us This Weekend! Community/local small businesses supporting each other. Shout out to Fleetwood Farm Winery, Happy Family Ranch, Inc. ARTisans of Loudoun Sparkle Strands Fairy Hair and HammerDownBBQ. Also a plug for Solace Brewing Company and Parallel Wine & Whiskey Bar hosting Oktoberfest Saturday...just down the street from us! Lots to do, see, eat, and drink......and shop. Support small and local!

Friday - Saturday 10-5. Sunday 12-5
24046 Trail Head Drive (Lenah Road for some GPS), Aldie VA
I am co-hosting an event at the very end of September that we would LOVE to have you consider being a vendor in. Please let me know if this is of interest to you.

Add some sparkle to your hair! Silk thread is tied onto single pieces of hair. Ages 6+.


Happy first day to all who went back to school this morning! 🍎 I don’t know about you, but I always forget how much of ourselves we pour into these first days back. I’m exhausted!

✨ Sparkles are on hold until next week when I return to the studio and amp studios (all booked).

📧 I’ll send out events soon, please sign up for emails to be notified:

Below is a photo of my 2nd grade team at Discovery Elementary School ❤️


‼️ I’ve added a few spots on Saturday morning at the studio (downtown ) - please click below to book or tag a friend who needs their sparkle:




Sparkle Strands Fairy Hair can never guarantee any length of sparkle wear. Sparkles can last a few days to a few months, or even longer. Please arrive to your appointment with product-free, dry, and brushed hair.


If you got my most recent ✨ mail (aka newsletter 📧), then you know that it’s just about back to time for myself and all other County teachers.

It also means that we will be doing whatever we can to stretch the small amount of funds we’ve been given to purchase things to make our classrooms safe, welcoming, and warm spaces for our students. Or, we may be purchasing supplies that many of our families simply cannot provide. Sometimes we need to purchase snacks or hygiene items. And we must do it all for a small price because in most cases our budget has been cut in half. Yes, the system is broken.

This year, I was able to fully adopt one teacher with the help of small businesses Creative Reading Adventures, Fancy Like Freya, The Sophisticated Teacher, and Salads by Sandra. Then I went ahead and fully adopted another one. ✨

If you feel called to help this year, Loudoun County, VA: Adopt A Teacher has provided a list of schools full of teacher wishlists (linked below). I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the support of our local community, businesses, and families.

✨ Stay sparkly!


✨ sign-ups have hit your inbox!

August is a bit sparse since I'm heading out of town and once I return, it's all about back to school - and if you're a teacher, you know that BTS exhaustion is real!

Here's where I'll be sparkling:

8/15: Ashburn Senior Center
8/19: Zest Clothing & Co. (Leesburg)
8/20: Scout & Molly's of One Loudoun
8/31: amp studios (Lansdowne)

Links will be made live at later tonight!


Happy middle of summer! ☀️ (It kind of pains me to type that, but here we are!)

I’ve been busy sparkling up at the studio and will be out of town August 4-August 13, so if you’re needing ✨ make sure you plan ahead! Once school starts, life gets wild again and I’ll have to put sparkling on the back burner until things settle down.

If you need sparkles like RIGHT NOW 😉 - I have spots available at Zest Clothing & Co. (Middleburg location) for Saturday, 7/22.

Book your sparkle spot on the ✨NEW✨ website: 🌈

✨ Sparkle newsletter will be coming to your inbox soon! 📧 Stay tuned.





Heading to tomorrow night!

I also believe there is a spot open tomorrow afternoon at Scout & Molly's of Mosaic ✨

Check out the new website to book:

✨ As always, I can NEVER guarantee ANY length of sparkle wear.


✨ Heading to 529 Kids Consign Loudoun for First Friday! Spots still available 😉

Book Now (ages 6+): #!/showSignUp/805084da5a928a3fe3-529kids


Got Sparkles? ✨

Spots available:

7/7: 529 Kids Consign Loudoun #!/showSignUp/805084da5a928a3fe3-529kids

7/8: Girls Night Out (Aldie) #!/showSignUp/805084da5a928a3fe3-girls


Four years ago, Lana the cockapoo was my practice model. Yep, believe it or not - her ears were perfect for sparkle application!

Last night, sweet Kona got her sparkles for the first time. 🐾 She is now ready for the 4th of July! 🇺🇸

✨ On another note, I was recently able to fix my Square booking app. 😬 There are a whole lot more open appointments there that weren’t before 😅 - some as early as July 5!

Get sparkled! Come see me at the Sparkle Studio (downtown ):





Good morning! ☀️

Check out these two different sparkle styles -

On the left, Jess has sparkling strands. On the right, she has a shiny (matte) blonde.

Are you:

Team Sparkle ✨
Team Shine 💫
Team Can’t Decide 🌟

☔️ Due to the forecasted wild weather last night, I now have availability at the studio on July 5. Link in comments to book! 😉


Good morning!

Today I’m sparkling up at Scout & Molly's of One Loudoun ✨ While all spots have been claimed, keep your eyes peeled for any last minute openings.

Thank you all for trusting me to be your “Sparkle Dealer.” 🤣 ✨

Thanks to Melissa Ceballos for the video and your continued support!! 😘




fairyhairnova | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree 06/21/2023

🚨 Last Minute Sparkle Spots Available:

6/22: amp studios
6/24: Best Rack Around


fairyhairnova | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree Click below to book an individual session or public event spot!


sign-ups have hit your inbox! 🌈📧

7/2 - House 6 Brewing Co.
7/7 - 529 Kids Consign Loudoun
7/8 - Scout & Molly's of Mosaic
7/16 - Scout & Molly's of One Loudoun
7/20 - amp studios
7/22 - Zest Clothing & Co. (Middleburg)
7/30 - Scout & Molly’s of One Loudoun

mail subscribers always get first dibs. Sparkle links will be shared tomorrow. ✨✨✨

Sign up for sparkle mail:


🚨 NEW Sparkle Alert 🚨

Rainbow Sparkle has landed and it was a hit over the weekend. 🌈✨

Are you ready to ? 😉

✅ Spots are available at Zest Clothing & Co.(Leesburg) on 6/17 and Best Rack Around (Leesburg) on 6/24.


📧 Subscribe to get first dibs on appointments:

Sparkle Strands - Northern Virginia Fairy Hair can never guarantee any length of sparkle wear, but sparkles can last anywhere from a few days to a few months, or longer! Sparkles last depending upon a variety of factors including time of year, stress, hair condition, etc.

We’re having so much fun at our anniversary party! Come by and see us ✨ 06/04/2023

So much fun sparkling at Misguided Angels last night for First Friday and helping Scout & Molly's celebrate their 6th anniversary!

Tomorrow, I return to House 6 Brewing Co. to hang with the amazing crew and vendors for their First Sunday Market.

I have a few spots available:

Link to book: #!/showSignUp/805084da5a928a3fe3-house6

We’re having so much fun at our anniversary party! Come by and see us ✨


Two spots are available at Misguided Angels for tomorrow, 6/2.

Book here: #!/showSignUp/805084da5a928a3fe3-misguided

✨I cannot ever guarantee any length of sparkle wear. Sparkles can last for a few days to a few months or more, this solely depends on your hair. A few additional sparkles are added at each appointment to accommodate initial loss.

Additional events:


I need to take a moment to highlight this amazing sign/photo prop from Alexa over at Send Me Personalized ✨

Set up your sparkle appointment (link below) and NOW we definitely won’t forget to take a picture! 📸 😉

Weekend Events:

Friday, June 2: Misguided Angels (spots available as of 6/1)
Saturday, June 3: Scout & Molly's (Reston)
Sunday, June 4: House 6 Brewing Co.


My alter ego at school is Picky Petunia, (she’s a stickler about writing ✏️) and I have to say I’m just as picky when it comes to sparkle selection. ✨ (Or should I say - sparkle collection? 😉)

This is my 4th year in business and I’ve tried multiple varieties of sparkles, but have my go-to sellers. I can promise these are high-quality, durable, beautiful strands that do in fact hold up to heat and dye. ✨ (Yes, I know they resemble holiday tinsel, however they are anything but!)

I always recommend asking about the sparkles anyone puts in your hair. Don’t just ask HOW they are applied, but ask about how they hold up to regular hair care!

Not Shown: 21 additional colors available in the studio 🌈


I have a few openings for tomorrow at amp studios!! #!/showSignUp/805084da5a928a3fe3-ampstudios7

✨ Ages 6+.
✨ Hair should be dry, brushed, & free of product.
✨ I can never guarantee any length of sparkle wear. Sparkles can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. Extra sparkles are applied at every appointment. 😉


UPDATE: Links are live!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas and all the people in our lives who have taken on this very special role. ♥️ May your day be full of love and sparkle. 😉

June events have hit your inbox & there are quite a few! All links will be made public tonight. ✨✨✨

Here’s the lineup:

6/2 - Misguided Angels
6/3 - Scout & Molly's
6/4 - House 6 Brewing Co.
6/10 - Mond Hair Lounge
6/11 - Scout & Molly's of One Loudoun
6/17 - Zest Clothing & Co. (Leesburg)
6/22 - amp studios
6/24 - Best Rack Around
6/25 - Scout & Molly’s of One Loudoun

There will be a sprinkling of the Sparkle Studio thrown in there for your individual appointments, too! 😉 I can’t wait to see you!



📢 If I could shout this from the rooftops, I would - but Facebook will do for now 😂 Sparkle Strands - Northern Virginia Fairy Hair is moving into a permanent home in downtown !

✨ I will be moving in next week (note to self: buy all the things 😬) and hope to scoot all of my current home appointments to 19 Wirt Street (aka the Sparkle Studio). You’ll be notified, I promise! 😉

🌈 A place downtown means I can actually schedule MORE appointments. Currently I have a buffer to accommodate for my wacky driveway. There is plenty of parking downtown - at any of the parking garages or side streets.

🥰 I’ll be sending out my schedule this evening - and I’ll post the email subscription link below.

♥️ Thank you ALL for your support, your referrals, and your continued love of sparkly hair. YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN!

Stay sparkly ✨

XO - Suzy

Leesburg, VA Living The Loudoun County Social Collective


sign ups are a little sparse 😳 - we’ve got a family commitment the first weekend, followed by Mother’s Day 🌸, and we round out the month with Memorial Day weekend, which I’ll be spending with the family.

On that note, appointments are available at my house (this will be changing, stay tuned 👀) and I’ve shared beginning of events already, so take a look! Link in comments.

May 18 - amp studios
May 21 - Scout & Molly's of One Loudoun

June 2 - Misguided Angels (First Friday)
June 3 - Scout & Molly's (6th Anniversary Party)
June 4 - House 6 Brewing Co. (Family BINGO!)

Happy May! Stay sparkly. ✨✨✨


Take a drive 😉 today, I have one spot open at Zest Clothing & Co. (Middleburg, 3:00) and another pending… #!/showSignUp/805084da5a928a3fe3-zest1


This weekend I’ll be sparkling at MOCATINAS (Saturday, 4/15) and Scout & Molly's of One Loudoun (Sunday, 4/16).

Spots are available for Saturday! I’ll be confirming all appointments so please check back for last minute openings.

Ages 6+ only.

✨ Get sparkled:

fairyhairnova | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree 03/28/2023

Three more events have been added. As you all know, people cancel and swap appointments all the time. Be sure to check each event for openings!

I will be gone from 3/31-4/10 and be back to ✨ after break!

4/15 - MOCATINAS ✨
4/16 - Scout & Molly's of One Loudoun
4/20 - amp studios ✨
4/22 - Zest Clothing & Co. (Middleburg)
4/23 - Bilstad's Beignets
4/29 - Best Rack Around ✨
4/30 - Scout & Molly’s of One Loudoun

All private appointments for April have been booked. Please plan to book a sparkle session at one of the events above!

Link to book (ages 6+ only):

As always, Sparkle Strands - Northern Virginia Fairy Hair cannot guarantee any length of sparkle wear. This depends on a variety of factors. A fee complementary strands are added at each appointment.

fairyhairnova | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree Click below to book an individual session or public event spot!


🚨 links are live! The links in my subscriber email may not have been working via phone, so here they are!

✨ I still need to add amp studios and an event at MOCATINAS during the Leesburg Flower & Garden Show. 🌸

✨ Last minute ⏱️ break sparkles can be booked at Pure Barre on 3/29. I’ll be out of town 3/31-4/9. ☀️

✨ All links can be found here:

💫 Sparkles are for adults and children ages 6+. As always, I cannot guarantee any length of sparkle wear. This depends solely on the individual. A few complementary strands are ALWAYS added at each appointment. 🥰


House 6 Brewing Co. is a huge supporter of small business and their First Sunday Market returns TODAY, Sunday, March 5!

Head on over for 🍺 and shopping with some of the best businesses around. 😉 Then stay for BINGO with Chris from World's Okayest Trivia.

(Due to a hockey tournament, I will not be there today, but I’ll be back soon!)

First Sunday Market is back!!

Join us and many amazing venders Sunday, March 5th starting at 2pm.
Sunday Funday Bingo will be 3-5pm so make sure to stick around for that as well.

Healing Moon Co Rustic Slate Candle Company Dollhouse Bakery Bites by Sam EasilyUnbeadable Luxury Sparks Jewelry, LLC Clean Fun Bath Works Prairie Gems


The sparkle ✨ schedule for March ☘️ is already out, but there is a new addition!

Don’t miss “Mermaid Day” with the gals at Pure Barre on 3/29!

Additional March events include:

3/12 - Scout & Molly's of One Loudoun
3/18 - Zest Clothing & Co. (Leesburg)
3/25 - Best Rack Around
3/26 - Scout & Molly’s One Loudoun
3/30 - amp studios

✨ I am unable to accommodate a waitlist. As always, the length your sparkles last is never guaranteed.

Please use this link to book (ages 6+):


👋 Hi there everyone! As you know, I’m the sole sparkle person behind this little business. While I look to expand in the future, I have to get certain things in place first.

✨ In the meantime, I ask for your grace and patience should I need to cancel your appointment or party. I hold myself to a pretty high standard and do not take cancelling lightly (in fact in the last 4- years, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had to do this). If I have to, it means that even after doing everything in my power, I simply cannot do your hair.

Yesterday en route to a party I received a call that forced me to turn around and drive directly to the hospital. Having had to cancel through a puddle of tears, I know that the party goers were disappointed, but my family comes first and will continue to do so. ✨

When you support local business, sometimes that means the one person you are counting on has to have their presence somewhere else & I do apologize.

Thanks for shopping small. I hope you’ll stick around! ✨✨✨


So many of my favorite little sparkle ✨ ladies are Girl Scouts!

Since it’s cookie 🍪 season, please take a minute to share your cookie selling links so we can support you, too. ✨✨✨





"We don't paint the town, we sparkle it!" 02/24/2023

Get sparkles for all the sunshine ☀️ headed our way this spring! (How beautiful are your sparkles in the sunlight, by the way?!)

✨ Don’t miss out on booking your first or next appointment:

"We don't paint the town, we sparkle it!" Add a little, or a lot, of sparkle to your hair with Sparkle Strands Fairy Hair! Northern Virginia's only mobile sparkle service can be found at local events, or you can book individual appointments and parties!


Quite literally the best pony mail I’ve ever received! ✨❤️ Thank you, Amy!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. 💕


I realize this is a fairy hair business page, but if you’re coming to my house for ✨, then be prepared to meet my newest family member; Gordie the Great Dane (from Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue). 🐾😉

If you prefer a public event, links are now LIVE and ready! ☘️

Here’s the lineup:
3/12 - Scout & Molly's of One Loudoun
3/18 - Zest Clothing & Co. (Leesburg)
3/25 - Best Rack Around
3/26 - Scout & Molly’s of One Loudoun
3/30 - amp studios

Link to book:

✨Sparkle Stands Fairy Hair cannot guarantee length of sparkle wear. Sparkle longevity depends on a variety of factors.

Photos from Rockstar Glam House's post 02/06/2023

A dreary, cold . Take a look at these glittery crowns 👑 to make up for it!

(I believe they are made to be coasters.)

Company: Rockstar Glam House


✨ Did you know…

Sparkle Strands - Northern Virginia Fairy Hair is both licensed AND insured (and has been since 2019). This is for my protection AND yours.


Ready to sparkle? Plenty of openings throughout -





🚨 Before getting sparkled, it is 💯 okay to ask how they are put in!

I’ve seen some *interesting (read: questionable) 🤨 applications lately and there are multiple ways people can apply fairy hair, so just ask!

✨ Here are some things you might want to inquire about:

1. Are beads or clamps used?
2. Do you use glue?
3. What about tape?
4. How many strands of hair are the sparkles attached to?
5. Do you place the sparkles all around the head or in just one spot?

On that note 🙃 - I have some spots for Scout & Molly's of One Loudoun on Saturday, 1/29!

Link in comments!

Sparkles and Charcuterie 01/16/2023

Sparkles at the Famous Toastery? What?!

✔️ Yes, it’s happening + you’re invited.

On 2, plan to swing over to the Famous Toastery for a night of ✨ to wear & ✨ for your hair. Your $25 ticket includes a beverage and personal charcuterie (c/o The Cornichon

Sparkles and Charcuterie Join us for a night of Sparkles and Charcuterie!


… and ignore any wacky typos you may see. 😑

So many good events for 2023! ✨

2/2 - Sparkle Night at the Famous Toastery (this is a business networking event with Sparkle with Sandra Davis)
2/9 - amp studios
2/11 - Best Rack Around
2/13 - Not Your Average Galentine’s Party at Leesburg Beads - hello, pampering! 💅🏼 💄 💍 ❤️
2/19 - Scout & Molly's of One Loudoun

Sparkle subscribers you always get first dibs. I’ll officially open links tomorrow night. 😉

Link to sign up for sparkle mail - ✨💌


I have one spot open for tomorrow at Best Rack Around in Leesburg! Come see Nanette, Susan, and I and get your ✨! #/


My New Year’s resolution? 🥳 More sparkles in 2023! ✨

Spots available at all boutiques 👇🏼

1/7 - Best Rack Around (Leesburg)
1/8 - Scout & Molly's of One Loudoun (Ashburn)
1/21 - Zest Clothing & Co. (Middleburg)
1/29 - Scout & Molly’s of One Loudoun (Ashburn)

Book now:

✨ Sparkles are for adults & children ages 6+. I cannot guarantee length of wear. Sparkles can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. This depends on a variety of factors including time of year, stress, hair condition, age, etc.




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