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Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 02/02/2023

🚨 You’ve seen it before! Let’s see it again! ➡️➡️➡️
Serving clients with better options and the service to back it up! .lune.apothecary is a wonderful woman owned company that focuses on reducing container waste alongside a sustainable, handmade haircare/self care wellness goods. We had to get them all! Thanks to .natural for the introduction to this wonderful product! We now carry an abundance of Shampoo bars and conditioner bars to give our clients more options for their routine. Ranging in euphoric scents with a handful of specifically targeted clients (Majority for all hair types✨)
Did we mention they smell heavenly? As well as the bars we have a leave-in conditioner to complete your new loved haircare ♥️
Biodegradable casing, wonderfully formulated and designed to be a great change to the industry standard 🌙
Come see us at to try out these amazing products!


Still obsessed 🤩 incase y’all missed it!
1 inch regrowth lvl 6 Bleach re touch with lightner 20vol
Purple shampoo 10 minutes
Demi 10-2 violet 10 vol 30 minutes pre tone
Shampoo/condition Ghost haircare line. Fully blow dry
80g of Luscious lavender/ 80g of lilac and 40g of Clear Pulpriot semi mixture
Finished style with Professional and Verb ghost oil 🤘🏻

Thanks for looking 💜🤍

Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 12/06/2022

It’s the season of giving and what a better time to run a giveaway ✨
Here are a few of my favorite things! I appreciate everyone’s time they have given to me as a stylist over the years and the ones to come
It means the world to me that I am surrounded by a loving community but also a very talented bunch!

Want to enter? 🚪 ➡️➡️➡️

As a new brand and location I’d love to hear from you all about your experiences with myself as a stylist, if you haven’t visited Neon Tiger as of yet that is okay! I’ve seen a lot of you throughout my 10 years behind the chair

December 30th 📆 selected at random to gift this away. Visit my website and leave a google review (pictures are awesome) to be apart of this goodie!

What is it?-
A lot of stuff from my favorite local businesses in our area
Auryn custom soy candle, tattoo balm and shampoo bar
Poor Billy’s Barber Shop $30.00 gift certificate, hair oil/Tonic and pomade
Destructive Creations handmade earrings
Scream Queen Cosmetics handmade body scrub
And a $360.00 gift certificate for a Keratin treatment +haircut with some hair goodies offered by yours truly!

Spread the word and I hope you enjoy all these goods by my favorite people in town!

Thank you for always being apart of each journey!
Can’t wait to see some reviews 👏👏👏

Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 12/04/2022

Strawberry 🍓 fields forever ✨
Brought this beauty to the red headed family with a blended highlight and tone 💋
Products used-
shades eq
keratin obsessed 🤩
treatment system

this color was made for you! Thank you for visiting me!


When your favorite skin specialist, client and friend brings you a gift of their new product 🤩 .este at is my go to forever for my skin and waxing needs!
She is in the process of this epic self-care line and I am ecstatic!!
Skin and body care formulated by a skin specialist is a dream come true! Her Horror inspired body butter, exfoliants, lotions smell nostalgic and are the cutest packaging!
If you’d like a hand massage while processing with this beauty I will have it available to you 😍😉
Scream Queen 🔪 💋 is the $hit!

Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 10/25/2022

Split hair never gets old 💜💚
Thank you for spending a day with me! If you’re looking for an appointment link is in BIO 🌙 Thursdays have been open!
Hair creator:

Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 04/25/2021

Some before and afters I’ve been doing. I love all things hair. Keratins, Tint Backs, Color corrections, vivid transformations, natural gray enhancing and much more 💋 Dm for consultations and questions ❤️

Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 01/20/2021

The recent beauties I can’t get enough of ✨❤️✨


It’s all about that blend ✨

Here is a collective of Foilayge, Balayage and ombré
It can be done in so many ways to achieve seamless blends

If you’re interested in these looks you can call Ulta Salon at West Melbourne location for a consultation with Iggy 🖤

Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 10/14/2020

Green with ENVY 💚💚💚 6 hour color process on this beauty for an amazing end result. Lift and tone process then colored with so color cult mixture of Clover Green, Mermaid Teal and Neon Green. This has me wanting to retire, obsessed 🖤💚🖤 @ Ulta Beauty

Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 09/29/2020

So much variety and so much fun! 🎊


Another rainbow 🌈 to add to the collection

✨What rainbow look shall we do next? ✨

Keep in mind these services are 4-5 hour sessions based on hair history and desired look. Treatments are non negotiable as well as haircare. Maintenance appointments are crucial in keeping vibrancy for vivid colors. 6-8 weeks for future appointment.

If you are looking for vivid colors to be apart of your look always call and set up for a consultation with Iggy at Ulta beauty West Melbourne Florida 💋


What does proper haircare and maintenance look like for Vivids?

🌈 My amazing client has been treating her hair with leave ins, proper treatments and no added environmental/mechanical stress to the hair🌈

As a pool owner she makes sure not to overdue chlorine or sun exposure with her fantasy color

When using an iron or blow dry low heat settings are recommended (380 and below)

Even temperature water or cool water rinses to prevent color bleeding as well as not shampooing frequently to maintain stain

Pictures don’t do justice on all the pastel tones she has in her rainbow hair ❤️✨❤️

This is 6 weeks post appointment. Only haircut today
Rainbow was done July 2
Post color is August 13

If needing a proper haircare prescription and routine you can always call and have a consultation to enhance your hair game 💪

Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 08/11/2020

Mini correction of the day! This gorgeous babe came in seeking advice on an overtone of toner deposit from a previous hair appointment days prior. After consulting and having a shared reality we went to addressing the color! Started off with a pre art treatment to clarify the hair and budge the dye deposit on the surface, then afterwards a redken CAT treatment to even porosity! Extreme chem shot to then build some protein back into the hair. Dried and applied less than 10 foils to break up a smudge root. All we used was a splash of Shades Eq 9v and Clear to even out the blonde shades to provide a more blended look! 🖤🖤🖤 Next time we will fully foil and achieve a more lived in cream blonde for the future! Thanks for looking!

Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 08/07/2020

Keratin Complex Personalized Blowout made this transformation on my beautiful mother!

Still not sold on manageability and smooth hair?

See for your self the shiny, healthy, frizz reduced results and call for Iggy at Ulta West Melbourne for a consultation ✨❤️✨


Fire melt for one of my favorites. Her hair always makes me look good! Funniest thing is I didn’t do so hot on her balayage when we first met and yet 8 years later here we are 😂 she will always be one of my few genuine first clients ❤️ we used shades eq cream 5 br and 10 volume to blend the root down into so color cult neon red/red hot and ends neon orange/orange alert 🚨 @ Ulta Beauty


Sometimes a more affordable route to take is Tape in Extensions 🖤🖤🖤

Depending on the hair history it can be extremely damaging to the hair to attempt achieving these kind of blonde results. Most of the time you’re stuck in a caramel or warm blonde phase if ever reaching this level of tone

Which usually results in a lot of 💰 💰💰

There is an alternative choice! Tape in extensions add volume, length and pops of color to achieve your hair goals in half the time with zero damage ✨✨✨

This pictured is 3 Boxes of our 12 inch tape ins

Price transparency 💰:
$79 per box
$300 application

Now amongst the price transparency, color corrections are $50 per half hour ($100 per hour) can result in unexpected results and push the hair to a breaking point. Extensions are guaranteed satisfaction to end goal and no damage present. Keep in mind haircare is also a nonnegotiable expense whenever coloring or chemically altering hair.

Maintenance of extensions require proper haircare with gentle tension. No heavy alcohol products amongst tape and no heavy oil based products
6-8 week re tape service

If needing a hair extension consultation please call and book with Iggy ❤️


🖤Blondes come in all shades of beauty 🖤

Finding the right shade for you may be tricky and meticulous. But there is a shade for everyone!

Keep in mind when wanting a lightening service there is an umbrella ☂ of needs/wants/achievements/reality.


Those three are 🔑 terms when deciding if blonde is a good choice for you. Integrity is never the choice I’m willing to part with. If tonal value or length is the two that one will have to be the deciding factor if blonde is right for you.

Tone being the hue and reflection you see. When wanting Platnium or silvers aren’t achievable in a shared reality blonding service then we will redirect consultation.
If length is needed to be taken due to color buildup that cannot reach your achievable tone without compromising integrity... A haircut will then be non negotiable if tone is still desired.

Another bullet point is blondes need extra protein and extra care in keeping vibrant and healthy. Products and treatments are an absolute must to have longevity in your blonde hair. Step away from the purple shampoos. They are heavily drying and Dull out your Platnium shades immensely.

These blondes all require maintenance and dedication in the salon.
Minimum 4-6 weeks for warm blondes on contrasting bases.
Minimum 2-4 weeks Platnium, cool blondes

✨consultations are always required and free to see if blonde is right for you✨


Wearable sunflower melt 🌻 wanted a vibrant look that was still deemed “natural”. Started first with Freelights and saturated ombré technique. Once dried I applied at the base 5wn and 5br shades eq cream and blended 5/7Rr 6/8c in the mid area and the ends was color fusion 7gc and 12go. This was so much fun to do and I loved every second of this transformation. Service began at 3pm and ended at 7pm. Thanks for looking 🌻❤️✨

Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 07/28/2020

Some corrective highlights for today! Heavy foil with a depth light of 9Wn shades eq cream and used blonde icing as the highlight. Toned with shades Eq gloss 9v/10n/9g to keep brightness in the blonde. Service started at 10 and finished at 3. Integrity of the hair is always the goal and we will be brightening her more as she uses her haircare script! @ Ulta Beauty


See how I created this coral melt on my amazing esthetician Back in 2019 , link above!


✨Color correction transparency✨

I’d like to elaborate on this color project or how we like to word in stylist terminology a “color correction”

Since 2018 I’ve applied every 8-10 weeks a 1b Redken Shades Eq gloss Demi permanent (no lift deposit only) conditioning color glaze for 2 years. Having the want to possibly switch up my color and 25% grays, it was unnecessary to use a permanent black to achieve the depth I wanted. Shades Eq fades true and graciously over time which made touch up every 10 weeks achievable and damage to the hair non existent.

We started this project with Redken Pre-Art (salon only) Clarifying treatment. This treatment allows shift in the cuticle and a gentle fruit acid treatment to assist with surface dye separation and cleansing the canvas. It is not a color remover but an amazing treatment to prep the hair for a color service and overall scalp cleanse.
Price transparency 💰: $20

Now the hard part comes in,
Starting with Schwarzkopf Blondeme lightner with 20 volume we had began saturating mid to ends of the hair in isolated foils with 1/4 hair sections and 1/2 inch regrowth out until after. Starting in the back of the head for timing purposes and integrity checks. I allowed my hair fade out for 12 weeks and had about 4 inches of regrowth. Once application of foils were finished, back foils were removed and minimized saturation so lightner May air out and dry so it no longer can process. We achieved the lightness needed in the back, therefore the foils were no longer necessary. If it’s wet, it’s working when regarding lightner. Root was then applied and processed. Overall Global bleach service to level 10 blonde. 6 hours
Price transparency 💰: $60 per half hour

We did not pre tone as we were heading towards an achievable, clean warmth. Color is Pulp Riot semi permanent mixture of Nuclear, Fireball and Satire. Once applied and processed it needed a little extra to blend any pockets of porosity issues. Keratin Complex Vital shot bonding system was used in both color and after treatment to help the protein bonds in the hair as we had distressed it quite a bit. Another layer of Fireball and Nuclear was applied. 3 hours
Price transparency money 💰: $60 per half hour

Always a necessity, a haircut followed through after application.
Price transparency 💰: $65

This service resulted in quite a few hours (10-12) to be slightly precise

These colors take patience, time, maintenance and dedication. Lots of treatments and science comes with this type of project. Every 4 weeks as a touch up and a strict regimen in your products is REQUIRED to continue living a healthy, bright hair life! I will be posting products coming soon on how I regained the integrity in my hair over the course of 10 weeks after this project. Proof is in the puttin ❤️

Thanks for looking!

Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 07/26/2020
Photos from The Neon Tiger's post 07/26/2020

Every babe in these photos has our Personalized Blowout Treatment by Keratin Complex

It’s a versatile and customizable Keratin treatment that gives manageable, frizz reduced, smooth and strong results up to 3 months (sometimes longer based on haircare)

The signature keratin and K-pure juice with a blend of botanicals makes this a pleasant experience with zero v***r and no harsh chemicals in their active ingredients. The more you smooth the longer your results will be for the next. The hair will be healthier and more durable during chemical processes and color hold for future appointments.

🚨 Right now they are 25 % off when you book with me before 8.29 🚨

Call and schedule your appointment with Iggy ✨

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