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Got my box of goodies today. Thank you so much and the tea is awesome. I ordered some today!

Ichiban Bath Company produces personal care and beauty products inspired by age-old asian beauty sec

Ichiban Bath Company is a family owned business in Southern California. We hand craft natural bath and body products that are pure, gentle and mild. We do not use sulfates, parabens, or mineral oils in any of our products.

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Wood! So glad for the weekend. Here's my recap.
Thursday night I did a virtual bath bomb class hosted by Ignite Human Capital for their client Atyr Pharma. With social distancing and mask/ no mask mandates, networking has become a challenge for some professionals. This has been great way for Ignite Human Capital to network and maintain a great relationship.
We did a bath & boozy session. Each attendee had their choice of white or red wine. We had some great conversation and then we began making these luxurious Sea Salt & Lily bubble bath bombs that smells like a high end spa.
If you are a business professional that would like to host a class for your clients, DM me.


💗Custom Project 💗 Party Favors: Mini Soap Bar w/ tags.
These mini soaps are for a bridal shower. The wrapping paper matches the color scheme for the shower. **Disclaimer, there is a 4th color but I had already packaged that set)
I used to make the Thank You cards. On the reverse side of the card is the soap name with ingredients.
Canva is an amazing tool for entrepreneurs. It makes your DIY work look more elegant and "legit".

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So about this week. I went up to Hubbard, Oregon for some training. The best thing about my trip was the fact I was able to go and see one of closest friends. What made trip even better was not only realizing how much I missed him, but I was able to see him living his dream. When and I were bartenders at the Casino we would talk about opening our bar. Well my friend did it! He opened his own bar! Hanging out with him and seeing the joy on his face was unbelievably satisfying. is exactly how I would imagine he would open his bar. Thanks J is was so great to see you and hangout with you.


When its 100⁰ in the I.E. gotta go to the coast. Now about this sun. ☀️
1. The purpose of wearing sunscreen is not just to prevent skin cancer. Wear spf to prevent burns, sun damage, collagen loss and hyperpigmentation.
2. Spf doesn't block 100% of the UV rays which means we can still synthesize vitamin D from the sun. 80% of the population is vitamin d deficient. Well, vitamin D helps us ja e a stronger immune system, it also produces serratonin which our body needs to produce melatonin for better sleep, and it helps boost our mood and lower bodily stress which then helps to regulate our hormones.
3. I really just wanted to post this picture cuz I think I look cute but needed a caption that is informative for you. 😂😁💖 Crocher hair: 💖 Styled by: .llc🥂 Moscato Sangria


Feelin a little salty 💕
Sea Salt + Ginger soap was formulated for normal/combination skin. Helps to manage the oil production without leaving your skin feeling dry.
The scent is fresh + clean

Shea Butter, 1 lb 05/06/2021

This is for the DIYer in you.
Tired of waiting weeks and weeks for your supplies?
I gotchu boo.

Shea Butter, 1 lb Shea butter is a must-have in any makers collections. Youll love how moisturizing and luxurious it feels in DIY soap, lotion and body butters. Its also great for lip products. Product Details: Melting point 90⁰ F Scent: None Origin: Ghana Shelf Life: 2 years Usage instructions: Cold process


🗣Just a friendly reminder...Mothers Day is May 9th (next Sunday)
Give mom something handmade. I can accept 10 more beauty bundle requests. Bundles will ship out by May 5th.
DM if tou're interested in a beauty bundle for mom.


Is your skin sensitive or combination? Those are signs of a compromised skin barrier. Our moisture barrier allows our body to retain moisture and water. It prevents bacteria from entering our body, and shields us from environmental stressor.
But our beauty habits may be the reason why we are having issues with our skin. Even things that are good for us can be bad if not used properly.


🌃Reality of being a Solopreneur 🌃 For some reason I'm feeling really exposed, lol.
Entrepreneurship is sexy right now. When someone can say they have multiple streams of income and you see their grind its very appealing.
But thats not realistic. What is realistic is juggling real work hours with family time, and then dedicating time for entrepreneurial pursuits.
📷 Photo description: 1/2 a case of 4 oz plastic bottles being disinfected in the bath tub. But what you don't see is the 13 gallon trash bag filled with the other half that still needs to be handwashed. These bottles will melt in the dishwasher.
And so....no, I'm not going to post 3-5 posts on social media unless you want to get the REAL behind-the-scenes look of a product boss. But I'm working on it. I get it.....I gotta share....don't worry....the next post will be "Anti-aging ingredients that really work"

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I do this routine once or twice a week. But depending on what's happening with your skin, you can use the Green Tea + Lotus Activated Charcoal Mask as needed after properly cleansing your skin. Save and Share


📢And the winner of the is......announced at the end of the video. Hahahahaha.
Don't worry, its super short. But I have to say I recorded this the very next morning and my pimple shrank significantly. And it was no longer red and angry.
But let's take a deeper dive into this pimple and what was the cause.

🤔Was it from wearing a dirty mask? Possibly.
💡Pro-tip: Carry a travel size, alcohol-free toner to spritz on your face and mask through out the day as a refresher 🎵

🤔Sugar + Alcohol are the 2 things that trigger a inflammatory response in our body. I breakout alot when my diet is trash.

🤔 Lack of sleep affects your skin as well. Not getting proper rest increases bodily stress which then can lead to hormonal acne.
Do you guys like my mini vlog? Is it informative? Ok, maybe not this one specifically. I just wanted to show the "after"...here's the social proof.

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☕Coffee lovers!!!! If you are down for the drop a ☕.
If you're up in the gym just working on your fitness for that Drop a 🏃‍♀️
Before you hit the beach, make sure your body is properly exfoliated with the Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Scrub. 🙌☕🙌☕

Coconut Cold Brew Scrub// Solid Coffee Scrub 04/06/2021

Your skin needs more coffee. But seriously, it does. Here are the 3 reasons why:

1. Coffee grounds brush away dead skin
2. Caffeing dilates the blood vessels beneath the skin to boost blood flow and temporarily minimize the appearance of cellulite
3. Antioxidants found in coffee clear away clogged pores and reduce inflammation on your skin.

Clink on the link below to purchase while supplies last.

Coconut Cold Brew Scrub// Solid Coffee Scrub Addicted to coffee scrubs but not a fan of the clean up? Me too. Thats why I made a solid coffee scrub that reduces the mess but has all the same benefits of a traditional coffee scrub. Essentially, its arabica grounds embedded into a cold brew coffee soap. Yes its a soap, but should be used to


The key to achieving healthy, moisturized skin 💦 Restore over-sanitized, dehydrated skin with a thick, non-greasy lotion. 💖
Shop the latest from Ichiban Bath Co
Discover Ichiban Bath Co's body care which combines traditional Japanese beauty philosophy with ingredients that soothe and nourish the skin.

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📢Save it, Share it📢 BHA is not just for acneic skin.
I recently incorporated a liquid exfoliant into my beauty routine. Its BHA Liquid Exfoliant. BHA's are actually beneficial for Melasma and hyperpigmentation because it chemically exfoliates the skin with minimal irritation.
When and How to Use:
Incorporate the BHA after you cleanse but before you apply your serum and moisturizer. I just applied it with my palms but you can swipe with a cotton pad.
I've always been reluctant to use a chemical exfoliant in the past because I dreaded the sting and irritation. And I was always concerned about the concentration being too high.
If you are using a retinol/retinoid or retinal of some kind, then you would want to use your exfoliant either on a different day or in the AM since retinol is for PM.
You never want to use too many treatment products in one routine because you may unknowing cancel out the benefits or it may be too much for your skin. Also, your serums/moisturizers/spf buffers your skin from irritation. Especially around our nose and mouth.

Photos from Ichiban Bath Company's post 03/29/2021

How It Started vs How Its Going 🥳
A few months ago hit me up for some lotion. I had made some as party favors for a baby shower she attended and she just loved it. (Thanks boo 😘)
And then I made some for someone else for a beauty bundle and it just kept going. Now I have a 6-scent rule. I don't like to offer more than 6 scents because a study was done on consumers. And when shoppers are overwhelmed, they don't buy.
But now I have 10 lotions!!!! Wth! Truth is....the scents are customizable. I pre-make a large batch of unscented lotion so when you buy you can tell me your fave scent type and I tell you what I have in those categories.
The lotions are packaged in a 4 oz bottle. * has an 8 oz bottle. They retail for $5 (*Psst....shipping is free when you spend $35).
DM for a link to buy.


🚨Save + Share🚨
Listen... if hyperpigmentation is a concern, DO NOT USE scrubs on your face. No sugar scrubs, no coffee scrubs, no St. Ives Apricot Scrubs. None 👏 of 👏 it 👏.
Although its important to exfoliate our face, if you have brown or black skin. Even if its a speck of brown, avoid using a mechanical exfoliant. Instead use a liquid chemical exfoliant made with a BHA (salicylic acid) or AHA (Kojic acid, Azelaic Acid, Ferulic Acid etc).
Why? Mechanical scrubs can cause micro-tears in our skin that can leave dark marks on our skin. The goal is to exfoliate without scratching, burning or irritating the skin.
For the DIY naturalista, use oat flour, activated charcoal or turmeric to gently exfoliate.
For At-Home treatments, looks for a low concentrated liquid chemical exfoliant with BHA or fruit enzymes like papaya and pineapple.🍍
Profesional services....if you have an esthetician or dermatologist they can do a more advanced and effective chemical peel. And they usually will do a combination therapeutic treatment on your skin customized to according to what is going on with your skin.


Rejuvenating Moisturizer for the face..get this paired with a handmade soap suitable for your skin type.
The moisturizer is made with all sorts of goodies like:
💖 Hyaluronic Acid (Humectant),
💖Niacinamide (Vitamin B3/ an anti-aging + soothing extract))
💖Collagen Protein ( Natural moisturizing protein for your skin) and exotic ingredients such as
💖Kakadu Plum Extract (antioxidant + soothing extract) and
💖Albizia flower extract (antioxidant extract from silk tree flowers)
Lab Notes:
🙌Provides potent anti-oxidant effects
🙌 Provides anti-irritant + soothing effects
🙌 High stable Vitamin C (from Kakadu Plum)
🙌 Boosts elasticity and supple skin
Personal Note: I've been using this moisturizer for almost 3 mos. I noticed that it initially feels a bit tacky. But then my skin instantly soaks it all up and it feels like I have nothing on my skin. I also noticed some of my dark spots from my pimples have faded. Its fragrance free but the oils used in this product doesn't stink.
DM or comment below if you want one.


Things to do on rainy days🌧
Indulge with a bubble bath bomb.

Green Tea + Lotus Charcoal Mask 03/03/2021

What's the problem? Oily skin? Clogged pores? Or enlarged pores?
Green Tee + Lotus Charcoal mask has a smooth, creamy texture. While wearing, it never gets dry. Best on normal to oily skin types, but even on dry skin it never gets uncomfortable.
Does not contain any irritants such as fragrance, essential oils or alcohol. Those ingredients are especially irritating for skin of color.
Apply this mask after cleansing your face. Leave it on for 10- to 15 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water. I like to use a microfiber wash cloth to help remove the mask from the folds of my skin like around my nose.
The star ingredients are kaolin clay, bentonite clay and activated charcoal. They gently remove excess oil and impurities without stripping the skin or causing the skin to increase oil production. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and give it a refined, almost matte look.
It also was formulated with green tea extract, cucumber extact (antioxidants) along with aloe and lotus flower extracts to hydrate and tone the skin.
Click the link to purchase.

Green Tea + Lotus Charcoal Mask This mask comes in a 2 oz jar. It has a creamy0smooth texture that is easy to apply. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water. I recommend using a soft washcloth to remove the mask from the skin folds. The star ingredients are the bentonite clay, kaolin clay and activated

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Special Project for a client🚨
I made DIY bath bomb kits for a client for a group activity. Everything has been measured out so the participant literally just has to pour everything into the mixing bowl. And I wanted to make sure there is no left overs.
Tutorial was typed up on on their blog template. I love Canva...its user friendly....easy to use. Ya'll I'm at that age where things aren't intuitive. I was able to create my account and GO.👏
Need supplies? DM me....I know Covid really disrupted the supply chains. I have clear lotion bottles (4 oz, 8 oz both Cylinder and Boston Round) as well as black disc tops (20/410 & 24/410) along with spritzer tops.
Want a DIY bath bomb kit for Mothers Day? DM me.

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Don't interrupt my grinding.💯
I just typed up my first DIY tutorial on Canva. Here's a crash course to Canva for aspiring entrepreneurs/content creators etc.
1). Upgrade to Pro: you'll gain access to stock photos and get features
2) Create folders for your content. I.E. I have one labeled as bath bombs. All of my products photos and stock photos related to bath bombs is in that folder
3) Organize everything! That way, when you do type a blog or you are creating a campaign you already have your photos, videos, audios in place.
About the photos: I put together a a bath bomb kit. No measuring tools are required. Everything that comes in the kit, except for the cake gel colorant has been measured out. I did that intentionally. There's nothing worse than having left over materials from a craft you plan not to do ever again. Right?

The Tara- Pure Honey + Vanilla Beauty Bundle 02/21/2021

I put together this beauty bundle for one of my shoppers but its too good not to share. But....I only have 1 more left.

This Beauty Bundle Includes the core basics:
Argan Oil Moisturizer (for the face): A rich, soothing face moisturizer made with argan oil and rosehip seed oil.// 2 oz jar, Clearance $14

Pure Honey + Vanilla Blossom Body Butter: I originally made this for another shopper as a custom mega beauty bundle and it smells like deliciousness in a jar.// 8 oz jar, $20

Coconut Green Tea Soap: Made with organic matcha and aloe...this soap is suitable for all skin types. It gently cleanses your face without stripping your natural oils. 4 oz, $9

**This beauty bundle ships for free**

Would you like to have your own beauty bundle? Schedule a chat with me.

The Tara- Pure Honey + Vanilla Beauty Bundle Includes: Argan Oil Moisturizer: A rich face cream made with Argan Oil, Rosehip Seed oil, Lotus Flower Extract, Orchid Extract, Chamomile Extract, and Cucumber Seed extract. *This product is lightly fragranced*// Clearance Item $14 Pure Honey + Vanilla Blossom Body Butter: A thick moisturizer for


Did you receive flowers from.your bae? Don't toss them just yet.
I cut mine and placed them in a ziploc bag. It's currently stored in my crisper. It brought back memories of my childhood in Hawaii. I used to hula dance and we always wore fresh let's. Then we kept them in the fridge so that they didn't wilt.
Its my day off so I'm actually gonna use them in my bath. Perfect timing too....my cycle starts next week and I have all this feminine energy. And I just wanna celebrate that. Plus...Thursday nights I get sexy time with the hubby.

Photos from Ichiban Bath Company's post 02/09/2021

of the making of Green Tea + Apple Blossom bubble bath bomb. To get this shade of green, I mix 5 drops of Sky Blue cake gel colorant with 2 drops of the lemon yellow cake gel colorant.
The scent smells light and fresh. Apples are definitely the star of the show. But the subtle nuance of the green tea provides a bit of earthiness that.you don't find in other apple scented stuff. Its not sweet.
The scent is a limited run and is available as a bath bomb, lotion, and body butter.
The bubble bath bombs are made with raw shea butter and epsom to relax the body and moisturize the skin.
The lotions are small, and convenient to keep on hand.
The body is rich, thick and keeps your body moisturized for a long time.
These items actually helped me personally. Its become a necessity for me to optimize my well being. Alot of entrepreneurs suffer from depression. And for me, I find it hard to be so down on myself when I take the time to use clean beauty products, or when I take time to rewind and soak in the tub after an emotionally draining day. Homeschooling, entertaining my 3 yr old, dealing with my crazy dogs, working from home and then bartending at night. Its ALOT. And I know alot of who are like me and have gotten used to the chaos. Well, I'm telling you to take a break and use your beauty bundle.

Photos from Ichiban Bath Company's post 02/09/2021

The synergy between these 3 ingredients is crazy good. Its sorcery in a jar.
I'm making numerous face moisturizers and they are all specific to each person.
Schedule a free call with me....your beauty mixologist. Let me alleviate the guess work. Isn't it easier if someone can just whip up something with ingredients that restores and replenishes your skin? DM me.

Photos from Ichiban Bath Company's post 01/31/2021

Here's a little . Here at the Ichiban HQ, I create my own fragrance blend.
I am putting together a custom moisturizer bundle. This shopper wanted her body butter and face moisturizer to fragrant have notes of vanilla + honey. I added a few drops of orange blossom compliment the 2 sweet scents. Honey 🍯 is definitely the star in this scent profile.
The vibe is very cozy and calming....it triggers that pleasure sensation of when you are eating your favorite comfort food....like sweet cornbread with butter and honey on a cold, January day.
What am I making? A hydrating body butter (with Hyaluronic Acid), a rich, face cream, along with F-bombs for sore muscles.
Fragrance or No Fragrance for the face ...🤷🏽‍♀️ I personally don't put fragrance in the face creams and serums that I make for myself. Studies are implying that fragrance lead to contact dermatitis. However, its all about your experience. If you like fragrance, it doesn't irritate your skin, then thats ok too. For face products I only use 0.2%....its very low. Just enough to have a light smell....but so minimal it won't irritate your skin. It doesn't have to be all or nothing.
If you are interested in purchasing a set like this. Send me a DM.


I ❤️ the Japanese wabi sabi ethos. From a design perspective its clean and minimalist yet warm and cozy. And for me, that is how I think of Ichiban Bath Co.
I believe in and I personally prefer a routine. I see these luxury brands that look sexy and sleek with their marketing and branding but I always wonder if the steep price tag is a reflection of its effectiveness or brilliant marketing? Does it even work at all?
beauty is embracing imperfection and for me personally I interpret that as the need to change and adjust my skin care routine. I'm approaching 40 and my skin is changing. And I welcome the changes. But I will always strive to give my skin what it needs at whatever stage its in.
🌸At the end of the day....its about feeling good in your own skin.
🌸 Need some tips or recommendations for your skin? DM me....want to try my products...I can put together a custom set that is suitable for you.
🌸Just be sure to follow my Shop for updates.....link in bio or go to www.ichibanbathco.etsy.com

Timeline photos 01/20/2021

Yesterday I made a small tester of a new face cream formulated with Squalane, Niacinamide, Ceramide and Collagen.
It's light weight.


Quickly absorbed

Only need a pea-sized amount

I'm so excited about this product. I wanted to formulate something with ingredients that our bodies recognize. Ceramides, Squalane and Collagen are all things that are in our bodies. As we age, we produce less and less.

It turns out that skin of color, particularly those with dry skin, have a lower % of ceramides in our skin. Ceramides restores our skin barrier. Its also used as an anti-wrinkle agent.

Collagen is a natural moisturizing property.

Squalane is an emmolient that prevents moisture loss.

For updates on Product launch be sure to follow my shop at www.ichibanbatco.etsy.com

Photos from Ichiban Bath Company's post 01/20/2021

Does your hands sting when you apply lotion? Read this.


My beauty Must-Have 😘
I'm very simple when it comes to make up. I son't go anywhere without my . And as far as make up goes....it's just BB cream, I'll do my eyebrows and put on my lashes.
BB Cream is something I keep coming back to. I'll try other brands but its not the same.

Photos from Ichiban Bath Company's post 01/18/2021

🗣5 Natural Ingredients To Avoid on skin of color.
We've all seen the tutorials on YouTube and DIY recipes on Pinterest, but there are some natural ingredients that don't work well on our skin. 🙋‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️
👩🏽‍🔬The most common issue is the pH. Some of these ingredients are too acidic and will burn our skin.
👩🏽‍🔬The other issue is that it can trigger our melanocytes.😫
👩🏽‍🔬 People of color (Asian, Arab, Hispanics, Black folks, mixed folks etc) tend to have less ceramides leaving our skin barrier to be more susceptible to irritation.
🗣Now I need you to do 3 things. Like, Save, and Share this post.
🧡 For updates on your fave products, new products, and restocks, follow the shop at www.ichibanbathco.etsy.com

Photos from Ichiban Bath Company's post 01/15/2021

Double cleansing with Micellar water. 🗣Save this post
1️⃣It's fragrance free, non-irritating and suitable for all skin types including skin of color.
2️⃣ And you don't have to to rinse it off afferwards.
⭐Pro-tip: Follow the 60 second rule
🌺 For 60 seconds (or at least 45 sec) actively cleanse your skin.
🌺 It takes time for the micellar and face wash to remove the SPF and make up and excess oils blah blah blah.

Photos from Ichiban Bath Company's post 01/12/2021

🗣Save this....
These are the details about some of the ingredients you will find in our new products and how they will benefit you.
🧡Be sure to follow my shop (link is above) or go to www.ichibanbathco.etsy.com and hit the "follow" button.
🌺Why? Some of ya'll are my real life friends, maker-friends or we're in the same product boss community. But my Etsy followers are the ones I know are shoppers.
🌺Also, I prefer to use IG to share informative content so that you, can make informed decisions on your skin care journey.
🌺 If you like these kind of posts, or have questions about ingredients or looking for some product recommendations comment below. I'm not sponsored by any brands and I'm not gonna shamelessly tell you to get my stuff. (OK, I'll do it sometimes).

Photos from Ichiban Bath Company's post 01/11/2021

My goodies 👩🏽‍🔬
I am soooooo ready to geek out! Aaaaaagh!!!! I'll do a video explaining what these goodies will do for you. Girl.....your skin will feel so supple and soft. And you will be
If you are a , or you are looking to , then you NEED to follow my shop (link in bio) at www.ichibanbathco etsy.com


Happy Monday ☕ so, I am doing 5 day Best Seller Secret Challenge. My task for the day was to identify my top 3 best selling products.
Let's talk best sellers. Now these are from the data, NOT what I love to make, or think should be a best seller.
1️⃣ F-bombs for sore muscles
2️⃣ Body Butter
3️⃣ Coffee Scrub for the body
What makes the F-bomb so special? This is a bath bomb for grown ups. You get a spa-like experience and you just feel all the stress melt away. The feedback and reviews for this 1 item has been incredible.
The Body Butter feels and glides on your skin like a "professional", store bought lotion. BUT, the secret is in the formulation. Your skin feels soft, and hydrated ALL DAY. Even after you wash and sanitize your hands. AND it doesn't have ao much synthetic ingredients that you normally find in other products.
The coffee scrub for the body is a solid scrub that fits perfectly in the palm of of your hands. AND its not nearly as messy as a traditional coffee scrub. You can exfoliate your body without the major clean up.
🧡 I HAVE 3 MORE BODY BUTTERS AVAILABLE ON CLEARANCE! Get it....NOW.....why are you still here? Click the link in the bio. Or go to www.ichibanbathco.etsy.com


Something that makes you 🤔.

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Menifee?
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Our Story


It’s Naki from Ichiban Bath Co. If you are on this page, then most likely you met me at a local market or craft show. I am a skin care formulator and I specialize in developing a 3 step skin care routine customized for your skin type and skin concern(s) using Asian botanical ingredients with natural active ingredients.

Developing bath and body products for individuals and other start up businesses has changed my life. You can’t imagine the sheer confidence boost you get when you feel good in your own skin.

That being said, if you are interested in this service, you can send me a message to set up an appointment for a free consultation.

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