Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director

� Want GORGEOUS nails in just MINUTES?! See what all the fuss is about! NO Dry Time! NO smudging!

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 08/23/2022

Which color do YOU like best with our NEW black glitter dipped overlay?!?

I’m torn!!

The black on black 🖤looks amazing, but so does the pink!! 💗

And the orange gives me Halloween 🎃 vibes!!

Grab your new FALL sets tomorrow when they launch or tell me and I’ll order for ya! 😘🙌

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 07/18/2022

The RETIRING LIST is up! And some of the shades leaving us are SO SAD! 😭 They’re making room for new shades, but for now I’m going to cry 😢 😝

🧜‍♀️ Mermaid you Look 👀 is ALREADY GONE!! (I have a few if you NEED that gorgeous overlay!) 😱

Grab the others before they’re GONE FOR GOOD!!!

Get these Retiring Shades and MORE at


I’m LOVING our new Nail Polish 💅 Remover! It’s Acetone FREE, has a mild bergamot tea scent that is mood enhancing and leave my nails feeling moisturized and ready for my next mani!!


Why go to the salon when I can go to brunch instead!? And then just hang out and apply these babies in minutes!!!


I am LOVING how strong 💪 and healthy my nails are now!! 🙌🙌

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 06/02/2022

Can’t let today end without sharing this Dry Nail Polish 💅 Challenge on National Nail Polish Day!
Haven’t tried my Magical polish?! Let me share a sample or set with you!! 🫶🫶🫶💅

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 05/26/2022

Are your nails 💅 ready for Memorial Day 🇺🇸?! Mine aren’t yet…I’m still toying with a couple ideas…I need some help! Which one would YOU choose?!
🌟Grab yours at the link in my bio or just message me! I gotchu 😉


Deciding what mani 💅to wear takes longer than applying it!!

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 05/24/2022

🎶 I wanna soak up the Sun ☀️ 🎶
And show off my CUTE FEET! 🦶

Well, they will be cute when I’ve got these HOT 🔥 Summer Pedis on! Grab yours at 8:30am PST and let’s sit and soak up some sun ☀️ together!!


💅Color Street has done it again! They’ve developed an ENTIRE NAIL CARE LINE for your nails’ pleasure!!

🌟Join my VIP Group for a VERY SPECIAL DEAL starting this Thursday!



It’s all about BIG ENERGY - BIG BUSINESS!! 🎤
The results are a direct correlation to the efforts put into it!
I’m putting in BIG a effort to get BIG results.
I gotta tell ya no income is ever guaranteed and my results are not typical - but they are possible! Stay consistent, stay positive and solution based when faced with challenges and always hustle for what you want in life!


Um…no thanks. I’d rather do my nails 💅 poolside, then float around all day. 🦩
How do you do your nails?! If it’s not like me, let’s chat! I can HELP!!

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 05/14/2022

Thank you for the mail inspo for my country girl nails 💅 I applied these in my backyard while I watched my son play. I love how I can take these anywhere!!


Just 👏 keep 👏 going!
Every day is a new page in your book! What’s it going to say?!
YOU get to decide!
Remember that! 👏👏👏


Just another Mani 💅 Monday!!

I LOVE the versatility of our nail strips! We can slap on a set in four minutes or let our creative juices FLY and create a masterpiece in less time than it would take you to get your plain polish done at the salon!

What’s the BEST part?! I can do these ANYWHERE! In my bed! In the airport! At a park! You name it!! I LOVE how something so simple as dry nail polish can make me feel so beautiful and put together!

Haven’t tried my magic polish yet?! What are you waiting for!! Haha 😆


Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 04/13/2022

New Mani who Dis?! Ever played with our overlays? You totally should!!
This is an EXCLUSIVE set called Fancy Pants, but you KNOW your girl’s gotchu! I placed Watermelon 🍉 Session at an angle on top for a fun and flirty spring mani! I might even throw another overlay on top of this for Easter!! ⁣
💅 💅

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 04/10/2022

Where are all my Moms?!?! I don’t have daughters, but I plan to wear all these just the same! This is an ADORABLE MOMMY AND ME Collection that launches 🚀 on Tuesday!

Those stars ⭐️ are MY FAVORITE!!

Grab yours on Tuesday at 8:30AM PST or message me and I’ll RESERVE yours! ⁣

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 03/08/2022

Happy National Women’s Day to all the beautiful and strong 💪 women in my life!

We are stronger together and can accomplish anything we put our minds to!

I apparently can’t tag everyone in the photos, max is 20-but I love you all!! Thanks for being in my life!!

I am PROUD to be a Woman and show my sons what a strong, , , and looks like. And it’s ok if we are a bit of a - that’s what makes us human! ⁣

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 03/01/2022

Did you know about 1 in 6 children will have a developmental disability?
Although why even call it a disability?

They have a genetic condition that alters certain aspects of their development. But instead of pointing out differences, what is we pointed out the similarities - the joy in our eyes when we see something happy or pleasant, similar interests and then CELEBRATED the differences.

After all, that’s what makes us unique and special! Wear your support for This cause and help us raise 💲1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ for two foundations and

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 02/04/2022

So easy, you can do it in five minutes! Boom 🤯

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 01/31/2022

Color Street is doing it again! We are pledging $175,000 to 3️⃣ different charities supporting Substance Use Disorder Awareness.

This is a cause not talked about enough, so with the help of the following foundations, we will help raise awareness, provide support and information for those in need.

💜Partnership to End Addition
🇨🇦 Drug Free Kids (Canadian Foundation)

This gorgeous glitter ✨ called Road to Recovery ❤️‍🩹 is going to help show your support and help to end the stigma!!

Grab yours TOMORROW starting at 8:30AM PST!!




Who’s read the Energy Bus 🚌 by John Gordon?!

Tag 🏷 a friend who needs this message!!


Hi 👋 Beautiful Friends and those who aren’t friends yet!!

I’m Krysta and I’m an ultra busy to three darling boys (4, 6 and 8…wow they’re getting old!!) I have been slinging these gorgeous nails 💅 for three and a half years now! Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun!

I’ve grown a mighty team over 600 strong and we HAVE FUN you guys. We just got off a morning zoom where we laughed about food and brainstormed fun Galentine’s Day 💗 ideas 💡!

When I’m not chasing my monkeys 🙈🙉🙊around, cleaning up a mess or twenty or having girl time with this awesome nail gig, I sell houses 🏡! (Told ya I’m busy haha)

I enjoy helping people find their dream homes and giving women the confidence they need to realize is within them!

If you think you’re too busy for something more, ! This is something that found me and I didn’t realize how much I NEEDED it.

It gave me purpose outside of my current day to day (which of course is super important, but it was something just for ME)

It grew my confidence and now I get to help it do the same for others. That is soo you guys!

Want to have fun and be a part of something POSITIVE, REWARDING and FULFILLING?!

Drop me your most used emoji 👇and let’s be friends!! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

Mine is 😂 or 😍


Would you rock this manicure?! I have a perfectly gorgeous one on, but I’m half tempted to switch it up! Hahah


Loving my new mani ❤️❤️❤️ Did it in about 10 minutes! Back to all the things haha 😂


Love that I can change my nails like I change my clothes if I want!
What color should I do next?!?


Ok I’m obsessed with this set ❤️ and I added on my ring finger to give a accent of GLITTER!!
-If you need your heart mani, I’m your girl!

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 01/18/2022

Today through the 21st, Color Street is going to be doing a B U Y 3 GET 1, GIVE 1 Promotion donating a strip with every Party Pack Purchase to someone with a child in and out of the NICU.

Because that is a time goes out the window. When you are solely focused on the well being of your child and overwhelmed with anxious feelings. Let’s give these parents a moment to take a breath WHILE still with their little babes, and do a little something for themselves to . It’s crazy what a little can do.

Check out bigstarnails . com and give the gift of self care to an exhausted parent!


Had some fun showing off various OVERLAYS for my VIPs. Have you played with any of these yet?! 💗💜🖤 They can really elevate your mani (and make it last longer too!)


Obsessed with this floral mixed mani! One of these sets is retired, but your mail dealer has you covered if you want this 🌸 look, shoot me a message!!

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 12/15/2021

Another Christmasy Mani! This one is holding up so well! I’m thinking of a Blue Christmas Mani next…hmm snowflakes ❄️ or snowmen ⛄️ ?! What do you think?


Good morning ☀️ and Hi! 👋 I’m Krysta, a boy mom to three crazy boys! They definitely keep me on my toes and drive me to the brink of insanity daily, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love stars, Mexican food and easy ways to feel pretty (like this starry filter 😂)

I fell in love with these DRY nail polish strips four years ago and have been sporting them on my fingers (& toes!) ever since!

They are quick, easy, fun and apply without a mess or dry time!

If you want to elevate your game and feel a little more put together like me (even on a messy bun and pajamas day) drop me a message! ⬇️⬇️

Photos from Big Star Nails by Krysta, Executive Director's post 12/03/2021

So many gorgeous winter and holiday manicures!!! Not enough hands 🙌 Which mani is your Fave?!


Got some festive and feathery nails 💅 for the week of Thanksgiving 🦃!! I’m loving the warm orange glitter that is complementing it!

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I am OBSESSING over this Retro Pop Collection!! 😍😍 Who wants to sport one of these HOT looks?! 🙋🏼‍♀️Which one should I w...




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