Naomi Booth Stylist

Naomi Booth Stylist


This weekend our Figo family experienced the tragic loss of one of our own. Riley was such a bright light in our salon and such a blessing to know. She was an inspiration to be around and we will be forever grateful to have shared this space with her. Riley, I’m so thankful to have known you. You are deeply missed. 🤍


Friends and family that have been a guest in my chair: I have a favor to ask of you. For the last two years I’ve been starting over and rebuilding my clientele in Michigan, and while it takes time to do so, your support makes all the difference in that process. Here are a few great ways to help support my business even if I’m not able to take you as a client anymore:

-Write a review including my name on yelp or Google on the Figo Salon pages.
-Refer your friends and family to me if you believe we would be a good fit.
-Follow and interact with my professional social media accounts by liking, commenting on, and saving posts.

My biggest goal is to create an experience where people feel they can relax, be heard and seen, and leave with a look that represents them fully. Thank you to everyone that has played an intricate role in my career these last 14 years, and thank you for the continued support—even if you aren’t able to be a current guest of mine. It truly means the world.


Grateful for all of the people that have become such an integral part of my career and my life. Thank you. ♥️


I’m pretty sure my favorite way to wake up in the morning is to a text from a client telling me that even months later they still love their haircut. 🥰

(It’s also nice when said client is your niece.)


Oohh, girl, she blonde. 🤩

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 07/26/2022

I wiiiiiish I would have taken a before photo.

Shortened it up, added a ton of texture, and got it nice and clean on the edges. 👌🏼

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 07/19/2022

Here’s another sneak peak from the photo shoot this last weekend.


I am so grateful for amazing, supportive clients. If you have been a client of mine, for however long, and you’ve enjoyed your time in my chair, would you mind sharing your experience and leaving a review through Yelp or Google? It would mean so much to me. After moving two years ago and losing my clientele of ten years in Minnesota, rebuilding takes a ton of work—your online reviews help with that! ♥️

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 06/28/2022

Well, after over a week of vacation followed by a week of being sick, I can finally say that I’m ready to be back in action. My books are open starting Friday and I’d love to see you! If you aren’t currently scheduled or unfortunately missed a recent appointment, let me know and we can get you booked right away. I can’t wait to see you!

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 05/27/2022

Natural light always makes for the best photos. Also, peep the blend. 👀😍


Check out this stunner from today. 😍😍

We were having some Hollywood glamour, Pam Anderson remix vibes for today and I’m FEELING IT.

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 04/29/2022

It’s the perfect time of year to do a lash lift! With vacations coming up, cabin filled weekends and a more low maintenance way of life, this is the easiest way to feel put together with minimal maintenance.

What does a lash lift do exactly?
💫 Gives you fuller, longer looking lashes
💫 Adds more depth and color to lashes
💫 Creates the look of makeup without putting any on

Have questions? Message me!

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 04/16/2022

Jasmin is the perfect canvas for red. We have done several styles, shades, and color patterns—but we always stick with red as our baseline.

💫 Red is the hardest color to keep in the hair.
💫Red is the hardest color to remove from the hair.
💫Red, for the most part, is a long term commitment.

Red isn’t for everyone, but man, it’s pretty great.

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 04/08/2022

Swipe for the before. 👀

Here’s the deal: grey blending and fashion colors are a big commitment with a lot of maintenance. (At least in the beginning.)

In order to get a clean silver or grey tone, you must remove any underlying pigment and any bit of warmth—this is a tedious and intense process on the hair. In order to keep longevity for this, it may require coming in for a toning appointment between major color appointments and will also require adequate product in order to keep the integrity of your hair as well as continuing desired color results at home.

But also, this is pretty bomb. 😍

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 04/02/2022

The before and after of this lash enhancement is BLOWING. MY. MIND.

A lash lamination is the perfect low maintenance option for somebody that wants drama without the commitment or potential damage of lash extensions. YES, this is her natural lash. And guess what? She’s not even wearing any makeup in these photos. 🙌🏼 Have questions? Message me!


Throwing it back after an INCREDIBLE texture class today. 🙌🏼 I’m looking forward to putting more education into an even better hands on experience for my guests. Do you have curls? Whether you love them the way they are, want to change or enhance something about them, or you don’t even know where to go with your current texture, reach out to me and let’s refresh your look! Here’s a quick wash and go style to elongate this guest’s curl and reduce her frizz. ♥️

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 03/19/2022

A little before and after action on this new guest of mine. ♥️

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 03/18/2022

We did a soft but noticeable enhancement on Madelon today, resulting in more defined brows and fuller, longer looking lashes. Brow and lash laminations give you the ability to have the look of makeup without the full daily commitment. Got questions? Send me a message and we can chat through options for your specific situation.

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 03/15/2022

Here’s a good ol’ lash lift from this weekend. Did you know that a lash lift provides fullness, enhanced curl, and major color depth on your NATURAL lashes? With a lift service you achieve a full makeup look without any tools or cosmetics. Have questions? Shoot them my way!

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 02/18/2022

Sometimes all we need is a little refresh.

Do you want to know the secret to long, healthy hair? Get ready for this….
✨Get it cut regularly.✨

Here’s the deal: we all want healthy hair. It is my job as your stylist to keep your hair in its optimal state with the highest integrity. The only way I can guarantee this is when you as the client follow the recommendations I give for your specific situation. (Timeline between appointments, at home care, necessary treatments, etc.) Once hair starts splitting on the ends, those ends MUST be removed. Until they are, that hair will continue to split its way all the way up the strand. In order to maximize length, integrity, and condition of the hair you NEED to trim it. For some people this may mean and inch and for others this could mean a very minor dusting. How long you wait between appointments will be one of the primary deciding factors on how much we have to take off to ensure your hair doesn’t continue to split.

How long do you go between appointments?

Swipe to see the before on this cut.


We’re ready for warm weather over here!

As a stylist I’m always thinking months ahead—literally. What we do with your hair today affects what we do a year or two, even three, from now. When formulating even the most basic color it’s important to understand what the bigger picture is.

Just a couple of the things both my client and I need to consider when making decisions for their hair are:
✨What are the long term goals you have for your hair? Short term?
✨Are you one to change your hair regularly? Do you bounce from color or color or are you a creature of habit?
✨Do you follow recommendations for proper care at home? (Spoiler alert: you should! More on that later…)

What are you looking forward to trying out with your hair as we get ready to move into a new season?

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 02/09/2022

I LOVED getting to do this before and after for ♥️
Talk about a CHANGE! Double tap if you’re a fan.


As my maternity leave is quickly coming to a close (only 9 days before I’m back…🙌🏼) I’m starting to mentally prepare for what the next few months holds.

✨One of the biggest things I’ve been trying to focus on is getting a good game plan for my online presence. I want to be able to share information, tips, and education on hair. What are things you’d like to see more of? What content would you like to learn more about?

And in the meantime, if you’re still needing to set up an appointment on my books, now is the time to message me!

Here’s to 2022. Cheers! 🥂

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 12/27/2021

Hey all—I will be returning back from maternity leave on January 28th and I am so excited to see everyone! I have reached out to several of you already, but if you don’t have an appointment set up yet, shoot me a message and we can make sure to get you booked right away for when I get back. But for now, here’s a little snapshot from summer when the sun was shining, the weather was warm, and it was time for big makeovers. 🙃


A little baby update to break up your feed. 🥰

Porter Brighton made his debut earlier this week on 10/26 at 9:57 am. We are so grateful for his sweet demeanor and the excitement he has already added to our family dynamic. ♥️


I got to play with our new liquid toners from Alfaparf and I’m obsessed! I can’t wait to get my hands in these more once I’m back from maternity leave.


So in love with the results of this color and blowout. 😍


Soft dimension combined with a punch in color placement.

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 10/14/2021

I only have a couple of openings left before baby arrives, due to a last minute cancellation for this weekend! If you need to get in for anything, Saturday is your last chance. Message me to book!

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 10/02/2021

Bright and breezy after this big chop and fresh color. ♥️

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 09/20/2021

I really love the results of this brow lamination. Leana already has full, beautiful brows but we wanted to refine and perfect them to really make them stand out. Each brow lamination includes the lamination service, a tint, and a brow shaping whether by waxing or tweezing. Curious what a brow lamination can do for you? Shoot me a message. Swipe to peep that before 👀 and double tap ♥️ if you love the results!


Before and after for this brow lamination makeover! Want fuller, fluffier, bolder brows? Do you have wiry brows that are hard to control and keep in place? Let’s book you a brow lamination and customize the perfect look for you! Got questions? Message me so we can book a consultation.

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 09/10/2021

So these before photos are from the second round of our corrective color. Lightening the hair will ALWAYS expose warmth and will ALWAYS fade warm. So when you start the process of grey blending or going blonde, you have to remember the maintenance that comes with it. Today we blended in some super soft dark foils to soften how much grey she has and blend out prior foils and banding. Then we glazed the remaining hair to cool down the exposed warmth that originally surfaced through.

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 08/27/2021

A dramatic lift on a natural lash. Swipe for the before. 👀

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 08/14/2021

I got to have .rn.kc in my chair today and it was the best thing ever. 😭🥰


Blonde. ♥️

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 08/02/2021

And for my final entry into the Alfaparf Colorist of the Year contest, here is my redhead model! Creating this unique look for my guest was extremely rewarding. I took one inch triangle shaped sections through the entire head and alternating three different formulas for each segment and occasional blending two formulas together starting in the mid strand in order to create soft dimension with pops of gold and rose. Swipe for the before and processing photos. 🤩

Formulas: 10 grams 6.66I, 20 grams 7.34 and 10 grams 000SSS with 1 pump red and 6 pumps gold and double 30 vol

20 grams 7.34 and 6 pumps gold with double 30 vol

20 g 8MRB with 4 pumps red and 2 pumps gold double 30 vol.
Process the entire head for 35 minutes.

I also used 3 pumps red pigment in conditioner all over head and sat for 5 minutes before rinsing.

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 07/31/2021

Here is my second submission for the Alfaparf colorist of the year competition in the category for brunette! Jenny was a first time color guest that came in with over processed blonde highlights that saturated her hair so much that it ended up washing out her complexion a bit. We still wanted soft dimension with some naturally lighter tones but overall wanted to see more depth without sacrificing movement in the hair. This is the end result! Formulas listed below.

Formulas: Filled with Alfaparf colorwear 20 grams clear, 10 grams 8.03, 10 grams 10.31 and 12 pumps gold pigment and 5 vol. for 35 minutes.
Next, on damp hair, I painted alternating sections of the following two formulas with Alfaparf evolution color:
-25 grams 4.32 and 20 grams 8.23 with 1.5 times 5 vol
-30 grams 8.23 and 1.5 times 20 vol.
Processed for forty minutes

Photos from Naomi Booth Stylist's post 07/30/2021

You guys! I am SO proud of this before and after. This is my first of three looks to be entered into the colorist of the year contest, in the category of color correction.
A little hair history for you: occasional salon color applications with box color retouches in between appointments to hold her over. (Let’s be honest, when you’re naturally 95% white you have to get creative to make your high maintenance color work. No shame here!)
With a little inspiration from and a WHOLE heck of a lot of help from color, we created this before and after color correction over the course of two sessions.
I lightened with Alfaparf’s high lift lightener in foils, starting with 10 volume around the hairline and 20 volume throughout the head, continuing to mix after each section was completed to ensure maximum lift with a low a slow formula to keep the integrity of the hair.
After the first lightening session, I went through and did a platinum card application on her whole head using high lift lightener and 20 volume again. Every 2-3 foils I would add in a woven lowlight of half 5MGB and half straight level 5 in evolution with 20 volume. Once the hair lifted to a level 9, I shampooed and rough dried the hair, then applied equal parts .1 and .2 harmonizers and double 20 volume over the whole head while the hair was still slightly damp. After processing for 25 minutes we rinsed and finished with a treatment and a trim.
It IS possible to transition to grey—thank you Alfaparf for providing the right tools in my kit to get the job done!

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