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All About Hair
The Benefits of Using Cocoa Butter
August 2015

For hundreds of years cocoa butter (a.k.a. Cacao butter) has been used in skincare. Keeping your skin moisturized as well as ultra hydrated is the primary health purpose. Skin maintenance systems that prevent stretch marks feature real cocoa butter as the primary, otherwise sole, component. Pure cocoa butter may also effectively deal with eczema as well as dermatitis. The main ingredient of lip balm and locks treatments is cocoa butter as well.

Cocoa butter is absorbed into the skin easily due to its tendency to melt at body temperature. Used topically, cocoa butter instantly impacts the actual texture of the skin and makes it feel more supple and soft. Cocoa butter's silk-like sensation and calming scent delivers stress-relieving as well as relaxation benefits when it is used in therapeutic massage.

Chart: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever 31/07/2015

Chart: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever Fake birth certificates, ghostwriters, teleprompters, a teenage trip to Mars, and more of the most paranoid and bizarro Obama conspiracy theories out there.


All About Hair
July 2015

Deciding on what eyebrow shape you want requires you to consider a few things. Because let's it, your eyebrows add beauty to your facial features. If you choose a shape that just doesn't look good on you, better hope those hairs grow back fast! Or, just add some straightness or curves by drawing them on. So here is a guide to help you find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face.

First you must consider how thick you want your eyebrows to be: thin, medium or thick. Then consider how high the arches will go: low, medium or high. Then, most important is the shape: rounded, hard angled, soft angled, 'S' shaped, and flat.

Rounded Eyebrows are great for people with angled features. This is because they soften, and tone down the sharp features of the face. This eyebrow shape was popular back in the late 90's and early 2000's, and is the look that makes a face look younger and happier.

Soft Angled Eyebrows are the eyebrows for every face shape. You can't go wrong with this shape. The angles compliment rounded features, while the softness of the angle will compliment angled features.

Hard Angled Eyebrows look great on curved faces: round, oval and oblong. Depending on the height of your arch this eyebrow shape will make your face appear long and slim. So if you're more of an oblong face shape, it's best to lower the height of your arch. This eyebrow shape is actually quite popular among younger ladies. It's what makeup artists like to call “Instagram Eyebrows.” Instagram eyebrows are usually drawn on to make the eyebrow look slightly thicker with sharp ends and high arches.

'S' Shaped Eyebrows consist of a curve and a high angled arch. They are best for any face shape, because they look good on both soft and sharp facial features. The high arch and hard angles will compliment rounded as well as short face shapes, while the lower curve will compliment angled as well as long face shapes. This eyebrow shape is one of the most preferred because it looks more feminine.

Flat Eyebrows make long face shapes, like oblong and rectangular, look shorter. Flat eyebrows may or may not have that soft downward curve on the ends. Some are completely flat and straight with a sharp angle on the ends. This eyebrow shape looks best on men but also on women whose facial features look more masculine. For a more feminine look, make it slightly thick at the beginning and let it end with a thin downward curve.

To sum it all up:
If you have an angled face, go with round or soft curved eyebrows

If you have a curved face, rounded or oval, go with angled eyebrows

If you have a long face, rectangular or oblong, go with flat eyebrows

If your face is short, go with high arched eyebrows

If your eyes are small, go with low arched eyebrows

If you have big eyes, go with high arched eyebrows

Mastering the skill of eyebrow modification can only be perfected with practice, patience and a good eye for what needs to be removed or added.



All About Hair
Lace Wigs 101

June 2015

If there's one problem with wigs, it's that we always have that nervous feeling of people noticing the odd way it looks on our head. It's never a comfortable sight to see someone stare at our hairline with curiosity. Lace wigs have been invented to create a close to realistic hairline that will allow you to part your hair. It is one of the hair replacement systems that people rely on for a realistic look.

Lace wigs had been used mainly for theatrical and medical reasons in the past. Actors and actresses glued the edge of the lace onto the scalp and covered the edge with make-up to disguise the wigs perfectly on camera. Those who have lost their hair completely due to medical reasons also wear full lace wigs to create a realistic hairline.

Patients who wear lace wigs for medical reasons often have a sensitive scalp, which makes wearing a wig very uncomfortable. Their skin gets dry making it painful and prone to irritations. Another problem is the fact that wigs need hair to hold on to the head, so for a person without hair, the wig can easily slide off. To avoid all these from happening, a strip of material called urethane is melted onto the lace, making it possible for the patient to avoid full contact with the wig.

When moisture is applied, this urethane material will naturally grip on to the scalp like a suction or vacuum. It will create a little bit of friction to stop the wig from moving around the head. Medical grade glue (wig glue) or double-sided adhesive tape (wig tape) is used to add a more secure attachment of the wig to the head. Depending on the preference of the patient, the urethane and adhesives can be placed all around the edge of the wig, or just on sections of the head preferably by the forehead area.

Years ago, lace front wigs were custom made by trained wig-makers, mostly around theaters and movie sets. Around the year 2005, a couple of major wig factories in Indonesia took a bold step in training thousands of factory workers to mass produce lace wigs. At first, most traditional wig-makers were skeptical about their investment and believed it was nearly impossible to mass-produce. Their bold investment and selfless effort returned was a huge success and revolutionized the wig industry.

Lace wigs are now redefined and separated into two different categories, the full lace medical wig and the lace front fashion wig. Since consumers wear lace front fashion wigs with their own natural hair underneath, instead of using glue, a wig clip is installed to secure the wig. The cost of lace wigs dramatically reduced by incorporating conventional wefted wigs with hand knotted lace attached only on the front part. The lace front wig also features a tremendous combination of security and comfort with the use of the wig's inner combs that hold it in place. They are also equipped with a soft, flexible lace patch that makes it comfortable for extended use.

Lace front wigs come in different styling or parting abilities. You can have plain lace wigs, which can be styled in any way the wearer wants, or a natural looking part, where wigs have lace only where the parting is. For example, if you want a natural looking part, try a deep part lace front wig where the lace is placed along the deep part line. Deep part lace front wigs provide natural looking front hairline and part lines.

Trimming the lace front wig:

1. When trimming the lace, you must decide on which shape of hairline you want to have.

2. The loose M-shape is the most natural and good lace wigs come with a natural looking hairline.

3. If you want a specific shape of hairline, you can put the wig on and draw a cut line on the lace, as a guide, before trimming it.

4. Most people have an uneven hairline, with fine hair (baby hair). To create this natural hairline, consider nibbling the edge of the lace, with a pair of scissors.


Natural Hair Care Products & Solutions for Longer, Naturally Healthier Hair | Diva By Cindy 04/05/2014

Hair relaxing became very popular in the 80's after people realized the Jheri curl could not give them versatility and was too greasy. No lye relaxers were formulated due to burn complaints from women who were getting relaxer services. No lye relaxers were presented as a gentler/milder form of relaxer without the lye.

With this women happily grabbed boxes of relaxer and applied their chemicals at home to save money and because of the convenience factor. When their hair became dry, brittle and began to shed they could not understand why their hair did not look like the models on the boxes.

The no lye relaxers come in two forms, calcium hydroxide and lithium hydroxice. (CaOH is the chemical formula for calcium hydroxide). The OH at the end of this compound is actually the base/lye component. The calcium causes deposits on the hair, causing it to become dry and brittle.

Hair consists of three layers and relaxer penetrates to the second layer to break the polypetide (protein) bond. When this happens the cuticle (first layer of the hair) remains open if relaxer is just rinsed and neutralized after processing without further action. This causes splitting, shedding and breakage.

In order for relaxed hair to remain healthy the use of relaxers containing calcium hydroxide should be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. Not only does the calcium result in dryness, but the neutralizer in the box is not sufficient to remove traces of relaxer from the hair.
This leads to hair loss and large amounts of shedding, especially around the hairline and temples.

After using a relaxer the cuticle or first layer of the hair is opened and neutralizer removes traces of relaxer from the hair. What the hair needs next is a stabilizer or a conditioner with a low pH to return hair back to its original acidic pH balance and seal the cuticle. This rearranges the polypeptide bonds which were broken during application of the relaxer.

After 3-5 minutes hair can be neutralized thoroughly. Applying a moisturizing or deep conditioner, rinsing and styling will complete the process.


In order to prevent over-lapping (relaxer touching the ends of the hair), which leads to over-processing and dryness, apply a conditioner to the ends of the hair. This keeps the relaxer from laving direct contact with previously relaxed hair. Enjoy healthy hair.

Cindy Tawiah
Creator and founder of "Diva by Cindy"

Natural Hair Care Products & Solutions for Longer, Naturally Healthier Hair | Diva By Cindy Diva by Cindy is a revolutionary new natural hair care line developed to help eliminate all your hair woes.


There is so much history in black hair and scalp care. Below lists some comparisons to reveal how far hair and scalp care has come from the 1700's to present day professionals of Cosmetologists, Barbers, and Doctors of Trichology.

1. PAST-Before the 1700's, in Africa, the natives would artistically carve combs out of wood and ivory. Hair was styled and ornamented with clay, beads, flowers and ribbons.

PRESENT-A variety of decorative combs, beads, butterflies, flowers, ribbons, chopsticks, ponytail holders and numerous other decorative hair accents are worn. Hair accessories are million dollar industry.

2. PAST-Braiding the hair was often symbolic and could for example, indicate if a woman was single, in mourning, or a high priestess.

PRESENT-Braiding the hair is very fashionable. A variety of patterns, designs and details are worn regardless of social class in America.

3. PAST-The name "Half Heads" was the name given to the royal runners of the Dahomey Empire of Africa. They shaved one side of the head and carefully shaped the other in a style closely resembling the American version of the Afro.

PRESENT-The Afro, Afro-Puff and combination braid designs with Afro Puffs are very popular today. Various lengths and shapes are worn.

4. PAST-During the early 1800's, the 'table fork' was used by African Americans to comb the hair. They also used the 'table knife' as a curling iron, by heating it over an open flame, then wrapping the hair around it.

PRESENT-Combs are available in abundance. Electric flat irons, chi and thermal curling irons are used to enhance today's hair designs.

5. PAST-As a dry shampoo for the hair, grits, corn meal and powdered charcoal was used.

PRESENT-Today there are shampoos available for oily, dry, normal hair textures, etc. and water used to properly rinse the shampoo from the hair.

6. PAST-To eliminate bacteria on the hair and scalp, sulphur and hog lard was used.

PRESENT-A Dermatologist or a Doctor of Tichology can address bacteria and fungal infections on the scalp.

7. PAST-Slaves slept in barns in the hay where their hair picked up insects (head lice) and their bodies picked up body lice. Hog fat was applied liberally to the entire body to kill body lice.

PRESENT-Today, head and body lice are almost unheard of in the African American culture. Mattresses are used worldwide, and personal hygiene is a daily routine for African Americans.

8. PAST- Wild apple leaves and chicken fat were cooked together to be used on the hair and skin to condition and oil it.

PRESENT-A variety of hair conditioners for various hair types and textures, and lotions are used on the skin for moisture and fragrance.

by Dr. Linda Amerson


Factors which influence hair growth.

One of the many myths about African American hair is that it will not grow long. This is simply not true. African American hair will grow long. There are a number of factors that influence hair growth.

The first is to get the ends trimmed regularly. When the ends are not trimmed, the split ends may cause the hair to break and snap off. therefore limiting hair growth. Regular trimming will help to retain the length that is gained from the roots. Natural hair does not necessarily grow faster than relaxed hair, however, it is not weakened by the chemical relaxer process and is less susceptible to breakage.

Constant combing may lead to split ends and hair breakage, therefore stifling growth. Combing is the main reason for hair breakage. Combing can cause hair to tangle and snap. The hair tangles, the greater force that has to be applied to remove the tangles, leading to an endless cycle of breakage.

Never comb dry hair, unless it is stretched using heat appliances such as a blow dryer or flat iron. It is suggested that hair be combed either wet or damp, because this is when it is most pliable. However, be mindful that wet hair is also susceptible to breakage, so it must be treated much more gently.

Combing is a normal part of hair care, so some breakage is expected, just don't lose more hair than is gained. Wearing natural protective styles helps retain length.

What good is it to spend your time and energy beautifying your hair, without considering your overall health. Exercise and proper nutrition directly influences the hair's integrity and overall rate of growth.

Stress can cause hair loss. Regular exercise can help reduce stress and promote blood circulation to the scalp, which helps to deliver nutrients to the hair. Drinking 1 to 2 liters of water per day will aid in the improvement of your hair's overall moisture balance, therefore minimizing breakage. It is also important to consume beneficial vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin B.

So remember that appropriate hair care and grooming techniques coupled with proper diet and exercise will help to ensure optimal hair growth.

For more information about hair growth and other styling tips, visit: www.karenwilsonbeauty.com

Karen Wilson Natural Beauty Natural Hair Care


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