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🅖🅐🅡🅐🅖🅔 Outlet Added ✔️ for a local customer & herself 💯 ... Aspire Salon 💇 💇🏼‍♀️ (make sure to check out her page if you’re in the market for a great & local stylist! )
🔸They requested an additional plug 🔌 in their garage so they could relocate the fridge 🥘 🥛 🍉.
Keeping it classy in -Nothing like a little 💪🏽.

Private studio salon Specializing in your hair cut and color needs! Taking care of your hair with Enjoy Haircare!

Photos from Aspire Salon's post 09/24/2022

When I ask.... Are you looking for sun kissed, natural, easy grow out highlights? The type that make it look like you've spent the summer at the beach....THIS is what I am thinking.

Oh, to have the natural highlights of a child....

Look at those face framing highlights, and that $ piece!!


Photos from Aspire Salon's post 09/21/2022

Going back to your natural color for is not for everyone. But if you’re looking to reduce your visits to the salon, or lower your hair expenses-it could be an option for you.

This left with a warm brown color perfect for fall, and a good trim to clean up her dry ends from previous highlights (a different stylist).

Do you go darker for fall? Or rock your favorite look year round?


Saving time….with the m'Chel Haircare aka the BEST dry shampoo I’ve ever used…and the amika: finished up with Formula 18

No longer shampooing more than 3x per week! 🙌🏻

Photos from Aspire Salon's post 09/16/2022

Feeling a bit too blonde and summery while you’re eagerly awaiting fall?? Looking for more time in between

It’s important to discuss your hair goals, home and work schedules, ideal maintenance and budget for the investment on your self care.

Hate your grays and wanna be in the salon every 4 weeks?

Looking to only be in the salon 2-3 times per year?

These are important tid bits of info I take into account when discussing your desired hair goals so that together, we can create a plan that helps you achieve the look you are wanting, while keeping your time constraints and budget in mind!


from Tired up keeping up with the blonde? Looking for dimensional color but less maintenance? Do you tend to be drawn to darkwr hair in the fall? Lets talk about options to bring yiu fall inspired hair that meets your long term hair goals!


This client received a from another stylist that left her overly highlighted, lacking dimension and that “pop” of color she originally had hoped for.

After discussing her hair goals, we established that what she really wanted was a softer, more natural, dimensional color with lots of layers for volume and movement.


Things be getting real bougie here….

Photos from Aspire Salon's post 07/02/2022

Finally!!! is in stock!!

Hands down the BEST dry shampoo I’ve EVER used!!! It actually makes your hair look and feel clean!!

I also stocked up on some summer essentials-travel size shampoo and conditioner as well as some cute hair ties and clips!! A must for this heat!

All are available for purchase! You can place an online order for porch pick up as well!

Happy 4th of July weekend!!


Love my roommate!! thanks for filling our cups!!


This client wanted her gray Covid roots blended with red/copper highlights….she left with super chunky highlights and lowlights.

Needless to say, her maintenance is nice 👏🏻 and 👏🏻 low 👏🏻 now!


May the 4th be with you 🤓

I myself am not a fan but who could pass up a post about ?! And his wild hair?? 😂

Photos from Aspire Salon's post 05/03/2022

Dimensional blonding is my jam…seriously. Creating dimensional, natural looking highlights…might be my favorite thing to do!

Same client. Same time of day. Inside Vs outside. No filter.


I’m never the first to get something or do something….I really waited to see if the hype lived up to the $$$ or not. But once I saw the new smoothing attachment to help reduce flyaways….I added myself to the waitlist for the professional version. And 👏🏻 let 👏🏻me 👏🏻 tell 👏🏻 you 👏🏻 I AM OFFICIALLY OBSESSED!!!

Photos from Aspire Salon's post 04/06/2022

How many of you have napped at the dryer/processing chair?? 🤔 It can be so relaxing to just sit, unwind, and let someone else pamper you!

I’ve done a lot of upgrading this year! From furniture, decor, drinks and snacks!! We even have a book exchange set up now! (So bring a book to your next appt if you’d like to donate/swap a book out!)

I’d love some suggestions on elevated snacks or drinks you’d love to have during your next appt! Drop some suggestion in the comments so I can step up my client snack and drink game! Xoxo

Photos from Aspire Salon's post 04/04/2022

Home hair care.

An essential part in maintaining your color and cut at home! What products you use and the tools you use impact the health of your hair, the longevity of your hair color, and helps you achieve the style that makes you feel your best self!!

I personally will never carry retail options that I don’t use myself, or would use on myself.

The lines I’ve chosen to carry and use in the salon, are lines I believe are high quality yet affordable. When you’re spending $$$ on your haircuts and color, invest in products that will help keep it looking it’s BEST! Otherwise you’ll just be washing that color down the drain! 😔

Sulfate free, paraben, color safe.

Do you see a favorite product of yours in the photo?

Not sure what to use on your hair?? Ask your stylist at your next appt for aftercare recommendations and they’ll help ensure you’re set up with exactly what your hair needs!


of owning your own business…

Social media planning, to do lists, goal setting, appointments with clients, meetings with vendors, inventory management, placing orders, cleaning, organizing, more cleaning, payroll, book keeping, business coaching/training, on going technical training/education… my boss is kind of tyrant 😂

The fun part is being with all of YOU and creating. Making you feel BEAUTIFUL and connecting with you in the chair!

Thank you for keeping my books filled so I can continue doing what I love!


If you don’t sing this…. We can’t be friends 😂

SoCal’s weather has been a 🎢 but we all know the 🔥 summer will be here before we know it!!

Are you a “chop it off for summer” or “toss it up in a pony or messy bun” person??

Who’s planning a big change in their haircut/color gearing up for summer?? I’m nosey give me the 🫖 in the comments 👇🏻


Having been a hairstylist for 20 years, I’ve seen hair color and highlights transform over the years! It’s no longer foil and go.

Every client, every highlight, every service-is different. It’s fully custom. There are so many techniques, so many names. The good news is, you do not need to know the correct term for what you want as the client! 😮‍💨 that’s a relief right??

Photos are the key!! Having some inspo photos of what colors you like, and even what you don’t like-that will help initiate a conversation that allows your hairstylist to decipher which techniques you need to give you the ideal results for YOU!

So don’t worry about knowing whether or not you want a . Show us what you love, and let us make some magic happen!!

I gave this beautiful client a sublet money piece with some highlights teased at the base to help create a soft grow out. We followed that with a shadow root to ensure her highlights were soft and caramel and would allow her a few months of grow out before needing to be back in for color.


One would think after 20 years of being a hairstylist that my career is settled. Established. Smooth sailing.

Well, isn’t that how complacency happens??

I’ve always considered myself a professional student. In school/college/cosmetology school…reading…always looking to learn and grow.

Nothings changed. I love pushing myself to new boundaries. Whether it’s learning a new technique, trying new products, learning how to be a better business owner and how to work both ON and IN my business….besides numerous classes and groups in participate in to be a better business owner, I’ve been learning a new service to also be a better hair stylist.

This first sew in weft will serve as a benchmark for my progress…. I can’t wait to start fulfill with Waterfall Beaded Row Extensions

What are you working on or learning right now?

Photos from Aspire Salon's post 03/24/2022

Not everyone wants white blonde highlights. Not everyone looks good with white blonde highlights.

If you want your blonde hair to shine and reflect light, it needs gold hues in it.

Brass is NOT gold. Gold is NOT brass. Don’t shy away from shiny golden blonde hair in an effort to avoid brass….lower your use of heat, and the temperature on your styling tools. If your water has a lot of minerals in it or you have well water, invest in a filtered shower head. Only use toning shampoos as necessary-too soon will pull your toner out, and too frequently can dry your hair out.


Wowza 🤩

This beautiful nurse & mama drives an hour+ to come see me!!

Thanks Jeanette for entrusting me with your beautiful hair!!


Ladies who struggle with beautiful, big messy buns….ladies like me, who just look homeless when we try to attempt the messy bun….are they all frauds?? Is this the real trick?? 🤔 do I just need to throw a few bun hairpieces up there and call it a day?? 😂 I’m only partially joking….and partially considering a purchase.


Say yesssssss to dimension!


I love a big and , but I LOOOVVVEEEE creating soft, dimensional color! 😍

Are you a big and bold color fan? Or the more natural the better? 🤔


So many things add joy to my world, but I have to say and are pretty high on my list! It’s but if you grew up in like me, everyday is a great day for tacos 🌮! 😊

I hope you’re having a , you feel beautiful, and you fill your belly with delicious tacos!


After 20 years it seems new terminology is always being created. New techniques. New trends. Keeping up with the verbiage is challenging for us Stylists, let alone our clients!!

So don’t panic or fret… you don’t need to know the correct verbiage. Photos are key! Even photos of what you don’t like can help your stylist create .

Which of these looks do you ❤️ the most? Any that’s got you 🤤?


Soft. Dimensional. Natural looking color-especially blondes.

That’s 👏🏻 My 👏🏻 Jam 👏🏻


I am so excited for this class next month!

Look at that solid anchor distributing the weight of the weft over a solid base to help prevent uneven tension and premature hair loss!!

Who’s ready for longer hair? More volume??

Photos from Aspire Salon's post 02/28/2022

Sometimes, with massive color changes in mind during a corrective color…as a professional and an artist, we must pivot.

This was not the original direction we had discussed during our consultation, but we both felt it would be sac-religious to cover the blonde ends in DARK.

We decided to work on removing the vivid colors and see what the palette was left as. This arctic fox blue refused to come out of the hair! So, we chose to go with an iridescent dusty rose while she figured out if she was truly ready to be dark again, and I’ve gotta say…I’m LOVING this pivoted outcome!!


I’ve had a few appointments for this week open up! Take this opportunity for some self care!

Appointments for tomorrow and Wednesday may not show up on my booking site due to how soon they are….

Tues 2/[email protected] or 1:30 cut & style
Wed 2/[email protected] highlight & cut
Thursday 2/[email protected] root touch up & cut, haircut @1 or 2:30
Friday 2/[email protected]:30 highlight & cut

First come, so go online and snag it!


The other side of running your own business….book keeping 🤦🏼‍♀️, planning, goal setting, learning and growing.

But 👀 my lil salon buddy today! Our newest addition addition, Asher the pugget (pug and whippet). He is fast AF 🏃‍♀️ when he gets out! 😂

Ok. Back to work. My boss is a slave driver 😉

A Quick Update from the Folks at Aspire Salon 01/17/2022

A Quick Update from the Folks at Aspire Salon

Salon Software Update

Square is dead, update Aspire Salons contact card!

I have officially transferred all appointments over to Vagaro!! I am still updating retail, so the online store is not 100% just yet, but if you're needing to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you can do so by clicking on your confirmation email/text, messaging me if you need you temporary login info sent to you, or by heading over to (

There an app for clients, the vagao app, and once you're signed in, you'll be able to contact the salon, update your info, sign necessary forms, or manage your appointments. It also has a waitlist feature...I'm placing those who are currently on the waitlist on the digital waitlist, so don't worry, you won't lose your place! But, if you can't find an appointment that you were hoping for, you can add yourself to the waitlist. If a cancellation occurs, it will update clients on the waitlist one at a time. You are given a couple of hours to respond to the offer to snag that cancelled appointment before it moves on to the next client on the list!

If you were sending messages via square, I believe vagaro has that same capability! I'm also available via text 951-512-0074, or email [email protected]. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you for your patience as switching software is always challenging for both the business and the clients! We are learning together!

A Quick Update from the Folks at Aspire Salon Click here for an update from Aspire Salon!

Aspire Salon updated their business hours. 01/15/2022

Aspire Salon updated their business hours.

Aspire Salon updated their business hours.

A Quick Update from the Folks at Aspire Salon 01/04/2022

A Quick Update from the Folks at Aspire Salon

New Software, Fresh Off The Presses

Happy New Year!!

Out with the old, in with the new ;)
I am in the process of switching salon software from Square to Vagaro. So you'll be receiving appointment updates from that site as I move my current appointments over. Please bare with me if you receive multiple emails and texts as I am learning and figuring out the new system, and how best to format it for my business needs.

You'll also receive emails/texts for forms that need signed. Some forms will be sent just once for your acknowledgment and others may be sent for each appointment. Please be sure to read them as your signature is stating agreement.

Also, I'd love for more clients to opt in to receiving text messages from the business software. It is proven that text messages have a higher open rate than email, and I have seen that first hand with emails I've sent out to you all over the past two years. It is also much more efficient to send a text to all of my clients vs an email, and if you're a client on the waitlist, you'll be alerted to openings faster via text to snag the open appointment!!

The software will not be open for you to access immediately as I'm just getting all of the current appointments transferred over and make sure that it is fully set up for your use! But, feel free to download the vagaro app, and create a login to familiarize yourself with the site and how it works. If you have an appointment on the books I'll be sending you your temporary login info so you also have access to your appointments at your convenience . Soon, my website and social media will have the updated booking widget as well...its a domino effect of what all needs to be updated and can take some time on my end...but, soon, it'll be seamless!

Please note, I have changed my cancelation policy from 24 hours to 48 as 24 hours notice is not enough time to get the appointment filled.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

[email protected]
951-512-0074 ( (

Looking forward to seeing you and catching up!


Tell Aspire Salon about your experience, and post a review!

In todays business world, online reviews are the lifeblood of thriving. Chances are you found Aspire Salon online, or were referred by someone else who did. We would love to hear what your experience is with Aspire Salon by posting a review to Google, Yelp, or even Facebook!

A Quick Update from the Folks at Aspire Salon Click here for an update from Aspire Salon!


She came for a change, and oh boy she did leave that chair looking FIRE 🔥🤩

I LOVE happy clients!

💗 Remember that we’ll be back at the salon in just a couple of weeks! Book today to start your 2022 with a refreshed look at


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Love me some client selfies!! Stay tuned....she’s making a tik tok too 🥰
Little sneak peak!! Looking forward to seeing all of my clients in my new studio!! Now off to bed, I’ve got a long commu...
Such a weird feeling, being in my home away from home EMPTY. My temporary home will still be in sola for the next month....
Last min changes to my schedule resulted in a few openings for THIS week!! Don’t wait!! Snag one for yourself!! #accepti...




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