Hair By Lisa Bruce

Hair By Lisa Bruce


This is me with straight hair, my hair stylist is Hair by Lisa Bruce. She gave me a loose perm and I just love it. Thank you Lisa for being the best in your field.
This is an After photo of a Keratin Treatment with Chi Enviro. The hair has been flat ironed now. This treatment has greatly reduced my blow doing time in half and I hardly had to use a flat iron on it. My hair feels stronger & is shinier.
This is the After photo of the Keratin Straightening with Chi Enviro. The hair had only been gently blown dry & has not been flat ironed yet. There is hardly any wave or frizz. My hair feels stronger after the treatment.
Before Picture of Keratin Straightening with Chi Enviro. This product reduces curl & frizz while it strengthens hair and makes it shine.
Your so awesome in what you do..I love your work..Love ya miss you
That's the color I want!!! =)
Hello! Do you offer Keratin treatment for hair? And if so, can I please get a price list from you? Thanks friend!

I work by appointment only, call ahead to book an appointment or a consultation. (951)490-3487

I am an independent licensed cosmetologist and have been doing hair for 15 years. I am a certified Color Specialists and have additional certificates in Color Correction, Japanese Straightening & Hair Extension application. Other services I provide are Precision Haircuts, High-lights, Low-lights, Perms, Brazilian Blow-out Keratin Treatments, Relaxers, Feather Extensions, Hair Tinsel, Facial Waxing, Up-do's, Make-up application, Deep Conditioners and lots more.

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 09/16/2022

Loving this Healthy Hair Trend✨🫶

Last session we removed dark red from her hair.
Swipe to the last pic to see her before ➡️➡️➡️
This session we wanted to get her to a natural dark ash blonde and put a few highlights around her face. This way she can ease back into her natural tone & see how she feels about a little blonde mixed in.
We both loved the results. It was the subtle change she was hoping for. And if she likes the blonde we can add more next appointment 🤩

Message me for booking availabilities.
Accepting NEW Clients ❣️❣️❣️

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 09/03/2022

Box Black Color Correction🖤💥🖤💥🖤💥

She had 10 years of box color on her hair so this color was very challenging. I’ve had her coming in for root touch ups on a medium dark brown for a year & doing treatments on her ends that would disrupt the box color on the rest of her hair.
It worked & her hair went from black to a dark medium brown (about 2-3 shades lighter)
I was so happy with the progress she made I told her we could start her color correction process.
The prep work is everything here❣️
It’s I’m protract to try to gently remove as much color as possible before putting lightener on her hair.
That way we don’t push color pigment deeper into the hair shaft & causing more color issues.
Prep work is also important so the hair had less chemical reaction to the lightener❣️
We did one application of low level lightener on her & we’re about to bring her up 3-4 shades lighter.
She was pretty orange-red so I toned her with an ashy brown to neutralize some of that warmth & create a more natural chocolate brown color🤎
She loved her 1st session results & is looking forward to her next session to hopefully get her another couple shades lighter 😍

DM For appointment bookings & info✨

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 09/02/2022

Another Corrective Color with great results 🤩🙌💥

Goals here were to make her brassy roots a lighter more neutral blonde💥
Give the hair more dimension💥
And remove the dark warm blonde toner💥

My GOAL was to do all these things without causing more damage to her already fragile bottom 1/2 of her hair. She was already previously lightened & a very harsh bleach was used on top of that so those ends were going to melt off if I wasn’t extremely careful.

We made a lot of progress this session but we still need to do more corrective work slowly over the next couple sessions to give her the goal color she wants.
She was SO much happier with her hair afterward and is looking forward to her next few appointments where we can get her back to her desired color😍

Message me if you need help with your hair goals!
I can help get you there with healthy results ❣️

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 09/02/2022

Corrective Color for this Beauty✨✨✨

There were a few issues she wanted to address. She needed the brassy area toward her roots fixed. She likes a slightly warm blonde so we decided to just neutralize a little bit of the gold through the rest of her hair. She also had a little bit of pink left over from a previous color so She also wanted to try to remove that as well.

We met most of her hair goals as you can see from the pics but we had trouble getting all the pink out. I’m not sure what they used on her previous color session but I suspect it contained textile color which tends to stain the hair. Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to remove but can sometime be neutralized with contrasting colors.
I told her we could try that at another session. She liked her results & wasn’t worried about the pink because it was so subtle 💕

Message me if you need some hair help.
I’m accepting new clients ❣️

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 08/24/2022

Warm Light & Dark Blonde tones🔅☀️🔅☀️🔅

This color came out so gorgeous 🤩
Her natural tone is very flat toned & she wanted to brighten them up & add in Carmel & Warm Blonde tones to give some dimension.
She wanted a color that would grow in very natural as well
I love the way this color came out & that she chose warm tones. They make the hair look bright & healthy.
Check out that

Message me if you’re needing a little hair
L😍VE ❣️❣️❣️
I’m accepting NEW clients currently 💥


Color Goals Achieved 🌟💥🌟💥🌟💥

This transformation took 4 sessions to remove the box color from her hair & get her to her Beige Blonde ✨

Being patient & going through a brassy stage is normal & actually necessary to do this as safely as possible for your hair💕

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 08/09/2022

Highlight + Lowlight combined for a BOLDER BLONDE🤩

She wanted her Blonde to POP💥 and see more dimension.
I decided on going with a lowlight color similar to her natural tone with a bright light Blonde contrast color 5 shades lighter.
Then I toned her hair to neutralize out any remaining warmth in her blonde being careful not to go to ashy & dull the blonde.
I wanted a Bright White Tone 🤍✨

She loved her New Look & how it was giving off 90s vibes🔅

Message me if you’d like to book an appointment❤️
I’m accepting NEW CLIENTS right now❣️❣️❣️

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 08/04/2022

Another Session to get her closer to her natural Silver Color ☑️

Swipe over to the last pic to see the progress over the last few months➡️➡️➡️

Loving how this came out!! 🤩
This is the closest we’ve got to her natural tone.
This session I just added lowlights in a dark silver tone to create dimension & give her hair that natural salt & pepper look.
I then toned her a very ash blonde to cancel out any remaining warmth. She likes a very cool icy tone❄️

She loved how it came out & was amazed at how close it was to her natural color😍

Want to get back to a more natural tone too??
Message me ❣️❣️❣️

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 08/04/2022

Toner Refresh & 2 packs Hair Extensions install☀️🤩☀️🤩

What happens during a hair extension move up appointment???

After I remove the grown out extensions
I clean them up removing the old tape. I then washed & toned her hair & the extensions to a nice icy blonde❄️

I applied the 2 packs to areas in her hair that would give her more fullness & length.

When applying extensions each client install is a little different based on head shape & the look they want.
I can even put them in “less sensitive areas” & make them more comfortable for my client.
This patience and attention to detail gives the client their perfect placement & they absolutely love the way it feels. They appreciate that they don’t have to go through days & weeks of uncomfortable scalp issues because of their extensions.

Want to try out hair extensions? Are looking for a more comfortable placement for your current extensions?
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Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 07/29/2022

Ice Blonde Highlights❄️👩🏼‍🦳❄️👩🏼‍🦳❄️👩🏼‍🦳

She came to me hoping to get a white, bright blonde🤍

I examined her hair & told her we’d try to get her as light as possible without compromising the health of her gorgeous long hair.
She agreed her hair health was first priority😍

I was actually able to get her very light using a heavily highlighting technique being carful & using gentle lightener on her ends.
I got her to a light pale warm color
I then toned her using a color that would counter all the warmth without making the hair look dull or ashy💕

Need hair RESULTS?
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Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 07/26/2022

Money-Piece Highlight & Haircut✂️☀️✂️☀️✂️

She liked her current money piece but wanted to go 1 shade lighter to make it pop a little more💥
We also cut 5 inches off her length & added some layers to give her more movement🤩

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 07/22/2022

Summer Hair Goals 🌞☀️🌞☀️🌞

She wanted Brighter Highlights + Subtle Lowlights for more dimension 🤍🖤
I loved this look she picked & knew it would look amazing on her🤩

I started by doing a Partial highlight & working subtle fine highlights in between. I continued the lowlights onto the bottom half of her hair to give it a slightly darker look underneath. This would make the top look brighter against the slightly darker bottom layer💕

I then toned her hair an icy blonde being carful not to go to ashy so it wouldn’t dull her blonde ❄️

It came out exactly as she hoped & she was so excited to get the hair she’d always dreamed of 😍

Love her look?
Need some ❣️❣️❣️
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Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 07/22/2022

New Color for this Cutie👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰👩🏻‍🦰

I was so excited she chose a Strawberry Blonde this time🍓🧡.
We’ve never done this color on her before so it’s always super fun to try something new🌟

I stated by color her roots using a gentle lightener & only bringing her up to a warm blonde tone.
While that was processing I applied a color remover to take out her previous color.

She came out a nice warm blonde so next step was to foil a Moneypiece & some highlights thorough the top of her crown.

I then mixed a custom blend of warm blondes & copper reds to create her base color.
The results were absolutely stunning on her🤩
She loved it & I had so much fun creating her new look❣️

Message me if interested in booking an appointment.
I’m currently accepting New Clients 😍


Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 07/20/2022

Partial Balayage Highlight💖💖💖

This was the 1st time she colored her hair so I had to make sure I nailed it & she had a great experience 😍

She picked out a few different looks & we ultimately decided on the lightest look because if she decided she didn’t like it we could always tone it down to the darker shades she liked in her other pics. It was her favorite look so she was excited 😆

I started by using a gentle low volume lightener because I didn’t know how quickly her hair would lift. I suspected it would process easily & I was correct. It looked great & when it reached the level I wanted we washed it immediately.
I then toned her with a custom honey blonde tone that matched her inspo look exactly 🙌
It came out so pretty & she loved it💕

Like her look? Want a new hair color too?
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Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 07/13/2022

3 Sessions of Color Correction Progress🌟🌟🌟

Her hair did so well between these sessions that we were able to make progress quickly & in only 3 sessions.
She has strong hair & proper at home care contributed to her getting to this blonde tone safely💕
No one likes going through the brassy levels but it’s completely necessary to get to goal colors without breaking down the hair & keeping it strong during this process.
It’s the safest way to do color correction & will keep the hair long & strong past the correction process🙌

Message me if interested ❣️❣️❣️

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 07/07/2022

Color Correction to remove some of that brassy-gold & fix her highlight pattern 💖💖💖

She wanted to go lighter & Icier ❄️
but had a lot of brassy tones in her hair.
I let her know before the session she’d probably need 2 separate sessions to get all the brassy tones out & transition her to the color she wanted.
This way we can do it safely & without damaging her hair💕

I started in the back underneath of her hair & worked up toward the top. I wanted to focus this session mainly on the inconsistent highlighting from a previous session & correct the mistakes.
Next session we will be removing the remaining gold/brass tones & dialing her color in better.
He hair did so well this session & actually got really close to her goal color🙌
And her hair felt better than we started with because I did an additional repair treatment on her 😘

She loved the results❣️❣️❣️

Message me if you need some hair help too❣️
I’m currently accepting New Clients ❤️


Dinner at
with .bruce

Isn’t he so cute in this shirt I got him💕🏝💖
And he cut down the beard❣️
I love seeing his handsome face😍

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 06/24/2022

Color Correction session 2🌟

Swipe ➡️ to pic 4 to see the color she started with in session 1💥

This session I focused on creating more dimension & lifting her gently 1-2 shades.
We actually got 2-3 levels of lift.
Her hair did so well
& it felt great 😍
I toned her an ashy blonde to cancel out the maximum amount of gold ✨

She loved the color & was so excited we got her this light🙌

Need some too?
Message me ❣️❣️❣️

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 06/23/2022

The process of Color Correction 👩🏻👩🏻‍🦰👩🏼👩🏼‍🦳

This is her 3rd Color Corrective service going box brown to a natural light silver ✨

Being patient with the process & going slow is the key to keeping hair healthy & strong though multiple corrective services.
Also going through a brassy-gold stage is necessary & very likely.
I try to tone the hair as neutral as possible but sometimes it’s extremely hard to get it to do that & it’s going to revert back to gold after a few washes so being okay with this & accepting it is part of the process.
Everyone’s hair is different & color correction can take anywhere from 2-12 months to get to your goal color.
Getting you there safely is my FIRST priority 🌟

Interested in this process?
Message me for an appointment or consultation ❣️❣️❣️


Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 06/23/2022

Color Correction to get her toward Blonder Goals 🌟✨🌟✨🌟

I had to be so careful with her hair. She had previously lightened hair & color over that so lightening up her hair was very concerning. I had done a color remover on her h couple months ago & her hair seemed strong enough so I used a very low volume gentle lightener & watched it like a hawk😳😅
Her hair did pretty well & we actually got it a few shades lighter 🙌
I then toned her a honey beige blonde to neutralize some of the brassy tones in her hair.

We made so much progress this session & are looking forward to the next session.

Need some hair help?
Message me❣️❣️

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 06/21/2022

Corrective Color to get that Ombré effect ☀️🌞☀️🌞☀️

She wanted a blonder less brassy color from mid to ends & a darker base color. She also needs something more low maintenance because she lives out of state & can’t come in for regular touch ups.
I started by weaving her hair & leaving out pieces that were already lightened to a level 9-10. I saturated her hair heavily toward the bottom & lightly brushed the lightener up toward the roots apply less as I went up.
After processing we applied

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 06/20/2022

1.5 Rows of Sew-in Extensions 💖✨💖✨💖

I started by doing a color touch up & evening her color throughout her hair.

I then started by sewing in her extensions 1 row at a time stopping after each one was completed to let her feel the thickness & decide if she wanted another row sewn in.

She decided 1.5 rows was the perfect amount 🙌

She loved the results & was amazed at how light they felt💕

Message me if interest in hair extensions💖
I’m currently accepting new clients ✨✨✨

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 06/17/2022

Summer Blonde Balayage ☀️☀️☀️

Lighter & Brighter without gold brassy tones were the goal🤩

I started by doing a balayage technique & foiling each piece for maximum lightness.
After it came up to the level desired I toned her with a gloss Demi-color in a slight ash-pearl blonde ✨

She loved the results & told me she was getting lots of compliments on her new look 😍

Love it?
Message me for an appointment❣️
I’m currently accepting new clients💥

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 06/16/2022

Bright Warm Red with Copper Highlights🔥🔥🔥

She wanted lots of dimension & brightness in some warm red hues 💥
I suggested going a little bit brighter with her RED color and more Copper with her highlights. This combination would give her hair a high reflective shine when light hits it☀️
She loved the results & it was exactly what she was wanting 😍

Message me for help with your color ❣️
I’m currently accepting new clients❤️


Split Color💕🤍💕🤍💕🤍💕

This was such a fun 💖

I started by touching up her dark roots with a gentle lightener & toning out some of the yellow with a purple shampoo.
I then added to one side a combination of 2 pink shades by to one side then toned the other side a grey blonde by blonde toner

She was loving this silver & pink split combo.
It came out exactly as she hoped🙌

Message me if interested in a new look?
I’m accepting new clients right now💖

# .mariie

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 06/06/2022

r CORRECTION Transformation💥💥💥

She hated this box color 😩
It took too dark & she like vibrant reds❤️

I started here by adding a color remover to her hair everywhere I saw color. After there was a dark band of color through the mid shaft so I added a gentle lightener to those areas to lighten then about 2 shades. From there I felt the color was finally even enough to add the color she wanted to her hair.
I rooted her out with a dark red & melted that into a vivid bright red by .
I’m loving the results I’ve been getting with their vivid line. The colors are so pigmented & last😍
I also did an 2 treatment to seal up that cuticle & repair some of the fragile hair on her ends❤️

These results were so beautiful & she was loving her new look❣️

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 05/26/2022

Icy Blonde Moneypiece💲🤍💲🤍💲🤍💲🤍

Pic 3 has the 1st session🌟 ➡️

We’ve been working on this for months to get it an icy blonde❄️
She had previous color on her hair & it was damaged in the past with lightener so we wanted to be super careful getting her to this tone.
She was VERY patient letting me lighten her hair slowly in 4 sessions over the last 10 months 🙌😍
Being patient has paid off. Not only because she got the color she wanted but there’s no damage/breakage and her hair has actually gotten longer through this process💕

To see the 1st session compared to our last session 🤩

Message me for you appointment. I’m currently taking NEW CLIENTS 😍❣️

# # .aqt

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 05/25/2022

Ice Blonde Goals ACHIEVED💙❄️💙❄️💙❄️💙❄️

She wanted a bright icy blonde with no yellow 🙌
Normally this is a very hard color to get clients to but I could see her hair had been lifted to that level previously so I was pretty sure we could get her there in 1 session✨
She had some breakage & I didn’t want to make it worse so I focused my lightening work on her root to mid area. This was corrective Color so I had to be very precise picking out the dark-gold areas & leaving out the areas that were previously highlighted.
This took some time & patience but her hair processed perfectly & came up to a nice light blonde quickly.
I then toned her a light ice blonde in gloss & then did an 2 on her hair to restore strength & close that hair cuticle.

We were both loving these results 💕
It came out absolutely beautiful💖

Message me if you’re needing help with your ❣️❣️❣️


Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 05/24/2022

Copper & Highlights🧡☀️🧡☀️🧡

Loving this warm copper tone with these warm blonde highlights. The combination is perfect for her completion🌟

I stared by applying a gentle lift lightener all over for her highlights. Using 2 different patterns to create a blended soft highlight. I then applied the copper color from root to ends. At the shampoo bowl I toned her with a light warm gloss tone in a warm blonde to give the hair a little more shine ✨

I also cut her into a slight a-line bob & added some razored layers to give her hair hair a wispy lighter feel🧡

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 05/11/2022

Highlights + 18 inch Extensions✨✨✨


Her hair is very fine & delicate so lightening her gently is key🙌
I brought her to a level 9 then toned her hair in my signature formula by 🌟

I then installed a little less than 2 pack of tape in extensions. I used a darker balance blonde & sandwiched it with a lighter tone the Shane shade as we lifted her. This created a natural dimension throughout her hair & blended PERFECT😍

Need some too???
Message me for an appointment❣️❣️❣️

Photos from Hair By Lisa Bruce's post 05/10/2022

Adding some Blonde Peek-a-boo highlights to her weft with 1 pack of ☀️☀️☀️

She wanted highlights but is trying to get her hair healthy & strong after a bad lightening experience. I suggested we do a pack of i-tips. They come in the color she wants so all we have to do is install them & she’ll have instant highlights😍

We decided to keep them in the mid-part of her hair where her weft is located & attach them to it instead of her own hair. Next time if she wants them higher & more toward the top we can adjust than anywhere she likes🙌

ALSO 1 pack of these with install costs about the same as a highlight🤯🤗

And if the color is too light we can always tone it down or even color them a fun color like Red❤️ or Pink💕

Message me if interested in this option❣️❣️❣️
Currently I’m accepting new clients🥰

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