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Erin Alexander

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Photos from Erin Alexander's post 08/02/2023

August is here, & I’m ready to see all of you!🌿

To continue celebrating new and old clients I am excited to offer the option to purchase a facial package!

August 1, 2023-August 5, 2023 only.

Packages reflect the purchase of 2 facials, the 3rd facial is free. 🫶🏻

Express Dermaplane Facial Package: $130.00
Hydrating Enzyme Treatment Package: $160.00
Anti-Aging Facial Package: $200.00
Your Pick Package: $220.00


microdermabrasion facial + extractions on this lovely client! ✨


change doesn’t happen overnight - so when you feel like giving up - KEEP GOING

stay consistent with your goals whether that is starting your skincare journey, or any other goal/goals in life. you’ll be happy you never gave up and you put in the work.

then you can proudly say - YOU DID THAT ✨

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 04/19/2022

refreshed and glowing 🤩


consistent facials pay off 👏🏻


time + consistency is key

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 03/08/2022

Goodbye dullness, Hello to the glow ✨


Apply that SPF sis ✍🏻


Good Brows | Good Mood | Good Day

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 03/08/2022

Consistency is key! We are working on smoothing her skin by getting her on a treatment schedule with extractions. 🌿

Swipe for the before 👉🏻

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 03/08/2022

Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, YOU ARE your longest commitment. 💆🏼‍♀️✨


Sunless tans, ARE the best tans! 🤎 Trust me, your skin, health, and future self WILL thank you later!

With Spring & Summer days approaching- most of us love that sun kissed glow, right?

Sunless tanning offers an instant glow without any of the dangerous exposure to UV rays that can lead to premature aging, sunspots, or even skin cancer.

Drop your favorite self tanners - spray tan companies - tips & tricks below 👇🏻

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 03/08/2022

One of the main benefits of facial massage is its ability to improve overall skin appearance. Also my favorite part of the treatment. 🤩


Are you drinking plenty of water? Here’s a few reasons why you should be:

+ Drinking more water is the most natural way to get that beaming, glowing - healthy skin we ALL want!

+ Water keeps the body hydrated, refreshed, and helps maintain your skin’s elasticity.

+ If you have a lack of elasticity in your skin, you might be dehydrated.

+ As we age, it is tougher for our bodies to retain water, so by inputting more water into your system, you are helping your body and your skin stay healthy and hydrated. 👏🏻

Tip: The amount of water you should drink in a day depends on metabolism, weight, height and your daily routine. Generally, adults should drink between 5 and 8 glasses of water everyday! 💧

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 03/08/2022

Got to treat this beauty to a facial for her birthday, check out that before and after! 👌🏻


The importance of wearing Sunscreen Everyday, during every season - whether it’s sunny or cloudy!☀️☁️

Everyone’s heard, reapply til you die right?

No matter your skin tone, if you have skin, you NEED to wear spf. Ultraviolet rays are always present. Wearing sunscreen daily saves you from visible damage that can appear later in life.

UV Rays cause sunburn, premature aging, trigger melanin production, skin cancer, and are the leading cause of dark spots!

Look for a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ 👉🏻 make it your best friend.

The goal is to PREVENT & PROTECT so you’re not left trying to correct.

+ Apply sunscreen all over your body, not just your face.
+For your face, use the three finger rule to be sure you’re applying enough.
+ Wear protective clothing to cover your arms and legs.
+ Wear a hat and sunglasses.
+ Avoid the sun during the middle of the day. Rays are the strongest between 10am-4pm.
+ Avoid tanning beds. Sunless tans, are the best tans. Use a self tanner if you must.

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 01/21/2022

Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls, Get Peels 🤩

Peel #2 in the works!

The last two pictures are her right before this treatment. She has had a series of signature facials, and a peel prior to this service. Along with her at home skincare routine, The results are speaking for themselves! 👏🏻

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 01/20/2022


+ swipe for the before


Reminder: A skincare routine is not just for your face! Don’t forget to also take care of your neck, chest, and hands!

Your future self with thank you. ✨

Here’s what you can do that will keep your neck, chest, and hands appearing younger and healthier.

+ Consistently use the exact same anti-aging skin care products you use for your face on these areas as well.

Your hands are one of the first areas of the body to show signs of aging.

+ It’s good to apply SPF with a good daytime hand cream, while also using a heavy nighttime cream in the evening.

Exfoliate the back of your hands 1-2x a week!

As always - SPF is key 🗝

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 01/20/2022

I’m actually obsessed with these before + afters! 🤩

We are working on toning down her redness. With this treatment we did a little bit of microderm followed by a chemical peel.

Peels can reduce the appearance of redness by exfoliating the top layer of the skin, which is then replaced by new healthier skin cells!

I can’t wait to see her skin after a few more treatments.✨

Peel Used: UltraBright Peel with Lactic Acid - brightens and hydrates dry/dull skin, minimizes the appearance of fine lines.


We have been building her skin up to chemical peels over the past few months!😁

This is immediately following the peel. Redness is at a minimum, but is to be expected.

We did a combination peel:

+ UltraBright Peel with Lactic Acid - brightens and hydrates dry/dull skin, minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

+ PowerClear Peel with Salicylic Acid - helps reduce/prevent breakouts, visibly reduces post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring, diminishes excess oil and helps unclog pores.

Can’t wait to see her skin after a couple more treatments!

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 01/12/2022

Hydration was our main focus along with some brightening 🤩

Swipe 👉🏻 for the before


Have you added double cleansing into your skincare routine yet?

“Think of your skin like a canvas. You need a clean canvas to start your work.”

Makes sense right?

+ Start with an oil based cleanser - this is going to help remove/loosen oil-based impurities such as make up, dirt, pollutants, and whatever else your skin has came in contact with during the day.

+ Then go in with your target cleanser to wash it all away. Not only are you using your target cleanser, you are also preparing your skin to allow your products to better pe*****te and work more effectively.

Double cleansing is great for oily-acne prone skin, or anyone that wears make up.

Using the best double cleansing products for your skin type is key to avoid over washing or drying out your skin.

TIP: When cleansing - It is best to wash upwards and outwards in order to get a deeper cleanse.

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 01/12/2022

These before + afters 😍

I can visibly see the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles on this beauty after just ONE 75 minute signature facial.


Tap into your passion and find that bliss. ✨

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 01/12/2022

Do you want fresher looking skin, minimized fine lines + wrinkles, smoother + brighter skin?

Microdermabrasion might be for YOU! ✨


Simple skincare hack I love: MY ICE ROLLER 🧊It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s effective!

Puffy face, stubborn breakout, aging skin?! 👉🏻 ICE IT.

+ Instant Glow
Icing constricts your blood vessels and soothes inflammation. This visibly-reduces tiredness on your face, improves blood flow, and brightens your complexion.

+ Soothes Acne
Ice on acne can help reduce the redness and inflammation by improving blood flow and by shrinking the pores and curbing excessive oil production.

+ Reduce Puffiness
Applying ice on your face regularly reduces swelling by shrinking dilated blood vessels. It is helpful in getting rid of puffy under eyes.

+ Reduces Signs of Aging
The coldness of the ice helps tighten the pores of your skin and limits the appearance of aging, making your skin appear firmer and younger.

+ Don’t apply direct ice on your skin more than once a day. Can be done anytime during your skincare routine after cleansing, or at the end.

+ If you have sensitive skin, don’t apply ice cubes directly to your face. A towel or a cold compress works better.

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 12/31/2021

She is glowing, hydrated, & ready for the holidays! 🎄

Photos from Erin Alexander's post 12/31/2021

Everyone needs a little self care, life gets busy! Family, Work, Day to Day Life. Here’s your reminder to put yourself first every now and then. Come see me so I can help you achieve your skincare goals, while you relax. 💆🏼‍♀️✨

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