Jordan Prause

Stylist at Joe’s Salon and Spa! Love doing everything from colors and cuts to makeup and updos! Come see me!

Please take me back to doing what I love ❤️

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there! If you need to go out for any reason PLEASE make sure you are covering your face. There’s so many resources online on how to make a face mask or ideas of what to use to cover your face.
Miss you all very much, the faster we social distance and keep ourselves healthy the faster we can all go back to normal. Take care of yourself and others.
Xoxo, Jord

At Home Eyebrow Tint Tutorial w/ Jord

Hi guys!! I know the past few weeks have been really tough for everyone. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy! I miss everyone so much!

I have been home, doing lots of cleaning having some much needed family time. While this time has been very scary I feel extremely blessed to be able to do my part to flatten the curve and STAY HOME, happy and healthy.

Now unfortunately with me home...who’s gonna do your color?!?

With Joe’s Curbside Color we will provide you guys with everything you need to get an amazing color all by yourself, including your own color, instructions, gloves, a cape and more! Check out Joe’s Facebook and Insta pages for more info!

One of the things we have available for you guys to do at home (by the way this is always available for purchase, even when there’s not a global pandemic) is your very own eyebrow kit! You’ll get to see all the supplies you’ll receive in my video!

I haven’t been doing makeup at home as I’m trying to give my skin a much needed break. However, my eyebrows are very fair and tinting them makes me feel more like myself!

I promise this is super easy to do at home so I’m coming to you in my PJs (because let’s be real what else are we wearing these days) to show you how you can do your own brow tint!

I hope you guys enjoy! If you have any questions for me about the brow tint or about how to apply your root color please leave them in the comments below!

I hope to see you all again very soon!

Xoxo, Jord ❤️

PS Please follow me here on my page for more updates OR you can follow me on insta @jordydoesbeauty ☺️

Daniel Mason Jones

Stop!!!! Wait for us!!! Wait for the Professional Hairstylist to take care of you. 🙏🏼
Over the past week, Hairstylists all across the world have had to literally come to a complete stop inside of our salons.😢
Many Hairstylists live paycheck to paycheck and really count on the support of their customers. you may not know this, but if a hairstylist doesn’t touch hair, they don’t get paid. (There’s usually no insurance and definitely no paid time off )
It is a sales-based business and well without sales, there’s no money. Many of the people in our industry are single moms and your cut or color could literally mean the difference of them paying childcare or not. 💯
Hairstylists hold a professional license and are very educated with color formulas, chemistry and can fix a wide array of color mishaps. 🙏🏼
Hairstylists are also some of the most caring and compassionate people on the face of this earth. They sacrifice health, family and so much more just to make sure that their customers are always satisfied and taken care of. This includes working on holidays, birthdays and many times family / social events.
They are givers, humanitarians, philanthropists and lovers of everyone. ❤️
During this time, the professional hairdressing community ask that you please refrain from box coloring your own hair, cutting your own hair and even more importantly, we ask that you not ask a hairstylist to come to your home for hair services. This not only degrades the professionalism of the industry, it is putting them and you in harms way. It is not possible to practice social distancing as a stylists. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Here’s what I know for sure, your hairstylist is counting on you and your loyalty. They are counting on you to return to the salon as soon as this coronavirus pandemic ends.💯
And just as your hairstylist has supported you through many difficult times in your customer/ stylist relationship, they are asking you for the same during this time.🙏🏼
Please do the right thing and #WaitForUs
Other ways to support your hairstylist and local salons are to purchase gift cards, leave them a positive review on one of the many sites available, purchase your shampoo and beauty products from them and their salons. After all, this time they NEED you. 💯
Thank you @minkim for inspiring me with your beautiful post today to put this out to masses on social. #commUNITY

Hello all! While it’s hard to do all the things I normally do for my clients right now in the current situation, I’m still trying to find the little things I can do! Shoutout to Stephanie for sharing this program!

So as of today I am Officially Barbicide Certified! Sanitation is always super important to me, but it never hurts to brush up on it. I hope that one good thing that comes out of the current situation is that when it’s all over, maybe we will all have some better cleaning habits.

I hope you find some productive things to do while staying home! I feel so lucky that I get to stay home in this scary time and thank you to all the essential employees doing their best out there right now! Happy weekend! ☺️

Joe's Salon and Spa

Roots got ya down? (Hopefully) Not for long! 😉
Joe’s is *waiting on approval from the town+state* to offer Curbside Color Pickup for root touch-ups & eyebrow color kits! 🎨

• Root Touch-Up Kit ($30) Includes: Tube of color (formulated specifically for you), developer, brush, cape, gloves, & step-by-step instructions. Curbside Color kit good for 2 partial applications (crown of head to front hairline, sides down to ears) or 1 full (crown of head to nape hairline)
➡️ Each additional bottle of color and developer : $15.

• Eyebrow Color Kit ($75) Includes: desired eyebrow color, developer, mixing cup, brush, skin stain shield, & instructions! (Estimated number of uses 10-20)

Please call 📱860-354-4806 and leave a voicemail or email 📧 [email protected] directly to request your color kit. *We will keep you updated on our progress with approval from town/state as to when you will be allowed to pick up.* Stay safe, stay home, you’re all beautiful. (Even with roots). 🥰 @ Joe's Salon and Spa

Stolen Sad Memes

Mel Stringer Art

Joe's Salon and Spa

❤️ Repost • “Good news! Thanks to everyone’s generous donations, we’re no longer asking the public to drop off hydrogen peroxide to the distillery. We have enough to hold us over until our bulk order arrives later next week. THANK YOU!
Joe’s Salon and Spa in New Milford donated 15 large bottles today and Alpha Chemical of Stoughton, MA is donating five gallons as well.
Plus, there were dozens of individuals who chipped in! It’s great to see the community coming together to help.

Most important pls don’t resort to box color...if you’re staying home nobody’s gonna see your roots anyway! Stay safe everyone ❤️

Some advice for those who don’t have their hairstylist during this time... .
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Please stay home and stay safe everyone.

Repost • “I’m so very excited to be representing #classiccountry at #theopry tonight in Sherman, CT! I love this music community. Thank you @joessalonct for styling me classic country. 📷 @gregvorephoto”

Makeup done by me for this beautiful lady!

A beautiful warm winter tone for Tiffany!!

A down-style from a veryyyyyy long time ago...

We are already starting to book for proms and weddings. I would love to see you for your next special event in the coming season!! Call (860)-354-4806 and ask for Jordan for styling and/makeup applications! ☺️

Joe's Salon and Spa

Our Joe’s team rose with the sun to support @thewomenscenterdanbury at the 12th Annual Hearts of Hope Breakfast! ☀️ Thank you @thefoxhillinn for donating your space and your staff, to everyone at WCGD for continuing to serve, educate and support our community & to speaker Amy Polacko for sharing your strength and your story. 💟✊🏼 #wechoosehope #WCGD #advocacy #allyouneedislove #allyouneedisjoes

Loved bringing Kylie back to her trademark color! Swipe to see her before ➡️ @ 19Main

My beautiful client didn’t want the world to see her face, but they gotta see her hair!! Using the new Silverado Illuminating Pomade from @oribepro! We also used the Silverati Shampoo & Conditioner!

Cut and style done by me! Color is all natural ☺️

Just two 4+ hour sessions later! Removing old brown color and a red box dye!
Swipe to see her hair before! ➡️ @ Joe's Salon and Spa

Joe's Salon and Spa


Joe's Salon and Spa

Get #joesstylist Jordy’s Tousled Crimped Bob at home! 🙌 Step #1 • Apply @oribe #mystify & @bumbleandbumble #pretapower. Step #2 • Blow-dry pretapowder into scalp/hair (Jordy’s secret technique!). Step #3 • Crimp hair from roots to ends. Step #4 • Spray in @oribe #flashform or #drytexturizing, and you’re good to go! 💝🙋🏼‍♀️ @ Joe's Salon and Spa

Subtle Balayage for this beauty’s first time color!

Her hair already had some natural highlights so we just enhanced them and this was the end result!! Swipe to see her before. @ New Milford, Connecticut

Swipe to see the stages of becoming a blonde!
The first picture is the result of three foil appointments!
The middle picture is the after the first time we put highlights in while trying to fight some old box color.
And finally the last photo was our before!!
Moral of the story is if you trust the process, one day you will have the most beautiful blonde! @ Joe's Salon and Spa

💕 Thinking Pink 💕


Please stop by and see us tomorrow if you have time! 💕

REPOST from @joessalonct

🎉 TOMORROW, November 15th! 🎊
Join us for our annual Friends & Family Celebration, 5:30pm - 8pm! 🤩
Enjoy complimentary food & drinks while seizing our awesome holiday deals!! 20% off ALL RETAIL in Salon & Spa! 😱🥂🍇🍷🧀😍

🌹✨ Rose Gold ✨🌹

Two sessions later...this is the color we came up with! @ Joe's Salon and Spa

Bombshell Hair

“She just cuts hair.”
By : Maggs Elizabeth

She uses intense trigonometry to figure out the exact angle to cut your hair in order for it to lay correctly.

She uses scissors sharper than knives very closely to her hands and fingers with centimeters to spare moving them quicker than your eyes can follow.

She puts her body in odd positions to make sure she is level and can see each strand of hair she is moving, causing major damage to her body while she’s standing and bending for 12+ hours straight.

She buys pays to sharpen her shears and gets new shears yearly that cost anywhere between $50-$2,000 with no payback, just to make sure your hair isn’t damage from the tug of dullness.

“She just colors hair.”
She uses chemistry to create a special formula to work with your hair, that most likely won’t work with someone else’s.

She uses time that works against her, as two minutes too late will blow the cuticle in your hair and/ or fry it off.

She strategically places mixtures to blur lines and create a subtle blend and/or dimension.

She changes the combination for each client as mineral build up and pollution from water/environment/ products will react differently.

She changes the color of your hair without knowing exact genetics which play a huge part in reaction to chemicals.

She spends 3 hours moving her arms and bending her body into awkward positions to ensure perfection.

She copies an image from the internet that was a 12 hour session with 5 stylists working, by herself in 3 hours.

“She just plays with hair.”
She spends 50% of her work day using tools as hot as your oven.

She styles your hair exactly like that Pinterest picture that’s actually a wig.
She constantly breathes in fumes from hair products and she can’t tell you the last time she didn’t have a hair splinter.

She squeezes you in for a last minute style as she’s already been on her feet for 10 hours straight.
She has her arm above your head moving it back and fourth for an hour to blow dry it flat.

“She just does hair.”
She spends an hour doing a 4 year olds hair because she can’t sit still but it’s mommy’s wedding day. Mommy cries when she’s done because her daughter looks beautiful.

She spends 3 hours with a teenager who tells her every single person messes up their hair and she doubts this one will get it right. Suddenly brunette isn’t her color, she needs it back to blonde next week.

She colors a 35 year olds hair who has been using box color for 15 and didn’t tell her beforehand, so the chemicals reacted and caused it to smoke making this process 6 hours that could’ve been 2. She’s now being yelled at by her next client for running behind.

She wraps a 80 year olds hair in rollers for an hour to ensure she looks beautiful for her husbands funeral. Her daughter calls week later to thank you for making her mother feel beautiful.

She works when she’s sick because there is no calling off when you work with personal appointments.

She works when a family member is desperately ill in the hospital because her clients have gray showing and they have a meeting tomorrow.
She misses her best friends surprise birthday party because it’s prom day.

She works until 10pm because her clients hair reacted differently and nobody can figure out why.
She gets woken up by texts at 3am asking if she can get someone in the book soon.

She makes extremely close connections with her clients and spends all of her social energy on them.
She doesn’t get “vacation days” because people need her in order to feel beautiful.

She missed her child’s first soccer game because she was already scheduled two colors and cancelling would just be “silly.”

She doesn’t work 8-4 or 9-5, she works first client to last with no real promise if she can make it home for dinner tonight.

She also hasn’t eaten lunch the past three days because she’s had no time between clients.
She spends hours researching new techniques and finding educational classes to attend on her one day off.

Her life revolves around hair. Her brain constantly goes from math to science to social to psychology to client and back to math. She works hard physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically. Every day. With no breaks and definitely no silence.

But I must remind you, she’s just a hairstylist. She just does hair.”

I’m not sure who wrote this
But wow!
Beyond truth right here
📷: Jessalyn Pugh Photography - Dayton, Ohio Storytelling Photographer

We love a good color correction! This client had tried to bleach her hair at home and wanted to go back to her natural color! Swipe to see the before ➡️ @ New Milford, Connecticut

Just a little change here 😁
Swipe to see a surprise and her before picture!! ➡️ @ New Milford, Connecticut

It’s that time of year again...
Happy October! I found this look on Pinterest and decided to recreate it 🎃💀👻

My favorite part about doing this gorgeous girls makeup was how we both decided we would love to do full glam, but we also didn’t want to cover up her beautiful freckles so she still felt like herself. Of course it’s possible to be glamorous and natural at the same time! We were both super happy with the end result! ☺️

Bridesmaid hair and makeup done by me 👰🏼 @ Joe's Salon and Spa

Joe's Salon and Spa

Feelin’ cute? 😉 Snap a #selfie!! 📸 Mention your #stylist and tag us on @joessalonct to score $5 OFF any in-salon full size retail purchase! 🙌

Just more wedding things 👰🏼 @ 19Main

Bridesmaid makeup done by me!

Blonde and blended ✨ @ Joe's Salon and Spa

Still loving wedding season! This was taken a couple weeks ago at an off-site wedding. It’s so fun to be able to travel and be able to do hair anywhere for someone’s special day!

This bridesmaid’s hair was done by me and her beautiful makeup was done by the always amazing #joesstylist Stephanie!

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