Rebecca Tritten Walker : Lash & Makeup Artist

Rebecca Tritten Walker : Lash & Makeup Artist


Hi all! Ever since Facebook changed their pages manager, I have not been able to access my business page as the owner.☹️ This means I don’t have access to my messages that are being sent to this page. The posts you see are being pushed from my Instagram account. If you need to reach me for inquiries please message my personal page or text 405-464-2164. Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience if you’ve tried reaching me the last few months.
Kathryn Morris Candace Peck Jill Smith 💋💁🏼

MUD-NYC Alumni and Certified Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions stylist | Oklahoma City area


After 6 years the time has come for a change.🥲 This is very bittersweet for me and I will miss my long-time salon home and family dearly. ⁣
However, I am also excited for a small, quiet, easily-accessible new location for my loyal clientele. My goal has always been to be consistent and trust-worthy for everyone that trusts me to provide their chosen beauty services. I hope you will all join me in my new location. I will continue to work out of Brushed through the remainder of May. I will be sending out details before any of your appointments will be at the new location. Nothing will change as far as your currently booked appointments or my schedule/availability, so don’t worry about moving appointments!⁣
I’m excited to be sharing a space with in Nichols Hills, conveniently located near I-235 for easy access! I will still be in a private room, now with windows and private parking right at the front door! More details to come, but I wanted to give everyone plenty of notice. ⁣
Thank you all so much for continuing to trust and support me. It means more than you’ll ever know!💕


What’s one thing that can make the newborn phase easier…..? Lash extensions!⁣

✔️feel put together without any effort⁣
✔️save precious time getting ready ⁣
✔️look extra stunning in those newborn photos⁣

It’s so fun and such an honor watching my clients through all stages of life. Thank you all for trusting me in your biggest moments and milestones!⁣♥️

Congratulations to this beauty and amazing mom on her family’s newest addition.💕


Can’t beat a good ole classic set. Kept this one fluffy with mixed lengths & curls. ⁣
…..that side view🤤⁣


There’s not a huge difference between this before and after because my girl took such great care of her classic extensions between fills.🙌🏼⁣
This is 2 week retention of classic lashes with omnia adhesive.⁣
There are SO many factors that play into good and bad retention. My products, application, the weather/atmosphere, your lifestyle/activities, at-home care, medicine, & stress just to name a few. But when it all comes together, this is the beautiful result! ⁣
Her fill consisted of me adding lashes to the natural lashes that were bare (not many) and removing the extensions that had grown out and replacing them with new ones. See how uniform and even they all look in the 2nd photo?🤌🏼 ⁣
(minus the bad angle on the left eye🥴)⁣

Anyway, this is the kind of thing that makes me happy these days🙃🥰


🌈 lash lift (no tint)⁣

I’m often still asked what a lash lift is. It is essentially a perm for your natural lashes that lasts up to 8-10 weeks, gradually wearing off over that time. It gives your lashes the curl that you desire so you can look even more bright-eyed without putting in the work with a lash curler. ⁣
It is a more natural, budget-friendly, lower maintenance treatment for your lashes in comparison to extensions. ⁣
✨Results will fully depend on your natural lashes current state (length, fullness, strength) and how you take care of them post treatment. ⁣


When you have a full, natural lash line you have a dense full set of classic lashes.😍 This is one single extension attached to each individual natural lash. ⁣

We started ahead of time to get this bride ready for her wedding in late August. This gives her time to adjust to her new lashes and gives me time to make any changes and make them perfect leading up to her wedding when she comes in for fills. ⁣


Want full, sculpted brows?⁣
Have you tried a brow lamination yet??⁣

Lasts up to 6 weeks with proper aftercare. ⁣

using .ca


Hybrid set of lashes with a cat eye effect😻⁣


Lash extensions don’t have to be miles long to make an impact. A little fluff to create a dense lash line can go a long way.😻⁣


Photos from Rebecca Tritten Walker : Lash & Makeup Artist's post 06/03/2021

pic 1: May 11, 2021⁣ 👉🏼⁣
pic 2: March 10, 2021⁣

Both were taken after completing a lash lift & tint and brow lamination. The only difference? Two months of using .beauty lash (& brow) serum.🤯⁣

Only $65. I will have a few in stock next week, claim yours now!✨


Classic set for one of my most loyal clients over the years! It’s an honor when you all choose me time and time again.💗⁣


Light, fluffy hybrid set for this stunning bride.✨

Photos from Rebecca Tritten Walker : Lash & Makeup Artist's post 04/26/2021

Been a minute since I worked a Saturday & posted some makeup!💄⁣

Two beauties from yesterday. One for prom and one for her birthday! Find a reason to treat yourself😉⁣



a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.⁣

✨Brow lamination - $90✨⁣
Results last up to 6 weeks⁣
*includes tint & shaping


Brow Lamination before & after. ⁣

Relaxes the brow hair so you can brush them to your desired style/shape. Includes tint & shaping. Results last approximately 6 weeks. ⁣


Lashes can be all the makeup you need!🤩⁣
This is a hybrid set on these beautiful eyes.⁣


When they just need some curl👌🏼⁣

These are 100% all natural lashes after a lash lift. I know, right?🤤


🔥🔥Fresh hybrid set & brow lamination to warm up your feed on yet another snow day🔥🔥⁣

This bride-to-be is my kinda girl! She booked these services a couple months before her big day to feel it out and make sure she’d be happy with the results in advance. This is always a smart idea before making any changes to your appearance before your wedding day! Open communication is key between you and your stylist. ⁣


She’s transitioning from hybrid to volume and I’m loving itttt🤩


✨b r o w l a m i n a t i o n✨⁣

This service is so satisfying!⁣
Similar to a lash lift, the hair is relaxed and manipulated in the direction you desire for fuller, more flattering, polished brows! Includes tint & shaping. Results lasts about 6 weeks.


A classic set never goes out of style!🤗⁣


The last service of 2020🙌🏼⁣
Lash lift & tint on my beautiful friend!⁣

She has strong, healthy natural lashes and this is her go-to, low maintenance gift to herself every 8-10 weeks. Making those pretty eyes even brighter & wider🤩⁣


Too glam to give a damn😻⁣


It’s the *perfect* brows for me. ⁣

The brow lamination treatment relaxes the hair and allows it to be redirected the way you/I want. Resulting in full, perfectly groomed brows. ⁣
Minimal aftercare required. Results lasts approximately 6-8 weeks, when cared for. ⁣



The top photo is 3 week retention of hybrid lashes. It’s possible to have great retention when proper at-home care is a priority. ⁣
Some retention issues are out of our control, such as oily skin, weather conditions, hormones, etc. But when the stars align and you also take great care of your investment, this happens!🙌🏼⁣
The bottom photo is after her 60 minute fill. We’ll do it again in 3 weeks!⁣

Photos from Rebecca Tritten Walker : Lash & Makeup Artist's post 11/26/2020

Feeling thankful for a career that helps me reconnect with sweet people from earlier times in life. ⁣
I was honored that Hannah asked me to do her lashes and makeup for her wedding! I’ve literally known her since she was born and her family has been such an important part of my upbringing. She was a beautiful bride on Sunday!⁣

photos:⁣ ⁣
hair: ⁣

Photos from Rebecca Tritten Walker : Lash & Makeup Artist's post 11/18/2020

Oh, hey... just my baby sister looking gorgeous on her wedding day & in her bridal portraits😍👰🏼

Makeup & Lashes: ME⁣!
Hair: joint effort by

Beautiful photos:

Photos from Rebecca Tritten Walker : Lash & Makeup Artist's post 11/13/2020


Gave this soon-to-be bride a hybrid set for some extra fluff without too much drama.🤩⁣

Lashes: Omni volume & x-wrap
Adhesive: volume adhesive


I love getting to do makeup for all the fun & special moments in my client’s lives. This adorable couple gets new photos each year for their anniversary and I love being a part of such an important tradition.♥️ ⁣
Happy Anniversary!!!⁣

**contact me directly for makeup inquiries, this can not be booked online with my other services

Photos from Rebecca Tritten Walker : Lash & Makeup Artist's post 10/14/2020

📢Just a reminder that not all lash sets are equal. ⁣
These are both hybrid sets, a mix of volume & classic lash techniques. Keep in mind that eye shape, lash length, and most importantly, the amount of natural lashes all contribute to the overall outcome of your look.


All handmade volume fans for this full set. Completed in 3 hours. You can’t rush perfection. And I’m a perfectionist to a fault at times🙈⁣

lash extensions, volume adhesive, .au .usa foaming lash cleanser to prep, under eye pads (not pictured)


🤩 All natural - Lash Lift + Tint & Brow Lamination⁣

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Hybrid set from this morning🤩




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