Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle

Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle


...beige-y blonde hair (recently freshened up by THE master, Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle) and a matching blouse. More on the blog today:
Incredible #hairhighlights by Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle here at Elysian! The client is embracing a beautiful transformation of cooler blonde tones and a fabulous new length! #nofilterneeded #blondehair #highlights #lenexastylist #behindthechair #lenexahair #kchairstylist #babylights #babylightshair #blondehair #haircut #haircutsforwomen

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Stephanie and I have been behind the chair for 7.5 years. I have a passion for all things blonde/bronde - but my heart has a soft sport for a good red.

Cancellation Policy :
As of December 1st, I am invoking a $60 cancellation fee for those appointments not upheld within 72 hours of their original booking date. This just means that if you need to cancel your appointment within 72 hours, there will be a $60 fee! I am super flexible and always willing to reschedule you for my first available, but 90% of my appointments are 2+ hours in length and g

Operating as usual

Photos from Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle's post 03/06/2022

Drool worthy.
This service was the works : balayage, root refresh, toner, haircut. But damn was it worth it!

Photos from Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle's post 02/11/2022

Sometimes you just need a good chop!


When that hairs so long it almost doesn’t fit in the frame 😍
@mbeekay sees me 3 times a year for a balayage refresh! THREE times! Love an easy grow out.


Love this girl.
Love a good brunette.

Brunettes still have haircare rules.
Kyla uses salon quality products, olaplex treatments, regular trims, and minimal heat.
Why? Because healthy hair is beautiful hair. Because it’s 50% what I do in the salon and 50% what you do at home.
You wouldn’t buy a luxury car and not get the oil changed. Same concept here - if you’re gonna spend the money to get your hair done, use quality products at home to keep it looking great!


🎶 watermelon sugar high 🎶

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Blonde. To copper. To more of a red brown. All 3 shades are beautiful on her but this time she wanted a little less copper and more of a brown base.


Ribbons. Depth. Low maintenance.

These are a few of my favorite things 🎶
Love a good lived in balayage that doesn’t require you being in my chair every 6 weeks (dont worry I love my 6 weekers just as much!)
The beauty of a loved in balayage is you decide how often you want to be in for a big service!


Happy new year!
I don’t know about you, but I love New Years resolutions.
Some of mine:
•provide more behind the chair content for you
•more product knowledge posts
•continue my education
•move my body 3X a week
•be more present at home with my kids

What are some of your resolutions?


We’ve officially entered that time of year where everyone day is blurred together.
What day is it? Do we work today or are we off?
I personally took two days off this week to relax, put my house back together and organize all the new toys, and spend time with my kids, however I am lacking all the energy to organize anything. So instead here’s a picture of some really pretty hair!

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I feel so flattered when y’all trust me with your babies!
I’ve been doing Maggie’s moms hair for 8 years now and I had the privilege of balayaging Maggie’s hair for the first time for her birthday!
She put sun-in in two years ago 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️
So we had to add some dimension while breaking up the line of demarcation.
Her maintenance will be whatever she’s comfortable with - toners and trims in between big services. The best part of a balayage ? You decide when it’s time for a big service! Don’t like a lot of root? 10-12 weeks is perfect for you! Don’t mind a rootier look? 16+ weeks is your jam!
Toners are essential between big services to keep your color fresh and the brassiness at bay though!

Photos from Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle's post 12/05/2021

When your work won’t let you have fun hair so you flirt with the line!
Kept it soft and subtle for @fraaantastic. She came in for a consultation before we did this color and we looked at swatches together, talked about what she could do and what she couldn’t - and then the morning of I threw a curve ball at her because I thought I found a better formula - and she trusted me! and boy am I glad because it came out perfect! Could I have fixed it if it didn’t work? Yes. This is why it’s important to have a hair dresser you trust and you know is continuing their education.could she have said no and the other color still would have been pretty? Yes. But she trusted me and we both were elated with the end result!

Photos from Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle's post 12/05/2021

“I feel like an imposter.. can you put more depth back in?”
You got it babe!
Not only is @themessenger.20 a dope ass human, she’s one of the best barbers around. Ladies - if your man needs a new stylist, she’s your girl!


The most dreamy, blendy blonde for your viewing pleasure.


I undastood the assignment.
@mel_day25 was ready to go back to her dark side. Her insp? Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian of course.

Photos from Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle's post 10/26/2021

Ohhh this was to fun!
Taking one of my long time blondes @trinadn to the red side!

What does a service like this entail?
•a consultation first off.
Why? Because we need to be on the same page of what red means to you. We need to talk about the process. You cannot just put red over blonde and expect to get beautiful, long lasting results. You have to put the missing pigment back in the hair first.
•second - we fill the missing pigment back in. This is a demi-permanent color to fill in the “holes” so your red will last.
•third - we apply the end goal color, process, shampoo and style and viola!

Reds are just as much of a commitment as blondes. Red is the hardest color to get in and the hardest color to get out. This is part of why we do a consultation beforehand, so we can discuss your after care and what to expect at your next few appointments.


“Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” —Farrah Gray

Some days I’m still in shock that this is my life and my dreams are my reality now.
Feeling extremely blessed by everyone who has supported me and my business at any point. I am so grateful for all of you.


How do you spend your Saturdays? Are you super productive so you can take Sunday off? Do you push everything off till Sunday? Or do you split everything between the two days?
We usually spend our Saturdays getting half the things done and enjoying time with our babies.
However you spend your weekend, I hope it’s a great one!

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Loved our yearly visit @marleebell00 !

Photos from Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle's post 09/01/2021

Hello September!

I’ve been a little MIA here recently, and honestly that’s because August sucked. Broken Jetski, we had to replace our entire AC unit, Covid for me and my husband (later finding out my kids also had it) new tires, and capping it off with my daughter having a seizure. (Hands down, scariest thing of our lives)
We are (hopefully) getting answers today with an EKG for my daughter and an ENT appointment for my son.

But here we are, a brand new month!
I’ve still been doing the hairs, just a little quite on social media, because let’s be honest- this is a full time job 😂

We made it to Hump Day! Have a great rest of your weeks folks!


Another Monday. Another gorgeous blondie.

Photos from Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle's post 07/18/2021

🧈 that buttery blonde. 😍 @ashrockchalk has been rocking those golden tones for awhile now (who even is she?!) but this time we decided to kick it up a notch! We added a ton of depth, lots of warm ness, and a few icy pops- just to keep it interesting.
I also was able to use some new techniques thanks to @blondingcrew amazing education!

Photos from Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle's post 07/09/2021

Ooh girl.
Little chop. Lotta color.
All this depth was created using one color! All about using your placements correctly.

Photos from Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle's post 06/24/2021

I love meeting new people and I love a good color correction. I especially love when a new guest trusts me to make their hair something they love again.
Thank you @jackieclaas for your trust!
Also - these brunettes are starting to become a fav of mine!

Photos from Shear Texture by Stephanie Holle's post 06/20/2021

Let’s talk summer blonde haircare:

1.limit the amount of chlorine you expose your hair to- and try to wash it immediately afterwards to get the chemicals out. Chlorine can turn blonde hair green FYI
2. Invest in a good hair mask to do WEEKLY. All these fun summer activities sure do take a drying toll on our hairs.
3. Shower head filter - amazon sells them. Good for filtering out hard water and minerals that beat our hair up and cause our toners to fall out faster.
4. Protect those hairs from the sun - Olaplex #7 has a UV protection in it and/or a cute hat.
5. Don’t skip your trims in the summer, keeping those dry ends off will help keep the rest of the hair happy and healthy.


When I met Callie her hair was short, damaged, and teased to Jesus. “That’s why her hairs so big, it’s full of secrets” 😂
Nowadays she is rocking these long, luxurious locks. We keep her hair healthy with regular trims (every 8 weeks with a toner as well to keep that color on point) she also does at home olaplex care.
Find a stylist you trust- who explains the process - and can safely get you to your goals.

About Me

I have been behind the chair for 8 years and specialize in blonding and lived in balayage. I love doing foil work and also enjoying cutting hair. My goal when you’re in my chair is for you to leave feeling beautiful and smiling.

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