Essential Massage Therapy

Essential Massage Therapy


Working on unlocking my upper back and neck.

I haven't been taking near enough time for movement. With the extra tension I can definitely feel more headaches and even depression.

Taking time to move this morning definitely lifted my spirits and loosened me up. I may take the whole day to focus on movement and dance in-between working on switching over my entire booking system 😬 wish me luck.

I literally cannot wait for my adjustment with my chiropractor Oak Grove Chiropractic, LLC (yes I drive all the way to Oak Grovebc that's my girl!) And my massage with Essential Massage Therapy I know they gonna get me right.

Have a great Monday 🤍

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Happy Anniversary to Essential Massage Therapy, celebrating one year in #downtownOP!

Combining bodywork and a relaxing massage experience, tailored for your needs.

Operating as usual

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Back by popular demand! Leti and I are teaming up again to create an hour long treatment for you and your honey, SO,or BFF. We can’t think of a better way to spend Valentines /galentines weekend.
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Essential Massage Therapy updated their address. 01/05/2022

Essential Massage Therapy updated their address.

Essential Massage Therapy updated their address.

Essential Massage Therapy updated their phone number. 01/05/2022

Essential Massage Therapy updated their phone number.

Essential Massage Therapy updated their phone number.


We are moving!!! Leti and I are So excited to show you guys our new office! Located at 9270 Glenwood, Suite C, Overland Park, KS 66212
We started looking 4 months ago in the same area we are now but we had no luck. Finally Leti found this one just a little outside of where we wanted but, it has everything we need. Pics coming soon!

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It’s here! Use code CYBERMONDAY21 for 15% off Hot Stone therapy & use CYBERMON21 for Cyber Monday Package. These can not be transferred, limit one per person, both have expiration dates of May 1, 2022. Currently, the only one that can be bought as a gift certificate online is the Hot Stone Therapy.


Delt (deltoid) work is super helpful for those who are experiencing tightness in the front of your shoulders and down into your bicep. Joel needed focused work here so he can keep lifting weights without pain. P.S. I tired getting a good video of some of the work but it looked super grainy. Still need to play around with the new DSLR. #emtkc #kansascity #overlandparkks #massagetherapy #bodywork #wieghtlifting #pain #muscles


First ever summer special!! Summer melt will leave you refreshed and relaxed and ready to face the real world again. Perfect for when you come back from all your summer adventures. We’ll start the session with a full 30 min massage and ending with a full 30 min facial and scalp massage. I’ll be using ice globes to cool your skin while draining excess lymph away from your face, then placing a cooled rose quartz mask over your eyes to help de puff and rejuvenate them, all while massaging your scalp with an uplifting essential oil blend. This is typically $100.00, but this week only (June 14-20) snag yours for $80.00! This summer treatment ends September 30. So make sure you book yours before then:) happy summer y’all:)


I’m so excited to be testing out these silicone cups! As soon as one of the cupping courses comes closer to KC I’ll be adding this highly effective modality to my massage menu. These are great for post op scarring, tight/stubborn muscles, tissue repair, detoxification, and a sluggish lymphatic system, just to name a few. #cuppingtherapy #musclerecovery #lympathicdrainage #detoxyourbody #emtkc


These are the words I use when a client is tense in an area I’m working on. We tend to tense up more when we hear “ relax” especially if we are holding emotional trauma. Relaxing for a lot of us doesn’t come easy, we are pretty much constantly under some type of stress. which is why it takes a moment or two for your brian to make the connection with your muscles and realize that they are holding onto that stress and dealing with it for you. Pause, take a moment to stretch then soften everything for head to toe. Keeping track of all the areas that were holding or felt tight and sore. By bringing more of your attention to your body, you’ll know what it needs and how to help it more. Happy melting!


Leti and I are teaming up February 13, to pamper you and your Valentine.
The entire treatment will be an hour long, 30 min facial and 30 min massage.
You can not book this online, you must email, text, or DM EMTKC to prebook.
Availability is limited! *This special must be paid for in advance. #valentines #valentinesday2021 #massagetherapy #minifacial #minimassage #champagne #kansascity #overlandparkks #facialtreatment #treatyoself #relaxedaf #vdayretreat


Fun Fact!! The upper traps and the sternocleido Mastoid were all one muscle in embryo and separated out in development later on. The share the occipital ridge and spilt down and to attach either anteriorly or posteriorly. Depending on what movement you’re doing they work with or against each other. Cool, huh?! #massagetherapylife #anatomy #massagetherapist #kcmassagetherapist #kansascity #overlandparkks #girlboss #alwayslearning #takecareofyourself #selfcare


This is it! I’ve waited a year to increase my prices. Thank you to all of you wonderful people that have supported me and my small business. It truly means the world to me.

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This Friday and Saturday only! This is the last time the 3-60 minute massage package will be this low. Take advantage and set a reminder so you don’t miss out! #massagetherapy #overlandparkks #kansascity #kansascityentrepreneur #blackfriday #girlboss #relax #treatyoself #headacherelief #EMTKC

Black Friday 11/23/2020

Black Friday

Black Friday - FYI! ​All discount codes can only be used when you purchase them online. Once you've checked out you can go ahead and book for that service. Also if you aren't following EMTKC on FB or Instagram you should be, because this next month I will be collaborating with two other amazing KC local busine...

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These are great ways to really make the most of your time on my table. #massagetherapists #massagetherapykc #EMTKC #kansascitymassagetherapy #addons #bestmassage #hotstonesmassage #relax #musclerecovery #recharge #goodforyou #longtermbodyinvestment

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Feel pain in your shoulder that sometimes travels to your neck or down your arm? This is called referred pain. Referred muscle pain can happen pretty much anywhere in the body. It usually occurs after a muscle has been contracted repetitively. Think of sitting at a desk and asking your neck back and shoulders to type and sit all day, play a sport, lift, blow dry hair for 5 hours. This is what I love to find and focus on. After a session of stripping and stretching the muscle groups that are effected, they should start to feel softer, lighter, have more movement and be more pain free.

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Sometimes we just need a moment out of our day to recalibrate and focus on just ourselves. If you’re reading this, pause breathe, soften.

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I feel movement. A constant swirling of energy. I know things are changing and I plan on changing with them. I have such lofty goals for EMT that they excite and scare me all at the same time. I can’t wait!

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I know I tell you to stretch and you know you should and some of you honestly do do it at home. But isn’t it always better if you have someone else assist you. With this therapy we will Improve your flexibility, posture and lower your risk of injury and stress levels.
A full 30 mins of head to toe stretching or focused work on a specific area. Book your session now. P.S. EMT hack, want a really long time on the table book a Stretch Therapy + 90 min Therapeutic massage + Headache Therapy + Foot Therapy = 2 1/2 hours of amazingness #massagetherapy #kansascitymassagetherapist #kansascity #overlandparkks #stretch #stretching

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I can’t wait for these! #stretching #lypossage

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I can’t wait to share with y’all these new therapies! They a SO good! #stretching #lypossage #kansascity

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Timeline photos 05/23/2020


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Memberships are here! Hurry these prices are for a limited time only! Lock them in for up to a year! We also have a new referral program for you and your friends:) #massagetherapykc #massagetherapy #kansascity #overlandparkkc #treatyoself #relaxkc #emtkc #bossbabe #girlboss #limited #recover #rejuvenate #nourishyourbody @ Essential Massage Therapy

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Get spoiled! #massagetherapykc #overlandparkks #massagetherapistkc #valentineskc #treatyoself #emtkc

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Who doesn’t love a good foot massage?! This is the perfect add on to ANY service if your soles need some soothing.
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Statur-yay! #massagetherapy #kansascitymassagetherapist #overlandparkks #kansascity #massagetherapy


One in five Americans are impacted by seasonal change. Find out how massage therapy can improve mood and energy levels, and can be an important part of self-care. #SelfCareSaturday

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