Hair by Kylie J

Hair by Kylie J


Kylie did such a FANTASTIC job on my hair. I was looking for a new change in my style coming out of quarantine and Kylie definitely did just that. She gave me so manly fun layers that I enjoy styling every day! 10/10 do recommend!!!!
Kylie has been doing my hair for about a year or so now. This is my hair journey. In July she gave me a beautiful red color! A couple days ago I got really frustrated with my hair and cut off a lot of it. I called Kylie and she managed to get me in ASAP. She performed miracle on my hair! All total 14inches of my hair was cut. I feel great! She did a great job and I will going to her for as long as we are here in town!
I normally don't say anything about this discount because some of the other stylist clients were upset they did not get a discount. But I decided to announce this! Military personnel get 10% off all services!
Never change hairdressers but thank you Kylie you did a great job!!!! Got a new one now!!

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With wedding season and prom around the corner make sure you are making appointments for your updos and makeup!

Photo by Shannon Dazé

I offer a number of services from colors, highlights, haircuts, styles and more! Located in Overland Park, KS.

Operating as usual

Photos from Hair by Kylie J's post 04/26/2022

✨It’s All About the Blend ✨

Love a timeless blonde. Don’t get me wrong, brunettes are my passion. BUT, blended blondes just have me star struck 🤩.
I love throwing in a blonde to spice things up!

Are you a blended blonde enthusiast too? 👩🏼


It’s the that pop of light 💡 for me!

What’s the perfect way to feel light and bright for spring and summer without losing the depth of your hair? Adding in a money piece!
It’s the best of both worlds.

Are you ready to add a money piece to your look?💫

Photos from Hair by Kylie J's post 04/19/2022


Partial Balayage, what is it you ask? I’d love to tell ya!

A Partial Balayage is a prefect refresh, similar to a partial highlight, focusing on lightening hair around the face and through the top of your hair. Perfect for the busy lady or the gal who wants to add a small about of dimension.

If you’re ever unsure what best fits your needs send a DM and I’ll help guide you on what to book ❤️.


Just a little balayage to brighten your day ❤️

Happy Friday! I hope your treat yourself to a nice hair mask, a good book, and maybe even a charcuterie board 🧀🍷. You deserve it 😘

Photos from Hair by Kylie J's post 04/12/2022


Once in awhile you get someone in your chair who has never colored their hair, they are open to creativity, and they trust you to take them through their first color appointment!

I always feel so lucky when a client trust me with their first color appointment 🥹🥰

Let me know what you think of this beautiful transformation 💇🏻‍♀️➡️💇🏼‍♀️
Swipe to see where we started!

Photos from Hair by Kylie J's post 04/09/2022

The beauty is in the details 💫

Top 3️⃣ reason for hairline detailing:

1️⃣ Adding dimension to the the hairline adds a natural blend with the rest of your hair while breaking up the darkness.

2️⃣ Power ponytail days! No more dark spots along the hairline on those high ponytail days! 👱🏻‍♀️

3️⃣ It looks high maintenance but it really isn’t! It is a great thing to add with your partial to keep your hair looking fresh while not having to do a full highlight every time!

Let me know if you love having that extra dimension along the hairline too💫


🌻Refresh for Spring🌻

If you’re anything like me you ONLY get a lightening service like once MAYBE twice a year.

Maybe you feel your blonde starts to “brass out”. If you do, you can book a COLOR RETOUCH and we will redo your toner, eliminating any unwanted brass extending the life of your lightening service!

This is perfect for my lived in color babes!
Click link in bio to book your spring refreshment🌻

Photos from Hair by Kylie J's post 04/01/2022


You know the saying April appointments are the best way to shake off the winter blues 💙.

There are still April appointments left!
Make sure you get your spring appointment by clicking the link in bio!

Photos from Hair by Kylie J's post 03/26/2022

I’m not a regular brunette, I’m a cool brunette😘🌑

Are you ready to be a cool brunette💇🏻‍♀️
Link in bio to book your appointment!


O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. 🤤

This brunette transformation gives me all the feels ❤️

Click link on bio to get your dream hair 💫



With spring here don’t forget to still use your moisture and heat protectant products!

Your hair can still get dry and brittle if not protected correctly. 💛

Happy first day of Spring 💐!


🍀 She’s so lucky 🍀

I pause the regular scheduled brunettes for this LUCKY blonde beauty on this St. Patrick’s day!

Have you ever had your hair highlighted with PAPERS? Yep you heard me right, PAPERS!

Here are just a few of my favorite benefits to getting highlights done with papers:

1️⃣ You can get a closer to the scalp highlight.

2️⃣ It generates a more gentle lift so there is less stress on the hair.

3️⃣ you can do any placement you want!

4️⃣ It makes a color retouch and highlight happen with ease, and makes for a quick application.

Have you ever had highlights done with papers before?
No? Then, Girl it’s your turn!

Click link on bio to book your appointment❤️


TW⭕️ R⭕️WS

My extension journey is always evolving but I’m so proud of how far I’ve come!

Our goal for this session was to add length, density, and color dimension!

The photo on the left before.
The photo on the right after: two rows, 4 wefts per row.

Overall goal ✅

Are you ready to make your hair dreams come true? Click link in bio to book your appointment today!

Photos from Hair by Kylie J's post 02/05/2022

Money 💲💲 Piece
Let’s talk about some of my favorite questions about the trendy money piece!

✨What is a money piece?

It is that pop of bright blonde on the hairline. It elevates the dimension game, an excellent way to feel blonde without being solid, keeping depth, and the ability to stay a little darker without bringing that darkness around your face.

✨How do I know a money piece would look good on me?

I firmly believe a money piece looks good on everyone. (Yes, even if you have bangs, it just will look a little different). Sometimes you may have a natural money piece, i.e. you may have more grey hair up front around your face. Most people grey at the temples and around the hairline. Having a bold money piece helps blend in the greying spots and will allow you to extend the life of your hair! My client in the picture has that natural money piece and so we enhance it not hide it.

✨If I’m not a blonde can I still have a money piece?

Absolutely! Having a money piece doesn’t have to be a platinum blonde look. It can really be any tone as long as it is lighter than the rest of your hair. (My money piece is copper 🧡).

Comment below if you learned something new about the trendy “money piece”!


Just the perfect blend 💫

No cation needed, just a beautiful blended blonde 🌞

Photos from Hair by Kylie J's post 01/14/2022


How to keep it professional up front but have a little surprise color in the back. A perfect pairing.



Midnight blue hair for the perfect cool brunette color with a splash of blue spice ❄️


BRUNETTES, It’s my hidden talent💜

When I say I’m passionate about brunettes, it’s a slight understatement. Here are a few of my favorite transformations from the last couple of months.

Comment which one is your favorite look!



Fresh curls, meaning hair that has been curled but not been brushed or combed out have nice big curls. They change how the hair lays, how the color looks, and how the haircut looks. The curls are typically tighter.

Fingered curls are curls that have been combed out using fingers. These curls are looser have a beachier look. These curls can make a style look piecier adding in texture. Allow for more of a ribbon look with highlights.

Neither way to style is wrong, it just depends on what end result you are wanting.

Which style is your favorite, fresh curls or fingered curls? Let me know in the comments!


Cool Brunettes are all the craze 🖤

I LOVE how much depth brunettes have. All the cool tone the reflect. Brunettes are in my top five obsessions in life, right behind coffee ☕️😉

Do you share the brunette craze? Let me know if your a warm or a cool brunette person!



Just because you have highlights doesn’t mean you have to be a blonde💁🏻‍♀️.

The main goal of our appointment was to add some dimension✨ but not feel too blind or too bright.

It all comes down to placement and a mixture of teasy lights and baby lights.

With the new year I’ve decided to start a balayage master training program. What does this mean for you? I will be mastering and fine tuning my skills to provide my clients with the hair of their dreams!

2022 will be the year I paint the world over one head of hair at a time 💜



Do you know the difference between texturing and layering?

Did you know how you wear your hair also plays into how your hair looks?

This bob is a texturized bob, which means there are no elevated layer (lifting the hair to cut it; example: a 45 degree angle). All of the “layering” you see comes from taking weight and bulk out of the ends of the hair.

What’s left is this illusion of layers and movement in the hair while maintaining a solid length and giving that solid perimeter! When a slight curl is added the texturizing pops!

Let me know if you are a texturized bob gal or a layered bob gal!



Rolling deep in dimension and hair 😍

Save this for your next going dark inspo💇🏻‍♀️

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