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Evolution Hair Studio is a professional Hair salon located in My Salon Suite in Oviedo Fl 32765 Let me Pamper YOU Today!!

Evolution Hair Studio by Cindie Thistlewood offers a variety of salon services. Woman that like to be pampered visit Evolution Hair Studio by Cindie Thistlewood for Hair styling, Hair Coloring, Hair straightening, Salon professional Hair Color, Perms, deep conditioning treatments and waxing.


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there - your love, guidance, and support shape our lives in countless ways. Today, we celebrate you!


The health of your hair is so important and getting your hair cut can also help your mental health! Being able to come into a positive, calm environment, while leaving your problems at the door, or venting to your stylist - can make the biggest difference in your day.


Getting your hair colored costs time and money, so you want to keep it vibrant as long as possible. Here are a few things to do after your color service:

> Wait at least 2-3 days to wash it
> Turn down the heat (in your shower and heat tools)
> Trust at-home treatments
> Shampoo less and use color safe shampoo
> Always use a heat protectant


Nervous about getting a new look, schedule a consultation. Bring pictures as examples of what you’re thinking and you and I will have a conversation about if these looks will work for you or how to adjust them to fit you.


This is a legitimate question that I think people are not comfortable asking, so I want to answer it!

The longer our hair gets, the more damage it can receive. Damage from drying, heat styling, sun exposure, and chemical services. When the hair reaches its limit for damage, it will start to become dry, then split, and finally break. When you're growing out your hair, if you don't trim it, split ends will continue to split up the hair causing more breakage.

So, I recommend if you're going to grow your hair out - use a heat protectant, deep condition regularly, and trim your hair every 8-12 weeks.


The best way to find a hairstylist is through referrals. So, if you know someone is looking for the right stylist, I would love it if you could mention me to them. My goal is to give all my clients the perfect look while doing what’s best for the integrity of the hair.


Cheers to the ones that make every day feel like National Best Friend Day! Tag your bestie and share your favorite memory of the two of you together.


First, grab yourself a donut. Then, call to book your next appointment!



Dry Shampoo. The one product everyone has for those mornings where you’re running late. What’s one product you can’t live without?


Let’s prepare for the summer season with a new cut, color, or style. What are you looking forward to the most this month?


Did you enjoy your last visit? I want to hear from you! Your feedback helps me grow and allows me to continue to bring my guests the very best in beauty. I invite you to leave us a review on Google or Facebook!


It's not too early to be thinking about dad! Pick up a gift certificate or some products to show how much you appreciate him! Father's Day is Sunday June 16th!


There are a lot of events that happen in the month of June. Let’s update your hairstyle so you are ready for anything!


If you could use one word to describe your hair after visiting me, what would it be?


There’s no time like today to plan ahead. We are very close to being half way through 2024, and we all know once we pass June, the rest of the year tends to fly by. So, do yourself a favor and prebook your hair appointments for the rest of the year now. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


Let’s take a moment today to remember and honor all the men and women who have served our country and are no longer with us. For those who have given and those who continue to give, Thank You.

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Tomorrow is National Sunscreen Day. Most people just associate sunscreen with summer and sun and vacation, but I encourage you to wear sunscreen every day of the year, no matter the weather. UV rays can pe*****te the clouds and thus, make its mark on your skin & scalp.

Make wearing sunscreen a part of your morning ritual and don’t forget to add some SPF on your scalp and hair, it is just as important as on your skin. You’ll be protecting your skin, your scalp, and even that new color by taking a few extra steps in the morning.


Your direction is more important than your speed – what direction are you wanting to take with your hair this year? Are you wanting to grow it longer, try a different color? Try new products? I can help you go in any direction that you'd like. I am here to help you feel truly confident. Call to book your consultation 407-739-6718


Heading off to a warm place for Memorial Day weekend? Don't forget your travel products to keep your hair looking fresh and healthy while you're away.


Growing out your hair can come with a lot of misinformation. Here is the top 5 hair growth myths that we hear the most in the salon:

Myth 1️⃣ Grow it All Out at Once
If you want to grow out your hair, from say a pixie, if you let it grow out in that shape - you might end up with a mullet. Which, if that’s what you are wanting, that’s great! But, if you're not, cut the back and let the top and sides catch up.

Myth 2️⃣ You Should Switch up your Shampoo
Not true. You probably need to clarify your hair if you aren't seeing the same results that you have before. This goes for the DHT blocking/hair growth shampoos.

Myth 3️⃣ You Should Brush Your Hair 100x a Day
Okay, this is incorrect. Over brushing can cause breakage, but massaging the scalp gently will help stimulate growth.

Myth 4️⃣ If you Pull a Grey Hair out, Two More Will Grow
It's not true. They're just gone. But, if you are worried about grey hair, be sure to talk to your stylist about some options!

Myth 5️⃣ Cutting Your Hair Frequently Will Make it Grow
This is false, but it comes from a good place. When you're growing your hair, you do need it trimmed every 8-12 weeks (depending on your growth) to fend off those split ends. Cutting it more frequent than that will cut off what you've grown.

This Was the Most Popular Hairstyle the Year You Were Born 05/19/2024

I have to know. Scroll through this article and tell me in the comment section what the hairstyle trend was the year you were born.

This Was the Most Popular Hairstyle the Year You Were Born Some we love, some we wish we could forget...


I know mistakes happen and I never want you to feel discouraged about coloring your hair. I am here to help!

So, what exactly is a color correction? It’s a specialized treatment that enhances and fixes the overall tone and shade of the hair. It can be a bit more complex than this, so it’s always important to talk to me about what happened. I want you to be confident and happy with your hair and will do everything I can to help.

The 5 Hair Color Types and How to Choose Between Them 05/16/2024

This is a very informative article about the different types of color services. If you’re looking to switch up your color, read this article and as always, be sure to talk to me about which one is right for you.

The 5 Hair Color Types and How to Choose Between Them We tapped some of our favorite professionals to break down the five hair color types and how to use them. Read on for what they shared.


We are about to enter pool/beach season. Here are a few tips to maintain healthy hair while you enjoy the summer activities.

1. Wet your hair and apply conditioner or a mask before entering the water. This will create a barrier on your strands and protect your hair from the harsh chemicals of the chlorine and other environmental elements.

2. Rinse your hair after your swim to remove any chemicals or salt.


To the World, you are a mother. To your child, you are the World! Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful & different mothers out there!


To all you last minute shoppers, pick up a gift certificate for your favorite lady to her favorite salon! Make it a day all about her!

Order online here: https://stylenet.com/EvolutionHairStudio/gift-certificates


Your hair routine is a special thing. You and your stylist know what your hair needs and sometimes it takes a while to figure out what works and what doesn’t. But there are times that we need to switch things up. For instance, if you change your hair (color service or chemical service), these can affect your hair’s texture and health, so you need different products that address those new concerns to keep your hair at its healthiest. Talk to your stylist about your routine and if it’s time to change it up or not.


We all have lots of hair & skincare products under our sinks that we haven't used in ages. If you've had them longer than 30 months, they are most likely expired.

Allure says "look on your product's label for a small drawing of a container marked with a number and the letter M, typically on the back in the lower right-hand corner. The number is an estimate of how many months the product will maintain its quality after it's been opened for the first time."

Source: https://bit.ly/39bR1ZG


While I use high quality color, the outcome of the service comes from the talent of the colorist!

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