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Photos from Alissa Nailed it's post 08/23/2023

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In honor of school starting this week… 🍎🚌📚✏️
I’ll throw in a Rae Cole’s giftcard and one of my SBK cups too! ❤️☕️
All you have to do is:
-COMMENT below (& tag!) to nominate your favorite TEACHER! 👩🏼‍🏫👨🏻‍🏫
-tell me how this teacher has influenced you, inspired you, or helped shape you into the person you are today. ❤️
Throughout the years, I have had SO MANY great teachers that I hold near and dear to my heart! Teachers truly make the world go round. Whether it’s a daycare teacher (those are so special to me - I was one and it’s the BEST), an elementary teacher, a high school teacher, ANYTHING... teachers of all kind are amazing! ❤️
Wishing everyone a fun, safe, happy school year! 🏫
The winner will be announced Friday, August 25th! 📝


My makeup kit is SLOWLY coming together and I’m so excited about it! 😍
I can’t wait to put this on my service menu! 🤍
Stay tuned for details. 💄


Extractions. 😍

Holy blackheads! I could’ve popped them all day. 😝

➡️ ⬅️


This!! 👏🏼🙌🏼🫶🏼


BRB need to book mine right now!! Book yours too 🤪

KayKeller Esthetics, LLC. Is getting her vitamin C fix this morning! You feeling under the weather at all? Strep? Cold? Flu? Allergies? I have just the stuff to help you feel like a whole new person!


🤧IV Vitamin C benefits:
-helps shorten cold and flu recovery time and lessons symptoms
-Can help wounds heal faster
-it has antihistamine factors so it helps with allergies
-it also helps raise neurotransmitters levels with then helps with depression!

🤧IV Natural Defense benefits:
-has vitamin C in it so it does everything up above👆🏼
-Also has a combination of basic vitamins
-helps electrolytes
-has tons of different B vitamins that help with energy and brain health(such as fatigue)
-hair, skin, and nails
-helps you feel better from the inside out

Nirvana Med Spa


….🤣😵‍💫🫣 and it will forever stay our little secret!

Client relationships like this are definitely the best 😂👏



REMEMBER that giveaway I said I’d do when my page reached 1K likes AND 1K followers? 😉
Thank you so much!

✨Madison Sansoucie✨
contact me to book your FREE facial + dermaplane, and let me know your tshirt size! 🤍

Please continue to like and share my page! Giveaways are my favorites, so be on the lookout for more! 🥰

*video of name spin in the comments*


I will be reaching out to my clients scheduled for today!!


🗓️ Mark your Calendars! 🗓️

➡️August 25th 5pm-8pm we are having a detox event at Nirvana Med Spa ! ⬅️

Come join us! Make sure you go show these ladies some love and like there pages! ❤️

Iris and Lilies Massage Therapy
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KayKeller Esthetics, LLC.
Ooh La La Salon & Spa
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Hair by Shelby
Annie House - Cosmetologist
Riley’s Cosmetology
Jordo's Only Pans LLC
RaeCole's Coffee Bar
And more!


I’ve gained a TON of new followers and clients since relocating to Nirvana Med Spa, so let me introduce myself again! 🤍

I’m Makenzie!
I am a 23 year old mama to a sweet baby girl, Myla, who is almost 6 months old (🥺).
I have been with my fiancé Dalton for almost 6 & 1/2 years.
We have a 2 year old silver lab named Boone. 🐶🐾
My family is always my top priority!

I graduated from DeSoto High School in May 2018.
I graduated from Skin Institute in May 2021!
Continuing education is so important to me - the esthetics industry is always changing!
My love for this industry began as a little girl… the makeup, the feeling of self care, the feeling of being “pretty,” all of it!

I am a lover of all things junk food and coffee (😅). Give me all the ice cream, cookies, chocolate, etc! Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good chips and dip too. 🤣
There’s nothing I truly enjoy more than cuddling up on the couch on a cool fall day or a snowy winter one. 😍

I love to be personal and on a first name basis (maybe even nickname basis 😉) with my clients.
Tell me a little bit about you and drop some pictures in the comments!
Want to know anything else? Just ask! ❤️ we
(I am ALWAYS accepting new clients!)


Yaaaasss 👏🏼 the BEST!
I will never be offended by naps during a facial. 😉

I love when my clients take a nap during the facial! Any Esthetician here put your client to sleep on a facial? 💤💤😴😴💤



Another you asked, you shall receive😉

We have sooo many people that come in and say "omg it smells amazing in here!" All it is are these two things right here! Guess what? We now are selling them! Next time you’re in just ask and we will help you get what you need.


Winner will be announced at 1,000 likes!
SBK is already at 1,000 followers, so invite your friends to like my page!
*interact on the original post!*

***UPDATE: THERE IS A FAKE PROFILE PRETENDING TO BE MINE!! Please do not enter any information!!!***

How about a giveaway? 🤗
My page is SO CLOSE to having 1,000 likes and followers!
Once I reach 1K FOR BOTH, why don’t I pick a winner for a FREE FACIAL + DERMAPLANE and a Skin By Kenz TSHIRT? 😉
($115 value!)

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Come see me this week! 🤍
Fill one of my spots and receive $10 OFF!


Appointments available next week! 🤍
Have a good weekend.


My client got a facial + dermaplane + jelly today.
Out of my new jelly masks, we chose the AHA/BHA jelly! (I think it’s my new fav 😍)

This mask is a powerful antioxidant fruit (organic pumpkin & organic papaya) enzyme exfoliating treatment that improves the look of a dull, aging, and congested complexion. It helps even the skin tone and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revealing skin that appears smoother, radiant, and revitalized.

When I tell you she left my treatment room looking glowy and brighter, I am not. kidding. 😉


Another one. 😍
Can we talk about this one for a second?
This redheaded babe has super light lashes, but look how gorgeous after a lift + tint!


I’ve had tons of people asking about Brazilian waxes.

SURPRISE - I’m adding them to my menu!
ANOTHER SURPRISE - for this Friday, July 14, let’s do a FLASH SALE SERVICE Brazilian wax for only $35.

If you would like to take advantage of this deal message my business page!

After Friday, you will be able to book a Brazilian through my square site.

Hair must be the length of a grain of rice to get the best results!

Hair is going to grow back slower, finer, and thinner!
Waxing is exfoliation for the skin, which can help reduce ingrown hairs.
No more razor burn!



For the love of your skin… just wear the spf. 🤣



My availability for the week! 🤍
These spots will fill up quick, so make sure you book now!


Holy. Lashes. 😍
a lash lift + tint is such a beneficial service for someone looking to enhance their natural lashes with no upkeep!
Perfect for my low maintenance girlies who wear little to no makeup, especially in the summer!


DONT FORGET ABOUT THIS GIVEAWAY! Winner will be announced when we hit 1,000 likes. Invite your friends! 🖤

***UPDATE: THERE IS A FAKE PROFILE PRETENDING TO BE MINE!! Please do not enter any information!!!***

How about a giveaway? 🤗
My page is SO CLOSE to having 1,000 likes and followers!
Once I reach 1K FOR BOTH, why don’t I pick a winner for a FREE FACIAL + DERMAPLANE and a Skin By Kenz TSHIRT? 😉
($115 value!)

Make sure to interact on this post and share my page for a chance to win! 🤍


Limited openings available this week!
Book an appointment for FRIDAY, JULY 7TH and receive $10 off.


Okay but seriously, how convenient!!


Land of the free, because of the brave. 🇺🇸🤍
Happy Fourth of July!
Enjoy the day!


Client testimonials are my FAVORITES…
The best part of this job is making my beautiful clients feel even MORE beautiful in their own skin.
So rewarding!

*leave a review on my page to receive $5 off your next appointment for the month of July!*

Photos from Nirvana Med Spa 's post 06/29/2023

Woohooo! 🥳 the best of the best!


Now booking for July! ❤️🤍💙
A lot of my evening appointments are already taken. If you need one, get it while you can!
I still have plenty of morning/afternoon availability!


If you’re wanting in before the holiday weekend, TUESDAY is your only chance! I am booked the rest of my available days this week. 😏 🙌🏼
Here are my available times!
Book here ⬇️


Update about walk-in days for Alissa Nailed it!

Please read all! I’m about to get very blunt!

Just because I’m at a new place that doesn’t mean walk in day are any different! The only difference is the sign in sheet is at the front on the front desk! YOU CAN NOT COME BACK TO MY ROOM LOOKING FOR ME! (Walk in day or appointments)❗️There is other people working or getting services done! I work at a Spa now so it is a more quite zen type of atmosphere!

Now! Back to walk in day!
-You can sign in at the front desk in between the times I provide.
-I will text 30 minutes before I’m ready for you.
-If you really need to talk to me call or text me.
-I do not answer questions about how long it will be until it’s your turn, or when is a good time to come sign in, or if I’m ready for you yet! 😅😅 I have enough going on on walk in days to keep up with texting everyone in a timely manner and providing the best service I can provide. I don’t have time to answer them questions! I don’t even know the answer to them questions!
(How long will it be till your turn?) idk what the person or persons are getting before you! Such as design wise. So idk how long that will take me!
(When is a good time to come sign in?) idk because when I come in for walk in day I don’t have a schedule. Idk if I will even have people signing in. And yes sometimes it is like that!
(Are you ready for me yet?) idk because I don’t keep my walk in sheet next to me it is up front! I’m not going to stop what I’m doing to walk up front see what name I’m on and tell you how many people I have on there before you. It just slows everything down! I can’t move quick and give my best with a bunch of interruptions! I’m not being rude it’s just overwhelming!
❗️-If you can’t be back in the time frame I text you just text me and let me know and I will text the next person. That way it doesn’t slow the walk in day down!

If you have read this far please leave a comment it like this post so I know it has been read!

Also prices will be increased July 1st! Double check when booking if you don’t know what to book text me and ask. But I updated all of the descriptions underneath each service.
For the ones who use to choose remove old add new now choose gel polish with builder gel.
If you don’t want the builder gel choose gel polish. But when you choose gel polish and you have gel on you have to choose the remove option also or I won’t have time for your service!



End your week the right way. 😉
who doesn’t love a good discount on ANY facial?


***disclaimer: IF you get dermaplaned, it is recommended to wait 5-7 days before exposing that new, beautiful skin to the sun! (with your daily SPF of course 😉)


Openings available!
Book here ⬇️


I have openings next week!
Come see me. 🤍

Have a good weekend!


Don’t forget I’ll be announcing the winner when my SBK page is at 1,000 likes AND 1,000 followers (the follower part has already been met 😉)
Invite your friends so I can pick a winner!

*ps do not fall for the scam page - do not enter any information - please report it!*

***UPDATE: THERE IS A FAKE PROFILE PRETENDING TO BE MINE!! Please do not enter any information!!!***

How about a giveaway? 🤗
My page is SO CLOSE to having 1,000 likes and followers!
Once I reach 1K FOR BOTH, why don’t I pick a winner for a FREE FACIAL + DERMAPLANE and a Skin By Kenz TSHIRT? 😉
($115 value!)

Make sure to interact on this post and share my page for a chance to win! 🤍


Can you believe the difference this lash lift and tint made? These beautiful eyes are POPPIN 😍
She didn’t want them too curled… just a subtle lift.
(We tinted her brows too, just color matched a bit so that it wasn’t dramatic!)
These services are perfect for summertime! No makeup needed. 😉


I have some last minute availability for TOMORROW, JUNE 13! This is a 1:30 and 3:00 availability slot.

If you book these spots with a facial or lash lift, receive $10 OFF your service!
Message me to claim! 😘


***UPDATE: THERE IS A FAKE PROFILE PRETENDING TO BE MINE!! Please do not enter any information!!!***

How about a giveaway? 🤗
My page is SO CLOSE to having 1,000 likes and followers!
Once I reach 1K FOR BOTH, why don’t I pick a winner for a FREE FACIAL + DERMAPLANE and a Skin By Kenz TSHIRT? 😉
($115 value!)

Make sure to interact on this post and share my page for a chance to win! 🤍


Days I have availability for the rest of the month! ⬇️


You guys made sure to keep me busy on my first day back yesterday... just the way I like it! 😉
Look at this beautiful lash lift - got this girl vacay ready!
A perfect way to enhance the natural lash with no upkeep.

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