I like how you won’t answer any of my comments but will delete them and make another post about it. If it’s not racist then why only talk about Mexicans? If it’s not racist why are you mad they’re not building a wall when we already have a border? And if it’s not about racism then why does America ONLY talk about illegal Mexican immigrants and not Swedish immigrants or Russian? It’s okay because they’re white? Don’t you think taking vulnerable families and separating children from their parents and leaving them in terrible living conditions is somehow justified? Because they didn’t pass a test on American history? They can’t say the pledge of allegiance? Or because they can’t speak English they have no right to be here?
I really should have spelled checked this but...here are some more thoughts on Capitalism and why it's good and why it's not working for everyone... because it's not capitalism.

Want clarity on capitalism?
Capitalism = Free Markets = Individualism = Freedom

Now, if you have witnessed capitalism not working for the people...that's because what is happening is the USA now is not capitalism...it's something else thanks to big business and the great power they hold over the economy and therefore, all of us! And technology is increasing this power over the people...a machine can replace 20 workers, etc.

Let's pretend that you want to get into business for yourself selling, let's say, cleaning supplies. So you go to purchase big brand cleaning supplies to sell in your store. Guess what? you don't stand a chance. The best brands are owned by massive companies (often publicly traded companies, like Clorox for example) who regulate not only what you can sell their products for but whom you can buy it from. You're not free to wheel and deal with their product or you'll be cut off. For example, they may sell it to Walmart directly because Walmart has the cash and customer base to unload so much of it... but the manufacturer will only sell it to you through a distributor which comes with middle man costs. IE, you want to buy a big brand and they require 250,000.00 a year purchases to buy direct from them at discount. Everyone else that cannot afford that, must go to a distributor and the distributor exacts another price for their service. You don't need 20 pallets of something, you need only a few dozen...so you must go to a distributor. Therefore, Walmart will be able to under-price you because they are paying less. And if that wasn't bad enough, if you even come close to Walmart's price, the manufacturer may cut you off or enact a price policy to further handcuff you. On a giant scale, you can quickly see this is not capitlism. This is now something else. You can't just start a business and make money--you're in a fight for your life because evertyhing is arrayed against you including the city, state and federal governments as you make money.

The trick is to remove red tape, regulations and break up mega companies as they are putting small business out and favoring China--always thinking price over people EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. Big companies do not care about you, you're children or the future. It' like abortion... betray the future for immediate gain..but where's the future? Big business has aborted you! not carrying about Americans because Americans, let's face it, are at war with each other too. That's what is happening and younger population is now supporting socialism because of the dastardly acts of big business but also because of ignorance, baked-in blindness, and having it way too good for way too long. Why steal from someone? just vote in socialism and the government will steal it for you..nice and legal.

In sum, Capitalism works...you can have a free, better life with open markets and little regulation. Otherwise, everyone has to have a doctorate to make a living in the USA...and not everyone is gifted the same. Capitalism works very very well but, big business..the mega corporations.. it's killed off small business and making it impossible to make a living. Socialism will chase every big business from the USA and discourage ingenuity and ideas because it will be taxed to death. Socialism would only work until the money ran out and it would run out very very quickly. You'd have to stop funding the military to afford it then you're ripe for the picking as an aggressive nation won't think twice about hammering the USA into the ground.
Manic panic amplified ULTRA VIOLET !
Thank you for selling such a dazzling array of hair color! I've been enjoying Virgin Rose for a year now... and get compliments on my hair Every.Single.Day. 💜
Just got my order and all the hair supplies I'll ever need 😍 also got an awesome USB mermaid by surprise, I love it! Thanks guys!
I put a Trump sticker on my car today..... :)
this ad was printed in the paper locally, would it be okay if i post it here? It's Thanksgiving and people don't know history. Let me know and Happy Thanksgiving FUEL THE ARMY!!

Can I post this video? I'm trying to get signatures?
My Christmas songs submission... LOL. Thanks for the freebie opportunity!
If I order some in stock SFX hair dye today would I have it before monday?
:) fast delivery. Thanks!

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President Biden Delivers a Christmas Address 12/24/2022

President Biden Delivers a Christmas Address


He won't say Jesus. Amazing. If that name offends you, that's you... that's a bigotry, narrow-mindedness in you. This is Christmas and this bum can't utter the name.

President Biden Delivers a Christmas Address President Biden delivers a Christmas address focused on what unites us as Americans, his optimism for the year ahead, and wishing Americans joy in the coming...

Real ID Exposed: It Is Worse than You Think - Constitutional Alliance 12/22/2022

Real ID Exposed: It Is Worse than You Think - Constitutional Alliance


Just so you understand. Our government is not honoring the spirit of the constitution. America is morphing into something else. The other day in NYC, at a theater, they used bio-metric info to oust a person from the crowd. that means, this information is being sold to and used by businesses. All of this is bad news for the rights of Americans. All spawned by fear... willing to give up freedom for protection...and still losing both!

Real ID Exposed: It Is Worse than You Think - Constitutional Alliance The Constitutional Alliance strongly opposes the Real ID Act 2005; our reasons go beyond the reasoning of other organizations. Our primary reasons for opposing the Real ID Act are four-fold. It is my hope and prayer that you will share a link to our web-site with everyone you are in contact with. I....


So this is what Biden and the Democrats are going to do to you all. They hired 83,000 more IRS agents. That means, roughly 172,000 IRS agents total. They are going to harass the middle class... by pestering people over minute details and bs... they are going to rob Americans, really.... and that money they get is going to Ukraine, given away based on skin color, to inflate the government way more than our founders ever intended.


Illegal migrants are displacing US citizens from homeless shelters, this is a problem.


Consider what we now know thanks to congressional testimony.
1. Dr Fauci directed China, using Tax Payer Money, to take the flu from a bat and jump it to humans. This is called gain of function research and we outsourced it to China because it's dangerous work.
2. China goofed? and it got loose.
3. 7 million people died.
4. Fauci is responsible for this as it was his idea to do gain of function research. His decision alone. Yet the man doesn't show 1 sign of any remorse and insists he did not pay for gain of function...but his testimony says otherwise..

Liberal press and newspapers are covering for him and not reporting this. Have to watch the hearings to know what the heck is going on!!


liberal democrats are the cause...


Did you hear the TV shows in Russia saying the only reason we let the Russian go was because he was heterosexual. I said it before, will say it again... America's immorality is galvanizing nations against the USA. All a dictator has to do is show the debauchery in our nation...and it adds to his legitimacy in the eyes of his population.


Here's the thing you don't hear in the news. There are two Americans left in Russian prison... 1 of them is a school teacher who had ma*****na on him...same situation as Griner. But Biden chose Griner over another American who was there longer... why? One is NBA star... black... gay...hates America. This is where liberal democrats in Washington are...betray Americans for power. It looks good publicly so they made a bad deal swapping the merchant of death for griner. Trump would never give up the merchant of death in a swap because they guy is too dangerous...Biden didn't care. This guy will probably be back to killing Americans again soon.


this shows you all the dems care about: 1. race. 2. homosexuality 3. BLM, she was protesting the flag. think she wised up a bit in Russia? america is the best place anywhere to live but... if we let liberals keep going, we won't have a country left. What gets me is, the merchant of death should have brought them all home...he was that big a player. instead, they traded him for the person that fits the narrative: anti american, black, homosexual. and instead of waiting and making a good deal, they were in a rush to get this over as her partner was bad mouthing 'biden openly for months. Americans are celebrating this as a win while two more americans are in labor camps in russia. our nation is being run by fools.


Our nation is nuts and now the doctors and scientists are also nuts. There is a reason they did not allow it. Now, everyone going WOKE, the blood supply is now at risk due to politics and wokeness.


The FedEx driver for us, plays rap music full blast and is mean... This FedEx driver was a pe*****le and murderer. Don't think they do a proper background check anymore... might be a crack pot delivering your packages.


you can measure the citizens freedom by whether or not they are able to keep arms. In our nation, the right is being sawed down to nothing... which means without an awakening, the USA is headed toward socialism. It's the second amendment folks. If it's one thing our founders were very clear on, the right is not to be infringed in anyway... but look how our "leaders" keep infringing.


PS, this is why our founders gave us a second amendment. The Chinese people are standing up and are crushed, because they cannot fight back for their own lives.


See what was going on with Twitter? That information, the correct reporting, will be missing in this neck of the woods: Massachusetts.
Liberals will stop news flow and spin it...and the people in this area remain blinded...but will insist they are wise. Elon released what was going on with the hunter Biden story... which implicated Biden too... was stopped by democrats pressuring Twitter so that the story never emerged..it was labeled as russian collusion by twitter and the people trying to put out the story were banned. Turns out, it was the truth.

Trump won... say that an they throw stones at you but what else do you call breaking election laws over covid? But, that being said, if this story came out...Biden would have lost many of his supporters and even with the rig, Trump would have won...if this story were not suppressed. And our nation wouldn't be in the mess it is in.

One thing we all know for sure, when liberals are in charge especially, you cannot trust the US Government.


If you know someone seriously into make up, a good gift idea is to give them a real professional makeup brush set. Professional means: 1. well made for heavy use and accuracy of application. The hairs will not loosen and fall out. 2. balanced weight, made with good wood=a joy to use, feels natural. 3. every possible brush you'll need for everything: eyes, brows, face, neck, cheek. And we just discounted it for Christmas. Contact [email protected] before you buy, tell them you're responding to this facebook post and we'll throw in two of our makeup sponges for good measure at no extra charge. If you feel these are expensive, you need to remember "professional" brush... these brushes will last for years. Anyone into makeup, watch their face and words when they open the gift... and they will confirm with their own mouths...these are very good brushes. If not, send them back for a full refund.


GEN Z IS VOTING AND MARCHING TO DESTROY ITSELF. ONE DIMENSIONAL HUMAN BEINGS... Unaware of the Spiritual rules that made America great.


Don't know about you, probably the same everywhere around the world... but we just kicked off cookie season over here. Basically, every possible cookie from our history being made now and for the next couple weeks. Cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner... if i wanted to.


THE MORONS RUNNING OUR GOVERNMENT MADE COVID A POLITICAL THING. That is where the whole thing went south! Medical needs to be apolitical but, too late for that.




Someone told me to watch this. in America, I should not be stopped from sharing something. If it's all a lie or false, I should still not be stopped from sharing it. It's up to you to discern if it's true or false. Look how facebook is stopping me from posting this. Embalmers around the country are noticing weird things in the blood of certain people. the one thing they all have in common? They took the jab. What's it mean? I don't know. But should I be stopped from sharing the movie? go to rumble and type in died suddenly movie. they don't stop free speech over there. the reason it's coming up as false is that no one is investigating it. At least investigate and then conclude...no one in the government is bothering to check on it.

We are not living in America any more. We've been invaded.


if Facebook stops it, go to rumble and type in "died suddenly. " it's a movie on how embalmers are noticing weird things in the blood of people who had vaccine. hey, that's their testimony but Facebook is saying it is not true.

World Premiere: Died Suddenly 11/29/2022

World Premiere: Died Suddenly


World Premiere: Died Suddenly Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe


Actual ad from department of health in WA. People, our nation has too many lunatics in it. If we do not stand up now, the nation will be lost. People this foolish can be likened to a drunken pilot. Do you want a drunken pilot? This is child abuse pure and simple.



Photos from FUEL THE ARMY's post 11/25/2022

EVEN WITH ELON AT THE HELM, WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ADVERTISE A USB DRIVE IN THE SHAPE OF PRES TRUMP. REJECTED ON THANKSGIVING DAY 2022!! What country are we living in? Amazon also rejected us. DO YOU SEE that the left is not really really really American? They cannot handle free speech and that is why the news today is so dangerous... half the truth is missing from reporting. sorry folks... the left is not American. Free speech is so important. you cannot get to the truth unless you hear both sides of an argument because our nation is filled with liars in positions of power (IE, the view!)

MONUMENTAL 11/25/2022





Continental Congress (October 18, 1780) issued a Proclamation for a Day of Public Thanksgiving and Prayer after the revealing and deliverance from Benedict Arnold's plot to betray General George Washington and his troops to the British: “Whereas it hath pleased Almighty God, the Father of all mercies, amidst the vicissitudes and calamities of war, to bestow blessings on the people of these states, which call for their devout and thankful acknowledgements, more especially in the late remarkable interposition of his watchful providence, in the rescuing the person of our Commander-in-Chief and the army from imminent dangers, at the moment when treason was ripened for execution....It is therefore recommended to the several states...a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, that all the people may assemble on that day to celebrate the praises of our Divine Benefactor; to confess our unworthiness of the least of his favours, and to offer our fervent supplications to the God of all grace...to cause the knowledge of Christianity to spread over all the earth.”


Massachusetts (November 8, 1783), issued A Proclamation for a Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer, signed by Governor John Hancock, to celebrate the victorious conclusion of the Revolutionary War: John Hancock, Esquire, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts A Proclamation for a Day of Thanksgiving: “Whereas...these United States are not only happily rescued from the Danger and Calamities to which they have been so long exposed, but their Freedom, Sovereignty and Independence ultimately acknowledged. And whereas...the Interposition of Divine Providence in our Favor hath been most abundantly and most graciously manifested, and the Citizens of these United States have every Reason for Praise and Gratitude to the God of their salvation. Impressed therefore with an exalted Sense of the Blessings by which we are surrounded, and of our entire Dependence on that Almighty Being from whose Goodness and Bounty they are derived; I do by and with the Advice of the Council appoint Thursday the Eleventh Day of December next (the Day recommended by the Congress to all the States) to be religiously observed as a Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer, that all the People may then assemble to celebrate...that he hath been pleased to continue to us the Light of the Blessed Gospel....That we also offer up fervent Supplications...to cause pure Religion and Virtue to flourish...and to fill the World with His glory.”


Turkey is up 23%
Flour is up 25%
Eggs are up 43%
Butter is up 27%
Milk is up 15%

Thanksgiving is unaffordable in Joe Biden's America.

36-PIECE MAKEUP BRUSH SET WITH CASE 36-PIECE MAKEUP BRUSH SET WITH CASE [817135000559] - $108.00 : FUEL THE ARMY®, Bringing Teeth to The Body 11/19/2022

36-PIECE MAKEUP BRUSH SET WITH CASE 36-PIECE MAKEUP BRUSH SET WITH CASE [817135000559] - $108.00 : FUEL THE ARMY®, Bringing Teeth to The Body


Got it online. Makes one heck of a good Christmas gift. Not common cheap brushes... when i say they are high end, they are. We bought in quantity and you are buying 36 upfront....which is why the price is so low. Economies of scale. If you do not think the price is low, you do not understand the cost of a really well-made brush. The only reason we can afford to do this is quantity.


Photos from FUEL THE ARMY's post 11/18/2022

Everything is brand new and sealed. And we just had these made, we have thousands of them in stock. First, these are not cheap brushes you find for a couple bucks each. These brushes are weighty, made with quality metal, are cruelty free and sell for 10 bucks each in high end stores. When you get one in your hand, you will recognize the quality of the brushes. We assure you, these are very well made, long lasting brushes. We are giving you a discount on them in sets of 36. You get every brush you'll need, flat, angled, kabuki and more. Everything you will need for years to come! Comes with a case to hold it all. You can buy it here. If you want multiple sets, talk to us first for possible discount. https://fuelthearmy.com/shopping/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=185_236&products_id=1853


MORE BS PAWNED ONTO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC... such a foolish crop of Americans we seem to have today.


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Watch this video, the commercial part comes up where they show the crimes happening all the time. A society cannot prosp...
Looks like certain in our nation feel it is their right to take what is not theirs... to be violent toward others withou...
Got someone to do it in Arabic. NO KIDDING. She is talking about our color insurance program..helping people remove the ...
More anti white bashing and set up by the press... full blown racism against white males. And this is permitted...
There is a ton of "white male" bashing going on TV, this must be the 100th thing I've seen this year alone, where openly...



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