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We are so grateful for all our Clients, Friends & Family of Divine Hair Design!
We could not do any of this without all our great support all these years.
For that we are so so grateful!
Many Blessing to all and your families.


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Look who is working @ Divine Hair Design!

Monique and Paula would like to Welcome Breanna Seviour to Divine Hair Design.
She is formerly from Rocco’s North End Barbershop. Great Barber/Stylist
Please call Breanna @ 413-329-6628 for your next appointment!
Come check out her new home! Breanna will be so happy to take great care of your hair care needs!


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Monique and Paula would like to Welcome Breanna Seviour to Divine Hair Design.
She is formerly from Rocco’s North End Barbershop. Great Barber/Stylist
Please call Breanna @ 413-329-6628 for your next appointment!
Come check out her new home! Breanna will be so happy to take great care of your hair care needs!


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Have you ever wanted to be your own BOSS?
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What is your biggest concern with your hair for 2021?


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Paula Gooley & Monique are so HAPPY to have taken care of our wonderful clients, finishing up week # 4 🥰
Always squeaky clean, for YOU! 🤗
Hate wearing Mask but we do it for YOU!😷
Remember to call us for appointments as they are booking up FAST😉
Paula @(413)822-4743
Monique @(413) 441-1293


Mass. state representative calls for extension of stay-at-home advisory until June
By Christina Prignano Globe Staff,Updated May 15, 2020, 3:54 p.m.
Governor Charlie Baker acknowledged at his Friday press conference those who think he’s going too slow and those who think he’s going too fast as far as reopening the state's economy.
Governor Charlie Baker acknowledged at his Friday press conference those who think he’s going too slow and those who think he’s going too fast as far as reopening the state's economy.BARRY CHIN/GLOBE STAFF
Massachusetts Representative Mike Connolly is calling on Governor Charlie Baker to extend his stay-at-home advisory until at least the beginning of June, arguing in a letter signed by six other Democratic state lawmakers that it’s too soon to begin easing restrictions put in place to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The letter comes as Baker, a Republican, gets ready to release his plan for gradually lifting coronavirus restrictions. He’s expected to release recommendations from a reopening advisory board on Monday, the same day the stay-at-home advisory is currently scheduled to lift.

“While we are cognizant of the hardships people continue to endure, we think it would be premature to allow the Stay-At-Home Advisory to expire on Monday, May 18th,” Connolly and his fellow lawmakers wrote in the letter.


The lawmakers argue that Massachusetts has not yet reached benchmarks on testing that the Centers for Disease Control has said are needed for reopening. CDC guidelines call on states to implement a “robust” testing program for health care workers before reopening. In their letter, the lawmakers also argue the “raw number” of daily coronavirus cases remains too high.

Connolly, of Cambridge, also criticized Baker’s approach to lifting the restrictions. Though he outlined in broad terms the phased strategy he’s using to reopen parts of the economy, Baker did not include any indications about which businesses may be allowed to resume activity or when, telling reporters this week that such information would be forthcoming.

In his letter, Connolly called the lack of information “confusing” and warned it could result in poor decision-making by residents.

Asked about the letter during his daily coronavirus briefing on Monday, Baker reiterated that he’s implementing a phased reopening, and pointed to metrics indicating hospitalization rates and new cases are trending down overall. He also said Massachusetts would be ramping up testing with a goal of becoming one of the top states in the country for testing on a per capita basis.


“Part of the reason we’ve talked about a phased reopening and a go-slow reopening, is because we want to be conservative and careful and cautious with respect to the way we do this," Baker said.

As the pandemic response in Massachusetts has shifted to planning for a reopening, a debate has emerged about how much of the economy should reopen and when. The vast majority of Massachusetts residents have been supportive of the current stay-at-home advisory and nonessential business closure order, according to a Suffolk University/Boston Globe/WGBH poll released last week. But a small number protested the lockdown measures at the State House earlier this month, calling on Baker to lift restrictions immediately.

Baker acknowledged as much during his Friday press conference, saying there would be those who think he’s going too slow and those who think he’s going too fast.

“What we believe is, based on data, information, guidance, and advice from a lot of very smart people, that this will represent what we consider to be a properly cautious and careful way forward,” he said.

In addition to Connolly, the letter was signed by Representatives Lindsay Sabadosa, Christine Barber, Michelle DuBois, Nika Elugardo, Jack Lewis, and Maria Robinson.

*** DIVINE HAIR DESIGN will post an update on Monday. Whether we open or not, depends on many factors. 🤨💪💜


No news yet on a definite date Divine Hair Design can open as of yet. There is potential talk it could be next week.
Please be patient with us, as there will be certain protocols we all must make due to certain current events of in the Country.
We will post more information when we are informed by the state as to “When”🤗

Paula & Monique miss you all very much!

masslive.com 04/28/2020

Massachusetts’ stay-at-home advisory and non-essential business closure extended until May 18


Gov. Baker has just extended both the stay-at-home advisory and the non-essential business closure until May 18. Also extended to that date is the ban on gatherings of more than 10 people. The governor did announce the creation of a reopening advisory board that is expected to deliver a plan to him by May 18 for reopening the economy. Baker said the measures we've been taking are working, but reopening too soon could cause a spike.

More on this breaking news by MassLive's Steph Solis here: https://bit.ly/2VJJNmx

-Noah R. Bombard, MassLive managing editor of news

masslive.com Gov. Charlie Baker's original extended advisory scheduled the state's reopening on May 4.


Praying that we can get back to salon, as I miss all my clients and friends @ Divine Hair Design!!!


Some great things L’BRI is doing to honor those on the front lines

❤️Announcement time! Thank you for continuing to share love and support for the many health care heroes across the country! Today we'd like to congratulate these recipients:
• Gigi A. - Fargo, ND
• Julia C. - Middleton, WI
• Naomi C. - Chicago, IL

Remember to keep nominating your health care heroes - we will continue to select recipients DAILY throughout the rest of the month! P.S. Please remember to leave them on the •ORIGINAL POST• on our page. 💝

Each recipient has been notified, and can look forward to having a pampering treat delivered to their doorstep very soon.


Divine Hair Design


Some updates !

Remember when you purchase from my site https://bit.ly/3bZswLv
You are helping support a small business owner who cannot work right now behind the chair.

**** I am so Blessed I have this side gig to help supplement my family during times like these***

So Thank you in advance for those who do! 🙏💜
We will get thru this together!


Do you have any friends who are in the health care field? Just when I thought my color company could not get any better They come up with this promotion to give back to the most important people at this time. I myself know several people in this field. I am excited to help them. I will help you customize your products.

Moniqueg.jackwinnpro.com -shop

masslive.com 03/31/2020

Coronavirus response: Mass. order closing non-essential businesses to public, stay-at-home advisory extended to May

Good afternoon,
Today, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker extended his order closing non-essential businesses until May 4. The stay-at-home advisory was extended to the same date.
Baker's office is expected to release an updated list of exempt businesses today.
Reporter Steph Solis has the latest on Baker's announcement: https://bit.ly/346MLo0
-Scott J. Croteau, MassLive managing producer of Worcester County news

So Divine Hair Design will be closed Until May 4th.
Please know I will be contacting clients who have appointments in April & First week of May...
praying we can get back by this date. 🙏💜💪🥰

Call/ text (413)441-1293 to reschedule or make appointments for May 5th and beyond.. GOD WILLING!! 💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏

masslive.com Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker's announcement comes after President Donald Trump extended the national "social distancing" guidelines.



Kindness, always. 💝
So much is uncertain, some things are a bit scary, and a lot is beyond our control right now. But being kind? We can ALWAYS choose to be kind + helpful + understanding. 🦋


Sorry it’s late! BUT NEVER GIVE UP!
We WILL get through this Together!
Please do your part and protect your families!!

khairpep.com 03/26/2020

repairs hair, strengthens hair, does not weigh down hair

Worried about your hairs condition during this time with the salons shut down across the counrty?

Well, I am affiliate with the Company below. As I was testing out a new product to the USA that helps repair, strengthens hair without weighing it down in only 4 mins.

Keep your hair healthy until you can get back into the salon.
Check out below..
use code; moniquegrosz

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Please stay Healthy & Safe during these times.. 💜🙏

khairpep.com patented hair repair treatment that repairs, strengthens and improves elasticity of hair from within, before and after bleaching. Does not coat hair or temporarily fix hair like bond builders and bond multipliers. Lasts several hair washes and does not weigh down hair.


Looking forward to brighter & happier days. Celebrating Mother’s Day, what a great way to show the women in your life- how much you care!

Shop early Lbri.com/Moniqueg


This is What my L’BRI Company has done ... taking a positive stand for Police Department! 💜🙏💪

A big thank you to Brian and Linda Kaminski, owners of L'Bri Pure n' Natural, for their generous donation of hand soap, lotion, and cleaning supplies to use at our police department. It is very much appreciated and will come in very handy during these times.

"Kindness is a powerful reminder that behind all the negativity and malice, there lies goodness that has the power to change the world."

masslive.com 03/23/2020

Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker issues stay at home advisory, closes all non-essential businesses

Good morning, folks. Important information this morning. Gov. Baker has closed all non-essential businesses starting at noon tomorrow. In addition, he's issued a stay at home advisory. This is not an order, but the governor is asking people to stay home. You can still go for walks, get groceries and go to medical appointments, but the governor says to use common sense to not gather in groups.

More details here: https://tinyurl.com/srj6y94

We're updating that story with more details right now.

-Noah R. Bombard, MassLive managing editor for news

masslive.com As more states issue shelter-in-place orders, Gov. Charlie Baker said Massachusetts would impose similar restrictions to prevent the coronavirus outbreak from growing.


Divine Hair Design will be closed due to Covid19 until further notice. Please stay healthy & Safe !
We will get thru this together with lots of Prayers, hand washing and hopefully common sense!!! 💜🙏💪



There are so many things going on in the world right now, and so many unexpected changes temporarily cause fear, sadness, and hurt. Let's radiate positivity today, and head into next week with the GOOD we have in our lives. 💖


If you should need skin care / body care / hair care you can shop here L’BRI.com/Moniqueg products will delivered right to your door. Perfect for these times😜 try our FREE Skin Advisor tool to help with suggestions for your certain concerns! Thank you in advance if you should place order. This may be my only source of income in next couple of weeks to come...


Shop Moniqueg.jackwinnpro.com


I am looking for 10 women who have never tried L'BRI...please private message me ....I will send out our 7day sample set free of charge...if you have ever thought of being self employed or perhaps need something in this in between time...perhaps we should talk. L'BRI just might be what you are looking for ..either way, contact me to get your personalized 7 day set sent to you FREE....I want to give the gift of self care to 10 lucky people right now in the midst of all this..self care has never been more important....it will lighten your mood...so if you are NOT a current customer of mine send me a message...let me give you a little sunshine...
Go to my website:
Click on shopping this will generate our skin advisor tool..follow the prompts, then private message me your results so I can send you your 7 data sample set specific to your skin. IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE TO DO YOUR SKIN ANALYSIS AND THE SET I AM OFFERING IS FREE AS WELL...


For your shopping needs delivered right to your door. Great due to world wide events!
all your shampoo/conditioner and styling needs.

lbri.com 03/19/2020


@ Divine Hair Design we are healthy and still OPEN until they tell us not to be open. We are a salon that has ALWAYS kept the Salon Clean, with the current events in the world, we have been even more diligent with wiping down with Lysol wipes in between clients. As those that know Monique- know I am constantly cleaning the salon!

On another note, if you are in need of hair care, skin care products you can shop from home via our Websites.

lbri.com/moniqueg - L'BRI Pure n' Natural Products

lbri.com Aloe-based skin care, body care, makeup, nutrition


Salon and Spa Coronavirus Video

Please know we keep a clean environment for you and us working @ Divine Hair Design. Its good to be a small salon in these times of uncertainty!

If you are sick please reschedule for a later time! If not, we are still open😃💜

This is "Salon and Spa Coronavirus Video" by Worldwide Salon Marketing on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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