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Unique Star Beauty Salon
Unique Star Beauty Salon

Christina | Full Body Sugaring Hair Removal
📍Riverside, CA
Hair removal made to feel luxurious✨️


Sugar flicks are so cute🤩

Sugaring flicks your hair out in the direction that it grows in (think like when you tweeze your eyebrows)

You aren’t bending the hair backwards to remove it which can cause breakage of your lil hairs!

Removing your hair in the direction is grows in is much more gentle on your skin.


Does your skin look like this after you shave? No?🤔 then it’s time to come get sugared girl!🍯

Photos from Marigold Beauty Co.'s post 06/25/2024

I dare you to try lightening your underarms this way this summer🤭💅🏻


Thank you always for your kind words in your reviews🥹


I sugar my upper lip so I don’t look like I’m trying to match my man lmao😃 you can come in for it too if that’s what you’re needing😅


Sugaring your arms gives you the sleek and soft look without the stubby regrowth of shaving them💅🏻


Your first Brazilian doesn't have to be scary!

I know I'm someone that likes to know how things are gonna work to ease anxiety, so here's a step by step on your first Brazilian🤩


Your local Riverside hair slayer😈


Your reviews never fail to make me smile🥹


Love love love smooth underarms🤩


it's happening🎉

I will now be offering memberships for my most popular services!

I listened to you all express to me that you like to not even THINK about bringing your credit cards to pay.

So what did I do? I gave you the option to save your card on file!🤗

Then I heard, "I just wish I could come in, get sugared, book my next appointment, and go!" You don't wanna worry about paying in that moment huh? And you wanna save some 💸💸💸

I GOT YOU. With these memberships you can come get your Brazilian, and you'll just be charged the 1st of every month!

Not having to worry about which card to use or to pull out cash, it's already taken care of! You're living the life😎

Also with the memberships being at least a 3 month commitment, it really gives you the opportunity to see the best results possible at a cheaper price point!

The Brazilian membership saves you more than $30 while the Brazilian and underarm membership saves you more than $45!

I'm so glad I was finally able to get this going for you guys!

If youre ready to save on your sugaring every month, comment below or send me a dm! Open to new and current/Returning clients💛


🔍 here's the details🔍
- 10% off retail
- 1 free sugaring appointment/month pertaining to which package is signed up for
- sessions not used are lost
- additional areas to be sugared will still be full price
- membership is not transferable to another area unless the difference is paid
- must commit to 3 months
- cannot be refunded
- if you wish to cancel early, you must pay amount owed
- cannot be transferred to another person
- billed the 1st of every month

Photos from Marigold Beauty Co.'s post 04/26/2024

S W I P E to see the whole underarms sugaring process😍

A quick 5 min service for weeks of no hair and smooth skin! Sounds like the best deal to me😌


Sugaring cleans out your pores so👏🏻good👏🏻

Ugh look how smooth the skin looks… just glowing😍


If you’re nervous to try sugaring, underarms are the BEST introductory to it. Honestly by favorite service to get done on myself and to do😍


Your reviews make my day🤩

Photos from Marigold Beauty Co.'s post 04/17/2024

Short answer... all of it lol😅

I can sugar anywhere you grow hair! And some people find that surprising. Like whenever I tell them I sugar ni***es their minds are blown lmao.

It's just hair. And sugar is gentle🤗

What body part do you want to sugar next?👀

📍Riverside, CA

Photos from Marigold Beauty Co.'s post 04/08/2024

Since Marigold has hit the 1k milestone and there's some new faces around here I wanted to do a lil reintroduction🤗

My name is Christina! I'm a licensed Esthetician specializing in full body Sugaring🍯

I got into Sugaring bc my skin is SO sensitive and Sugaring was the only thing my skin didn't have a crazy reaction to, so I wanted to be able to provide it to others💛

I enjoy meeting and Sugaring you all🥹 ESPECIALLY that 2nd appointment when you come back and rave to me about your results from the first time, my faaaav thing lol.

I'm 28, a Libra, and love opening pokemon cards on a cozy night in⚡️

I can't wait and look forward to meeting you to introduce you to the sweet world of Sugaring!

If you'd like to see my full schedule at a glance or book an appointment, please click the link on my profile! But as always, if you ever have any questions about booking or just sugaring in general, PLEASE shoot me a dm, I love talking to you all🤗

See you soon🤠

📍Riverside, CA

Photos from Marigold Beauty Co.'s post 04/03/2024

Comparison to my clients first ever sugaring, vs her 2nd appointment 4 weeks later.

I was like dude where’s the hair!! lol. Zoom in to really see how much hair she grew back after 4 weeks from her first sugaring ever.

Scroll to the last slide to see her full after shot🔥

Love this for her🤗


I love when you come in for the first time ever and fall in love with sugaring🤗✨️

📍Riverside, CA



Soooo close to 1K FOLLOWERS!

I'm so excited that I've been able to hit this milestone in my small business. I am so incredibly grateful for every single one of you🥹

To celebrate I wanted to host a lil giveaway!

Here are the deets:
What you win - a FREE sugared Brazilian ($75 value), FREE sugared underarms ($30 value), and a FREE aftercare product of your choice! ($18-$38 value)

Giveaway Terms:
🍯You must be following me here, .co
🍯Like and save this post
🍯Tag (3) of your friends in separate comments
🍯Post this onto your story! (If you are private please sent me a screenshot of it on your story)
*Make sure to follow all terms to be eligible!*

Additional Entries
💛If you share to your story daily = multiple entries
💛Tag extra friends in seperate comments = additional entry for every bonus tag

Giveaway ends on Saturday, April 6th at 11:59 PST.
Giveaway winner will be announced on Sunday, April
7th and will be notified via DM + story.

Good luck everyoneeee!🫡🤭



With the warmer months coming at us full speed ahead, it's time to start making those sugaring appointments before it gets TOO hot😅

Standard is, you have to stop shaving for at least 2 weeks!! Do you really trust yourself to do that when you're wearing shorts, tanks tops, and bikinis all summer?😬

Take advantage of the weather NOW and grow out that hair girl!

Once you start sugaring, you only have to come back about once a month. And by the time you come back, your hair is so soft, thin, and sparse, you don't even realize it's time to sugar it off again🍯💨

Give yourself the gift of not worrying this spring/summer about not having to shave when you friends have last minute plans for the beach!

With sugaring, you're always ready!🤭

Come see me so I can get you started on stress free hair removal!

📍Riverside, CA


I know you’re tired of shaving🧐

Shaving doesn’t even get you these results! And if it does… it lasts what? 2 days TOPS before you start feeling the little prickles of hair poking through?

When you get sugared, you’re smooth for WEEKS and your hair grows in so soft and thin you barely notice it’s there. Yeah, so no more itchiness lol.

Let me help you get started with the luxurious sugaring lifestyle🍯

📍Riverside, CA


Underarm sugaring is my FAVORITE service.

No more itchiness, no more last minute worrying if you shaved or not.

Sugaring your underarms makes life so much easier and looowww maintenance.

You’re soft and so smooth for weeks😍


Look at the hair growth difference for my client!

This is from ONE session.

When I say sugaring is a game changer, I’m not just saying it for fun lol. It really does make a world of a difference🤩

Photos from Marigold Beauty Co.'s post 02/27/2024

Let's talk exfoliating... because some of you are doing it wrong😬

But that's why I'm here to help you!🩷

- No, don't need to exfoliate everyday.
- No, don't exfoliate only once a month
- PLEASE stop using tree hut scrub lol😭

The main point of exfoliating is to slough away dead skin, leaving your skin nice, soft, and ✨️GLOWY✨️.

It also makes your sugaring appointments go by much smoother because your hair isn't holding onto you so tightly lol😅

To get that glow from within look, only exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week🫶🏻

Did you learn something new? Have any follow up questions? Leave them down below or feel free to DM me💐


It's peak in the middle of summer, you're going on a beach trip this weekend and you think, "I want to be super smooth for the beach, I'm gonna go get sugared!" (Or waxed lol)

Let's stop right there so I can save you some disappointment🥴

After your first sugaring/waxing session, you will most likely still have some very short hairs left behind! This is because our hair grows in 3 cycles, and when we're CONSTANTLY shaving, it throws those cycles off track from each other.

If you're wanting smooth, soft, glowy legs like these pictured here, it's best to give yourself 3 waxing/sugaring sessions before you expect to see no little stubbly hairs left behind.

WHICH IS WHYYYY, I'm telling you this now🤩 so you can fully prepare yourself and give yourself the time needed to get that baby soft skin!

Here's what to expect once you're on a consistent schedule:
🍯 Soft, fine, and sparse hair regrowth
🍯 Less ingrown hair
🍯 hairless, smooth legs for WEEKS

Preparing for the summer by sugaring in the winter is THE move and SO worth it.


A trustful bond always starts with communication!🩷

I get a lot of messages asking me about brazilians or just sugaring in general and I love!! A lot of my clients I actually spoke with for a bit before they booked their first appointment with me.

I leave the door open for this open communication because then when you come in, it's like we already know each other! Lol😭🫶🏻

My goal is to always make sure you're completely comfortable in knowing that you can give your trust to me💐


What working together can help you achieve👏🏻

I can give you all the tools and knowledge to clear up any skin concerns, but I only see you once a month! It's up to you to keep up with your aftercare on your end to really achieve results!

My clients skin is looking soooo good! Next we will work on hyperpigmentation left behind or any other skin concerns she may have🩷

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