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-Microblading, Combo Brows, and Ombre/ Powder Brows

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Photos from Brow Buddiez's post 01/13/2022

Photos from Brow Buddiez's post

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Combination brows for my beautiful client this evening 🥰




As long as the artist has had professional training in permanent makeup and received their certificate in blood borne pathogen training, the client should have more comfort in the artist knowing they have experience from a reputable artist(s).

Also, it is important for the client to follow pre and post care instructions given from the permanent makeup artists to ensure the healing process will go smoothly.

Microblading is not safe for clients who have:
Skin diseases
Transmittable blood diseases
Allergic reactions to any “caines” (lidocaine”


UPDATE: if you have searched my business on Google and see the Groupon listing, DO NOT click on it. I no longer accept Groupon payments. It has been giving me troubles. Also, prices on the Groupon are not accurate. If you have any more questions please let me know!


In order for your brows to heal properly and to keep the longevity of the pigment in the skin, it is vital that you take good care of them!

Avoid sweating, hot tubs, saunas, sunlight, swimming pools

Drink as much water- hydration is important

Clients who have a very oily skin type have a more difficult time retaining pigment retention- it is best to have powder/ or ombré brows

Apply SPF all over the face including the brows when leaving your house- make sure it does not contain any acids

Avoid using any retinols, acids (glycolic, salicylic), vitamin c serums around the brow area. Please be aware that any lotions that’s include “anti-aging” will more than likely have some kind of acids and it is best to avoid it around the brow area

If you have any questions please send me an email at [email protected] or direct message me🤍


Happy Monday!!


About me
Hello everyone! My name is Katherine, and I am 23 years young! I graduated with my bachelors degree in marketing; however, I was ALWAYS interested in beauty since a young age and knew I wanted to work with people and make them feel beautiful- especially brows! Brows have such an enormous role in a person’s look, and can make or break everything. I know this because I unfortunately suffered from a medical condition and lost the hairs on my eyebrows and completely lost my confidence. After getting microblading done on my eyebrows I knew I wanted to make my clients feel the same happiness that I had felt! Plus... it’s amazing getting to sleep in a little longer knowing you do not have to do your brows in the morning- because they are already perfect! I graduated from an intensive training course for microblading, ombré brows, and combination brows and became master certified. I chose to go to a very well-known microblading school in Los Angeles in order to give YOU the best brows and make sure you are happy and confident!


Why is microblading expensive?

That’s the same question as why are surgeries expensive? It’s takes lots of education, time, and experience for surgeons to practice and operate on people. Believe it or not, same goes for pmu artists. It’s not as simple as many may think.

Before receiving my master certification for microblading, I thought it was easy… just apply the blade to the skin and create 3D hair strokes. Oh boy was I wrong 😅 it takes lots of patience and yes messing up is all part of the process. The microblading procedure is like a surgery itself, it takes three hours long! I first have to map your brows and make sure everything is symmetrical, apply numbing cream and which lasts 30 minutes, and then begin the process of cutting into the skin and I have to make sure I do not go too deep because that could create an infection and scarring, or cut too little because no pigment will set in the skin and you will not see any hair strokes.

Also, microblading is semi-permanent, meaning it won’t last forever! The client will have to come in for touch ups.


Before the treatment, I apply numbing cream that will stay on the brows for 20 minutes before the procedure. During the microblading process, I will then apply another numbing anesthetic. On average, the pain level is a 3/10. Overall, microblading is no worse than threading, waxing, or plucking the eyebrows.


The appointment lasts anywhere between 2.5-3 hours. Majority of the time is spent on drawing brow shapes and choosing a color best suited for the client. The microblading process lasts from 30-45 minutes.


Brow mapping

Preparing for brow mapping before my client arrives. 😃

Brow Buddiez updated their address. 01/05/2022

Brow Buddiez updated their address.

Brow Buddiez updated their address.

Brow Buddiez updated their business hours. 01/04/2022

Brow Buddiez updated their business hours.

Brow Buddiez updated their business hours.

Brow Buddiez updated their website address. 01/04/2022

Brow Buddiez updated their website address.

Brow Buddiez updated their website address.


3812 Pierce St, Ste G. Riverside, CA, 92503 | 951-215-2225 | [email protected]

What to expect through the healing process?

You will go through a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the healing process, but do not be alarmed, this is very common!

Day 1-3: Your brows will look very dark and bold. You may feel tenderness, redness, mind swelling/ bleeding, and a sensation of a feeling cut or bruised. By day two, the side effects should subside.

Day 3-5: Eyebrows look very dark and will begin to flake off.

DO NOT peel when your eyebrows start to flake- this will cause them to scar and possibly cause an infection. They will itch when the brows are flaky, please avoid itching and apply a minimal amount of Aquaphor.

Day 5-8: Brows may still be peeling and color will begin to fade, but rest assure they will come back!

Day 8-12: Flaking end and color returns

Day 12-21: Eyebrows are looking more natural; however, touchup is needed to fix any spots and make sure everything is healing well.

It is normal for permanent makeup to fade overtime; therefore, touchups are needed to maintain the color and shape of your brows. It depends on how your skin will hold the pigment to determine how often touchups are needed.


The following must be avoided during all 14 days post procedure:

· Touching the area- except when applying a small amount of Aquaphor
· Picking or peeling or scratching- avoiding this will help to avoid scarring, removal of the pigment, and possible infections.
· Sun tanning or Salon tanning
· Exposure to UV/UVA rays or chemicals- this could cause changes in color and premature fading
· Hot saunas, steam rooms, baths, whirlpool bath
· Excessive sweating
· Avoid sleeping on your face
· Swimming
· Practicing sports
· Applying makeup near or on the brow area
· Performing tasks related to heavy household cleaning- avoid airborne debris
· Driving in open vehicles such as convertibles, boats, bicycles, or motorcycles
· Facials or any laser or chemical treatments- Glycolic Acid, Retin-A
· Smoking or consuming excessive alcohol- this can cause the healing process to be slower


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Went for the natural look!

Brow Buddiez 12/15/2021

Brow Buddiez

Please email me for any questions at
[email protected]

Brow Buddiez Permanent Makeup (PMU)
-Microblading, Combo Brows, and Ombre/ Powder Brows

Gmail- [email protected]

@browbuddiez • Instagram photos and videos 12/15/2021

@browbuddiez • Instagram photos and videos

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Photos from Brow Buddiez's post 12/15/2021

Combination brows


Combination brows

Photos from Brow Buddiez's post 12/15/2021


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