Classic lashes
Yay I’m super excited that I pushed myself and thank u everyone who motivated me when I felt discouraged!
Last day of class! Model day
If you would like to attend my next lash extension class please message me! Glamour Academy GlamourLash

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Any deals on the sport lash adhesive right now?
Lash perm & tint
Used this glue for first time. Have a client who is really hard on lashes and ALWAYS needs a fill within a week with a lot of loss. This glue really works fast. It works great for ppl who lash fast. Theres no sticky. No lashes stick together. Its just great. And client actually called me today to say that the glue is amazing.
A set of classic lashes Glamour Academy Masterclass how did I do ?
I practice on my sisters lashes yesterday she wanted something natural I didn't finish her set because she was done laying down I took two hrs I still need more practice thank you glamour Academy taking this class was the best decision ever I'm Super excited to continue this journey as a lash artist ❤️ 
Show starts in One hour! News, Resources, Motivation, DIY Scrubs & GlamourLash founder Tanya discusses How you can make $10k or more a month starting your own business! Plus we’re giving away Two 1LoveIE Masks!😷❤️📲😊

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Forming a complete education system, this course was developed using world-renowned pro makeup techn

Operating as usual


Joining me, Tayna Luong, LIVE with Wispi Lash in 60 mins tutorial on Tuesday September 27th @ 12 noon. See you soon!


👉👉Hey guys!
Who’s in here would like to learn working with Pre-made fans, creating Wispi volume set🥰😍


come get your lash on! With




Happy Friday!! Don’t forget to book with our amazing lash artist!


We are running a special!! Call us to book your appointment today!



So she comes in disappointed that her brows always makes her looked sad. Asking to look brighter and this is what came out 😍😍😍


Welcome to your GlamourLash Divas!! START HERE.

We are a community of women who are coming together to empower and support one another through what can sometimes be a very isolating (but exciting!) journey.

We are SO excited to welcome you to the community 🎉

Introduce yourself in the comments below:

1.Where you're from!

2.What you do!

3.Your weirdest quirk that allows your inner badass to shine!


Hybrid lash set with GlamourLash Easy Fan. Available at


Light volume lash requested by client using Pre-made fan 10D 0.05x11&13mm.
Available 👉


Light volume lash requested by client using Pre-made fan 10D 0.05x11&13mm.
Available 👉


Glamourlash is at National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) Helps preparing licensed graduates for careers in beauty and wellness thru advanced education.


Hybrid lash set with GlamourLash Easy Fan. Available at


Hey Mega volume lovers!!!
We got you cover.
Check this out!


A little review for those that are still inspired


Beautiful Full Hybrid by TL🥰


Introducing our Glamour Beauty Drink 😘😘😍

In just a few minutes, you can prepare a SUPERCHARGED nutritional Beauty Drink, to start your day with glowing skin, a healthy heart, and a boost in mood. You will look and feel better than you have in years!


We are proud to Introduce PDO Thread Face Lift GlamourLash as we are continuing bring you the most innovative beauty services and technologies.
Congratulations to Ann Huynh, RN, Nurse Practitioner 🎊🎉🙌whom are now part of our GlamourLash family performing the aesthetic services from PDO thread lift, PRP microneedling , medical PEP face peel to IV hydration.


Microblading - Before and After 💕


Hybrid set by Cecily 💕


Hybrid set by Cecily 😍💕


Aquarelle Lips💋💋


Don’t want it too natural or too full? Hybrid is one of the popular styles that a lot of clients request😍❣️ it’s perfect! 😋

Message us for our special price for this set 😉✨


So what about your lash schedule? 😐💖😸


Wispy volume full set by Yvette 💕


Classics ❤️


Happy New Year Everyone!
Let me start out with the quote from my mentor Eileen W.💝

Be at Peace. Everything Meant For You is Coming For You in 2022.

Everything you might have missed in 2021…?

It’s being restored.

“And I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten…” (Joel 2:25)

That means—It’s continuously happening…

Like waves coming wave upon wave back to the shoreline 🌊

Everything you MISSED or was LOST in 2021… is coming back to you, in a steady flow

And the Hebrew word for Peace (Shalom) isn’t like a wimpy, lazy, passive word…

In the Hebrew it actually means: “nothing missing, nothing broken.”

God’s “peace” means He is constantly restoring everything that was “lost” back to you. Aggressively. Bringing…

All the wealth.
All the health.
All the right relationships.
The right connections.

The right path you are to take.

What does this mean for you?

You can Relax.

You’re right on time.
You’re not late.
You didn’t mess anything up.

He will spring up in you a DESIRE to do all you’re called to do in 2022. Without effort or struggle.

I declare PEACE to reign in your heart right now. Worry to dissipate!! and be released from you.

And full-on, crazy RESTORATION of everything missing from your heart, home, health and business.

Be at rest! 🙏🏻


Tayna and the Team


Volume Lash 😍


Classics ❤️


We're always there to listen while making you look faboulash 😘😘❤️


Classics by Symphony 💖


Classics by Symphony 💖


Hybrid Fill by Yvette 🥰😘


Hybrid Fill by Yvette 😘💖


Volume set 💕


Wispy Hybrid Fill by Yvette 💕


Classics by Symphony 😍


This is it 💖


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Hey Mega volume lovers!!!We got you cover. Check this out!  #lashes #lashes #megavolumelashes #megavolumefans #megavolum...
A little review for those that are still inspired  #microblading #microbladingriverside #riversidemicrobladingcourse #ri...
Beautiful Full Hybrid by TL🥰
We are proud to Introduce PDO Thread Face Lift GlamourLash as we are continuing bring you the most innovative beauty ser...
⭐ We're Offering Bridal Makeup & Airbrush Makeup MasterClass ⭐ (50% Off)😘Take Glamour Academy's Bridal Makeup & Airbrush...
Introducing: Our Biggest Sale of the Year! 🤩 🥳 - Get 25% OFF of all services (Microblading, Microshading, Ombré Perfecti...



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