Elite Bodyworks and Wellness Center

Elite Bodyworks and Wellness Center


Energy, currency, vibration...
Breathe, Stretch and Smile... And Lots of Hugs!
Wellness is an approach...
Energy... It IS everything!
All aspects of your station reveal it's current state... Pay attention to it!
Movement is a great way to initiate homeostasis! Move we say ... MOVE!!!
Raise your vibration... It mostly free!
Breathe, Stretch and Smile!
Breathe, Stretch, Smile and Lots of Hugs!
Wellness... It's a rainbow!
Thoughts create things...
All natural? We are in!

Worldwide Exceptional Empathetic Meridian Massage & Whole BodyWork Treatments... Essentially, result oriented work that encompasses the whole body.

Operating as usual

Earth Reflections


Earth Reflections ~

Top 10 Reasons to Stretch

Top Ten reasons to Stretch!

Active Refresh

Stretching is the Key! Move!!!

She doesn't complain about her back anymore!

My wife and I started doing this 5-minute program a few weeks ago. The stretching exercises have worked wonders. I'm able to get down on the floor and back up with little effort.

Each day is a different program!

But they're all just 5-minutes of actual work. Specifically for older folks, like me and my wife. I'm no athlete, but I've been told a bunch before a bit of exercise could help my chronic pain.

It's a huge collection of DVDs and exercises. We've been going through it a day at a time, and there's no end in sight. The whole package is free right now to celebrate its release. I've already got a second set to gift for a friend, get your copy while supplies last!

Elite Bodyworks and Wellness Center


We are onaroll...
Don't stop me now!
VT: Before

Check out this incredible page...
Thanx J!


Breathe, stretch and Smile.

Homeostasis.. Just add Water!

Yoga International

Iso-metrics! Who needs a gym?!


Build strength and endurance with this 6-day isometric strength program designed for those seeking a strength-boosting yoga experience that's easy to fit into your busy schedule 💪🏼

🏠 Practice Yoga Anytime, Anywhere
📱 Stream hundreds of classes on any device
🙌🏼 Free 30-Day Trial + 6 Day Challenge

Welcome to healing! 333

Diet, not just food!

The Tapping Solution

Free healing!

Want to banish negative thoughts and feel more confident, fulfilled, and happy every day? This simple technique can help you start living your best life.

Watch New York Times bestselling author Nick Ortner lead you through EFT Tapping - a simple, proven technique to rewire your brain to feel more confident and energized that can be done anytime.

The Tapping Solution

Ever heard of "Tapping for health", event happening soon, check it out!!!

Discover how to use a simple technique known as “Tapping” to feel more centered, focused, and able to conquer any challenges that stand in your way.

Tapping is a scientifically proven technique that works to rewire the brain by sending calming signals to the amygdala, the stress center of the brain, allowing both the body and brain to release limitations from negative experiences, emotions, thoughts and much more that hold us back from creating the life we want.

The Upcoming 11th Annual Tapping World Summit, a free online 10-day event, will give you access to 25 free, 100% content, presentations on a variety of topics (listed on the page below) from some of the world's leading experts that show YOU how to use this technique to rewire your brain and improve your life.

Over 2 million people have attended the previous events. Click on the link to see the list of speakers and topics and to pre-register for the online event for free.

Healing Through Movement

Breathe, Stretch and Smile!

Loosening the hip flexor is one of the most important things many people aren't doing.
Hip flexors are the engine through which our bodies move.
EVERYTHING goes through the hips.
And when they're tight, they can lead to a host of problems.
Learn about a step-by-step program designed to help loosen hip flexors, enhance strength training, and improve overall health.

[02/17/19]   Iso baby..
One and two,

[01/05/19]   Chime in...
Who's on "Med's"?

BBC News

Yoga... It's not just for stretching!

98 years young and an expert yoga instructor.

#GetInspired: bbc.in/2osy78X

Yoga Journal

Stretch, breathe, repeat...

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from or how old you are—movement and yoga can help.


Excellent living includes balance...

14 wolves were released into a park - No one expected the miracle that the wolves would bring! 🐺

And then there was purification...

We are onaroll...
Don't stop me now!
VT: Before

And, after...
Ahhhhh, initiating oxygen, feeling better... Much work to go, step by step.
She shares with us the importance of stretching, without so, much tightness, which dehibits air the those starved tissues.
So was very kind, however we needed more time than the session permitted.
Please Breathe, please stretch...
Always Smile!

Busy as a bee, over here..
Yet another sample of feeling better 101...

Here is John's follow up testimonial.
75 seconds standing grounding
*(before addressing chair)
75 seconds breathing sycing
*(upon addressing chair)
15 minute active treatment
5 minute say goodbye
*(Tap out/bring back to present)
30 seconds follow up video

Oak hay sports fans, ck out today's awesome testimonial...
Paradise awaits!
Here is John's before treatment video.

Check out my after testimony...
Super jazzed!

Ok sports fans, ck out just a sample of my awesome massage work..
Before and after

[11/11/18]   Stretching and Breathing...

[11/02/18]   The year I graduated, the financial crash occurred...
I proceeded to gift my talents, for another seven years..
Donating, volunteering, serving...
Always on the lookout for persons who needed help and guidance...
I found myself being the answer to others' neglect.
It was me they called on to "fix" them. I realized that for treatments to be best effective, they need be coupled with healthy habits.

It finally became apparent that I needed to escalate my teaching.
I had to come up with a better way to reach more people effectively, and so I did...
Starting at the beginning: nutrition and lifestyle.

I have been blessed with having"Univera", the ultimate in neutraceuticals, shared with me, that I may share with you. (Nutrition 2.16)
Check out .y page:
"Univera Universe" fmi.
Alas, many are too comfortable with being uncomfortable, that influencing the mind can be a trying effort, for certain.

Still, I pondered on lifestyle, remembering that the best massage is prefaced with good old fashioned Grandma's advice: rest, nutrition, hydration, positive environment and stretching... your mind and body.

My 3 most often noted responses or questions with regards to massage therapy were:
*Don't have time
*Can't afford to pay
*What are massage benefits?

It is with that sentiment I introduce...
Stretching 1.26
A time and fund restrictionless means to be healthy and happy.

*Benefits? Endless!
*When? Everwhen you so choose...

Please help me reach people around the world and like, comment or share, if you will, so I may repay my immense gratitude of natural healing and wellness.

Join me for everyday stretching, so I may lead by example and irradicate weak excuses for homeostasis
Let's do this!

Look for stretching videos and share with those you care for.

Thank you in advance, Nameste'

[10/31/18]   Halloween special, to all our musician friends in Las Vegas:
Chair and hand massage samples!
PM for spooktactular homeostasis.

[09/17/18]   Are you stretching?

[07/25/18]   Stretching, Breathing...
Breathing, Stretching...

[06/23/18]   Breathe, Stretch and Smile !

[02/26/18]   Breathe, Stretch and Smile... Live broadcast Wed. 6pm PST

[08/03/17]   Wellness is a basket of approaches...
Breathe, Stretch and Smile
To take complete advantage of passive pampering...
Before and after treatments!

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