DB FX & Prop Shop

DB FX & Prop Shop


Awesome props and makeup work!
Great work!! Even better he is a veteran!! Such a great person, hence the reason he work is so good!!!

At DB FX, we build props for all types of clients. We also cover special makeup effects design & application from very basic all the way to extremely complex & advanced.

- Prop Design/Building/Fabrication
- Special Makeup Effects & Prosthetic Appliances
- Animatronics & Puppeteering
- Hair Punching/Laying/Ventilation
- Face Painting (All Ages)

Operating as usual

[03/30/20]   ATTENTION: I DID NOT DELETE MY MAIN FACEBOOK PAGE! I just wanted you all to know that I was forcibly locked out of my main posting account, and told I could only get back in after I provided Facebook with a six digit code which, unfortunately, they will not provide me. Facebook is broken, I guess. Add me HERE for the time being, until this gets resolved, or I make a new account: https://www.facebook.com/davidbfx

[12/04/19]   We provided both the special makeup effects, some set pieces, some props, and also piloted the drone for this music video. Had an absolute blast. Enjoy!

media1.tenor.co 11/17/2019


What making props for clients is like 🤣



Happy Halloween!

'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' Blondie costume 🤠


Something big is happening over here for an upcoming November release 🤖😊


Zombiesoup Junkyard

While this is not me, it IS my homie Danny Reategui from Zombiesoup Junkyard, and I edited this video fro him. We are both very happy with how it turned out. ENJOY!

"The last thing you never see"
Raw footage by @that.cosplay.life .
Edited by my friend and awesome creator David Broido .
Was excited to try out something a little different and get some video of the armor/gun in motion. For those with a Keen eye, that is in fact a HEAVILY modified nerf gun, so I used existing nerf mags to make some anti material mags. I want to add more personal touches to this armor but am unsure as to what exactly, but if y'all have any ideas let me know! Maybe make the coat out of something besides leather so I can stop dying from heat?

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In my Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade costume at Long Beach Comic Con


On set at Machinima Studios discussing makeup techniques with makeup artist Derrick Childers.

Makeup artist Rachel Ehrlich in the mirror, actor Kevin Brooks & director Vincent Talenti in foreground.


On set at Machinima Studios discussing final looks on actor Kevin Brooks with director Vincent Talenti.


Having a laugh on set in between takes with actor Kevin Brooks and director Vincent Talenti, on a period film shot in February.


Creature prop for a period film shot in February. Stuffing that bad boy into a burlap sack.


Creature prop for a period film shot in February. Spider arm fabricated by Chris Waltemate. Knife provided by me.


DB FX & Prop Shop

#tbt The Zombie Harlem Shake!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you The Zombie Harlem Shake. Enjoy. Many thanks to all those involved. And a HUGE THANKS to Lucid SFX Development, for creating some of the most awesome and expensive visual effects I have ever seen.


This is a perfect example of a proper marriage between practical and visual effects, to create a special effects masterpiece.


Creature prop for a period film.


Most of the time, I am behind the camera. Occasionally, I get in front of the camera as well. Here I am at Machinima Studios acting in a period film.


Cutting up clothing on set for a short period film.


Period firearm props I provided for a short film recently.


Ah, Webley. You make such fine weaponry.


Nagant M1895 7.62×38mmR Revolver

Solid resin
Acrylic paint


Closeup detail of the faux walnut wood grip paint job on the Re*****on 1875 .45LC Revolver


Re*****on 1875 .45LC Revolver

Solid resin
Acrylic paint


Closeup detail of a Denix 1873 Lever Action Rifle prop, which I weathered, and added a mock Malcolm Rifle Telescope to.


Period clothing I provided for an early 1900's short film recently.


Denix 1873 Lever Action Rifle prop, which I weathered, and added a mock Malcolm Rifle Telescope to.


Webley 'Green' .455

Solid resin
Acrylic paint

Model sculpted by Hades Fx


Webley Mark IV .455

Solid resin
Acrylic paint


Holy Grail prop for Indiana Jones costume.

Printed by Cris Davis
Paint by me


AMAZING little sculpture maquette by Jake Corrick. Paint by me.


The Shining cosplays at Stan Lee's 2017 Los Angeles Comic Con with Thebonebitch

Photo by: David Ngo


Gender-bent Eleven & Dustin costumes from Stranger Things season one


On set at Machinima Studios working on a Canadian cable company commercial. Fun day.


#tbt The Trash Samurai

Costume designed for Wasteland Weekend


#tbt The Trash Samurai

Costume designed for Wasteland Weekend


Damaged Cuirass

EVA Foam
Acrylic Paint


Mask by Justin Shifflett of Dark Zealot Studios

Paint by me

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The Zombie Harlem Shake




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