Soy Latina Fit

Soy Latina Fit

Welcome to Soy Latina Fit, where I teach women how to be Healthy & Happy through an inner & outer transformation. At Soy Latina Fit, we talk all things fitness, nutrition, mindset, body, biz with a little bit of Sazon!

WE RISE UP REVOLUTION- Empowering women in the Inland Empire to Rise Up to create Change in their lives and their communities!

Operating as usual


HAPPY SHOPPING! 🛒 #BlackFriday2020

SWIPE👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 to get a sneak speak of my Black Friday Sales and check out my stories for PROMO or send me a DM! ☺️🔥


That’s right, I got you for ONLY $25!

3 Day challenge by text message:
🟡 Accountability by me
🟡 At home Workouts
🟡 Ebook
🟡 Supplements

Those who have followed my plan, average weight loss has been 3-4lbs.

📲text me to get started: 660.281.2903


Feliz Día de la Independencia Mi Mexico Lindo y Querido...

🎶Voz de la guitarra mía
Al despertar la mañana
Quiere cantar su alegría
A mi tierra mexicana

Yo le canto a sus volcanes
A sus praderas y flores
Que son como talismanes
Del amor de mis amores

México Lindo y Querido
Si muero lejos de ti
Que digan que estoy dormido
Y que me traigan aquí
Que digan que estoy dormido
Y que me traigan aquí

México Lindo y Querido
Si muero lejos de ti
Que me entierren en la sierra
Al pie de los magueyales
Y que me cubra esta tierra
Que es cuna de hombres cabales🎶


Tip to those that use social media to promote your biz: There’s no need to go out of your way to create content, when you love what you do, you carry your biz in your heart so naturally you’ll have moments of “oh, let’s take a picture here!” You can use your product, yourself, your gadgets as props for your photos.

Doing so will give you a library full of content and no need for “TBT.” 😉


BIRTH-DAY is so sacred to me, so the fact that you spent your special day with me means so much! Thank you Lupita, Love you. Cheers to a magical decade!


Diosas en el Desierto🏜

Can you believe I get to make MAGIC with these beautiful women? That’s right, I am building a biz with them, making an incredible impact and sharing phenomenal memories together as well!

It all simply started with working on ourselves, on our inner & outer transformation! I invite your courageous soul to do the same, LIVE your purpose! Let’s go✨✨✨✨


Showing up the same way I would at our LIVE EVENTS #NAMSTS

Honored to be one of the speakers for the first time at our North America Success Training Seminar en ESPAŃOL. Today, I have the treat to train Herbalife Nutrition distributors on what has become my favorite: RECRUITMENT✨👭🏻👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻👭🏻👬🏻✨


Pretty amazing what a new workout outfit can do to your confidence level even more so during your workout.

Your form is on point, your energy and excitement for your workout is at a whole other level right?🔥

I invite you to let that CONFIDENCE Radiate by starting on my 30 day VIP transformation program, when you do you’ll get this👆🏽workout outfit for FREE! Text me📱to get started: 660.281.2903


There’s a thing we do daily called ‘Power Hour,’ where we virtually come together as a team and go to work and there’s another thing we call EOM Power Day, at the end of the month, we physically come together to bond, share ideas and massively WORK. Aw, I love both of them because I get to do what I love with women I enjoy being around! Crazy, how I am building a biz with driven, smart, beautiful women who I have lots of fun with.


Inspiration has nothing to do with whether we win or lose; in fact, if we just play the game of life, we’ll have plenty of wins and losses, regardless of our talent level. If we fail to even try because of fear of rejection or doubt about our talent, we’re going to go through life wondering, and that’s what keeps us from finding and feeling inspiration.

From my current book by Dr Wayne Dyer: Living an Inspired Live 📚


I think the picture says it all, no?

My beautiful amiga and biz partner, mama of the cutest boys that remind me so much of mine when they were little👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻 has not only transformed physically, but emotionally and also as an incredible business woman! ✨✨✨


Aw, gotta love the SUN GLOW!

Let it glow, it’s my favorite way to feel ALIVE!


What I most admire about these two women in my life is the way they love and honor their husbands!!🙏🏽✨


Get 🛒🛍 👙🔥



Have you been outside yet?
I mean, no way we can layer up, SUPER HOT out there!🥵

So, let’s get you started on your program to create the most Confident, Sexiest & Healthiest Versión of you! ✨

Text me📲: 660.281.2903


“Es viernes y el cuerpo lo SABE💃🏻”

It’s easy to say “✌🏽, me voy de Pari” but when you are determined to finish 2020 healthier, happier, wealthier & sexier, you keep staying laser focused on you goals! I’ll share with you though, I don’t know what you do, but in my type of biz, I get to have fun and enjoy life with those I love and implement my biz while doing so! Yes, I am blessed & passionate for what I do! Can I get an “AMEN, SISTA!” Please? 🤝😘😘😘


How do you girls like my ‘CHINGONA look? 🤪 It’s what happens when I hang out with the Rosas👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻lol


“Remember, you have only one ride through life so give it all you got and enjoy the ride.”
One of my favorite books this summer, so good that I am having my new side hustlers that join my tribe read it!
What book have you enjoyed this summer?


I know I am ahead of the game when I know these two women👆🏽👆🏽 pray for me every day. They pray for my happiness, health, my boys and for my business, oh and for a GOOD HUSBAND🤦🏻‍♀️ lol my mom gets more specific though “UNO NORMAL” 🤷🏻‍♀️🤪
What do you think “UNO NORMAL” may be? 😩lol


Definitely the constant compliments we get after our 21 day booty challenge right girls? 🥰😅
Repost @sundaymorningview


This is why I say, if you’re serious about starting on your transformation, commit to 90 days with me as a VIP Client not only to create a beautiful inner & outer transformation but to also learn how you can make this a lifestyle change and get the full VIP EXPERIENCE (all kinds of perks come with it!)
So if you’re serious, text me to get started and I’ll share with your all the Preferred Membership Perks 🔑🔑🔑 660.281.2903📲


Who’s ready for a NEW transformation!

21 Days for only $21 🔥


My button says “BE HEALTHY & HAPPY. ASK ME HOW”
I dare you to ask me😉 and just so you know my answer will be “HOW SERIOUS ARE YOU?” because the key for you to achieve Health and Happiness is by first DECIDING TO GO FOR IT! #undiaalavez
So, if you’re serious, BE READY TO ENJOY THIS BEAUTIFUL RIDE!” 🥳


Who else just wants to enjoy the Summer in a sports bra and booty shorts...better yet, IN A 👙? 😉
Girl, you know I am all about it!! How about you, me and your BESTIE and well a beautiful tribe of women on the same journey?


This #quarantinelife is definitely not giving me the SUMMER tan I had here👆🏽which gives the body such a flawless look right?
But why not create the flawless look without the TAN? I mean, let the tan be an added bonus? 🔥
Come on, I invite you to do this with me and over 100 other women! And just so you know, it’s beyond the booty gains...what I know for sure, in these 21 days, you’ll become more confident, healthier, stronger, happier and with a whole lot of new friends... for real, for real!!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏼💃🏾💃🏼🔥👙🍑

Sign up here:

21 days for ONLY $21


Sooo, I turn 42 in 8 days...what the?! 😅
And for the last 3 weeks, I have been on my #JOURNEYTO42 transformation. What I have learned is to be patient, loving and most important to listen to my body. 💆🏻‍♀️♥️ There have been many days where my body says “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” So, I’ve learned to surrender, meditate and NOURISH the heck out of it with healthy eating, my Herbalife Supplements, wellness check ups and lots of SELF CARE
To my FABULOUS chicas in your 40s 👭👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏻

•FEED YOUR MUSCLES: Ensure you are consuming enough protein and vitamin D to support your muscle health.

Ageist muscle responds to exercise, especially resistance exercise, which has been proven to be an effective way to increase muscle mass and strength




Aloe can happen in 15 DAYS! Let’s go!! 👙🔥



I call it La #COVID19 Lonja🤣
Who feels me?🤰🏻 I mean, on a personal level so many of us are grateful for the many beautiful changes and learnings that has taken place during these times. But, geees ¿qué onda con la lonja?!
I am sure you are so over it too! Ok then, time to get SEXY back or in the Best shape of your life! 👙🔥
Join my 15 day challenge for only $15


Yo digo que me estoy haciendo una Señora la de las plantas pero mi hermana SEGÚN dice que me estoy haciendo “la de los GATOS” 🙄😅
Y tu?

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WE RISE UP REVOLUTION- Empowering women in the Inland Empire to Rise Up to create Change in their lives and their communities!

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Today we launched our Private Facebook Live workouts for our 45 day challengers! We will be working out together at 5am ...
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