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L I L A C ⚜️ D R E A M ..... let’s talk about the health of your hair . Healthy hair is created with me + you . Maintenance is required at home regardless if you have color or not . Leave in conditioner + hydration masks are a must for everyone. Daily life can take a toll ... for example ponytails with tight tension, using the wrong brush , hard water in the shower can all be contributing to damaging the hair cuticle . Ready to make a commitment to good hair ? Consultations are free for a new hair routine for you 💖

Photos from Myhairfixation's post 05/02/2020

Happy 3 year anniversary to my salon . This dream of mine started 15 years ago . I always knew I wanted to be a salon owner . I envisioned a place that would stand through time serving our community as well as providing a healthy environment for the artist . I want to continue to fulfill my vision and keep evolving with our community. was actually the one who pushed me to take the step in believing in myself and believing I could accomplish starting my own business. I’m truly thankful for my forever supporters and family... the lord knows my journey has been a difficult one , despite my heartbreaks and trials I chose to persevere . Every human that has trusted me and continued to sit in my chair are the nails that hold us together. You are all an important piece in my journey. I know god sent each individual to be apart of team . I enjoy going to my salon with my salon family. I’m looking forward to returning until then .... I love you all ✝️💜 @ Inland Empire Hair co.

Timeline photos 03/17/2020

I will stand fearlessly for the lord with peace in my heart. “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior” . I have learned that the fear is from my enemy and in the time of chaos I will surrender to the lord and know his hand is over us . He will never forsake us and has promised me a future. Fear will not dwell in my home or in my spirit. I rebuke the spirit of fear out of my life and the challenges that are put before me I will overcome with god . Seek peace , seek love ❤️ . Do not be afraid. To all around me be fearless ❤️ be safe . My prayers are for his people that you would not be fooled by the spirit of fear . And you be covered in peace an love through trying times. Amen 🙏

Timeline photos 02/29/2020

Custom colored silver hair extensions for . 22” human hair perfectly blended to match her silver blonde . Make up by

Timeline photos 02/24/2020

Meet max , originally we were fostering him, he immediately bonded with me and chose me to be his mama . My husband adopted him for me for valentines days . My max is a gift that keeps on giving everyday he loves me and I love him with all my heart ❤️ It really breaks my heart to know this baby boy was being mistreated but I’m happy god has blessed us with the means to provide him a safe and nurturing home . Thank you too for entrusting us and making this connection, without you we would not have found our new family member . has dedicated time , love and resources into making sure bullies across California get to have better lives . Show your support to give them a follow , donate to the rescue or open your home to saving a life if you have extra time to give . I’m so thankful for this opportunity to be apart of max life now .

Photos from Myhairfixation's post 01/21/2020

Organic flow ... Bamboo colored Balayage.... So a couple weeks ago I was introduced to a new product. It’s been around for a while but has completely changed my hair life ... 5 min express tone In silver . My friend recommended I use it as a pre toner before I tone with my target color ... Yes it seems like a lot of work one more step to do along with shadow route and toner and cut and Balayage... But trust me it makes all the difference it knocks out all those brassy tones within minutes allowing me to select the desired tone I choose to have afterward... The end result is magical as you can see in this beautiful young woman’s before photo she had extremely dark hair and color and orange ends... game changer baby 💕 enough said ...with my Unfiltered, sunlight photograph. @ Inland Empire Hair co.

Timeline photos 01/10/2020

The love of my life . When you make it through the fire 🔥 your love evolves into a depth you never knew existed. Gods glory takes place past traumas get healed and your sword has been sharpened. I have the deepest of gratitude for dark places we traveled together for it would not of brought us to this place we are today . You are my true love and I am loved unconditionally by you . With god all things are possible ... he moved our mountains, he will move yours . ❤️✝️

Photos from Myhairfixation's post 01/10/2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year . Mi familia . I wait all year for this moment to get up to forest falls see the waterfall and capture my family photos . All my hard work , all my grind I do for them 2019 family holiday photos I’m so thankful to have a talented mother to capture these unforgettable moments. Making memories for my kids I look forward to one day adding to this photo daughter in laws and grandchildren ❤️ my boys are handsome and single 🤪 @ Forest Falls, California

Timeline photos 12/28/2019

Late night BLONDING sessions ... I love a good hair challenge FOILAYAGE+HIGHLIGHTS for this beautiful babe NEW YEARS READY ✨

Timeline photos 12/17/2019

One of my favorite things to do behind the chair is transforming hair into fantasy colors. I love creating these looks while also keeping the integrity and Health of the hair a priority.

Timeline photos 12/05/2019

OMG .... frost queen .. do you like it ice cold ? I do . we decided to go all blond of coarse with my favs 08v+09t+09gi my platinum go to formula . ENJOY 🥰

Timeline photos 11/25/2019

has teamed up with The Childhood cancer foundation of SoCal . We are collecting gifts for children ages 0-18 . These families have suffered and Finance’s strained due to medical treatment. LETS COME TOGETHER AND SHINE A LITTLE LIGHT . Bring a donation and get entered into a raffle for FREE BOTOX an hair care ! We will be serving wine an treats . 20% Botox services with . 20% off all unite an R+Co products. We will also be having free scalp brushing treatments an braid styles for everyone who donates . I am looking forward to joining with you at this event in bringing some joy to the children’s hearts 💕 . If you are a stylist and would like to participate in this event please dm me lets support our community together!!!

The Holiday Candlelight Walk At Heritage Hill Historical Park In Southern California Is Right Out Of A Storybook 11/21/2019

Date night

The Holiday Candlelight Walk At Heritage Hill Historical Park In Southern California Is Right Out Of A Storybook It's a magical annual tradition with so many dazzling lights.

Timeline photos 11/01/2019

DUSTED ROSE 🌹 I absolutely love 💕 dusty colors it’s not to over bearing and you can still coordinate a variety of colored outfits + makeup .... consultations are free 9517564994 ...

Timeline photos 10/26/2019

we usually do a full highlight blondiing out my friend with icy toner this time she wanted to add a little more dimension .... we bumped up her face framing and hit the roots with a heavy shadow ... creating a lot more depth without taking away her blonde . A perfect balance

Timeline photos 10/26/2019

I’m that girl who is the hopeless romantic, Disney princess 👸🏻, yass flowers melt my heart ... sunsets 🌅 on the beach ... mid day naps ... eye gazing 😝 I know I’m corny and love doing all the romantic corn ball fairy tale tings... I’m happy my husband appeases the need lol thank you hubs for my beautiful flowers , thank you hubs for living the dream with me 🥰🌅💜🙏 #

Timeline photos 10/21/2019

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. (2 Cor. 12:9). When I am weak the lord makes me strong .... when I think I have nothing , I actually have everything, gods unconditional love is enough , the blood of Christ to cleanse my soul, my heart . I am loved , I am worthy , I am his daughter. The lord always provides ❤️

Timeline photos 10/13/2019

The beat part about today was spending the special moments with you . I love what you are evolving into and embrace this journey with you . Thank you for loving me and you god for blessing this marriage. My forever love ❤️

Timeline photos 10/06/2019

Brand new look for this babe was so happy to be able to connect with you and visit . Warm Balayage using redken shades eq

Timeline photos 09/30/2019

Competitive coloring for me is so bittersweet... on one hand I love the creative freedom it allows me to live in .. and on the other hand I put an extreme amount of pressure on myself to perform exceeding all creations I’ve creative in the past . As I get older I become more self critical and psychologically stress myself out tears an melt downs , I become a complete mess behind the scenes . I must say tonight editing my photos with son , I felt that all the tears an a 13 hour set day was all worth it . Seeing my vision in full spectrum sent me in awe. This is not a one man show .. I had plenty hands on deck supporting an helping and I just wanna thank those who participated especially my assistant , , , , ( my amazing model) . 💜 so much gratitude towards everyone who helped me this day . I honestly have achieved this much by all the loving support from friends and family who continue to encourage and push me forward. And thank you to my husband who loves me through these emotional moments that honestly suck everything out of me Because I pour my whole heart into these projects. 💜💕❤️🌈 representing in the I E for all the boss ladies 👸🏻💕

Timeline photos 09/27/2019

PINK BALAYAGE 💕 I absolutely love a romantic color makes me feel floaty thinking of love and hearts 💕

Timeline photos 09/21/2019

Blonde for FALL yes an thank you 💁🏻‍♀️.... it’s never to late in the year to embrace lighter hair ... let’s all have some fun !! .michellee beautiful in bleach toned with

Timeline photos 09/13/2019

Love me some bubble gum colored hair ... got to have lots of fun with this creation today !!! looking beautiful in all vivids colors .

Timeline photos 08/12/2019

GOODNESS... I love it when a journey is started you connect with Inspiring people along the way. Over a decade back I was referred to a gentleman to cut my boys hair . It soon turned into a tradition With me and my two boys traveling to LA, ditching school to get their haircuts and sampling some cool places to eat . This is where my boys refined taste in hair cuts began . Daniel wasn’t just the barber but part of an experience an memory I got to share with my boys growing up . It’s a moment they won’t forget in the years watching my boys grow . Today at we got to experience Daniel sharing his knowledge with my salon babies. I have so much gratitude for this human creating experiences for others sharing his craft . We enjoyed every moment!! Give him a follow for additional hair cutting inspo. Thanks for everything.

Timeline photos 07/20/2019

It’s the worst when I don’t step back far enough to capture the full photo !!! But literally in person I’m usually drooling over the color ready to dive into the hair 😂😂 wedding day ready with her custom 22” tape in extensions... matched to perfection YASSS + THANK YOU VERY MUCH ❤️ custom colored extensions are my specialty... I would love doing them all day long !! Consultations are free GET IT GURL you know you want them Kylie hair vibes !!

Timeline photos 07/11/2019

All through my teen years and throughout my 20s I was dealing with a lot of trama and post traumatic stress . I never understood myself or how to process what was going on in my heart and my soul . I would cope by chopping off all hair because that was my way of punishing myself the. Dealing with the aftermath of feeling ugly and worthless. Then would follow a project of gluing in extensions to mask the mess I had made of myself . I would glue all these pieces of extensions to my head to feel a little better and for a short time being I focused on the “project “ and not what was going on inside me . The cycle viciously repeated for more then a decade . TODAY i can happily and confidently share I have cut my hair for the first time in my life not out of sadness not out of emotional breakdowns. I was able to make a choice in my heart to stand new and embrace something stylish. My eyes are watery because I can recognize I have grown inside and I have healed so much my soul inside feels happy that I stand and wear this hair cut as a triumph I am new I am healing I am beautiful. NEVER JUST SAY ITS JUST A HAIR CUT . There’s a story ❤️

Timeline photos 03/21/2019

Results from the new redken shades eq 06bv .... beautiful!! Styled with all unite products Max control hairspray/ Uoil / and finished off with some Tricky lite . Runway hair

Timeline photos 03/11/2019

BTC shot with my son and model .We traveled to Palm Springs and experienced a lil bit of So inspirational. All the art coming together and creating beautiful work . This hair inspiration was created using products. I’m so excited to view the final look !!! Stay tuned .

Timeline photos 03/08/2019

Loving these rich brown hues !!!I don’t post brown hair often but I couldn’t resist this chess not warm brown. She was originally a dirty blonde with highlights. We were able to safely take her darker with the help of B3 bond builder and of course finished with olaplex leave in conditioner #6 . She left shiny an new !! looking beautiful girly !!

Timeline photos 02/15/2019

Grey•Dimensional Blonde ..... why is her sparkling ??? Well becausewe used b3 bond builder in her lightener. Shadowed her root area with 06t+5n .. finished toning the ends with 09b+08t+08v leaving Greyish silver tones .

Timeline photos 02/07/2019

From platinum to blending her natural virgin regrowth. She likes to be sure blond but also likes to fluctuate between a low maintenance look . We did a full highlight retouch with a shadow root to blur any lines of demarcation, while keeping a platinum tone. Styled with unite 7 seconds leave in spray + max sessions hair spray. Toned with redken shades eq 08t+ 09b 10 min. Finished her color service with b3 bond builder treatment to strengthen her hair an keep her color shining.

Timeline photos 01/30/2019

Beige blonde on this beautiful young woman ... I completely enjoyed project taking her to a blonde babe !! We started out with Balayage , followed with a retouch of full highlights heavier in the frontal area . Protecting her strands with B3 bond builder. Toned with 8v+8gi ❤️shades eq

Timeline photos 01/28/2019

Champagne 🥂 + 🌹 Rose book a free consultation (951) 756-4994 Looking forward to meeting you

Timeline photos 01/20/2019

ICE QUEEN ... using shades eq 08T+09B . Following with B3 bond builder treatment. Styled with unite 7 seconds leave in conditioner + u oil .

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