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Not into full faces of makeup ? Well we just focus on healthy hydrated dewy skin ✨

Bridesmaid natural makeup for the win to enhance all her beautiful features 🫶🏻


Because how beautiful is she ✨
Doing makeup is such a fun transformation to be apart of !
Love getting to be apart of your yearly photos and getting to get y’all ready for special occasions THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING ME 🫶🏻


Beautiful babes deserve glowy beautiful skin ✨🧖🏼‍♀️

Don’t forget to prebook your appointments before you leave studio I’m currently booking 4-6 weeks out with some scattered appointments in between!


It’s not a one size fits all but this before and after is proof that being consistent is huge ! 💥
So proud of not only seeing my work at play but to see the commitment she had for these results 🙏🏼


Oh the road to healthy skin is rocky and bumpy but bayyyybeee is it worth it 💥✨

5 months of bi weekly facials to the 3rd of monthly facials 🥲

Every client is oh so different but it’s so worth thee investment


Immediate Before & After
Glowing , hydrated and plumped skin ✨💦

Tailored treatments are not only super affective but it’s for YOU and your skins needs


Hi it’s me ✨
It’s been almost a year since I’ve had a introduction and well it’s so deserved as I have new followers and clients that may wonder who Is it behind the posts …
My name is Karissa, I’m a mommy to a 15 month old boy named Luka 🤍 I opened up my first location in 2018 and expanded late 2019 opening my doors to babes who absolutely enjoy serving some bad ass babes we call clients . I’m a skincare specialist and makeup artist and have been actively working on clients for the past almost 11 years ! From makeup to skincare it’s my absolute passion and forever love . I was born n raised in riverside so I may be familiar to some or a new face to others but welcome everyone into studio !
If you’re wonder what services I specifically provide, I personally have done it all but do Brow Enhancements, Makeup , and of course skincare services. is located in Riverside,Ca and is my home away from home . I’m kinda funny , kinda quiet , kinda loud , and kinda obsessed with all things beauty and defff kinda obsessed with my business and hope you are or will be to one day !!!


It’s thee skin for me ✨
It’s thee personality ✨
To all my beautiful clients thank you all for literally being the best gifts sent into studio ! I know life gets hard and knowing I’m where you run to escape is a huge blessing!
The biggest question is do I take NEW CLIENTS and the answer is ALWAYS ! I’ll always have time to take on new faces !
Stop in I can not wait to meet you if you’re new and if you’re my regular babe can’t wait to see you again !


And yet another one of my beautiful babes A transformation to die for ✨🤍

I get excited when you tell me how much people are complimenting your beautiful faces ! It’s my REWARD !


Immediate before and after 😅
texture ?
Dehydrated skin ?
Not over here !!! In treatment room we focus on not only decongesting but giving the skin the proper hydration along with relaxation. Are sessions more clinical ? YES but they are also soo relaxing!

Let’s start your skin journey ✨


This is such a beautiful before & after from one of the most consistent 18 year olds I’ve ever worked on 👌🏻

I’ve seen him since January, implemented a whole new skincare regimen, and this is the results ! To say I’m proud is a understatement because not only is his acne under control but his skin texture and scaring is BEAUTIFULLY transformed 🤩

Photos from The Beauty Lab's post 07/22/2022

Are you having issues with lines and wrinkles ?
A lot of times clients are having issues with lines and wrinkles not knowing yes vit a & glycolic will help but hydration is probably their issue .

For example think of dehydrated fruit , what happens ?
It shrivels up , it decreases in size and it is overall just DRY .
Now apply this to your skin … your skin savors any moisture it can get .. even the bad oil causing CONGESTION and then looking tired , dull and overall just aged .

What do you need to do at home ?
Hydrate this means both topical & internally but also skin protection aka SPF .

When I say protect your investment, it doesn’t just mean use all the products I suggest, it means to also treat your body well and give it what it essentially needs !
Believe me yes I can work magic but I need your help at home to keep it looking brand new ALL OF THE TIME 👌🏻✨

Interested in getting your skin together? I’m accepting new clients and im so ready to get you on skin journey !


Nothing like a hydrating facial and a brow wax on a HAWT SUMMA DAY 🥵

Spot those dehydration lines disappear ✨


Immediate before & after ✨
Hydrated , exfoliated , and decongested

Clients please make sure you’re incorporating your chemical exfoliation to help with impacted & congested pores !

Please reach out to me if you’re noticing more blackheads and more white head than normal so we can customize your specific regimens at home 👌🏻


It was thee baby steps and consistency 😅✨

Clients please listen to product recommendations , understand that it takes time for each item to work & also understand this get worse before it gets better !

Being apart of my acne program is not just cookie cutter treatments , it’s always different but super beneficial! Changing diets , changing lifestyle & commitment is huge!

Like I always say PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT! & this is possible!!!! Healthy skin doesn’t mean zero pores , zero texture it means maintained skin !!


From the River to The Beauty Lab ✨

Remember Spf is your bff all year round !!! Every 4-5 weeks for this babe and that skin is always beautiful 🤩



It’s thee glowing skin for me ✨

A flawless face will always stem from a customized skin base meaning skin prep !

This may not be common for some MUA but I personally do not like primers aka the slippery silicone textures
I love skin prep
So …
Bases , emollient moisturizers , and hydration based on skin type . SOMETHING THAT MAKEUP WILL CLING TO is my fav !
As I always tell you in studio…. Sometimes less product is more 👌🏻

Photos from The Beauty Lab's post 07/07/2022

We did that 😅
! Of course we are still going to be treating the acne & post inflammatory hyperpigmentation but this was following some gut health tips and two sessions with me from May - Today !

I’m so happy I get to assist on your skincare journeys!


To all the babes that want to step out of comfort zone with color , but still want sultry and soft … DO IT ! I’m so your gal 💁🏼‍♀️

It was such a good group of girls in this wedding party and so happy I was able to get you all ready ! ✨


This babe came to me with severe rosacea and often leaning towards acneic rosacea and look at this glow , redness is super maintained and breakouts are at bay . I’m so proud of my clients and their skin journey.

Healthy skin has pores , it has texture and it has occasional breakouts and redness! Don’t be too hard on yourself just keep up with routines , keep up with your lifestyle changes and your skin will stay on track !


✨Glistening Glazed Donut Vibes ✨


✨No filter just gorgeous glowing skin ✨

The biggest question in studio is how often are services performed for best results?

-Acne program clients I generally see every 2-3 weeks for more clinical treatments
-maintenance facials I see you babes 4-6 weeks going with cell turn over rates all depends on age

Maintenance at home is huge , so healthy diets and lifestyles , custom curated regimens best suited for YOUR skin tailored by your esthetician is huge ALONG WITH sun protection!!!!!


Soft & Sweet Smokey Makeup Look
For the Birthday Babe ! ✨


✨Beautiful babe ✨
Natural makeup has been the vibe lately and the inner Esty in me loves it because it focuses on beautiful skin !


Skin journeys are oh so different for everyone but one thing that is thee absolute same is the consistency !
Less is absolutely more but being patient is huge ! I’m so thankful and grateful to each on of my clients for truly trusting the process and most importantly ME 🤍
You all make this career choice oh so worth it !


Beautiful before and after ✨
Plumped up hydrated skin is thee best skin !



Dryness and congestion? I’ve got you covered! Professional skincare treatments are not just a luxury but absolutely necessary to maintain healthy skin functions .
As skin regenerates every 4-6 weeks it’s ideal to receive professional exfoliation treatments to prevent congestion, slow down signs of aging, aiding in hydration and proper product pe*******on!



Happy Bridal Shower Day to this Babe 💍🤍

We kept it matte and super simple and she looked absolutely beautiful!

All the beauties interested in makeup services , click the link in my bio and fill out the form to inquire!! ✨


Trust the process & make the changes 🥲

From breaking out and hurting to the touch to just having the scars …. That’s what we love to see because now the stubbornness is gone , from the end of April to the end of May 🙌🏼


H Y D R A T I O N 💦
Custom facial full of chemical exfoliation but also decongesting !
This client and I are working on both occasional acne and the previous scaring left behind

Photos from The Beauty Lab's post 05/20/2022

✨Beautiful Before & After ✨
Healthy Hydrated skin


❌No black head is left behind ❌

Solar comedones are so annoying but so so fun to extract ! What causes it ? The sun and lack of exfoliation!!!!

Yes ya heard that right … blackheads around the temple to under the eye area are caused by the lack of Spf and excessive sun exposure along with cigarette use but in this case this beauty loves her garden!!!

Spf is always your bff so do NOT forget application every single morning!!!


What’s one thing all my clients have in common ?

The glow from a custom treatment is beyond beautiful ❕❕


Always clean and clear when your regimen & routine services are constant 🙏🏼✨


New brows who dis ✨


✨Euphoria vibes ✨
She said you have full control and we created magic ! Clients always send me inspo and I can put my own spin on it 🙏🏼


Photos from The Beauty Lab's post 05/03/2022

Extremely clarifying & decongesting all while still keeping the moisture levels healthy !

Routine facials are a must when you have skin goals , along with a daily regimen! Their are so many different types of acne and it just means you need to care for it accordingly! All the stripping products in the drugstore world won’t fix it because it stems from within . Starting at the basics is your first step 👌🏻

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Another Saturday & ANOTHER BEAUTY ✨🤍


Brows come in all shapes and sizes
They just need some grooming & a slight fluff ✨



Thee ultimate anti-aging facial with yours truly ! The best part of having completely tailored treatments is the outcome!
New goodies in studio made this happen and can’t wait to continue to upscale treatments and services for all your beautiful faces ✨


Giving all the angles and serving all of the looks ✨🤌🏻

No matter the occasion, no matter the look I will always try my best to make sure you’re heard when getting your makeup done!

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✨Gleaming and glowing ✨

Hydrating, clarifying and brightening customized facial !

Please give yourself one week before you exfoliate your skin after all facial services 👌🏻



It’s the skin for me 🤌🏻✨

Ladies and gentlemen makeup will alway be great when you have a healthy canvas to work with !


✨We have a G I V E A W A Y in the building! ✨

In honor of my Birthday in a week I will giving away ONE SERVICE to TWO LUCKY WINNERS !

This is not available for existing appointments, for bridal , trials or travel makeup appointments ! NO RESCHEDULING ALLOWED

1: like & share to your ig stories
2: tag 3 people on this post
3: must be following

Extra tags can give you extra entries
Must claim your prize within 24hours
Winner will be chosen on my birthday
APRIL 19th 2022


These babies are 🤌🏻 BEAUTIFUL
Brow laminating is game changer !
You have a couple different options
1. Super fluffy
2. Natural and more groomed
3. Right in between
Brow lamination is great for those with brows that direct downwards , to those with no shape , or to those wanting to skip the brow gel step .

*this is a very natural brow lamination

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