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This cutie came back to get that TLC she needed after her lil one 🤍
& we even got to video some of the treatment!
But look at that dewy 💧✨ goodness ! My mommas need time away along with a skin pick up too !
Thanks for coming in I missed your sweet face ! ✨💕

✨💧We did the Dew 💧✨
I get asked all the time , I have decent skin , I wanna focus on anti - aging and well my friends I work on anyone that has SKIN . All of my facials are 100% tailored to your skin concerns!
I do not just work on acne or younger skin I have a variety of clients and so look forward to seeing those beautiful faces !
All I ask from you is to hydrate prior to appointment, and come ready to relax !
I work on men & women , all shapes and sizes my bed will make sure you’re nice and cozy , all ethnicities and anyone 18 & up !
P.s when you walk into studio please silence your cell phones , grab a beverage, and take a seat and you will be assisted ASAP

The prettiest babe 🤍 and look at that skin !!!!!

💧Hydration 💧
Some redness is completely normally after a facial, and the lil redness from extractions should fade after 24 hours

💧💨 Hyperbaric Oxygen Facials Anyone 💧💨 Plus blue💙 light therapy to help with aiding in killing bacteria causing acne , along with Anion nano mist !
This amazing technology helps moisturize the skin , helps instantly plump and reduce appearance of fine lines & wrinkles all while oxygen is being introduced ! OBSESSED RIGHT!? This treatment had no limits and is great for literally everyone except those that may be claustrophobic. Let me fix that beautiful face of yours ✨

✨Before & Immediately right After ✨
Look at that texture in the forehead fade out ! 😍
This is proof that even babes with beautiful skin deserve facials! This prevents the skin from looking dull and thick and most importantly halts the aging of the skin .
Who doesn’t like a great facial and babe time !
Hurry and book your appointments we have some availability left !

What is purging and why does this happen ?
As clients you all hear this word and ask what is is it ! In a breakdown purging is the most common occurrence when receiving a facial , when starting up the use of professional grade products that have chemical exfoliants .
Purging = Breakouts
In your head you think I’m getting facials so this means I won’t break out ! FALSE!
When you’re consistent with treatments, when your at home regimen is set in place, when your diet and lifestyle is healthy.... yes you will not purge 80% of the time ! When you over indulge in fatty foods , dairy , sugar , ALCOHAL/alcoholic beverages, purging will be greater . Your skin goes through this cycle of renewal every 28 days and well when you’re not properly taking care of YOU it shows in your skin . When coming in for a service you may think yay my skin started out good so it’s gonna get better ... no it may go through a roller coaster of ups and downs , reason being is your blackheads , sebum, debris that are trapped under nice pretty skin NEEDS to surface.
I hear this all the time , “I got a facial and it made me breakout” in my head I’m like yeah your clogged pores , need to surface so they can be gone ! I CANNOT CURE YOU , I can only get you to this happy place where you must do your part to keep the process going .
Stick to your healthy routines , stick to your skincare regimens , stop stressing this is a healthy lifestyle trait , and stick by your esthetician. Bouncing back and fourth between esthetician’s... sadly will NOT help as we all work so differently , treatments I perform may conflict with the treatments your next esthetician performs .
Let’s get your skin on a road to HEALTHY .. TOGETHER 🤍

Who else enjoys this part ?!
Jelly 🤍 Masks
So a lot of people are like what benefits do jelly masks have on the skin ? Is it just a gimmick?
The answer is NO it holds tons of benefits!
Jelly’s masks are multi purpose in the sense it aids in many different things.
1st✨ it is packed with electrolytes : electrolytes help aid in damaged tissue, hydrate and revive
2nd ✨it acts as a cooling system, it drops down the skins erythema that takes place with all the stimulation we brought to the surface of the skin with treatments
3rd ✨ it acts as a plastic wrap , it forces the nutrients we applied to the skin down through the layers of skin so we seal in the facial !
Lastly these masks all hold different purposes with ingredients placed into the masks themselves and the amount essentially is endless , plus they smell delicious!
⚠️ if you’re claustrophobic this is not for you ⚠️

She likes them longgg
She likes them wispy
❤️🤍 ❤️🤍❤️
Happy Valentine’s Day babes
I’ll be away out on training this weekend but if you need me text me !

And bam 💥
She’s ready for Valentine’s Day 🤍

✨Birthday ready✨

Volumes are a girls best friend
New full sets are 10% off for all new lash clients until March 7th !
Tag your friends and share the lash love !

Blackheads be GONE !!!

Steam 💨
Often times I hear steam opens up the pores and well THATS FALSE since pores don’t open or close . But in reality steam softens clogged sebum and impurities in the skin allowing products to treat concerns , softening sebum and impurities to be removed .
Pores don’t change in size unfortunately, but they can be cleaned out with professional treatments! Once your skin is clear of these impurities the size of your pore will be less viable . Routine facials are crucial for proper product penetration, every 28 days your skin regenerates new skin cells and as we age well we need some help in that department. My job is to push the regeneration process up by treating your skin concerns so that skin stays healthy, my job can only be done with your help !
Maintain your healthy diet , water intake , and regimen!
Cut out dairy , alcohol/beer / wines down so your acne is less inflamed and your skin can calm down !
If you hear these questions
How’s your water intake : I’m noticing your skin is dehydrated , drink more fluids and give your skin the hydration you need
How’s your diet : your chin and cheek area show signs of congestion, cut back the bad foods
How’s your regimen working for you ?: your skin is needing some TLC we may need to switch things up !

Lashes and Makeup by yours truly ✨🥂
I’m so here for the soft yet so simple look !

Because my girl is so spicy she needed bold yet so soft 🔥✨

✨My favorite face to work on ✨
How perfect is she !!!!
Makeup and Mimosas this fine Saturday!

Hi there 🤍
Just introducing myself to my new insta friends !!!
My name is Karissa ! You may see me all put together.... sometimes lol but just know I’m the one with all the spunk and life behind that screen in front of your eyes 👀 I’m a licensed Esthetician & owner of The Beauty Lab , a skin loving facial queen ! To some I’m just a skin fairy but I have tons of trades under my belt !
Im almost a decade in this industry, starting with makeup brushes 💄 leading me into skincare , then leading me into waxing , towards lash extensions and soon to be a tanning bronze giving artista ! I’m a Inland Empire local so if you run into me on A26 in your local Target buying Jose Cuervo or hot Cheeto puffs smile , give a hug , and act like you saw nothing 😂
Make an appointment stop in and relax I love seeing new faces and love seeing you regularly even more !
Peep my Insta Stories you will stay updated on new services, availability, fun tips , policies and more personal sides of myself ! I hope to see babes soon ✨

My clients love their natural yet full brows ! I’m obsessed with her beautiful bold brows ! 😻

✨ Ready for Valentine’s Day ✨

Ok brows ... we transformed you 🙏🏼

Oxygenating bubble mask 🧖🏼‍♀️
Gently cleanses pores all while aiding in moisture replacement. Amazing for all skin types as it gently calms and soothes the skin leaving you feeling refreshed and clean 🧼
Who is here for plumped hydrated skin !? 🤍
Don’t forget to schedule your appointments for February we have a few left !

Skincare who loves it & wants to BUY all of it !?
Well I’ve got news for you ... BUY IT ALL ! If you’re a client ask me first lol
The basics :
Cleanser - used both morning and night in a double cleanse process . Creamy or oil based cleansers are great to break down makeup and the day . Gel / foam cleansers are great for second cleanses especially when cleanser is treating skin concerns.
Exfoliants :
These come in tons of options and each serve different purposes
Granular exfoliants are great to buff away dead skin but shouldn’t be harsh where skin gets irritated , chemical exfoliants are good at chemically treating the skins concerns.. eating away at dead skin cells and act as mini chemical treatments and should be used 1-2x weekly to treat skin concerns , and lastly chemical infused exfoliants that buff away and treat at the same time slight tingling is common .
Toners come in all forms , hydrating , clarifying , refining anti aging
See a professional near you to decide what toner you need
Serums :
Your main treatments at home come from high concentration ingredients. Serums are smaller in molecular size and penetrate a lot deeper giving the skin its nutrients it lacks or deserves
Moisturizer: Consistency of moisturizers MATTER when you have skin concerns.
We have gel moisturizers great for oily skin , slightly thicker moisturizers water based but creamy in texture great for skin that lacks water but needs some slip and glide and lastly creams .. heavier barrier for the skin , tons of hydration and great for dry sensitive skin with compromised barriers
Find one for the FACE not the body please . UVA & UVB protecting is a must
Your esthetician will thank you later 🤍

From classic to hybrid to ✨VOLUME ✨

We all wonder what they are , and how much downtime you need . Every person that receives a peel is each on a different day in the skins cycle. Peeling is is not a make or break it when getting a peel it just happens when you don’t follow the “correct” regimen in place for you , or your skin is extremely dry . The most important tip is hydration during a peel NOBODY wants to visibly peel because that is so 2000 !
Purging during the post peel days is very normal as your congestion and debris that are underneath need to come up . Chemical exfoliating has endless benefits and literally everyone can do it , even if you have sensitive skin (my peels are gentle enough for sensitive skin , and strong enough for the most resilient)
Below I’ll explain the post peel process:

24 hours post peel : skin appears radiant, tight , and healthy (redness is common)
2-7 days post peel : purging / breakouts may appear , redness is common but not a definitive occurrence , flaking - mild peeling is common but not a guarantee , texture changes along with slight itching
8-28 days post peel : may have brighter , clearer , even skin tone
29-31 days post peel : it's time for our next professional service

Super bowl ready 🏈
Textured volume open eye !

Because I just can’t get over this babes face 😍
Everyone’s skin journey is very different and sometimes difficult. After sharing her before and after my inbox blew up with “sign me up” just know your skin will only change if your LIFESTYLE CHANGES .
Excessive alcohol consumption, diet , hygiene and upkeep is HUGE !
Some babes wake up one day with better skin and others it may take years . But if you listen to my recommendations, and work with me we can change that skin of yours . But remember I can’t do my job if you don’t put in 110% at home .

Holy amaze balls
We did it 💕
Team work right here & consistency! I saw here every two week for 3 months and then every 4 weeks now !
I’m so proud of this and us working so hard !

Issa light show on a daily !
Red and blue light combo is my fav ! You get antibacterial and anti aging .... HERE FOR IT ❤️
The most relaxing part of the facial and yet so beneficial!

Good Morning! Morning glow ups to motivate you to put on your moisturizer and SPF 🤍✨
Have a blessed Thursday!
I’ll be in studio until 7:00 today if you need products send me a text ASAP !

Join our team of beauty skin babes 🤍
Dm for information!

Skinnnnnm we love it here ! ♥️
Did you know adding in a chemical exfoliant 1x a week and a granular scrub 1x a week helps keep texture down , helps even out skin tone and helps with congestion!
I’m hearing from my clients that they are dry ... EXFOLIATE & HYDRATE ! Your summer regimen is not meant for winter !!!! Repeat after me exfoliate and hydrate ! It’s huge !!! And does wonders .

My very own Brooke Shields 🤍
HER skin is GOALS !

Another fluffed up wispy Hybrid and I’m here for IT! 🤍

Look at those hybrids 😍 lashes for days
Catch this babe batting these lashes
10-14 d & c curl set

From breaking out one month to this 😍
Shining bright like a diamond 💎
Skin goals over here 👈🏻

Classic set with a couple fans to fill in gaps
Natural but still sweet 😍

No filters , no facial oil just pure dewy , plump hydrated skin ! Guys this whole skin journey is sometimes a JOURNEY but I’m here through the whole process!
She’s consistent , she’s all about her skin !
Sometimes it’s patience , I know we all want over night be regimens both personal life along with products are HUGE !
I’m thankful I meet such awesome babes through the process✨

Guess the jelly ! 🤍
Blue Led to fight that bacteria harboring in that skin of yours .
Have you scheduled your facials yet ? We are now booking into mid February!

Dewy goodness
I’m living for these New products and my revamped facial protocols!!!! ✨💕
I’ll be responding to all dms and emails tonight bare with me ! If I’ve yet to respond to you resend your messages please !

Guess how many lashes she had to achieve this Classic set ? 😩😍

Hi there hybrid 😍

Beautiful views 😻
Played with different curls and thicknesses for a textured fluffy set

Hi babes just a friendly reminder !
We are in our new location!
All appointments are no longer in our original location but in our very own home!
Remember to rebook your appointments in studio to avoid not getting the spot you desire .
When you come in please keep quite as babes are in session . Please silence your cell phones , enjoy a beverage of choice and relax . Your licensed professional will be out to grab you . We ask that you come alone , no kids or extra guests are allowed and please plan your visits in advance.
Please stay up to date with all highlights as they have been updated to the most current policies and procedures.
Welcome in to our Beauty lab 🧪 🤍

The babes are hosting a huge giveaway!!!!
3 winners & 2 prizes each winner !
What better way to rung in the new year than to have glowing skin by yours truly and silky hair by @hairbytaranichole 🤍
1st winner will receive: 1 facial service & 1 hair service
2nd winner will receive : 1 chemical peel service & 1 cut and blow dry
3rd winner will receive: 1 lash extension set & a money piece service

Rules are as follows :
•Must tag 3 friends on giveaway post ; multiple entries is allowed as long as they are different accounts
•must be following both accounts
(Following and unfollowing will disqualify you for any future giveaways)
•extra entry when you post in your story and tag both of us babes
Giveaway will end January 19th Good luck to all the babes 🤍

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