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Operating as usual


I mean it was her GENDER reveal she had to look poooooopppinnnnnn 😍✨

Congratulations momma ! Your new bundle of joy is gonna be perfect because you are !!!!

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✨ S K I N ✨



Texture , breakouts & skin tone is
Coming through beautifully

Wondering if facials are your thing ?
Who wouldn’t wanna take care of the one thing that’s with you forever???
Taking care of your mind , body and mental is goals of 2022 ✨

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Talk about extractions & texture 👀
This beautiful before & after is skin changing

Did you know that blackheads and build up can be prevented?
Exfoliation & proper skincare treatment both in the treatment room & at home can limit the amount of congestion one has .

Exfoliation can be done 1-3x a week depending on skin type and skin condition! Don’t hesitate to exfoliate… have questions & concerns on when to or what to use reach out 🤍

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Photos from The Beauty Lab's post 02/17/2022

From January 5th - February 16 🤍
So not only has he committed but he’s proof that listening to my recommendations and sticking to a regimen truly does work !

This is the beauty of team work & CONSISTENCY
We must treat the acne before we treat the scars but in this case his breakouts are so minor his scars are able to be treated quicker 😅

Thank you to all my acne clients you truly have been a blessing to work with . You stay consistent and see the progress and DO NOT STOP 🛑
Some days you will have a breakout and some days your skin will be flawless because healthy skin has flaws and that’s OK !!!!


This is
September-February 😍
This is
Skincare consistency
This is
Services & patience
This is
Pure joy ✨

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Beautiful momma to be , truly thankful for all of you who choose me for your special days 🤍

All matte skin , with a pop of shimmer on the lid ✨


✨The Beauty Lab ✨
Where dreams come true !
Look at this skin it’s giveinv me melted butter , glazed donut vibes !

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✨Clean & Clear ✨
When filling out the consent form after booking be super clear in your skin goals this will help me help YOU 💡

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✨New brows who dis ✨
We didn’t get to fill in or highlight due to receiving a facial but she finally has a shape


This is my Why 🤍
To see my clients happy with the progression !

If you’re my acne client and are not seeing the progress you desire ask yourself these questions…
1. Am I committed and completely changing my diet & incorporating the right vitamins?
2. Am I expecting years of damage to go away in 1 month ?
3. Am I consistent and applying my regimen properly?
4. Am I not being honest and causing more damage to my skin by picking & popping pimples ?

All of these questions are huge ! I’m only a part of your month the rest is good practice outside of sessions from diet to hygiene to lifestyle. 1000% commitment is needed to see beautiful results . It’s not one month or 2 it’s 6-8 months of treatments and at home maintenance to maintain acne … will it be gone NO but will you have a healthy canvas YES .


Photos from The Beauty Lab's post 01/28/2022

✨To the beautiful faces of January ✨

I hope you have done the following
-drank your water
-started your vitamins or continued the use of
-didn’t pop ya pimples
-didn’t scratch your blacked heads out of your pores
-you have exfoliated a week after your facial
-applied your sunscreen!!!!!!
February is coming up and I will know if you did or didn’t do the following 😅



✨Oh girl is glowinnnn ✨

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✨Chemical Peelzzz ✨
Peels are not one size fits all but definitely beneficial for 89% of my clients! Interested in a peel and your not a first time client , mention it at your next appointment… I swear they are not ALL scary


It’s a beautiful thing when a beautiful soul and beautiful skin collide 🧖🏼‍♀️✨

Now booking into February 🗓

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Immediate Before & After 🧖🏼‍♀️
Coming back from vacation & skin needed some TLC and well that’s what we did !
Plus a brow service !

Hurry and get on schedule, January is almost full and we are booking into February!!!!


Brow Scuplt & Tint 😻
Created a custom color to be the most natural .

Brow enhancements will be available starting January 🤍


Another client from a strict acne program to a now monthly maintenance client, with sole focus of scars ! 🙏🏼

This took both her dedication & my expertise!
This acne program is not easy , it take a lot of patience & understanding that sometimes thing can get worse before it can get better . But she’s ringing in the new year with a goal of beautiful but HEALTHY skin ! 🤍

Are you ready ? Do you have skin goals ? Are you wanting to stop accutane ? Stop prescription topicals ?
Book your acne onboarding appointment! This is great for those with severe acne & skin concerns!

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Because you have beautiful skin , doesn’t mean you can’t get facials , in fact we all need professional exfoliation to allow for better product pe*******on 🤍

Look at that healthy glow , it was exfoliation and tons of hydration 💦

#healthyskincare #glowingskin #inlandempire


Pores they don’t open or close , but they sure can be cleaned out . 🧼
Buildup is gonna happen even when you take the most care of your skin . But properly caring for your skin will make the biggest impact ! It will cut back the oils being produced, and most importantly reducing the appearance of impacted pores.

Have you scheduled your appointments for January? We have some availability left !

Photos from The Beauty Lab's post 12/19/2021

She said “NO SHIMMAH”
I said no problem 😉

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Hello even skin tone and CONTROLLED breakouts 😻
It’s not an easy ride but oh is it worth it ✨
So happy with these results , and how far we have came with texture !
Monthly & bi weekly treatments do wonders when on great regimens !


✨The texture change , the decongesting & that healthy glow✨

With every single facial you will get immediate results , yes some redness at extraction points is visible , along with some redness from blood flow rising to the surface but the glow won’t lie …. Your skin will be poppin !

Photos from The Beauty Lab's post 12/12/2021

It’s a beautiful thing when My skincare clients also become makeup clients ✨🙏🏼
Such a beautiful babe !



Hey there fresh face ✨
Removed the dead skin and brought so much blood flow to the surface to help with circulation & help slow down the aging process!
Look at the jawline & how plump her beautiful face is !!

Photos from The Beauty Lab's post 12/08/2021

It’s the consistency, it’s the commitment, it’s 6 months of pure teamwork ✨🙏🏼
She saw the results & I saw the change and she’s officially a monthly maintenance client . This was no antibiotics , no prescription meds , no curology 🥴, no retin a , NO BIRTH CONTROL , & absolutely NO ACCUTANE !
From underground tender breakouts to more even & less inflamed!

I’m so proud to watch these acne clients actually GLOW UP !
This is why I do THIS for this EXACT reason !
New Years approaching, actually commit to a new year & new you !


Nothing like a instant
Before & After a customized facial ✨

Not only has her skin come a long way her barrier is less compromised and looking healthy.

My goal with clients is bring healthy skin back to life with proper at home care so treatments in studio can be more clinical & results driven.
Unfortunately this estheticians main focus is results vs relaxation.
Of course you will feel the chill vibe , but you will also see the effectiveness of the service.

Each service is tailored to each clients wants and needs but each client must have a clear understanding that years of damage does not mean one facial will cure you .

4-6 facials is the happy spot for seeing the affects of facial services in my treatment room .
Between each service is 4-6 weeks depending on the health of the skin & 2-4 weeks for extreme acne cases (please inquire to get insight on what’s best for you)

I truly hope this helps answer some of your basic questions, & further questions you can dm 🤍



Fun fact her first facial was with me three years ago and she hasn’t stopped 🤍



Just a beautiful
Brow Wax & Soft tint ✨

All brow services will start
January 1st 🎉
We will have the following

Brow wax & Tint
Brow wax , Lamination & Tint
Brow wax & Laminations

Who’s excitedly much as I am ! 🙏🏼
I’ve put brow services on hold for a couple years but New Year means New services!

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To all of my loyal clients through the years , I would like to say thank you for always sticking by my side and constantly supporting this small business.
As many things in this industry & outside fluctuate in price starting January their will be a small price increase on services.
This will allow my business to remain consistent with products, education, and luxury … all while giving you the best experiences here at The Beauty Lab .
These price increases will take in affect January 1st 2022.
Thank you all very much for another great year I’m beyond blessed 🙏🏼🤍

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