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Dissertation Soap


I just wanted to let you know Dr Reints, that my son also went to UCR and has fond memories of the Chemistry Dept, although he was a History/Poly Sci major (don't boo him,LOL). On day he slipped and fell and hit his head on the marble floors in an old section of UCR. An older chemistry professor took him in his class and gave him an aspirin and a shot of rye (no kidding) and said his head should be fine. Not only did he not have a headache, but no goose egg. Needless to say he was quite impressed. Another fond memory was the day he discovered the older professors, including this professor I believe, had a smoking section for pipes in an upper outdoor section in this building. Forgive me, but I don't know where, I am not that familiar with the grounds at UCR. My point is that I ordered the Professor Soap collection of To***co Amber because of the stories he told me. You nailed it. You embodied his favorite memories with those professors from UCR in that scent in your Professor soaps. Absolutely wonderful scent. How impressive my dear and thank you very much!!
Got my hand sanitizer today, smells AMAZING!! Also, Miss Julie threw in a sample of "The Professor" ...I'm hooked!! Gotta work my way through my current dissertation stock but I'm on board!! Ps Thank you for your work to keep the flowing. Your peeps on the front lines thank you!!
This champagne set is wonderful! They all smell like the best champagne you’ve ever had! The soap lathers so nicely, the bubble bath is super indulgent with thick, luxurious bubbles, and the hand balm is extra moisturizing and doesn’t leave your hands slick or oily. I highly recommend this set! 🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾
The Dog shampoo you made, i tried it on my Ranch dog and it left him clean and smelling good. It was easy to apply on him and my other dog thought it was a treat to eat (she thinks everything is food) I liked the dog soap bar.

-Melissa (HOOVES, sorry i delayed on the review, between the rain and my work, i was able to try the soap this weekend and liked it 😁)
Just got my box today, thank you Julie!! Day 1 of my new skin care regimen. Love how it smells and how soft it leaves my skin!
It’s no secret that I have the privilege of working with Julie, but I’m saying this in the most objective way possible. As a friend, guinea pig, and helper, I get to try her soaps, and my skin has never been clearer or more glowing than using a combination of the karma charcoal (three days a week) and the avocado and green clay (four days a week). I don’t get dry patches on my cheeks anymore, and my rosacea only acts up occasionally. Throw in a nice (well, and pricey) eye cream in the mornings, and my skin looks better now than at 35. Thanks for your hard work, Jules❤️
I love all of the new products I got from Julie. I especially can't wait to try the Citrus Rose Bath Soak, the yummy smelling soap (is it Bergamont?), and the Sandalwood/Vanilla Lotion Bar. I have already tried the Lavender Cedar Lotion (especially love that scent and have dry shampoo in it), and the very soothing lip balm.
I love my dry shampoo! I have the Lavender Cedar scent. In the old days people used baby powder to blot the oil when you couldn't shampoo. This works way better, smells way better, and doesn't 'show. LOVE It.💙🧡💛

All natural soap, hair care & skin care designed by an Environmental Scientist for people with sensitive skin. NO parabins or phalates.

Sustainable packaging.http://www.pe.com/articles/escalera-756717-soap-soaps.html Dissertation Soap is a Riverside soap company that creates hand crafted, all natural soap using cold process, a method that has a short prep time and a long cure time to produce the best quality soap. Started by an environmental scientist who wanted to create an all natural soap for her family and then decided to open


We hope you 🖤 our spring candles as much as we do🤍
Cracklings wood wick lotion candles made with skin safe coco butter and scent.


It was a joy to be on Podcast (link in their bio). We talked a lot about martial arts, getting a PhD while life happens, eco-friendly skin care and my secret plot to use Dissertation Soap as a way to have a conversation about water and soil quality. If you have time, you can listen for free through (link in bio)

Earth Friendly Skin and Body Care | Dissertation Soap 03/02/2022

Earth Friendly Skin and Body Care | Dissertation Soap

Join us for soap making on 4/2, 11am. Tickets available online (link in bio). We’ll make a citrus soap with an embedded loofah sponge!

Earth Friendly Skin and Body Care | Dissertation Soap Explore Dissertation Soap's line of earth friendly, scientist created skin, body, and hair care products. Created with all-natural, organic ingredients, and pure essential oils. All items are vegetarian, paraben free, and cruelty-free.


Rose water toner with pineapple, shiitake and Vitamin C. Pineapple acids remove dead skin, shiitake extract evens skin tone and vitamin C protects and rejuvenates. Find it online, link in bio.

Earth Friendly Skin and Body Care | Dissertation Soap 02/15/2022

Earth Friendly Skin and Body Care | Dissertation Soap

CBD bath bomb workshop 3/5 12pm Tickets online, all materials included, use code freeship at checkout.

Earth Friendly Skin and Body Care | Dissertation Soap Explore Dissertation Soap's line of earth friendly, scientist created skin, body, and hair care products. Created with all-natural, organic ingredients, and pure essential oils. All items are vegetarian, paraben free, and cruelty-free.


Hand poured crackling wood wick lotion candles. Lavender Cedar back in stock

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Valentines restock ! Custom Raincross heart boxes with a soap until they last 💕


Running a small business is no easy feat. In the past 6 months we moved during Christmas season, had a major surgery, and a small kiddo with Covid. We are beyond thankful for customers who are patient and kind🙏🏻 we love what we do, we love sharing our products with you and we are grateful for you. Thank you for supporting our American Dream 🙌🏻

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HUGE thank you to everyone who came to the SOLD OUT Galantines Day workshop today! If you didn’t get on the list, we will have more workshops coming up very soon. Special thank you to for hosting the workshop and to my helpers Zoë and Nova!


Wet soap Saturday 🖤 Fresh poured Undisputed, charcoal eucalyptus & tea tree🥰


First workshop of the year and we are SOLD OUT! Should we offer another same day workshop for people who didn’t sign up in time? Follow our story to take the poll or DM to let us know!


What’s a lotion candle? Made with nourishing butters and skin safe fragrance, our wood wick lotion candles do not need to be burning to use as a lotion. Also, once the wick is burned out (like these in the picture) you can still keep using the solid lotion at the bottom of the container so that nothing goes to waste. Once the lotion is used up just wash with warm soapy water and use it as a jar.

Dissertation Soap updated their address. 01/17/2022

Dissertation Soap updated their address.

Dissertation Soap updated their address.


Can you guess how many types of charcoal soap we make? Used in our face and body line, activated charcoal can help draw microparticles, such as dirt, dust, chemicals, toxins, and bacteria that causes acne.


Happy New Year! First workshop of the year! 2/5/22, 11am I’ll show you how to make rose hip seed bath bombs and sugar scrubs and you’ll get the chance to make your own to take home 🤍Rose hip seed oil is high in vitamin A,C&E and moisturizes and soothes dry winter skin🤍


How does a professor reach as many students as possible? Listen to to hear how Professor Sean teaches jiu jitsu to kids, soccer moms and semi to professional mma & UFC fighters successfully. Since starting his program in 2019, Sean has shown how a consistent and thoughtful approach builds a team and thriving academy. Many of you know teaching is always my first passion and Professor Sean is one of my favorite teachers, someone I look up to personally and professionally. Follow the link to hear the full podcast.


Handmade Sets dropped today! Lavender Cedar sets shown: Lavender Cedar soap, lotion and linen spray. Also dropped off (not shown) three piece sets: Soap, lotion and bath bombs🍄

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Wellness soaks or Muscle rescue soaks improve circulation, increase magnesium and provide relief to sinuses and muscle aches with essential oils. It can be used daily in warm bath, just add 2-4oz to the water and enjoy! Restocking with these today.


BLACK FRIDAY STARTS TONIGHT! Apply 25% off to all online orders with the promo code "blkfriday" and FREE SHIPPING on every order over $75 (after discounts). Dissertationsoap.com


Restock ! Bug repellent, candles, soap, vitamin C Face Cream, dog shampoo and more 🤓 are y’all excited about Christmas as I am??🤩


Keep your ink fresh with Ink Armor, a soothing balm that gives your fresh ink a protective barrier against dust and germs. Use it on old ink to keep it vibrant and safely moisturized.


#1 question asked: How is soap made? Cold process soap has been around for ages, dating back to Babylon. Cold-processed soap is made by mixing sodium hydroxide (lye) with water, blending it with fatty oils and butters, adding essential oils and natural colorants like clays & charcoal. They are then poured into molds and take 24 hours to become soap (saponify). Once removed from the mold, they cure for an additional 24 hours before being cut into individual bars of soap. Individual bars are cured for several weeks before use, up to 6 weeks. Curing soap results in a firmer bar, extra later and a lowering of pH.


Very excited for our collaboration with E.A.T. Marketplace in Temecula, Ca. This curated market, located inside their gorgeous restaurant, features local makers and we are honored to be among them! Pay a visit to for truly unique dining experience!

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Restock ! Laundry soap is all natural, unscented and safe to use in HE washers. Brush conditioning soap can be used on makeup brushes, paint and glaze brushes to keep them on top shape.


Follow our IG story to take the poll! Many of you have asked for brand swag, let us know if you are one of them too!

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Get the card and get 10% off Dissertation Soap all year long! Your card can be used on anything too! Support local makers and artisans in Riverside🙌🏻

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Reasons your ‘natural’ deodorant sucks:
1. It has baking soda in it. Typically used as an odor neutralizer, baking soda has a high pH (basic) while our skin is slights acidic (low pH) and leaving baking soda on skin for too long will cause a skin rash.
2. It doesn’t work. Many of you know of my love of martial arts, during which I sweat A LOT. Some natural deodorants aren’t meant for heavy physical exercise and just don’t work well.

Why is our all natural deodorant better?
2. It’s designed by a chemist who has a doctorate level knowledge of chemistry and knows how to customize skin care based on that knowledge.
3. It will not give you a rash and is made for people with sensitive skin.

Find ours in Riverside, Ca and online at dissertationsoap.com


TODAY from 3-9pm at Fairmount Park in ! We’ll have our full vegan line💖 and a huge bin of odds and ends until it sells out!

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All set up we’ll be here from 4-9pm! We new stuff! Laundry soap, natural deodorant, restocked insect repellent and bug bite balm!


I put a spell on you…and now you’re mine🖤🍷 soap + wine = magic 🧙🏻🌙🔮 wine soaps listed on the website (link in bio) and
TikTok credit:

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NEW LISTINGS! Champagne Soap and Red Wine Soap! Champagne Soap is scented with honeysuckle and hibiscus, made with real hibiscus tea and champagne. Red Wine Soap is scented with apple balsam pine and is made with French Rose Clay and real wine🍷Wine has antioxidants that are great for your skin! Find these and online at dissertationsoap.com

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New things Red Wine Soap, Champagne Soap, Autumn Spice Ale Soap, Merlot Sugar Scrubs and All Natural Deodorant.

Photos from Dissertation Soap's post 10/04/2021

Thank you for a lovely weekend ❤️ we met so many amazing people, we love you Long Beach, Ca! Can’t wait to see you next year🥰


Merlot sugar scrubs. Made with real crush grapes and grape seeds, grape seed oil, sugar, salt, cream soap and smells like apples and pine. Perfect for fall! Get this weekend and coming to our website soon!


Can’t wait for the this weekend, Oct 2-3 in Long Beach, Ca! If you still want tickets you can get them off their website (link in their bio). We’ve made [email protected] really awesome products around the event that we’ll have available on our website afferwards🙏🏻 thank you for all your support and can’t wait to see you there!

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Beer Soap
Avocado & Green Clay Face Soap
Calendula lemongrass Soap
Karma Charcoal Soap
Oat Milk and Honey Soap
Honey Chamomile Soap
Beard Oil
Shaving Soap
Bath Truffles
Aloe Lotion
Solid lotion bar



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