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Now I have to decide what I'm booking and when....

Cora's Massage Therapy & Bodywork is a page to share what Massage and Bodywork is all about


Let’s stretch those QUADRICEPS! This stretch is called the COUCH STRETCH. This is not only going to hit the quads, but it’ll give those hip flexors a good stretch as well!

Please note that I am not flexible. You will see in this video how far away my knee is from the couch and chair. If you need more than what I’m showing- carefully use the wall, get a flatter mat, and get the knee right up to the wall and push the torso upright!



Thank you Inspire Pelvic Health Physical Therapy for a fun night celebrating women’s health & wellness!

We will be announcing our winner of the free 60 minute massage tomorrow! 💛💛



Come on out and enjoy a fun evening filled with health & wellness! We will be under the yellow tent giving chair massages. We will also have some fun giveaways and a chance to win a massage package!

Hope to see you all there!


Tiffany is doing amazing work! She’s been at it for two weeks now. If you can’t get in during the week days- she’s doing massage on the weekends! She’s been getting some sweet reviews! I had an amazing massage with her. Book with her now here:


🌻Heather started working her magic this week! Her sweet and calm nature fills the entire place. Her schedule is getting busy already. 🌻



Taylor has been with us for an ENTIRE YEAR! To have him with us has been a blessing. Taylor is someone you feel you’ve known for years even if it was your first hello. He’s kind, funny, and one heck of a Massage Therapist!

Thank you Taylor for all you do for our clients! You are so appreciated!

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September is here and so is our MUSCLE OF THE MONTH! QUADRICEPS….”Quads”.

These muscles make walking, running, kicking, and squatting possible. The stronger they are, the better you can move through life! Unfortunately, these muscles get very tight and can easily be injured when pushed too far. The hamstrings work with these muscles when we move. You may notice that you are either Quad dominant or hamstring dominant and this can cause some instabilities.

When your Quads get tight, they can cause stress to your knees and your hips! Sometimes if you struggle with knee pain, try looking into the Quads. It could be something simple as that!

Stay tuned this month for some Quad info!


Meet Tiffany!

We are very happy to have her join us. When you meet Tiffany, it feels like you’ve always known her. She’s extremely personable and uplifting. She gives a beautiful massage and really tunes into what your body needs. Her schedule is open now on massagebook! She has weekend availability!


We are so excited to announce that Heather has joined our team! Heather is a massage therapist who also offers Reiki, Yoga, and a variety of other services! Her schedule is now available on our website! Please give her a warm welcome ☀️


Wrapping up the rhomboids for this months featured muscle. Here are some unique stretches for these stubborn muscles.


Kelly is our lead therapist here at Cora’s! She makes sure things run smoothly, manages an extremely full schedule of clients, and assists in a variety of behind the scenes projects! Kelly has been putting in a ton of hours in her own time studying and partaking in an extensive lymphatic course. This is just the tip of the iceberg for her. Kelly has big plans to continue moving forward in the world of Lymphatic studies. Stay tuned for new services with Kelly. She is an extremely gifted and intelligent massage therapist.

Keep your eyes open for future content and opportunities to have bodywork done with Kelly.


Check out all of these amazing vendors! We will be there under the yellow tent doing massage! Can’t wait to see all the wonderful faces! Thank you Inspire Pelvic Physical Therapy for making this happen. 💛💛💛

We are less than one month away from our Women's Health Night on September 21! The event is located at 4600 Fashion Square Saginaw, MI. Check out all these amazing vendors that will be there with us. Looking forward to a great event! Sol Sister StudioVitaMax ReviveBelieving Birth MidwiferyAbundant Joy Doula ServicesHelping Hands Doula Services LLCMaillette Family ChiropracticBeyond The Bump FitnessHugh and GraceRise Chiropractic Co.Soul FitGreat Lakes YogaSurvival FitnessMI Journey Therapy Services, LLCFeed, Eat, Babble LLCCora’s Massage Therapy & BodyworkSarah Fechter Fitness HQ


Thank you for the feedback! 💛



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Our therapists are consumed in the world of all things massage, but we also have other passions…

Did you know our very own Nicole “Nic” Beauchamp is an author? Another amazing book of hers just hit the bookstores yesterday! Check her out! We are so proud of her hard work. You can purchase her book here: Arcadia publishing, barnes and noble,, Walgreens, CVS, and any major retailers.

Way to go Nic!! 💛📖


💛 I cannot express how grateful I am for these two this week! They worked long hours and helped out tremendously while we had two less therapists for the week. We have an amazing team environment within these walls and it really feels good to know your team has your back!
Thank you Kelly and Taylor for giving it your all! It is noticed!
Can’t wait for us all to be together again next week! 💛


This is heartwarming! 💛

Taylor has openings tomorrow August 4.

Get on his schedule!

Photos from Cora’s Massage Therapy & Bodywork's post 08/02/2023

Rhomboids “Christmas Tree Muscles”. Why do they get this name?

When viewed bilaterally, along with the spine, they create the shape of a Christmas tree!

The rhomboids can get extremely tight due to posture or muscle weakness. Trigger points are commonly found in these muscles. There are two parts to this muscle: the minor and the major which sits right underneath the minor. These muscles attach from the vertebrae of the cervial and thoracic spine- to the scapula.

When you throw a ball, reach overhead, or pull your partner in for a smooch, you are using these muscles!

Stay tuned for some stretches, and a glimpse into our hands on work!


We are slowly building up our retail section. Every season we will have fun and new merch to offer! Check out this video to see what’s available now! 🛍️


These wonderful ladies just received a 90minute massage with special treatment! COLD stones, HOT stones, hand dips, aromatherapy treatments, and foot massages! Hope you ladies enjoy your weekend and drink that water!! ☀️💦


Client care is number 1! Thank you for the wonderful reviews! 💛




Every single month Kelly and I sit down and discuss ways to improve our client experience. After all, our clients are the number one reason we love what we do. It doesn’t feel like work when you both have the same vision and passion. Our minds are always at work. 💛


Our featured muscle this month is our STERNOCLEIDOMASTOID or for an easier name to call them is the SCM’s.

Do you clench your teeth? Do you slouch over your desk or phone? Do you do a lot of lifting in the gym or at your job? Chances are, yours are tight, overworked, or stressed! Here are a few quick tricks to do RIGHT NOW!

Don’t be afraid of this work but be aware of the carotid artery that runs through there. If you feel a pulse or you work too hard- you will know you’re not on the muscle!




We have openings this week! Check ‘em out!

Or call us: 989-341-1150

Photos from Cora’s Massage Therapy & Bodywork's post 07/06/2023



This muscle is pretty easy to spot and feel. It’s a large one! It attaches itself behind the ear on the mastoid process (feel the bump behind your ear- the muscle runs down from there), and attaches to the upper edge of the sternal manubrium, and to the medial portion of the clavicle. This is where it gets that long name! Sterno (sternum), Cleido (clavicle), Mastoid (mastoid process behind ear).

This muscle allows us to turn our heads, tilt our heads, look over our shoulder, they brace as we push through our weight training, and believe it or not, they assist when we take a deep breath in!

Some things that could effect this muscle are:

Whiplash or falls
Poor posture.
Or any activities reaching overhead.


Wishing you all a HAPPY and SAFE 4th of July. 🎇


And here is a short video on our INFRARED LIGHT MASSAGE!

Book now here:

Or call: 989-341-1150


Here’s a 2 minute video on our COLD STONE MASSAGE Add on! Check it out.

Book now at:

Or call: 989-341-1150

Photos from Cora’s Massage Therapy & Bodywork's post 06/30/2023

Here are our 2 NEW SERVICES hitting the menu by Monday!

Both of these services have something big in common: REDUCING INFLAMMATION!

I will be sharing the details this weekend!

Stay tuned!


💛Our clients keep the passion for what we do alive! If you have a therapist of any kind- not just massage, let them know if they make a difference! It really matters!


Quadratus Lumborum (QL)- MUSCLE OF THE MONTH for June continues…..

The QL is a deep muscle located in the lower back. It attaches to the 12th rib; the transverse processes of the lumbar spine, and the pelvis (posterior iliac crest).
This muscle is involved with every breath we take along with allowing us to bend side to side. It determines our posture whether it is extremely tight or overactive in many people. It is the muscle considered to be the main cause of low back pain.

Read through the following- are any of these you?

* Constant deep aching pain, normally at rest (sitting or standing).
* Difficulty bending forward
* Pain when bending to the opposite side
* Difficulty climbing stairs
* Pain/discomfort when rolling over in bed
* Difficulty when rising from a chair
* Pain when coughing or sneezing

Check out some of these basic stretches. Remember- all bodies are different. Not all movements are good for one person. Try them carefully and slowly. If you experience any pain or are forcing yourself into that position, don’t do it. There are other options out there when dealing with this muscle.


In the Spring we began a social media campaign. Anyone who was brave enough to hold a special sign and take a picture AFTER their massage was entered into a drawing to win “The ULTIMATE MASSAGE”. Today we drew a winner! That winner gets to invite any guest they choose to enjoy a 90:00 massage session with a hand dip, cold/hot stones, and more! This was a fun way to spread the word on our growing business and to treat you all to something fun and special. I wish you all could win!! Stay tuned for more fun and chances to win with each season.

Check out our winner! Also check out the comments to see some of the fun pictures we captured and to see the BIG WINNER!

And thank you so very much for always being a support for us. The clients make the business thrive! The fun sign to hold will still be available at the end of each session. Feel free to grab and take a pic with it! It means so much!


Check out these FUN & BRIGHT tees for summer! Are you on our KNOTTY list? 😁


💛 Client Testimony of the week!


“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, and singers of song”- Unknown

Father's Day is dedicated not only to Fathers but also to father figures. Sending heartfelt wishes to the world's greatest dads.

Here we are with ours! 💙


We can’t wait to show you what’s coming this month! Our last team meeting was all about the client experience with our new services. We had fun putting our heads together to ensure that our guests enjoy every minute with us!
Lots of clues in this picture. 👀🔍🕵️‍♂️


💛 We love taking care of our clients!

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