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Wondering about services?
Dr. Julia Deer, Holistic Chiropractor:
Here are some of the things we offer in addition to our several traditional styles of chiropractic care:
☆Optimal Function Philosophy☆
1. Brain function and nervous system regulation - creating balance (homeostasis) within your body.
2. Organ reflexology utilizing C.M.R.T. Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (historically referred to as "bloodless surgery")
3. Muscle testing and Applied Kinesiology - Assessing and positively affecting organ systems through muscle strength analysis and neurological trigger points.
4. Sacro- Occipital technique (S.O.T.) to retrain loose ligaments and joint instabilities.
5. Joint mobilization and rehab for increasing Range of Motion in immobilized or "frozen" areas of the body.
6. Balance and equilibrium training to increase stability while walking or standing in place (post- stroke/ surgery/ or just degeneration over time...)
7. Post-surgical re-education to learn the optimal biomechanics for your particular body.
8. Neuro-Emotional training to calm stress systems and reduce anger, anxiety and depression through hands-on light touch therapies.
9. Self-Control behavioral techniques to increase mindfulness, attention and focus while calming spontaneous actions/ reactions to external and internal stimuli. (Most helpful to those patients dealing with symptoms of ADD, ADHD, OCD anger and anxiety)
10. Nutritional Counseling including muscle testing for food sensitivities and other allergies as well as finding nutrient deficiency or overloads in your system.
11. Supplement advice - Brown Bag all your supplements and bring them in so that we can determine any necessity for specific vitamins/supplements and your correct dosages.
12. Hormone balancing with food or supplementation along with training for you to recognize your own symptoms and balance yourself hormonally, with ease.
13. Cranial /facial bones alignment including ears, nose, orbits (eyes), sinuses, etc.
14. TMJ correction through light touch, gentle jaw adjustments.

Pigeon and Bay City locations.
Call or text us at 989-453-2020


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120N Michigan
Saginaw, MI
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