Kelsey Leigh Poscal at Levity

Kelsey Leigh Poscal at Levity


Who has ever heard of DERMAPLANING??
Since my struggle with dermatitis (which I’ve posted before) I talked with an esthetician on any service that would help remove and replenish my skin, in hopes of better cell turnover. So she recommended this. And since it was removal of facial fuzz and dead skin I felt the need for a rejuvenating facial to follow... Great choice! I basically had the effects of a chemical peel, without the chemical!

This is not a good before/after depiction...

I haven’t, until a sweet sugar I went to cosmetology school with reached out and asked to trade services!
Normally I don’t go for this and would rather pay back and forth 🤪
Once she sent me her list... We traded 😂

YOU GUYS! I had my arms sugared, my face dermaplaned and also treated myself to a facial (my first one ever)! I feel like a brand new human! Felt so good that, I’m adding most of this in to an 8 week-ish “self care” regimen since we all know us busy cats don’t take near enough time for! That 2 hours I spent in a spa room made me feel so incredible, so incredible I risked going to the Rebel Magnolia Flea •BARE FACED•

If you need the hookup for an awesome esthetician, Alicia Sieggreen at Levity in Shields is where you need to be! My guess, pretty much everyone could use at least one of these services!
You won’t be disappointed 🖤
I have yet to be disappointed with having you do my hair. I couldn’t have been happier with how my hair turned out for my wedding on Saturday! I had so many compliments, including raves from other stylists!Thank you so much for helping make my day so perfect!!❤️
You and your AWESOME hair doin!! Right when I want to try something different, everyone complements me on the cut, color, style. Even when it needs to be washed and looking sad, awesome complements all over!!💇‍♀️💇‍♀️💇‍♀️💇‍♀️💗💗💗💗
Kelsey is great 😄

Specializing in:
Women. Men. Kids. Color. Prom. Homecoming. Weddings(on-location and in salon). Exte

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I don’t have much time these days for these photos after appointments! But, an early out day called for one after this mama has been blonde her entire life!


👋🏼Hi everyone! Popping in here to say, yes I am coming back, yes I am dreading leaving my babies, but I am going to be excited to see you when the time comes!

I know alot of you and I have had the conversation about my hours changing… it was a little up in the air until I had time to ponder what was going to work for my family!

For the summer I will be back 9-3 Tuesday - Friday… I do have alot of Fridays off since we camp, but will be there for my Friday babes in between! I am working a few Saturdays that are fully booked for weddings and current clients! Our little bubs has started weekend sports 🙃

Ames is starting school this fall, once that begins I’m going to work a little earlier and have to be out at 2 so I can pick him up from school… I’ll be in salon 8/8:15-2!

There are some appts scheduled past 3 currently, it’s okay.. I’m keeping all the appts the same!

🚨I was summoned for jury duty June 20th, cross your fingers Wren’s doctor wrote a real schmoozy dr’s note, the first one in my whole life 🤣 so those 2 weeks, pray if you are scheduled 🤣

I have to unfortunately add a service fee to my square transactions, it will be a 2.8% charge on cc services. Super sorry about that, but I have to 🙃

I have completely dreaded making this announcement since it was even a thought! I absolutely love all of you, but I really love being a mama too! With the way the world is, I especially want to be the one to see Ames first thing after his day at school and to be as present as possible! Wrenny was a miracle I do not want to escape me either!

See you all in a couple weeks ❤️
If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message! And if you need an appt, do the same 🥰
❤️ - Kels



We’re excited to announce that we now carry products!!


❄️ Good morning ❄️
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families 🥰
We are approaching the new year so fast! I wanted to drop in and say, I am adjusting my schedule a bit before this baby comes to allow time to prep at home and spend with Ames while it’s just him ❤️ I haven’t pushed the scheduling super hard because I’ve had a hard time announcing this myself 🥴 and the fact that I basically have 2 full months left makes me a little queasy to be honest!
With that, the end of my work day is going to hang around 5pm as much as possible! Which also will allow for sickness reschedules! That’s been wild, but I’m so thankful for everyone’s honesty in keeping not only me safe, but my family and co workers ❤️

I have a few spots left for January and working on filling February!

Like when I was off for my maternity with Ames, I will have you booked through my leave this time with my coworkers help, and then back again in mid June/July with me!

Reach out if you need me and we can have you all set ❤️

Kelsey Leigh Poscal at Levity Send a message to learn more.


Here’s a great example of a shoe box donation!

Get your shoebox donations together! We would appreciate it if you delivered them to the salon by December 3rd. Thank you for your donations.

This annual request asks that you fill a shoebox with gifts and items for women. What you place in your shoebox can be as unique as you are. The items need to be NEW GIFTS that would be appealing to any young lady or woman. Suggested general ideas for your shoebox include sox, hat, gloves, scarf, lotion, small notebook and pen, calendar, non perishable candy, kleenex, wallet or coin purse, gift card, small sewing kit, perfume, one size slipper sox, and personal items such as shampoo, brush, comb, toothbrush & paste, deodorant, nail file, and the list goes on and on... Please avoid feminine hygiene products as these items vary with each individual lady. If you wish, you may donate hygiene products directly to women’s shelters in our community.

After you have filled your shoe size box or plastic container, please wrap the shoebox in holiday or any decorative paper. If you like, feel free to add a personal encouragement note or card to the inside of your box. Please NO gift bags or odd shaped boxes as they are too hard to store and transport. ShoeBoxes will be given to ladies in over fifteen local agencies who will benefit from this simple act of kindness.

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B A B E • H A I R 2 rows of extensions and fresh blonde color 🙌🏻


🎄H E Y everyone! 🎄
I know it seems everyone is getting ahead start on their Christmas decorating and cheer! I LOVE it! Our house is about to undergo a remodel and I’ve been dying to do the same! So, while I am off today I’ve been pondering on what minimal I can do to warm my house up. We ended up at Petsmart and the fur baby’s necks and cages got holiday’d instead 🤣
With that, I am posting here about the donation we do at Levity for Christmas! I’m going to put forth my effort into this kind of thing instead of making more work for myself come January 🙃 We do a shoebox drive! I’m going to post a sample of 2 my sweet aunt made up for me this year! They will be wrapped before they get donated!
They are filled with:
🎄Little holiday trinkets
🎄 Shampoo and conditioner
🎄 Socks
🎄 Face masks/scrub
🎄 Deoderant/lotion
🎄 Really anything that would make your day!
🎄 Chapstick
Last year a client donated color street strips!
So, they can be anything!
You also are welcome to drop products off to me and I will fill and wrap boxes! However it works for you!

Next thing that I am passionate about is Dalis to the Rescue!
We have been lucky enough to have adopted the sweetest guinea pig, Valentino and a kitten last year! She loves every single animal with every cell she has and has made a big impact on us and Ames! She always needs donations of
🐾 Cat food
🐾 Cat litter
🐾 Dog food
🐾 Puppy pads
🐾 Exotic bird seed
🐾 Bird toys
🐾 Cat toys/dog toys
……. Booze 🤣

So, if you are looking to donate anything of that nature I will gladly accept that as well and do a drop off at the beginning of December!

Hoping to have this together around December 3rd! Thank you all so so much!!! Drop offs can be made at Levity or my home if that is closer!


It’s spooky season! 🎃🧡


Spice up your fall with these trendy hair clips!

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It was a “fall” blonde day today! 🍂

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Me: “sorry girl, I know this looks alarming”
Kara: “I’d rather leave this color than yellow”

Photos from aliciasieggreenspa's post 07/07/2021
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Good morning everyone!
After adding a billion hours to my workweeks I finally realized what I need to do! My friend Kaylyn Hooks, outdid herself for me by making a beautiful price list!
Starting July 1st, this is what I will adhere to as far as pricing goes! None of it is actually raised, but you will see an increase as I will be itemizing my services to make sure I’m covered for everything I’m using and doing! Products are insanity to purchase along with everything else!
Please feel free to message me with any questions or if you want a rough estimate of your appt cost!
I appreciate all of you beyond what you can imagine. I have thrown nothing but curve balls to basically everyone’s appointments since January! Someday soon, life will shake itself out! Until then, all aboard and thank you for being so understanding! It’s not been exactly fun for me either, but all of your grace makes it run smoother! 🎢🙃


:: N U D E ::

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One positive thing that came out of my quarantine a couple months go was a sew in weft extension class! Pumped to be able to offer another form of extension to my guests!

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came in with a wild idea today, and she rocks it!

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To me, the most admirable thing is letting your children embrace themselves and their personalities! Life is too short to dull their shine. Love it, Lillian ✨ Jennifer Kim Garza


•Trust the process•
has hair that dreams are made of! Today only required a root touch up and Demi glaze!


No more powdery roots for my brunettes!

📣Calling all brunette babes📣We have the PERFECT dry shampoo for you!! The Moroccanoil Dark Tones Dry Shampoo absorbs product build up, unwanted oils, refreshes the hair AND doesn’t leave a white residue.


• Babylight
• Shadow root and Glaze


Obsessed with this and all of the sass!
P E A C E out 2 0 2 0


Y’all want a man with a 6 pack, I prefer mine with 2 bags of softener salt and a beard 🤣 a blondes trophy husband right here, keeping the brass away since 2014!

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Obsessed with g i n g e r hair
This girl has been blonde for as long as I can even remember, she took a leap today and is completely rocking it!

Photos from Kelsey Leigh Poscal at Levity's post 09/30/2020

Cannot stop staring!
Probably the longest consultation I ever had to have... this girl literally is pure blonde year round for as long as I’ve known her! She tells me she wants warmth and to see more dark (kicker: 11 days before she gets married) 😳 after chatting we customized her base and went for it! 🙌🏻


Hair goals ✨

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Such a fun transformation today!


Jump into Fall with some new styling tools! 🍁🍂

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Almost forgot a before pic 😅
My girls were tossing me all brand new feels today! This was a fun transformation! Bye, summer blonde! Helloooooo, fall 🍁

Photos from Kelsey Leigh Poscal at Levity's post 09/01/2020

Level up 🙌🏻
Major elevation to this girls all over dark hair! I know it’s hot, but I’m feelin’ the next season 🍁


Cooled this babe’s box blonde down from the last 8 months of missing her!
Loving my new space and loving being back in the game!


64 Tiny Containers Later ~ can't wait to share the skin care sample saga with you all! 🙈

Packaging these babies to meet your skin needs where it's at! 🖤



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*Hair contouring*
One of my absolute favorite things to do to an old grown out foil! Smudging those foil lines and creating depth with color behind the blonde pops! . @ Levity Spa & Salon

Timeline photos 08/08/2020

Calling all Makeup Eraser fans!! How fun are these new mini Makeup Erasers?! There are 7 mini clothes, for each day of the week! These reusable cloths will leave your skin feeling smooth, free of makeup, and refreshed! Alcohol wipes dry out your skin, are wasteful, and cost a lot of money over time. Wet, wipe your makeup, and cleanse with your normal routine!

Stop by the salon and get yours today!


The accuracy 🤣

Oh yes 😂

Timeline photos 07/29/2020

Proof I have dark haired guests‼️

Photos from Kelsey Leigh Poscal at Levity's post 07/29/2020

Magic happened today ✨
Embracing the natural tones 🙌🏻



**Position filled** We are so busy and need some help at the front desk! We are looking for a fun, energetic, professional to work in a fast paced salon! Some of the responsibilities include booking appointments, answering the phone, cleaning, laundry, social media and inventory. Must be available to work Monday-Friday 12p-5p with the possibility of more hours during the busier season. Serious inquiries only please. Call or text Jennifer for an interview 989-780-3999



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