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Drew's Therapeutic Hands is a traveling massage services specializing therapeutic massage service. call for muscle aches and pains. i specialize in deep tissue work .

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Power of Positivity

What a valuable lesson!


When he only had $22 in his pocket, Tony Robbins performed this generous act to a stranger. (Interview by Lewis Howes)

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Do we have to eat meat to get protein? Let's ask the doctors

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(Segment from What The Health, available on Netflix now)

New Educational System

10 Turmeric Health Benefits

Lots of people use the turmeric herb in their cooking. The main signs of turmeric are its pepper- like smell, sharp taste, and golden color.
Turmeric is known to stop swelling, kill bacteria and viruses, as well as many other things.
It is also full of nutrients, like protein, dietary fiber, niacin, Vitamins C, E, and K, calcium, potassium, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Because of this, turmeric is a great thing to use to cure health problems.

Here are the top ten things turmeric can be used for:

Prevents Cancer Turmeric can block prostate cancer and even kill cancer cells. It can also stop tumor cells from growing, so it can guard the body from getting cancer in the first place.

Relieves Arthritis Because turmeric brings down swelling, it’s great to use for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It also kills germs that harm body cells. People with rheumatoid arthritis who eat turmeric all the time have gotten much rest from pain and joint swelling.

Controls Diabetes Turmeric can help cure diabetes, by keeping insulin at normal levels. It also helps with sugar control, and makes the medicine used for diabetes work. But if used with strong medicines, turmeric can cause low blood sugar, so make sure to ask your doctor before you take turmeric capsules.

Reduces Cholesterol Levels Using turmeric as a spice can bring down cholesterol levels. Because high cholesterol can cause other health problems, it is important to stay on top of it to stop heart disease.

Immunity Booster Turmeric helps keep the body’s immune system going. It also helps strengthen the immune system, because it kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This stops you from getting colds, coughs, and the flu. To help you feel better if you do get sick, mix one teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of warm milk and drink it once a day.

Heals Wounds Because turmeric naturally kills germs and bacteria, it can be used to clean wounds. If you have a cut or burn, sprinkle some turmeric powder on it to help it heal quicker. It can also help treat psoriasis- itchy, dead skin- and other skin conditions.

Weight Management Turmeric powder can help keep the body at a proper weight, by helping break down fat. Someone who wants to lose weight or treat obesity and sicknesses that come with it, can have one teaspoon of turmeric with every meal.

Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease Swelling of the brain is one of the main reasons for cognitive disorders, like Alzheimer’s disease. Turmeric can keep the brain healthy, by helping oxygen flow. This can also slow down or totally stop Alzheimer’s disease.

Improves Digestion Turmeric can help with digestion, by lessening bloating and gas. It can also help treat inflammatory bowel disease. But be careful, because if you suffer from a gallbladder disease you should not take turmeric, as that can make it worse. Also, if you have a digestive problem, it is best to eat raw turmeric, and not capsules.

Prevents Liver Disease Turmeric is a natural way to force poisons from the liver. The liver takes poison out of the blood, and turmeric helps make the enzymes that keep it working. It also helps strengthen, and better blood flow. All of this helps to keep the liver healthy.

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoUN-7coR6k


Don't be fooled!


This is what happens when you mix Coke and stomach acid 😱


3 easy ways to clear out life's clutter and start 2018 right:

Lessons Taught By Life



How to Make The Native-American Poultice That Can Relive Any Pain



How to talk — and listen — to anyone, from Celeste Headlee:


9 Healthy Benefits Of Massage

huffingtonpost.com Last week, a new study found that massage really does work to ease those sore muscles after a tough workout. Just 10 minutes can reduce inflammation, which can help your body recover.

Heal Documentary

Medicine can do some amazing things for some people, but it's not always a magic bullet. HEAL your body, mind, and spirit too. They are all equally important on your healing journey.

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The Lost Ways

Ever Heard of Something as powerful as Morphine, But with No Side Effects? No? You’re in Luck! This Plant Grows EVERYWHERE and Will Kill Pain Faster Than Anything.

Channel 4

Never trust a special deal...

Mindful Soul


These two are friendship goals! 🐱🐯🙌


25 Reasons to Get a Massage

amtamassage.org A growing body of research supports the health benefits of massage therapy for conditions such as stress, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and more.

Ayurveda by Curejoy

Top 10 Acupressure Points for Pain Relief & Other Problems


Native American Zodiac Signs & Their Meaning

awarenessact.com This was originally featured on: EarthWeAreOne.com and Whats-your-sign.com Native American animal symbols can encompass just about all the animals, and their symbolic representation to the many tribes of the Americas. To narrow down the focus a bit, this page is devoted to birth animals – or zodiac…


It actually kills cancer cells better than chemo.

The Farmacy

One of the best things you can do for your health...Relaxing...

Christopher Walker


The CDC reports that as many as 80 MILLION Americans are insulin-resistant, but how can someone tell if this is happening and what can they do to stop it?

Learn more at: www.anabolicmen.com/improve-insulin-sensitivity/

Bob Proctor


This is How The Law of Attraction Works! #BobProctor


Alternative medicine is the original medicine!


Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.
~ Jim Rohn


Ear Candleing: Does it work or not? We prove that... You be the judge. WARNING GROSS!

i just learned to do this

Hi, Subscribe! Thanks. We wanted to show you a real world test of the ear candling or Coning. We burnt two candles and found that...well you be the judge. We...

[08/13/16]   With all of the attention cupping is getting I hope everyone knows I have been doing cupping for years let me know if you would like to try a session it is truly amazing modality

[07/30/16]   it has been too long since i have posted here but i think its time to open another office

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120 N Michigan Suite 316
Saginaw, MI

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 18:00
Thursday 08:00 - 18:00
Friday 08:00 - 18:00
Saturday 08:00 - 18:00
Sunday 08:00 - 18:00
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