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When you want those smooth, bouncy, shiny, healthy looking curls remember this.

➰Quality hair treatments help to revitalize hair that is parched and brittle, cultivating the the best environment for healthy curls.
➰Some of the trending products are trash to your curls! 🚮 The lighter the product, the better.
➰Those split ends are holding you back! Your hair can’t thrive with dead weight, babes.

Having natural hair and rockin your curls with pride doesn’t have to be rocket science! Wash Day Made Simple was curated to help you become a boss over your curls. Let’s leave hair confusion & frustration in 2023! 😌


How yall feel about being able to have your hair, nails, AND makeup done all at Volume Life? 👀

I’m tryina see a lil sum…


Entrepreneurship is being diligent, focused, and steadfast towards a goal while also being fully open to embracing when God redirects you.

Fear, anger, and resentment can’t dwell in a space where 100% trust and faith in a higher source is. ✨

I’ll be going live next Saturday, Dec 9th at 7pm for the latest on our move! We are EXCITED! 💃🏽


Grateful for you, thankful for us, blessed for the journey. ✨

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! 🦃


It’s the RESTOCK SALE OF THE YEAR at Volume Life!📦

Our Black Friday sales start TODAY!!

Restock your favorite healthy hair products for 30% off for our MOVING SALE.

Products can be purchased in salon, by phone, by email, or by sending us a message fright here right here. 🎉


Hey beautiful people! 👋🏾

I’ve got just a few openings left just in time for the holidays. Most of the availabilities are between 9a-4p during the week and as soon as this week. 💃🏾

If these times fit your schedule, shoot me a message! There’s a chance I can get you in and refresh those curls or hair health before your grand entrance at the in-laws house. 🙂😂

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Meet the heart and soul of Volume Life Salon Studio, our amazing owner and master hairstylist, Victoria! 🌟

She's not just a hairstylist; she's a haircare guru on a mission. With a passion for empowering the textured hair community, she's here to help you embrace your hair's uniqueness and keep it healthy so you can rock those tresses with confidence. 💁🏾‍♀️

Victoria sets herself apart with her transparency, uplifting spirit, customized services to fit your needs, and client-focused approach. Your hair journey is her hair journey! ✨💖

Outside the salon, she's all about spreading love and empowerment. You'll find her bringing women together and being the driving force behind The Sister Circle, a women's empowerment group that brings like-minded women together for sisterly support and love.

Volume Life Salon Studio is an extension of her heart and desire to help everyone see the light within themselves. She cultivated this space to be a place where you're not just a client, but a cherished part of her journey. She's beyond grateful for every opportunity to share her space with you. 💖

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What’s on the horizon this month?

For me, I’ll be doing the usual empowering and educating for all my girls with curls so that they can take their power back from their hair at home, but I also have something new and exciting to look forward to…

WE’RE UPGRADING! I’ve been working diligently behind the scenes on Volume Life’s new home and
I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it. Details about our official opening is coming soon! 🎉🥳🍾

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Hey, queens! Let's chat about why those cooler months can have our scalps acting all flaky and dry. 🍂❄️

👉🏾 The drop in humidity sucks the moisture right out of our hair.
👉🏾 Our cozy beanies and scarves can create and trap in sweat, making our scalp a breeding ground for dryness.

A simple solution? Keep that scalp hydrated with scalp massages using nourishing oils that pe*****te the scalp like Tea Tree of Jojoba oil. This can be done weekly, especially when your oils are light weight.

Trust me, your crown will thank you! 👑

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No matter how loose or tight your curls are… moisture is your curls best friend. 💦

Curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair because natural oils have a harder time reaching the tips. This is where conditioner becomes a superhero. 🦸🏽‍♀️

It helps lock in moisture, keeping your curls hydrated, defined, and frizz-free.

It’s important to use a high-quality, hydrating conditioner to maintain those luscious locks and follow up with a leave-in to keep things balanced. Conditioner has been misused as a cleanser in the natural hair community. Find out the truth behind all the important steps to a successful wash day with Wash Day Made Simple. 💎


Now y’all KNOW dang on well if I was LEAVING THE CITY I would’ve told you guys months ago and helped place you - I ain’t goin nowhere but on to bigger and better!!

I’m still in the city yall… we’re just upgrading. 😌

Happy November! Details on our NEW HOME coming soon. 💋

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Hello. I am The Love Dr. spreading nothing but love and healing in a world of chaos. ❤️‍🩹

Halloween with the Queens!

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With the humidity finally backing off, I thought I’d share a few of my PRESSED HAIR MUST-HAVES :

🟣Heat protection! Your flat iron gets hot🔥🔥🔥, and you need to protect your hair cuticle from that extreme heat. Neuro Protect is always my go-to.

🟣A wooden rattail comb. You’re going to get a lot of tension on the hair, which is great for smoothing, and also because of the wood material, you don’t risk melting the comb or using something that’s going to hold a lot of heat 🔥 and end up “cooking” your hair as your comb it. The VLSS rat tail comb is my fave - unfortunately they didn’t last on the shelves long.

🟣Clips to work in sections (at least 4). One of the keys to a good at home press is working in small controllable sections. The smaller the sections you have, the more control you get!


Get it while it’s HOT! 🔥

Help us wish the queen who started it all at Volume Life a HAPPY BIRTHDAY by gifting yourself the only resource you need to master your curls at home.

Learn the fundamentals of being natural and everything you need to crush your wash day like a pro! Our flash sale ends tomorrow at 5PM cst - grab it for 32% off as a gift from V to you and your curls. ➰


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Yep. That conditioner you’ve been using for years to “wash your hair” has yet to ACTUALLY wash your hair. Here’s why. 👇🏾

Conditioners typically aren’t made with detergents and soaps. Their main active ingredient is what’s called surfactants. Surfactants are designed to help lay down the outside surface of the hair which creates a smooth finish. Although conditioner and water can make the hair feel clean, soaps and detergents are what actually remove dirt, products, and build up.

Find out more truths about how shampoo and conditioner affects your end results and manageability on wash day in our latest ebook Wash Day Made Simple! 💦

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I’m not a boss. I’m a LEADER. 😌

Who would’ve known that listening to that small hypeman inside my head would take me from beauty school, to on set, to salon ownership, to being one of the city’s Forty Under 40, to impacting others with a similar background as me by speaking and sharing my story?!

Definitely not me. 🤯

This girl who was so unsure of herself, not outspoken at all, self conscious, and disconnected from her essence has found a stride. And its only continuing to go up from here! 🎉

Happy National boss day to all the bosses making a way to make their younger selves proud everyday like me. 🥂

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Did you know that most of us have more than one curl type in our head of curls? 🫣

Val is a prime example of what having two natural textures that are different and the importance of understanding her curl type. Around her back and sides is where her tighter, type 3 curls are and where her best curl definition lives. Her more loose type 2 curls live up top and this is where her hair gives us more of a wave. ➰

Knowing she has two different textures lets me know that any time she comes in, I have to use a different product on each curl type to make the most out of the curls in each area. For her tighter hair we use more of a cream-to-foam for defining and for her hair up top we have to make a cocktail of cream and gel to help those loose curls stand out and stay separated.

If you struggle with getting those perfect blended, poppin curls all over… it may not be your product. Wash Day Made Simple was made for you! This easy to read ebook helps you understand the fundamentals of being natural and teaches you how to discover and understand important characteristics about your curls so you can know the perfect recipe to conquer your curl at home. Grab yours!


Day 2 at the Textured Hair Elevated conference and I’m considering changing some things up.

All black hair product brands that are legit… hmm. It’s a ponder!

I’ve been being introduced to some amazing professional hair product brands. 😍

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My biggest flex is offering my current multiple style options. 💪🏾

Twists, curly and regular cuts, presses, edge ups, crochet, locs, sisterlocs, curl defining, rod sets, twist outs, coils, feed in braids…

And let’s not forget facial waxing.

Everything my guests need to explore everything natural hair and enhance their beauty. ✨

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Cheers to the LAST day that you have to face your hair in the mirror and be clueless on what to do next. Cheers to the LAST day that you have to feel defeated, frustrated, annoyed, and down right OVER IT when it comes to your natural hair. I have emptied my whole brain on this one! Wash Day Made Simple was designed with all curls in mind. Swipe for a peek!

🌿 What's Inside:
•Learn the fundamentals of natural hair care
•Discover how to determine your hair's unique characteristics
•Step-by-step guide to perfecting your wash day routine at home
•Pro tips for maintaining healthy, vibrant hair between washes

Understand your hair like a pro and tailor your haircare routine to its specific needs.

Ready to simplify your wash day routine and achieve your hair goals effortlessly? Transform your hair care journey today with Wash Day Made Simple.

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Tired of the confusion and frustration that often comes with your hair on wash day? 😶‍🌫️

We have some exciting news that can transform your hair care routine and help you achieve your hair goals effortlessly!

Introducing our latest eBook, "Wash Day Made Simple." 📚✨

Designed for anyone with textured hair, this comprehensive guide will empower you with the knowledge and techniques to master your wash day routine and embrace the beauty of your natural locks.

Be the first to know when the book is available and start setting your intentions on your natural goals by tapping the link in my bio and downloading your FREE Hair Goals Vision Board. We are ONE DAY AWAY from the drop. 💃🏾

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Ok, ok... the cat is out of the bag! 😻

Our first ever E-Book, Wash Day Made Simple, drops on this Sunday October 1st! 🥳

This downloadable book was curated with every person with natural hair in mind, helping to take the 'rocket science' out of understanding naturally curly hair of all types.

Finally, all the fundamentals of being natural and pro tips to help you slay your wash day like a pro will all be at your fingertips.

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🌱 What is the Hair Goals Vision Board?

The Hair Goals Vision Board is a downloadable PDF designed to guide you through the steps of crafting a personalized roadmap for your natural hair journey. Whether you're aiming for longer lengths, improved curl definition, or overall hair health, this interactive tool will help you set achievable milestones and stay on track.

🎯 Why You Need It:
Clarity: Define your specific hair goals and break them down into actionable steps.
Consistency: Establish a routine and track your progress to stay motivated.
Inspiration: Visualize your goals with images and affirmations for a powerful mindset shift.
Accountability: Hold yourself accountable by putting your goals in writing.

📦 What's Included:
Step-by-step guide to creating your Hair Goals Vision Board
Printable template for easy planning
Tips for setting realistic and attainable goals sent monthly via email
Space for attaching inspiration images and writing affirmations

🌈 How to Get Yours FREE:
If you haven’t gotten yours yet, tap the link in my bio for your freebie! We're only a few days away from the last 90 days of the year. This is the perfect time to get intentional.

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Having a routine for your hair isn't just about products; it's about building healthy habits.

You'll learn to be more mindful of how you handle your hair, from detangling to styling.

Over time, these habits become second nature, contributing to the overall health of your curls and the compassion they need.

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Did you know that FULL SATURATION during shampooing is the secret to unlocking your hair's true potential? 💫✨

When every curl is thoroughly drenched, your cleanser can work its magic from roots to tips, giving you the vibrant, healthy curls you deserve. 💧🌀

Don't just wash – saturate and elevate your wash day routine! 🛁🌱

If your hair is really thick or tangles easily, tap the link in my bio to see my pro techniques I use to breeze through my wash day routine.



Good morning! ☀️

Volume Life needs CONTRACTOR RECOMMENDATIONS, please! I would love to support the family of one of my clients if any of you have husbands or family members in that field of business. 🙂

Thanks in advance!

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When your Curl Card don’t decline. 🤌🏾



I'll tell you what the big deal is ➡️ When you know your curl type, you're able to understand:

🆗Why your hair behaves a certain way
🆗Why some styles might not be a great fit for you
🆗How often you should shampoo
🆗How long you can wear styles
🆗The way color looks on your hair

I make sure all of my guests are fully educated on the best products and styles for their individual hair types, because I know that my guests have different needs and concerns than my guests. 🤞🏾

I’ve got something that you’ll be able to use to not only know what your curl type is, but it’ll teach you all the fundamentals of natural hair so that you can master your at home hair care regimen and reach your hair goals. Go to www.thevolumelife.com or tap the link in my bio to sign up for your FREE Hair Goals Vision Board and be the first to know when we launch! 🔔

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Clients always ask me, "V, what do you like doing better - cuts or protective styles?"

It always feels like such an impossible question to answer! It's like asking me to choose between strawberry cheesecake and ice cream.🍦

My favorite thing about curly cuts is that they are customizable to each person's look. I can create super cute tapered cuts that frame my guests face perfectly that’s super easy to manage. Or I can create long layers that help showcase volume and movement rather it's wet and curly or dry and pressed out.

My favorite thing about protective styles is how creative my mind can get with different hair types. Most guests who sit in my chair allow me to create a style that fits them and their lifestyle without much direction from them. It's like painting on an empty canvas for me.

So as you can see - I choose the strawberry cheesecake AND the ice cream. 🍰

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Curl types. 3b? 4c? What’s the big deal?

The curl typing system we hear in the natural hair community is an imperfect system. Curls can vary on such a broad scale that knowing your curl type should be viewed as a fun fact to know about your hair, not something to stress you out into hair frustration.

Curl separation and follicle shape are two main things that determine your curl type and defining what your natural curl type is can be done best on hair that is completely wet.


In case you missed it - MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS BACK!

Check out my updated wash day routine. I did scalp exfoliation, scalp detox, a new detangle method (that can help anyone get through a head of tight tangles in less time & pain free), and a steam treatment.

Hair felt like butter. Scalp felt brand new! 😌


Photos from Volume Life Salon Studio's post 09/05/2023

Having a routine for your hair is my top recommendation for anyone looking to consistently see progress on their healthy hair journey.

A routine isn't just about products; it's about building healthy habits. 🤌🏾

You'll learn to be more mindful of how you handle your hair, from detangling to styling. Over time, these habits become second nature, contributing to the overall health of your curls - eradicating the stress that maintaining your curls can cause. It’s a win win! 🏆

Have you downloaded your Hair Goals Vision Board so that you can start mapping out your plan to your hair goals yet? Tap the link in my bio to get yours and start getting results!

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By now - we all know that I'm a natural hair specialist, but do you know how I actually got here?

I didn't realize this was a part of my destiny until after college. 🤯

I was the girl who would do your hair and ask you to not tell anyone it was me who styled you. I didn't see hair styling as more than just a creative outlet at the time and being a busy college girl didn’t warrant me much patience for people and meeting their expectations either. That all swiftly changed once I realized the value in my art and the impact I made with helping women lift their spirits through beauty.

I’m so grateful to still be succeeding on this assignment. 😊


It’s about that time yall!
Happy booking 🎉

October-December is officially opened for reservations. www.thevolumelife.com/reserve


Hey beautiful people! Just a few reminders when scheduling your appointments:

-you receive appointment confirmations via text and email that you can respond Y or N to that makes changing or canceling your appointments super convenient
-you receive confirmation calls if you so happen to miss those or don’t respond to them at least 48 hrs before your scheduled services
-we do have a NO SHOW fee that is 100% of your schedule services - if cards are blocked, so are you from future scheduling… with love 💕 (bc y’all know what y’all be doing - let’s be sfr)
-we only expect you at the time you scheduled your appointment. So if you’re scheduled for 330 and arrive at 3, we may not be in the salon or we may be finishing up another guest
-we return ALL calls - if you happen to slip through the cracks, we have facebook, IG, and an email that’s easily accessible for communication

We respect each of our guests’ time and services just as well as respect ourselves. We have set standards not just for you as clients but for ourselves as service providers. We go above and beyond to be sure communication is open and free flowing. In a world where people actually come to service providers, get their hair done, then dispute the charges - we have to do all we can to protect ourselves.

Reservations for the holiday season October-December open FRIDAY at 6pm. We can’t wait to see you! ✨

POLICIES | The Volume Life Our mission is provide services and hair education to women and men who are ready to take their hair health to the next level. We currently do not service children who are under the age of 13.


Good morning! This week is OPENING WEEK! 🎉

Appointment reservations online are currently disabled until September 1 at 6pm when October-December reservations will be available.

Pre select your dates on your calendar. Keep an eye out on your email. Be proactive because reservations do fill fast.

Want your business to be the top-listed Hair Salon in Shreveport?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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I'll tell you what the big deal is ➡️ When you know your curl type, you're able to understand:🆗Why your hair behaves a c...
Good morning! This week is OPENING WEEK! 🎉Appointment reservations online are currently disabled until September 1 at 6p...
Staying abreast on the latest in hair trends, hair health tips, and product changes is always fun with my @paulmitchellp...
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