Louisiana Liscenced Cosmetologist & Makeup Artist. Specialized in natural Balayage, Lived in Blonde


•Hair Cutting
•Hair Coloring/ Highlighting/ Fauxlayage & Balayage
•blowouts and styling
• Brazilian Blowout treatment
•Facial waxing

•Professional makeup application for :

* Photography
* Weddings
* Quinceañeras
* Prom/Hoco
* professional Headshots


Hey Alexa, play Hot $h!t by

Whoever told you Reds are easy, they LIED to you. Reds are complex and usually require multiple layers of color to reach the goal tone you are after. This project right here was a challenge for me bc it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am not a Reds expert, YET 😬 but I am enjoying these projects that make me step out of the box bc they make me GROW and become better at my craft.
For that ,
Thank you guys ❤️



The power of a refreshing glaze and a trim nothing else 💖💖💖

Idk but something about the way her hair color complimented her beautiful tan makes this one of my favorite shades I have created for this babe . A little peach and a little gold created this stunning color 🍑🍯🤤 .


Mentally here ☀️


Mentally here 🌬


We are looking for talented stylists to come join our team !

Our salon space is conveniently located on Live Ave across the st from Superior Grill.
Our vibe is lux, relaxed and zero drama ☺️
All of us at Cashmere work hard, love to take care of our guests, help each other and have and appreciate great work ethics 🎯✨

Call us to schedule an interview with our salon leader & Come check out our place!

We are hiring, come join our team!


In celebration of Spring forward time change 🌞💛
i present to you this bee-oo-ty 🐝
Fluid, organic 🌱 , warm and sweet like 🍯 created using organic color .

I am here for the longer days when I get to take THEE best pictures of my work! 👏🏼😄 there is nothing more aggravating than not being able to capture on my phone what my eyes see😅
Ahh Im literally so excited for warmer, longer happier days ! I’m tired of this gloomy days 💩


Chestnut waves 🤎🖤

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OTOÑO 🍁🤎 🍁

You guys will probably be tired and sick of hearing me say how much I LOVE autumn vibes but that’s fine 😂 I Can live with that 👏🏼👏🏼
I love this length on her, I know most of my girls sport Rapunzel like lengths but i want you guys to know that dimensional color CAN be done on shorter hair as well ! It’s all about the placement and styling really. Anytime the hair is curled you will get to appreciate more if those “lowlights” or as I like to call them pockets of depth 🕳 they are A MUST in way to have the bright ribbons POP 😉💥💥


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This gorgeous momma was ready to add some dimension to her natural color. When she reached out to me she mentioned she had never colored it before and wanted to do something different but keep it on the natural side. If you know anything about my work and my signature style you know I specialize in natural, glowy , rich lived in color 🌱
Most of my guest are natural brunettes and I like to help my girls embrace and love their hair identity 🤎


When I think of FALL hair this is exactly what I envision 🍂🌅🍂 it’s shinny, rich,multidimensional, warm and absolutely yummy 🧡🤎 !!
I am thankful to have guest such as this queen of a woman 👸🏻👸🏽👸🏼 who trust me to just do to with their hair color what I think will look best. That trust never goes unappreciated! It gives me the freedom i need as an artist to create and deliver 👩🏻‍🎨

Big big thank you for that my ❤️😘


Hi 👽

A friendly… STOP USING BOILING water when you wash your hair. The season is changing and as it gets colder outside us women tend to turn up the heat in the shower. As a result we end up with dry itchy skin! And guess what?? The scalp is an extension of our skin which is THE LARGEST ORGAN IN THE BODY.
Just as we love on and pamper the skin on our face we should care for the scalp. With that being said…no we don’t have dandruff stop using H&S
(dandruff is actually an infection and it legit smells like toe 🧀🤢) so no u don’t have that. More than likely the skin up there is just dehydrated 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Now I’m done. Thanks for making it this far lol
Bye 🙃

*any questions feel free to drop them
Down below 👩🏻‍🏫⬇️⬇️⬇️

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“ Blondes are noticed, but redheads are never forgotten”.

Ooohhh i was so giddy inside when she came in and literally told me I could do whatever I wanted to 😬aI had been dyyyying to do a bright copper like this on her! ❤️‍🔥 channeling circa early 2000’s vibes !! It was so fun to create bc it is not my usual waist length sunkissed babe yet is Chic and textured AND in the warm family which by now you all know is my absolute favorite side of the spectrum 💥🔥👽

This gorg project was created using which is a plant based company , it’s a lux line made with certified organic ingredients including essential oils and extracts. All their ingredients are sustainably harvested and ethically sourced
.and.honey introduced me to it a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it ☺️


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Kimmydidmyhair updated their info in the about section.

Kimmydidmyhair updated their info in the about section.

Now it's easier to send Kimmydidmyhair a message. 08/06/2021

Now it's easier to send Kimmydidmyhair a message.

Now it's easier to send Kimmydidmyhair a message.


Those lashes though, ouuie ☺️❤️!

•Malibu C hard water /mineral hair detox treatment
•base touch up
•partial hand painted highlights aka traditional baly
•global gloss to custom the tone of the highlights
•blowout & style


Same girl, same day, same head of hair, DIFFERENT lighting ☝🏼🥸📸
The photo on the left was taking outside in the shade during a cloudy hot day (the result of the photos is way more true to the tone I created this to be ☀️)
The photo on the right was taking inside our salon right by the front door (the inside of the salon is painted cool shades of gray and blue and the artificial light is cooled toned as well) therefore the results appear much COOLER❄️
I usually take my girls outside so they can see the True Tones I create for them and it never fails lol I always hear “omg it looks so different out here! “ &&& on top of that EVERY Model of iPhone (bc I’m an Apple user) takes photos differently
Crazy interesting right ?!


This right here is giving yummy butterscotch vibes ... Oof 😛🤩
On her I did a root touch up to camo a few sparkles around her hairline area. I also added just enough highlights to create a pop of contrast. Lastly I created her very own gloss shade to customize those highlights and compliment her complexion and features . And Bam ! She is ready for the sunny days ahead



Hi friends !
I will be out away from the salon
7/13-7/19 & 7/29-8/2 🍉☀️
If you need to get in this month please to get in touch with me ASAP as these are all the spots left for July***

Feel free to share away and tag your friends who are looking for a new hair bestie !
Thanks in advance 💕☺️


It’s the melt for me 🍯🧸🤎🤩

She legit has such amazing hair! In its natural state it’s pretty slick and straight , didn’t hold curls too well. By adding some highlight work to it helped adding texture to the strands which ends up maintaining curls/styles for longer 🥨

Hot tip🔥
Anytime u are about to apply heat to your hair whether is by blow drying ,curling or flat ironing. MAKE SURE you are using a heat protectant‼️ also turn that heat down, u don’t need no 400º to style your hair. U aren’t frying an egg chill out 🍳👀


Sometimes I don’t post in weeks, other times I post 2x a day 😅 there is no in between y’all 😉
I had been waiting for the perfect time to post this beauty but really there is no “perfect time” 🤷🏻‍♀️ but anywayyy
Enjoy this brunette beauty ! 😍
No colored “toner” used during her appointment , it faded so nice since her first visit so we decided to just do a shine bomb aka clear gloss this time around



Do blondes really have more fun
👩🏼>👩🏻 ... 🤔💭?
Idk but I love my hair on both sides of the spectrum BUT I do know that being a blonde comes with more maintenance, that’s just what it is
If you are currently on the light side or plan on getting there at some point know that these products will be a MUST in way to keep your hair looking amazing after u leave the salon and in between visits ‼️

💠Hydrating shampoo & Conditioner 🌊
💠Weekly moisturizing masque ✨
💠toning shampoo (violet) 💜
💠leave in conditioner (bonus points if it has UV protection) 😎
💠heat protectant 🥵‼️‼️
✴️ BONUS : a light weight oil treatment to apply on mids- ends . ⚡️✨
Let me know if you would like for me to share a list of all my personal favorite ones ! 🥰


As of right now but tentative to changes ***

I will be going back to work on Friday🤞🏼
All appointments scheduled for 2/16-2/18 will need to be rescheduled 🥶
I will be reaching out to you one by one but I don’t mind if u txt me since there are many of u and just 1 me 😅, patience is appreciated !

Thank you for understanding !
Stay safe and warm 💙


Day dreaming of Cali summers and palm trees laying at the beach ☀️🌴 🛵
Anyone else having a serious case of winter blues 🥺?


idk how youtubers do it, im so awkward 🥲😆

We have gift certificates and all the hair goodies you need over Cashmere Hair Salon ! 🎁🎄🎁

Come see us or PM for any product questions you may have 😙

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✨Warm blonde➡️sultry brunette🔥

Because Sometimes we just want a change you know 🤷🏻‍♀️ ! This babe had been blonde for a minute and decided it was time to shake things up a bit 😈
How long will she stay on the dark side ? Who knows lol ! 😆 that’s why I don’t use permanent colors on my guest unless they have some grays that need to COVERED not just blended .
Using a demipermanent color line such as Keratint allows me to give my guest the change in tonality/add dimension back minus the permanent commitment 🎯 !
The color will slowly soften and leave the hair cuticle. And in the case she decides to go back lighter then process will be less aggressive on the hair ! ☝🏼🤓

Do you switch up your color throughout the year or maintain a signature look? 🤔 let me know !


These are the last spots I have available for the rest of the year 🥰 (good bye wild wild 2020) !
They will book up fast so make sure to snag yours asap, in case of any cancellations i will be posting on all my social media to allow others to book those appts!
First come first serve as always 💁🏻‍♀️

Feel free to like and share♥️

💌🎅🏽👉🏻 318.402.6910


CHAI TEA LATTE 🍂✨ (but with soy milk bc lactose isn’t my friend 😅)

She told me she liked My hair color ☺️ . So I used that as inspiration, added a few low lights for dimension and a root smudge to ensure a soft grow out 👌🏼✨


Since It is finally getting colder in Gator land Someone come and get something like to is done soon 😬💥 !
I love warm yummy these hues so much 😭♥️




In way for those bright prices to PoP there needs to be some dimension to create the contrast .
Back to the braid though, my braiding skills are so rusty 😅😭 I deff need more practice and .alva has the perfect hair for it ☺️! Thanks for being my model on call hehe
Btw I’m thinking about doing model calls for me to do color & styles I LIKE **
what do you guys think ? 🙃


Amber glaze 🤤😍🍁



Caramelo 🧡🌅🧡
I always tell my girls their first appt is always the longest one, after that she keep up is pretty easy. We do glazes about every 8 weeks to keep the color looking fresh and vibrant the highlights get touched up 2-3x per year only.
& At home professional hair care is a MUST!


This Natural lighting is unbeatable! 🌿Next I just need to get a better backdrop 😅
Baby steps you guys, I’m still testing out spots to take my hair pics at this new location 🥰

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Kimmydidmyhair updated their phone number.

Kimmydidmyhair updated their phone number.

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ButterSCOTCH 🥃 😌👌🏼✨
Ohh this transformation was a good one !
My gorgeous guest had never had her hair professionally lightened and it had been a hot min since her last haircut. She’s a natural curly gal 💕
I knew she didn’t want to lose much length so all I did was clean up her shape and a tiny bit of long layers 🍂🍂🍂



Brunette queen👸🏽🍫♥️ Trigueña

Love using techniques I learned from


After working 3 weeks straight 😅😰 time to relax and recharge ⚡️

See you guys soon! 👋🏻😘
🌴🌊☀️ 😎 🥥

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so beautiful and elegant 🗡♥️
Swipe to see a diff angle ! 🤩
I notice that I don’t really talk or post about haircuts anymore 🤔
Time to fix that , way before color , hair cutting was my first love 🥰
Most of my guest now days have long hair so I have gotten used to working with that 🤷🏻‍♀️ but every now and then I get a short cut that challenges me and reminds me of how awesome and fun is to take it back to the basics. For that I am grateful 😏👌🏼

(Only her cut was done by me*)
✂️ ❤️


Girl you got that yummy yum 😛🍹🔥


Her first time having her hair professionally done ☺️🌾✨
That’s all her hair btw, swipe left to see her before 😬👏🏼 !
Btw taking hair pics of y’all people is quite a struggle😘 either they have to squad down or I am standing on my tippy toes 😆!

@ Shreveport, Louisiana


said to me
“Kimmy take me back to my roots I’m tired of this blonde! ”
Sayyyy no more! And of course I had to add some spice to it duh🔥👏🏼
Going back natural doesn’t mean you have to have one solid color all over, no no 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️. I love keeping just enough pieces around to create some pop 💥 but keep it low maintenance 😎👌🏼. Swipe left to see the before aka Quarantine struggle lol

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Hi 👽 A friendly… STOP USING BOILING water when you wash your hair.  The season is changing and as it gets colder outside...
I mean Look at that shine 😍🤩✨
The heat and humidity literally NEVER STOP in Louisiana... No worries ladiesKeratherapy to the rescue ! 😍😍😍 Minimize fri...
👩🏻‍🎨🎨🖌📚 Tbt to @thebusinessofbalayage hands on class at  @mossandmagnoliasalon.  one of my favorite things about our ind...
fresh hair makes me so so happy ! 🌼🌺🌼 we did a partial babylight touch up, a glaze & a little dusting on her ends .     ...
Oh la la 🙀😻😻😻!! Hair so healthy, smooth and incredibly shiny ✨✨All thanks to Keratheraphy If you are struggling with fri...




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Shreveport, LA

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