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Hi! I am an alumni and a provider of continuing ed with NCBTMB. I am retiring several of my live classes and have several workbooks that I have published and would like to donate to your school. Would you be interested? Thank you!
Please email [email protected] ASAP. Our contact on file is not responding:
[email protected]
Hey, everybody! Newsflash: I’m headed back to Italy, and will be taking Irene’s education with me to Bella Roma!! I’m going to be working on the US Embassy compound, so put that pin on the map back on Italy for me!
Question: I’d like to get the softest, quietest waterproof (cleanable with spray cleaner) table and face cradle covers so I can disinfect properly but still use my fleece and heating pads. Recommendations?
I have to renew this October and would like some clarification on what I need continued education wise to be up to date. Thanks in advance.
Do we have any guidance from the Michigan massage therapy licensing board on appropriate response to COVID-19?
Looking to hire 2 massage therapists for my chiropractic office in Birch Run. Busy office, established patients, fun work environment. Call Dr. April at 989-624-9293
Hello everyone. I graduated in 2007. I am licensed in Michigan and now a resident of S Carolina. I am looking for suggestions to study for the MBlX testing. Online study guides, all suggestions are welcome. Thanks everyone
🌟 HCNG is looking to add a new member to our amazing team! Apply through our page or send your resume to [email protected]! 🌟
Now Hiring Massage Therapist's at Trupp Transformation Health. Please email your resume to;
[email protected] or call 248.488.7500

Don't get me wrong, Rob Kelly rocks, but this guy is a huge help to!

Time to send a message: literally, by sending letters and emails AND by voting with our feet.

Massage careers begin and lives are transformed! Scholarships and Financial Aid available for qualified students & lifetime job placement provided. Affordable massage provided to the public in Irene's Student Clinic. 248-350-6929 Our primary focus is as a massage school providing students a successful career. Students having completed half their program are thoroughly trained in Swedish massage. They give professional quality massage to the public in Irene’s Clinic at affordable rates with discounts for seniors and vete


First Snow of the Season

Yesterday we had our first snow of the season! A little earlier than we are used to so our students stayed in their hoodies and jackets all day. 🌨

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“This school is absolutely amazing. I was blessed with the opportunity to study under and apprentice with Irene and she gifted me with a wide array of healing modalities.” – Jon A.

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One of the great things about being a school is seeing our students go through these aha moments. 😁

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You ready to learn about anatomy? Because Roxy is! This class is essential to understanding how the body works, which in turn helps you be a better massage therapist. 😎

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Instructors Beth and Bil are here to wish you a wonderful Monday. May this week bring good things your way! 🤗

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Photos from Irene's Myomassology Institute's post 10/14/2022

Feeling a bit cold during this season? At Irene's Store we have a fantastic variety of hoodies and other swag that will keep you warm and comfy. Stop and pick up yours today!

Visit to learn about our massage school family.

Photos from Irene's Myomassology Institute's post 10/13/2022

It's a great time to start on the path towards a new career. These new students are ready to go! We look forward to their journey here at Irene's. ❤

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Allow yourself to swim. 🐬

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Roxy is here to remind you that in today's busy world you need to take time to care for yourself. So if you're reading this, release that breath you're holding, relax your shoulders, and imagine yourself petting this incredibly soft puppy. Feel better?

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Today marks the first day of our new fall cohort here at Irene’s Myomassology! One way to make it even more fun is with a feel good snack. 🍿

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Every day at Irene's Myomassology is another chance to learn something new. 📚 There's still a little time before our next class starts. Find out how you can join today at 248-350-1400.

Photos from Irene's Myomassology Institute's post 10/06/2022

The journey matters as much as the goal. So find a place where your journey matters to everyone there. It certainly will here. ❤️

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Genuine concern for the wellbeing of others is essential in any field where you are trying to help.

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Roxy wants you to get your downward dog on! Yoga can help the body in a multitude of ways including improved flexibility, strength, and posture. Give it a try and see what the fuss is about. 🐶

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Last day for our Fall class, so Instuctor Stephen played for them as they worked. 🤗

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Voting in person is on November 8th. Are you ready? If you are interested in getting registered, you can register to vote online here:

You will need your driver's license and last 4 digits of your social security number in order to get registered.


“Irene's has the best faculty. I send ya'll Love, Respect and Honor!” – Peggy D.

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Let go of your self-doubt. You've got this.

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Photos from Irene's Myomassology Institute's post 09/27/2022

VegFest was a success! Although a bit drizzly, plenty of customers stopped by to get a massage, and left feeling much better than when they walked in. Great job everyone! ❤

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Canine massage is a great way to give back to your companions who are with you through thick and thin. We had Canine massage as an elective this past weekend, and our furry friends enjoyed it immensely. 🐶

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It's always nice to have a group of friends to study with, especially when it's nice outside! ☀️

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Singing Bowl Demo

Singing bowls are one item you can use for sound therapy. The tone and vibrations can help with relaxation, meditation practices, and more! We have a variety of different sizes, colors, and sounds currently available in our school store.

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There's a lot in life to look forward to if you just take a moment to see.

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Roxy loves to cuddle! Here she is with Kelly, one of the folks who works in our school store. ❤

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Take your career path into your own hands. Talk to an Admissions Councilor today about starting school for massage therapy today. Call 248-350-1400.

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Meet and Greet events make starting at a new school less scary. Just another way we try and make life a little easier on this journey. 💚

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Our Fall class starts in October! There's still time to start your journey towards the rewarding career of Massage Therapy. Take our free quiz to see if massage is right for you:

Call us at 248-350-1400 to schedule a tour today.


Picture it, focus, and allow it to be. 🌱

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Curious what breed Roxy is? She's actually a mix! Her DNA results showed Dachshund, Boston Terrier, Pekinese, Poodle (small), and Supermutt. 🥰

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Rob and Beth, act more like brother and sister than coworkers. So you may just catch them picking on each other from time to time. 😉

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Hurry Up Scholarship Applications 09/10/2022

Hurry Up Scholarship Applications

Hurry! Scholarship applications to attend Irene's are due next week! Irene’s Kempley Massage School Scholarship provides assistance for applicants in need by awarding up to $2,000 of tuition. For details and an application form, contact our admissions department at 248-350-1400. 👐

Hurry Up Scholarship Applications Irene's scholarships are available for students who need additional help paying for tuition.


Deer Shenanigans

A student got this video of a lovely little fawn running to join mama before disappearing into the brush. These magical moments like these happen everyday at Irene's Myomassology. ❤️

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Please help us welcome Adam Skubik to Irene's Myomassology! Adam is here as our new Director of Operations. You will see him out and about as he learns more about the school so make sure to say hello when you see him. 👋

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When we truly come to know another, it is at that point that compassion flows freely.

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Photos from Irene's Myomassology Institute's post 09/06/2022

At Irene's Myomassology you will not only graduate with your massage license, you will also leave with lasting friendships. ❤

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Thank you to all the workers out there. Without you none of this would be possible. We hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!

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Photos from Irene's Myomassology Institute's post 09/04/2022

were fantastic at the annual AMTA Convention in

Photos from Irene's Myomassology Institute's post 09/02/2022

Students and teachers from Irene's Myomassology went to the AMTA 2022 National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio and it was a BLAST! There was so much to see, learn, and explore. ❤️

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“I graduated from Irene’s 15 years ago. I do massage and bodywork to this day. Irene is still watching over me and guiding me.” – Donna M.

Do you have a favorite memory of Irene or of the school? Comment below or leave us a review:


Your emotions can be overwhelming. In those instances it can be helpful to stop and take a breath. Staying present makes those moments a little more bearable. Don't give up. You've got this. ☁️

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First Snow of the Season
Singing Bowl Demo
Deer Shenanigans
A little fun with Kathy and Roxy! Our little mascot does look a lot like Toto don't you think? 🥰#irenesmyomassology #ire...
We had a juvenile bird in distress outside of the school. Our amazing staff came to their rescue! With some water to reh...
Tapotement is a technique used in massage to wake up the nervous system. It can help release tension and lymphatic build...
Thursday Moment of Zen
Brian's Experience
A great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with a massage gift certificate to our Student Clinic! Grab one in person to...
Stephen Teaching
Learning your rhythm in massage is a fun experience. No two people have the exact same flow, but that’s a good thing! It...


Affordable massage. Career Training. Cheap Yoga. Massage Oil, sheets, and tables.



26061 Franklin Rd
Southfield, MI

General information

As a nationally accredited institution, we are committed to providing the best program in therapeutic massage available. Irene's provides everything a national school has to offer and so much more. We are a family-owned business that truly cares about each of our students. Our curriculum is founded on Irene's innovative techniques and 50 years experience. With more than 30 years as a State Approved Massage School, we are proud to carry on Irene's legacy for students to benefit from.

Irene's Student Massage Clinic provide massages to the public for an affordable rate. The student therapists enjoy working in this professional environment, providing each of them a private office to work in. A one hour therapeutic massage is $40, a senior massage is $30, and a veteran's massage is $25. Faculty therapists are always available in case a question should arise.

Holistic health is a tradition in Irene's family. Building upon knowledge passed down from her father and grandmother, Irene began to formally study massage in the 1950's. Utilizing her natural born gift and years of experience, she developed myomassology as a comprehensive healing art. Myomassology provides the practitioner with a variety of skills to tailor to each client for maximum healing to occur.

Our primary focus at Irene's is on your education. We approach this in a variety of ways. First and foremost this is accomplished with our therapeutic massage program designed to provide students with a successful career. In addition, we offer a variety of Personal Enrichment classes that are open to the public. To top all this off, we regulary hold free or inexpensive classes spanning everything from yoga to healthy cooking, and from massage to creative dance. We hope you will join us to learn something new.

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 8pm
Tuesday 9am - 8pm
Wednesday 9am - 8pm
Thursday 9am - 8pm
Friday 9am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 4pm
Sunday 9am - 4pm

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