Abashe Hair Design

Abashe Hair Design

Welcome! I am Danielle, owner and stylist at Abashe Hair Design. We are a salon located in Sterling, VA. I have spent the first 6 years of my career working in a salon and am now venturing out on my own.

Shoot me a message and come see what's up! instagram: @abashehairdesign

Operating as usual

Photos from Abashe Hair Design's post 03/22/2022

✨Let’s settle this✨⁣

Curly or straight?? ⁣

Let us know 👇🏼⁣


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☘️✨To the day we are all a little Irish✨☘️ ⁣

Did you guys know St. Patrick wasn’t even originally from Ireland? 😱 ⁣

There’s your fun fact of the day. 😂⁣

I hope you all enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow and please stay safe! Just because you’re Irish for one day doesn’t mean you can handle alcohol any differently. 😬⁣


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Photos from Abashe Hair Design's post 03/13/2022

✨Have you ever had a root smudge?✨⁣

As most of us know, a toner is what neutralizes the unwanted pigments in the hair after you have lightened it. ⁣

But did you know a root smudge not only blurs that warm line you can get right after foiling but also makes your grow-out wayyy softer and less noticeable? Who doesn’t like less maintenance?🙌🏼 ⁣

The root smudge is the same product as a toner, it’s just that a darker level is used to help blend your natural color into your blonde. ⁣

It can also be called a root tap, shadow root or color melt. These are all slightly different variations of the same thing. ⁣

So who needs a good shadow root in their lives?⁣


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Abashe Hair Design on Google 03/11/2022

Abashe Hair Design on Google

Hi friends!

I just posted my first blog post on my website. Yay! Go check it out and give this post a thumbs up if you enjoy reading it. 🙌🏼


Abashe Hair Design on Google Just put up my first blog post on my website. Check it out! What hair color is right for you??


✨Get you a stylist that give you a great blowout✨⁣

Wait, wait. Scratch that. Reverse it. ⁣

Get you a client that has the perfect hair for a blowout. 😍⁣


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✨Happy International Women’s Day✨⁣

Be kind, be brave, be honest, be loving, be classy⁣.

Encourage and support your fellow woman. 💕


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👇🏼 Some of my most recent salon owner thoughts 👇🏼⁣

Something people always like to ask you as a stylist is what your favorite service to do is. The truth is I have been in this industry for 8 years and never really quite knew the answer to that. ⁣

It wasn’t until I start this venture out on my own and I really started promoting myself that I started realizing my favorite things. I only discovered my favorite things because I started noticing the things I was promoting the most. ⁣

Turns out highlighting is a favorite. Any kind. Full foil, balayage, bleach out. I want to see that total transformation. I want to have to use my brain and think about exactly where that foil should be placed to give you the best outcome. Should I tease it? Slice it? Weave it? ⁣

I guess it’s become a fav because it’s where I feel the most creative. ⁣

Thanks to all who have been a part of my journey so far! Whether I worked with you fresh out of school, you’re a client that stuck with me for years, a new client that gave me a chance, someone who shared my content or someone who told their friends to come see me. I appreciate you all! ⁣


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🌸 We are just a few weeks from the first day of spring and I just wanted to send this little bit of encouragement to those who struggle through the dark winter months 🌸⁣

🌸You’re doing great!🌸⁣

🌸It’s getting lighter every day!🌸⁣

🌸Drink your water🌸⁣

🌸Soak up some sunshine🌸⁣

🌸Hug a fur baby🌸 ⁣

🌸Rinse and repeat🌸 ⁣


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Photos from Abashe Hair Design's post 03/01/2022

I’ve been a bit MIA recently. ⁣

Honestly, just feeling uninspired. ⁣

So I hope you enjoy this dimensional blonde from the other day! ⁣

Look for more reels to come. ⁣

Happy, happy Tuesday! ⁣


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Photos from Abashe Hair Design's post 02/18/2022

Often we don’t want to lose ANY length. We are attached to a couple inches. 👇🏼⁣

The truth is, taking the step to remove just a LITTLE extra hair can often give you just the style you need. Whether that’s in the length or the layers. It can give your face and your whole look a pick-me-up. ⁣

I’m not saying everyone needs to do some major chopping, but if you find yourself in the chair asking to keep the length, but also asking for a whole new look, it could be because you’re not actually happy with your style, you’re just attached to the length. ⁣

What’s your next haircut goal? ⁣


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Photos from Abashe Hair Design's post 02/16/2022

Cascading layers, okkkk. 👀 ⁣

She’s coming back for a color appointment in a few weeks and I can’t 👏🏻 wait 👏🏻 to get my hands in this gorgeous hair again! ⁣

Do you get layers in your hair? Why or why not? ⁣


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🌹♥️ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥️🌹⁣

No one should feel left out of this holiday. The thing I like about it is just that is gives me another moment to pause and appreciate the people in my life. ⁣

When you’re a kid, you give valentines to all your friends. Why shouldn’t it be the same when you’re an adult? ⁣

Who needs to hear “Happy Valentine’s Day!” from you today? ⁣


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✨Which hair color is right for you?✨⁣

In my opinion, there are 2 factors that go into choosing a color that looks good on you: 1. Your skin TONE and 2. What you WANT. ⁣

Often clients tell me they don’t want to go too light or too dark because they’re afraid it will wash them out, but the truth is that it’s more about the tone of the hair than how light or dark it is! ⁣

✨Is your skin warm, cool or neutral? ✨⁣

Obviously, I can’t see you to tell you personally, but in short:⁣

Warm=gold, orange, peach tones⁣
Cool=blue, green, purple tones⁣
Neutral=combination of both ⁣

Which colors look good on you? Do you wear silver or gold jewelry (silver=cool and gold=warm)? Are your eyes blue/green or brown/gold? ⁣

There are certainly more in depth blogs that can help you dig into this more! ⁣

✨So, what color should you get for your skin tone?? ✨⁣


If you have decided your skin tone is warm and you want to be blonde, stick with a warm blonde! Pretty golden blonde will look great on you ⁣

If your skin tone is warm and you want to go dark, you guessed it—do a warm brown! ⁣

Copper hair will also look great on you. ⁣

-COOL- ⁣

If you have decided your hair is cool and you want to be blonde, stick with an ashy blonde. Ashy blondes tend to not show gold and maybe have an ever so slight blue or purple hue that cancels out the gold. ⁣

If your skin is cool and you want to go dark, do a cool brown! Ash, ash, ash!! ⁣

And if you want a red option, look for a red with cool undertones like a red-violet. ⁣


If you have decided your skin tone is neutral you are a lucky duck. You can do most any color and it will look great! ⁣

✨I hope this helped you to see that you do have options! Maybe that blonde you got last time was just too warm for your complexion or that brown you got was too cool and you need something warmer!✨⁣

More questions? Let me know in the comments! 👇🏼⁣


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Missing the beach? Get into these waves. 🌊👇🏼⁣

Start yourself off with a leave-in conditioner on your ends and then add in a “muscle” product (this can be a gel or mousse. Just something with a little hold to help keep your style and fight off frizz). ⁣

Use a round brush to dry and allow each strand to cool on the barrel for a few seconds before releasing. ⁣

Wait until you’re completely finished before you brush or run your fingers through it. ⁣

Here we used the curling iron to give it just a few finishing touches. ✨ ⁣

Do you round brush your hair? Lemme me know your routine! ⁣


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It's all about your priorities. 😉


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Photos from Abashe Hair Design's post 01/22/2022

Swipe for before 📸 ⁣

From always blonde to perfectly “bronde”. 😍⁣

Tag a friend who’s ready for a change! ✨ ⁣


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Photos from Abashe Hair Design's post 01/21/2022

✨All about keratin treatments! ✨⁣

Here at Abashe Hair Design we use the brand Cezanne to give you your perfect keratin treatment. Cezanne cuts your blow dry time by 30-50% (reducing your styling time), keeps frizz at bay, and adds shine like you wouldn’t believe! ⁣

Some things I love about Cezanne are that it is completely formaldehyde free (including of any of its derivatives). I also love that the treatment gradually fades after 3-5 months (depending on how often you wash) so you don’t end up with any weird lines of demarcation. ⁣

Have you ever thought about a keratin treatment? What other questions do you have? Let me know. 😍⁣


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✨ISO: Hair model! ✨⁣

✨Must be available Tuesday or Thursday during the day this coming week (Jan 18 or 20)⁣
✨Must be willing to do either a foil/balayage service or fashion colors ⁣

What’s in it for you? ⁣
You will receive 25% off your service and some gorgeous hair. 😍⁣

Can’t make those days work? Tag a friend that might! ⁣

DM for more details! ⁣


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