Hairapy by Melissa Penrose

Hairapy by Melissa Penrose


Melissa Penrose’s color extender is amazing. It’s a super easy process where she can mix up an applicator of your color that you can apply to your hairline and along you part. It comes in a little kit with everything you need. I had visions of getting hair dye in my eyes, dye all over my bathroom, and turning into a blond, but it worked out perfectly!! Think about helping Melissa out and covering your growth! We’ll be the best looking people when we can finally go back to work!!
Hey all! If you’re like me, you consider Melissa Penrose to be an essential service. The government disagrees, and I agree that safety comes first! I have been trying to think of ways I can help small business owners get through this time because they do not have the backing of a large company. Of course, Melissa is still selling products, but can we do more?

Have you considered buying a gift card from Melissa for use later this year? Doing things like this can help a small business spread out a loss over a longer period of time. If you’re working, and you can afford it, consider buying a gift card. Keep in mind, if you do buy a gift card, you can further help by spreading out how quickly you redeem it. Consider using 1/4 over four visits, or 1/2 over two visits. Of course, many of you are probably not working, so you can help out by scheduling a visit as soon as you can once you return to work. Help comes in many different ways. Melissa has not asked me to post this, and I hope she is ok with this post. With helping hands, we will all get through this together.

Stay safe and healthy!

Specialist in Hair Color(Corrective Color, Foils, Balayage, Painting, Color)

Operating as usual


Some healing music!

Hairapy by Melissa Penrose updated their address. 08/06/2021

Hairapy by Melissa Penrose updated their address.

Hairapy by Melissa Penrose updated their address.


Closed in VA/DC Area.
Thank you for your years of support!


Just said goodbye to my baby! Since Feb I have been her nurse. Soo Soo hard! I love Bella & will miss her! She was such a sweet dog! Thankful I had her 6 years longer then I was supposed to but still hurts. F Cancer!! Thank you John for going with me.


Happy National Pet Day! I’m blessed to have Bella these past 6 years & lately these days are truly a blessing!


2nd Dose of Vaccine done! I have to say I’m very very impressed with how FEMA/Military are running these sites. It’s super easy & they are friendly.


I have been breaking out of living in fear. Last night was a big 1 for me. I played Crystal & Tibetan Bowl, Xylaphone, a Drum, the HandPan & a Gong for a Full Moon Ceremony. I played all by myself for the 1st time & did it my way. What has been stopping me is the fear of failure. Fear of making an ass out of myself. Fear of embarrassing myself & more so not adding up to the people around me. I’m taking the steps! It’s not easy. Thank you John Guinta for supporting me! Thank you Sherri Heleen Cunningham for having me play at your event!


You will never speak to anyone as much as you speak to yourself in your head! Be kind to yourself! Thank you


I’ve cried so hard feeling all these emotions coming up from being away from life for a year. I am lucky to be able to get my vaccine. Getting the 1st dose of the vaccine means I can start to get some sort of normalcy to my life. It’s so hard to put into words.


Know if your struggling with this I’m here for you. I too used to not believe this. Getting out of fear mindset is the 1st step. Loving yourself


I’ve been enjoying my Florida bike I got for Christmas.


Martin Luther King, Jr


Merry Christmas!! I’m grateful!! Find 5 things to be grateful for this Holiday.


Always remember the light inside of you!! You are a beautiful essence. No matter how dark the days seem. What is it that you want to attract? Melissa Penrose


Closed on my house! Years of transition, healing & fun times. I knew this house would never be my forever home. I believe the new owners are a Married couple with a child. They will love living in this home & community. Onto my next journey! I’m excited & happy! Soon I’ll share with everyone what that is.


Done & Voted


So excited to be attending this with Hair Love!!


When you win Bingo online with WIB at your Graduation & get this prize in the mail! These boxes give me so much joy! Hair Love Retreat !

Timeline Photos 08/24/2020

Super Excited to be graduating online with @theworkshopinabox & @hairloveretreat tomorrow/Monday! It’s been a year long process & this COVID didn’t help the process as my mind got derailed trying to figure out how to survive. Melissa Penrose

Timeline Photos 08/09/2020

Grateful to be sharing a Private Studio with another Hairstylist. Because of my own health issues I have put into place strict guidelines of who I can do hair on. Please contact me directly for more information.

Timeline Photos 07/04/2020

Happy 4th of July!

Timeline Photos 06/19/2020

Let this sink in that 2 years after freedom of slaves did Texas finally free their slaves!! When I 1st learned that this is what today meant I was in shock! Today let’s take a moment knowing we may no longer keep people as actual slaves but yet some do mentally! Love to you! Freedom!

Timeline Photos 05/31/2020

I’ve been sickened over this. I’ve wanted to be sensitive & respectful of my black friends & the community. Not knowing what was the correct response. But I can’t stay silent any more. Why in 2020 is this still happening? Why is there still so much hate? It’s disgusting! I’m here & open to listen & hear what I can do to help. Melissa Penrose

Timeline Photos 05/25/2020

Remember the ones who have fallen & support the ones who are still serving our Country!

Timeline Photos 05/14/2020

We still have 2 more weeks till we find out if we will open. I can’t book any appointments yet till I have a set date. I miss all of you! If you need anything I’m here just reach out.

Every day I walk into my Loft I smile because I know I’m doing what I love. Changing a person perspective of themselves fills my soul. Sometimes people say this is superficial, I’m here to tell you it’s much deeper. Making the connection with another human being is what it’s about. Finding at least 1 thing in that person that is beautiful & bringing it to the surface is my life. Thank you!!

Timeline Photos 05/10/2020

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom. For taking care of us & working so hard. To all the Moms who give out all of themselves!

Timeline Photos 05/02/2020

This weekend!! This group from Hair Love has helped me so much taking Workshop in a Box not only on Business but on a Personal level. Being connected to other Owners, Stylists & new friends all over the USA but also other Countries. I love learning & growing! If you want to know more about it just ask me. We are all Pivoting!! Melissa Penrose

Timeline Photos 04/30/2020

Wishing I could be behind the chair today but respecting the law. Why is it I hear Cartman’s voice saying “Respect my authoritaaa!” Tomorrow & this weekend I’ll be doing my Utah Education online instead of in Zion. Looking forward to learn & bring it when I’m back behind the chair.

Timeline Photos 04/27/2020

Anyone else feel like this? Yea me too! Sorry I took a hugeSocial Media Break!! My reasons were I was frozen in fear. I would come on Social Media & all I could see was a lot of Should & Could & a Divide between people. A society based on more Shame & Blame. Something that spiraled me into depression & anxiety. Something most people are afraid to address & turn their back on. I turned back to my Self Help World to get me back out of it. I will be the 1st to reach out to others when they are in need. Im blessed to have had some reach out to me with no judgment or expecting anything back. If anyone needs an ear or an open heart I’m here for you. Truly Here! Melissa Penrose

Timeline Photos 04/12/2020

Happy Easter! These days are extremely difficult. May you find the joy in the small things. Sharing love with your family & friends Melissa Penrose


Hairapy by Melissa Penrose will be closed till 6/11. I will contact everyone with appointments already on my schedule. Please know if you need me I’m here for you!! Seriously!! Don’t be afraid to reach out to me. Everyone please take care!

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The Governor of VA has shut down Salons, Barbers, & Hairstylists from being open & doing hair for a month. I will contact everyone on my book personally to reschedule you. At this time if you need Hair Products or just to chat I’m here. .

Timeline Photos 03/20/2020

This was difficult buts it’s my moral obligation & CDC recommendation to stay 6’ away, as a Hairstylist it’s impossible to do that. Please know I am here for you & will be working extra to take care of you. I am also able to provide Shampoo, Conditioner & Styling Products if you need them. Thank you!! Melissa Penrose

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