Stevens Bros. Barber Co.

Stevens Bros. Barber Co.


Oakley do you have any of this on hand?
Oakley’s got my beard and mustache on point for the holiday!!!
Great job Oakley Stevens! You did an amazing job :)
Back to school is around the corner. Thank you Oakley for making this experience seamless for Leland.
Had to share a before and after pic. Ethan’s hair was super long and super thick and Oakley Stevens made him look like a stud again!!
My man Oakley Stevens killed it today definitely has my business for a long time thanks again buddy
Went and seen Oakley today for the first time and told him I had a project for him and he knocked it out of the park! I’m super happy with the work he did!
Another fantastic haircut!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks Oakley!!
You ready for this today bro?? 😁

Putting a modern twist on master barbering techniques.

Operating as usual


Have you been trying to get in for a while and can’t seem to find a time slot that works for you? GOOD NEWS! We have a new barber with open books.. but not for long! 😉

Hit the link to book an appointment with the newest addition to Stevens Bros. Barber Co. 💈

He’s building his clientele now, so hop on his books before it’s too late.


The other half of the “Bros.” in “Stevens Bros. Barber Co.” officially became a licensed barber in the state of Michigan today. It has been such a long ride. From encouraging you to become a barber and work alongside me, to finishing school despite the COVID years and all the struggles, you did it, Park. I know our grandpa was smiling down on us today as he watched us cut hair together in the same shop. From being little dudes hanging around in his barber shop, to being in a shop of our own is about as full circle as it can get. I love ya, kid. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes us. 👊🏻💈


My one and only favorite client, my little dude, Mr. Beckham getting his pre-vacation cut for those Alabama ladies. 💈


Huge shout out to @commanderbuns for popping in the shop and finally getting that dope mullet dialed in!Also another shout out to @roastumber for the awesome cold brew. Check them out! 💈

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The Gentlemen’s Contour 💈


Hit the link to scoop your appointment with Jett The Barber for this week! 💈💈💈


Gotta love a classic Duck Tail/Slick Back ✂️💈


Something so oddly satisfying about a wicked cowlick.



Hop on Jett’s books ASAP for those Valentines Day Cuts!


He’s filling up quick, so hit this link to book your cut:


Old School ✂️ Stevens Bros. Barber Co. 💈


To say I have been able to provide for my family for the past 2 years doing exactly what I love is an absolute dream come true. 2020 was a year full of changes and sickness and masks and fear, but we made it through and it taught me so much as a small business owner. 2021 has been a year of growth in so many ways. My clientele is full, so for all my boys out there that have shown their commitment, thank you for allowing me to continue my path down this career. I brought @jett.thebarber into the shop and he’s killing it and is still building his clientele. Also, here within the next few months, my brother, @parker_stevens11, the other half of “Stevens Bros” will be in here as well doing his thing. The entire vision is coming into reality and more than anything, I just want to say THANK YOU. To every single person that has shown support in any way at all. I love you all. Here’s to 2022! 🍻💈 -Oakley The Barber


Always nice to break up the mundane with any sort of Mohawk 💈✂️


Cowlick Work 💈✂️


Craftsmanship, a dying trait. Mac Miller says it best, “if it ain’t about the dream, then it ain’t about me”. 💈


Gonna be a real crispy Christmas for this fella 💈🎄


Slowly perfecting my craft. Growing year by year. I appreciate every single one of my clients. The countdown is on to 2022. I love y’all! 💈🍻


With 2022 right around the corner, make sure you get those appointments booked! Jett still has openings, but not for long.

Book here:


2nd year we’re open, 2nd year we win! Extremely honored and proud. Thank you again to all of my awesome clients.


As we come into the absolute busiest season of the year here at the shop, I just want to say THANK YOU to every single one of my clients. The days are flying by, the weeks are flying by, and the years are already starting to fly by. I think that means I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s holiday season! Super pumped to get everyone looking their best for the best time of the year. 💈 I love you all. -Oakley The Barber


No short cuts on this trip. What a journey barbering has been. It was this week exactly 2 years ago I passed my state board exam and became a licensed barber. I’m proud of where I am today, and extremely excited to see where I will be a year from today. With that being said, here is a kick ass haircut from today. 💈


Fades as blurry as some TV STATIC. Styled using @detroitgrooming Dry Clay.



Looking to get a well tailored haircut or beard trim before the holidays? Get on the books with Jett The Barber now by hitting the link to book an appointment:


Re-Stocked on the merch, come grab some before it’s gone


While @jett.thebarber is building his clientele, we will be taking walk-ins! Pop in the shop and get in with this talented fella before he starts booking up! 💈


Nothing but clean cuts on this fine Saturday AM 💈


We like our haircuts just like our bacon, EXTRA CRISPY 💈🥓


Just a reminder, our new barber at the shop, Jett Janowski, is taking walk-ins here at the shop! 109 E Chicago Rd Sturgis, MI 💈


The new barber here at Stevens Bros, Jett Janowski, is accepting walk-ins Wednesdays/Thursdays 11-6pm, Fridays 9-4pm, and Saturdays 9-1pm. He’s building a clientele and now is the time to hop on his books! 💈


Over the past two years in business, my vision has changed from not only becoming a great barber, but to also create a great barber shop. The only way to get there is to build it with like minded fellas that share the same passion and goals as I do. Jett Janowski happens to be one of those rare individuals. So without further ado, I would proudly like to introduce the second barber to Stevens Bros. Barber Co. , @jett.thebarber 💈 With that that being said, we are once again taking on new clientele. Jett is a great barber and even better dude. Growing up in the Middlebury, IN area, he is new to town, so show him some love and book your next cut through this link:


The fall of 2018, I was 2 weeks into barber school. My brave little brother let me cut his hair and beard for the very first time. I F*** HIM UP. But, he still encouraged me to keep going. This was one of many haircuts done in my little kitchen in Burr Oak that year with the music jamming and my wife sitting in the other room pregnant with twins. As I sit here and my 2nd year in business is coming to a close, I can’t help but feel grateful. Grateful that the dude in the chair here is following in my footsteps and will soon have a barber license and clientele of his own. Yet, also grateful for every single client that has sat in my chair over the past 3 years, whether it was my kitchen, my barber school in Kalamazoo, or now, in the shop downtown Sturgis. Being able to provide for my wife and kids while also doing what I love has brought more joy to my life than I could’ve ever imagined. So thank you. Sincerely, Oakley The Barber 💈 Here’s to another year 🍻

Check out Stevens Bros. Barber Co.. 09/17/2021

Check out Stevens Bros. Barber Co..

2nd year in a row being nominated for The Sturgis Journal’s Best of Michiana. I’m extremely honored to have been chosen again and cannot say thank you enough for all of the support over the past couple of years. Through Covid and all, you’ve all continued to show insane amounts of support. I would greatly appreciate any votes you throw my way for this years contest. Thank you again!

-Oakley The Barber

Check out Stevens Bros. Barber Co.. Check it out now!


Back to school buzzz cutz 💈

Photos from Stevens Bros. Barber Co.'s post 08/26/2021

The old school slick backs never go out of style.


It was an honor to be part of this event. I hope a few less kids have to go without to start this school year off!

What an amazing turnout! Thank you to every single person who came and donated backpacks and school supplies! SO many children in our community are going to be blessed! ❤️ Excited to make this an annual event, and hope every single year it gets bigger and bigger! 🍎✏️

Photos from Ana Rose Photography's post 07/26/2021

Photos from Ana Rose Photography's post

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