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Silver Lining Massage is a business with the client's wellness in mind. We strive for total health wellness to the full benifit of our clients

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Silver Lining Massage has been shut down for the time being due to maternity leave and due to Covid. I am hopeful to reopen soon. However facebook has pushed to force business pages to download messenger to read messages. As a result I am not reachable on this business page through PM. You may contant me through a post on this page and a website in the future once my webpage is completed. Thank you for your understunderstanding


Swedish massage for only $45! Limited time at my location. Need to relax after the holidays?

Silver Lining Massage updated their website address. 12/19/2019

Silver Lining Massage updated their website address.

Silver Lining Massage updated their website address.


Choose to get a massage this year. Be relaxed for the holidays instead of stressed. Or buy one as a gift!


Improve your sleep with massage! Rest is when our bodies repair and recharge. A body without rest is like a boat without a captin!


Specials for June $50 massage. New clients only.


Get ready for Summer fun with a deep tissue massage!

Silver Lining Massage updated their address. 04/13/2019

Silver Lining Massage updated their address.

Silver Lining Massage updated their address.

Silver Lining Massage updated their phone number. 04/13/2019

Silver Lining Massage updated their phone number.

Silver Lining Massage updated their phone number.


Silver Lining has moved! Come see us at our new location in Sturgis MI!


Now offering personalized oat bath blends. Blends can include from the oat base to oils, flowers, salts, and numerous other options to get the best soak for you and only you! Contact me to start personlizing your own blend today!


Get a deep tissue massage to rejuvenate for summer fun!


Get relief for the aches that come with summer! Or add a foot scrub for sandle season


Want to try a deep tissue massage? I am currently running a 20% discount for brand new clients. There are some small restrictions. Message me for details.
Have a Blessed Day!

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A stroke, or cerebrovascular accident (CVA) occurs when blood flow to a particular area of the brain is interrupted, or when an artery in the brain bursts and floods the surrounding tissue with blood. A stroke caused by an obstruction of blood is called a cerebral ischemia, while CVAs caused by a ruptured artery are known as cerebral hemorrhages.

Ischemia strokes are by far the most common, counting for roughly 80 percent of CVAs. Depending on the severity of a stroke and where in the brain it occurs, the damaging effects can range from mild to severe and include:

• Weakness, numbness, tingling or paralysis to limbs, facial muscles or sometimes an entire side of the body
• Impaired vision
• Inability to walk or problems with coordination and balance
• Problems with chewing, swallowing and speech
• Memory loss

Patients in recovery from stroke may receive support from a diverse range of healthcare professionals, including speech therapists, physiotherapists, neurologists and registered massage therapists.

Massage therapy can play an important role in the patient’s recovery process, helping to improve nerve function and joint mobility while relieving stress associated with the trauma of a CVA.

One of the most common techniques administered to patients who have suffered a stroke is Swedish massage. The most frequently reported benefits of this approach include:

• relief from anxiety caused by the trauma of the CVA and resultant loss of function
• reduced muscle tension
• improved joint function

The long, gliding strokes used in Swedish massage therapy relax the entire body, decreasing cortisol levels while prompting the production of serotonin. This technique also stimulates circulation and increases blood oxygen levels throughout the body. Several studies report that stroke patients with swelling, numbness, or reduced range of motion in the arms and legs benefit from improved sensation and mobility after Swedish massage.

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Christmas is on its way. Looking for a personal gift? Consider a health and beauty item from Silver lining massage. Bath salts with a custom blend of high quality essential oils. Facial mask kits with essential oils, mask, facial scrubs, applicators, and so much more. Pick your own blend for someone you love. Gifts made to order.


My name is Christina. I am a certified and insured Massage Therapist. I went to school for two years and recieved an associates degree in applied science. I love working with people and helping them feel their best. Most people don't realize all the health benefits that come from Massage Therapy. Give your body a much needed boost today. Call, text, or email me for an appointment.

Feeling better on the inside

I have been a massage therapist for a few years now. I started looking into massage therapy for horses first. I was told before learning equine massage I had to learn how to massage people first since the lessons are built upon a human based education. I went to school for two years, a year longer than required for a massage certification so that I could learn a more intense medical education. I earned an associates degree in applied Science. I liked helping people so much I never continued onto equine massage. I saw the benefits of massage in not only relaxation but overall health. Clients have been able to rejuvenate their life and health through massage.



Personalized health and beauty care products
Many different modalities of massage



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