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Do you offer full gel sets? And if so what's the cost?
Was finally able to get my hair cut at Panache! Olivia did such an amazing job and though it looks amazing when it's straight, it is a whole new level of gorgeous with my natural waves.
I am in love!
Thank you so much Olivia and Panache the Salon! I love the way my hair turned out.
Just purchased two $20 Gift Certificates from Panache the Spalon!
Dear Hairstylist: I worked at Panache for somewhere around 10 years. That's a REALLY long time. I moved away floated from salon to salon until I stopped doing hair for a bit. I recently decided to get back behind the chair and let me tell you....There's NOT a salon like Panache. I'm almost mad about it to be honest. I have had many conversations with Jenny (the owner) about her moving the salon here (Tucson Arizona) so that I can do what I love inside the environment that I love. It has been difficult for me to find a boss that is caring, pushes education and provides nearly EVERYTHING that you would need to start. I just spent a few hundred dollars on products just so that I can have my first day in my new salon. Panache is amazing. From the owner, to the environment, the location, and the immaculate beauty of the space. If you're thinking about starting with Panache you really shouldn't hesitate. It's my favorite salon BY FAR to work at.

Dear Clients: You want to be there. This salon will PAMPER you and make you feel so special. The AMAZING work that each stylist that has ever worked here does is almost an additional perk to the environment that is so friendly and relaxing. Whether you're a mom that needs a break from the kiddos for a few, a super busy business woman, a dad who just needs to refresh his cut or a single person wanting to be "instagram ready" at all times....This is YOUR spot. Go in, chill out, have some coffee, put your feet up, relax and walk out feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your week!
Thank you, Olivia Hyska and Jenny Palmer!
Thank you Olivia & Panache the Spalon. I always feel so pampered here!
First time visit. Angie did an awesome job and was able to step in and take over as my new stylist, since my previous stylist moved away. Thanks Angie
Emily Brown at Panache the Spalon was nominated for The Best Hairstylist in the Kalamazoo area!
You can vote here today! 🙂
Thank you Angie! Adventuring out of my comfort zone on my nail color was a hit with hubby!
Thank you to Olivia and Emily at Panache, we’ve came a long way. I went from having orange hair from hard water to beautiful glowing hair! Highly, highly recommend you guys! 💆🏼‍♀️
Thanks for the new color Angie, I love it!

Pampering you is our purpose. We enjoy providing top notch hair & nail services, accompanied by positivity and peace. Relax, with a great new look...

This world can sometimes be “a lot,” and we choose to be a place of peace. We make everything we do about it. Relax with us, and enjoy an updated look while you’re here. We do everything we can to provide high end services combined with our chill atmosphere in a beautiful, historic downtown setting. Book with us!:)

Operating as usual


Please and thank you. 🤗

* THANKS! 😜🤣


*Reservation FILLED ✔️ *

You guys! Jaime Plank Romanyk was all set up for a double pedicure and her guests did not come in! She is all ready, hot towels are warming, foot scrub is set up…she gives the best foot massages too.
If you’d like to take this opportunity call right now 269.651.9211 🚨

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Thank you to everyone who voted for a winner in our contest for our interns:)
Sitlali was our winner with the most votes and Alyson was nor far behind. They both did great, and the contest really was just for fun….they both “won” the prize…a $100 gift card to @glikssturgis!
We just wanted to be sure that the both of them feel the love and our appreciation. It has been such a pleasure to host them in our salon, and they have been so helpful to our team. We hope they’ve learned a lot about salon life and we are excited to hear that they both plan to go to cosmetology school this fall!
We ❤️ these girls so much and wish them all the best.



🚨 👀 ‼️❗️

Grab a pen and paper 🖊📄 @salon_e is dropping some knowledge!⬇️
"Box color and permanent color NEVER disappear from your hair⁣!
Swipe to see a video of what I mean!⬅️⁣⁣
I know you have heard the words “Do not box color your hair.”⁣ But why do we say this?⁣ Here is a perfect example!⁣
This client used the box color 2 YEARS ago.⁣ When it comes to lightening the hair again, after box color or permanent, it poses a BUNCH of issues!⁣ It doesn’t matter if you used box dye, 1,2,3 years ago or if the box says it washes out. Unless your hair is chin-length, and you’ve cut it all off in that time, it is STILL in your hair. As you see here, her growth after two years is only halfway down. Unless she was willing to cut HALF her hair off, there is no way she could be light.⁣⁣ It also doesn’t matter if it was done professionally! Yes, professional color can be (a tiny bit) easier to break through than box. However, at a dark level, no color is easy to lift without creating a lot of warmth and possible damage and still requires sessions.⁣ “But I box dyed with a blonde color”⁣
This still is not an easy thing to “fix” or make lighter. Coloring hair blonde with COLOR will always create warmth. Blonde colors also are not meant to make your dark brown hair, blonde.⁣ There are so many reasons why stylists now call lightening after a dark color or box color, a “color correction”. It is not because we aren’t skilled enough. It is because of the laws of color and science. 🎨🧪⁣Sometimes the client's hair, the color, budget, our timing, client's goals, etc. will prevent getting your dream hair in one session, or even 5.⁣ Sessions are super important when going from a dark color to a lighter one.⁣"
✨Sign up for texts and get $10 off your next order!✨
For the chance to be featured tag us and ! 💜

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𝕁𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕗𝕦𝕟:
Our Sturgis High School interns are wrapping up their senior year and their time with us this week.
We thought it’d be fun to have a little contest for them. They styled each other’s hair and we need our friends to vote for your favorite style to help us pick our winner!
Comment #1 or #2 to vote for your fav.
Thank you!


When you have the perfect complexion for pink hair…
So. Pretty.





We want to thank all of you who nominated someone for our Mother’s Day pampering package. We knew it would be hard to choose someone, but we did it! Our winner has been contacted privately and we believe you’d all agree that this Mama absolutely deserves all the extra loves this year. 💕
While we are at it, please don’t be too disappointed if your message wasn’t chosen but please do take the love that you have for that person and do something with it. It doesn’t have to be a fancy gift certificate, maybe surprise them with a coffee or go with them for a walk, best of all…write out for them what you wrote out for us in your nomination message. Please let people know how special they are to you and how they’re making a difference in your life and the lives of others. Hearing this can make all the difference sometimes. 💕💕💕


𝕊𝕦𝕟☀️𝕜𝕚𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕕 𝔹𝕣𝕦𝕟𝕖𝕥𝕥𝕖

Photos from Panache the Spalon's post 05/11/2022

𝒮𝓊𝓃𝓇𝒾𝓈𝑒 𝑜𝓇 𝒮𝓊𝓃𝓈𝑒𝓉? 🌅



This is a classic photo from our salon and we had to share it in honor of because it really needs no caption if you know what is happening here.
This teacher ran just a tiny bit late for her hair appointment because a student needed extra help after school, and she was there for them, as always.
While in the salon, rather than soaking her feet and taking us up on her hand massage and scrolling mindlessly on her phone or flipping through a magazine, she’s set up a make shift desk at our nail table so that she can get some papers graded, and she’ll have more to do after she gets home.
In their time off, they’re not only grading papers, they’re helping build floats, chaperoning dances, attending sporting events, continuing their education…teachers are not standing in front of the room from 8-3 (or whatever the school times are;) and clocking out. They’re ALWAYS thinking of their kids, and they’re always working. They’re often spending their own money to have what they need or like to have in their classrooms too.
They’re not just in it for the money and the fame 😉, they pursued a career that they believed with all of their hearts would make a difference in the world, and that’s because THEY DO! Please don’t let our teachers forget this. Please thank a teacher, it’s not easy out there. Support your kid’s teachers too, we are all in this together. 💕

We serve a lot of teachers in our salon and it is an honor…but we really do hope you get to relax while you’re with us, you deserve it! 🤗


Maybe if we keep sending beautiful blonde hair out the door, sunshine will finally show up and stick around awhile. 🤞🏻




There are many choices available to us women in this life – but when it comes to your body, there are only two:

Accept it

Or don’t.

You see, if you choose to accept your body, you will soon start to love it, admire it, look after it. These things all follow in the wake of your acceptance.

When you realise that this vessel for your soul, for your spirit, is an instrument of such high design and fine tuning that it boggles the mind to even think about, you will enter into a phase which I like to call ‘peace, at last’.

You will care nothing of spare fat, grey hairs, loose skin.

You will realise, eventually, that the body’s purpose is not to look good, to attract friends, partners, successes – that it is, in fact, your spirit which does all of those things.

If you would only allow it to shine through and work its magic.

Your body, my friends, has but one job, to see you safely through this adventure of life, to allow your spirit to reach its potential.

That is it.

If you are on the path of not accepting your body – you are in for a very long battle – against an enemy you have no power to defeat. Nature, time, biology, fate…

You don’t have the weapons to fight those powers.

Wave the white flag.

Give in.


It is then that your life will truly begin.

Donna Ashworth
Image by the wonderful Alpay Erdem

Photos from Panache the Spalon's post 04/26/2022

They say that people come into your life for “a reason, a season, or a lesson.” I believe in purpose.

Timeline photos 04/24/2022




We often seem to be about a day behind on every “national day of…” but this time…It has come to my attention that this Monday is so I thought it would be a good idea to share so that we can all shout it out on that day if you’ve got a great stylist and you want them to know it!
If you aren’t a person who has an established relationship with a hairstylist, it probably seems like a real silly thing. If you are….if you know, you know. It’s more that vanity. Your hairstylist knows all the things. They’ll do your hair for your wedding and your funeral and all of the events and non events in between. They know when you’re going through things and they know how to help you feel better. They went to school to make you look good, but that license covers such a broad spectrum, and it takes more than the license for it to be magic, it takes heart. It takes a good heart. You have to love people to be able to do this job right. The real magic happens when you feel good about your look and you feel good about how you feel when you leave your stylist. 💕


Private message us (on our Panache page, not our personal pages please:) between now and 5/6 to nominate a Mama (or Mama at heart) who could really benefit from some pampering in the Spalon.
The idea is to love on someone who especially cares for others but maybe doesn’t often have time or take time to relax herself. Tell us a little about them! ♥️
We know it will be hard to choose just one but we will announce one winner before Mother’s Day who will enjoy a complimentary service.
(Type of service will be determined upon consultation)


Hey, we know her! 🤩
Read the article to find out how to help!:)

Sturgis HS Students Raising Money For Ukraine Refugees

(STURGIS) – Sturgis High School is doing something to help the Ukrainian refugees during the war against Russia.

Sturgis High School Business Teacher Laura Penner asked her classes if they wanted to raise money to help out the refugees of the Ukraine, and the response was an overwhelming Yes. She says she reached out to Kelly Hostetler with the St. Joseph County United Way to see if she could help direct the School where to send the money.

During a visit to the WBET Morning Show, Penner says Hostetler suggested she contact Jeff Middleton with the Three Rivers Rotary Club, who are also doing a fundraiser. Penner says she did and will send the money through the Rotary Club International, who has locations in Ukraine, Hungary and Poland.

Penner says they have several different fund raising events set. One was Monday as Sturgis High School students did a walk-a-thon.

In addition, on Tuesday, Mike's Pizza is giving SHS 20 percent of the profits made from 4 until 8 PM. On Wednesday, El Taco Loco will give 20 percent of their profits made from 5 until 8:30 PM. On Thursday, Davinci's Eatery and Pub will donate 15 percent of their profits made from 4 until 8 PM.

Vlad Hnitsa is an exchange student from Kyiv, Ukraine. While on the WBET Morning Show, Vlad says it's been tough being in Sturgis while his family is going through the war back home. He says he felt guilty at first. Now he is keeping in contact with his family and friends to see how they are doing and what's happening in his homeland and trying to support them.

If you would like to make a contribution or find out more about these fundraising efforts, you can contact Penner at Sturgis High School, or go to the School's website at

(left to right) Vlad, Kaitlin and Laura Penner (photo courtesy of Mike Stiles/Swick Broadcasting)


She found the golden ticket! 🎫

We finally had our first golden ticket win in our Spalon Easter egg hunt! Congrats Vianey(and her mom, Mindy;)!

Credit for her fabulous hair goes to stylist, Olivia!

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Stay tuned for more giveaways and contests!


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