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New color after just having her second baby!🥰

During this application I weaved and teased all of my highlights! While thos processed, I applied a few lowlights for fresh contrast, and also because she was starting to feel too blond on the ends. I fnished with a root shadow and tone for a super seamless blend🤩

Photos from Haircreations_bykrista's post 08/31/2022

I cannot tell you how enthused I was when .wray told me she wanted to add a root and lowlights vs our usual blonde foils!

Swipe to see her before👀


Todays color correction🤩


Come work with us!!


Are we still posting pictures anymore?😅

I’ve been on a reel kick lately, so here’s the beautiful and her amazing locks🤩😍🤤


It’s just something about these lived in colors😍🤤


True story✨

Warm hair, cares!
Don’t be surprised when you pull back the foil with these tips!
All the above photos are on virgin hair processed in foils. Even the bottom right which is lighter still has a hint of warmth.
When lifting you are exposing the underlying pigment: red, red-orange, orange, orange-yellow, yellow-orange, yellow, pale yellow.
No one lifts ashy, silver, or beige which why we tone/gloss/glaze based on what we lift to + desired result. I’ve had so many people tell me “my hair lifts super warm.” Or “my hair has an orange undertone. This is why. Everybody has a warm undertone. The darker you are the more warmth you will see throughout lifting.”
For the chance to be featured tag us and ! 💜


How amazing is this color⁉️
Natural dark hair gives the best contrast‼️🤤🤤

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Another reverse balayage✨

Swipe to see the before👀


She’s naturally dark brunette! Would you have guessed⁉️😎🤩


Would you believe me if I said she came in brunette with just a little bit of blonde on her ends?

Would you believe me if i said this was done with just a partial foil?

And lastly, would you believe me if I said she booked another blonding session🥳

Well ya better believe all 3‼️😂😜

Photos from Haircreations_bykrista's post 05/19/2022

This college graduate is off to a whole different state for her big girl job!! Good thing she only gets foils once a year🤷🏻‍♀️😎👏🏻

Swipe to see how awesome her color grew out from last July‼️


can light up any room with her contagious smile and laughter🥰 Don’t forget to notice how rich and shiny her color is!☀️😎


Taking the after picture of your hard work and can so rewarding and often the best part of the whole service! I am absolutely NOT kidding when I tell you that I took multiple shots until I captured this one and said aggressively aloud “YESS, There’s the money shot!!”😂😂😅

it was so good seeing you🥰😘

Photos from Haircreations_bykrista's post 04/24/2022

Reverse balayage💫

When you’re tired of doing blonde every time and wanting to switch it up😜

Inspo pic on the right for reference!

Photos from Haircreations_bykrista's post 04/19/2022

I have some incredibly talented girls that have joined the salon over the last few months and I cannot be more thankful💕



During one of her regular haircutting appointments, I had asked her if she’s ever done a toner/gloss on her natural silver hair. Her response was no👀

I explained to her that it would help enhance and bring more depth to her existing tone, making it appear brighter, more shiny, and a more even tone throughout!

She was over the moon with the results and will be coming back soon to do it again😉


When you’re blow drying a drool worthy color and think to yourself..”I could just lick it, it’s sooooo prettyyyy!”and you say it out loud😂😅🤷🏻‍♀️ Thabk goodness knows me and knows I’m weird, but am I wrong?!🌸💖


The joy you see on your clients face after they see a transition this big🥰 Embracing your silver can be fun, but also high maintenance! This particular client was well overdue 😬(she was vacationing in the sun!) Here’s aa few things keep in mind when maintaining your silver..

🌟Wash once a week
🌟Cold 💧
🌟Blue shampoo works best, but violet is great too!
🌟No heat!🚫
🌟Toning appt every 3-4 week


What would you call this tone?!🤎🌟
I’ve thought about it and I can’t decide! Whatever it is……🤤🤤


Blonde and Blended, my two favorite things😍😍


I’ve been experimenting a little bit with some of my glosses, and this is one I definitely have NOT don’t before! I’m loving how natural and sun kissed it is✨

Her goal was to have a subtle transition from her natural brown to her super blonde ends, and a much needed cut!

No before picture was taken during this process, but I may have a video👀 Stay tuned for more‼️


When you envy your friends for pulling off literally ANY hair colorI don’t know about you but I am loving this blunt cut/color!😍


It’s that time of year again🖤

Starting April 1, 2022 my prices will increase! Please remember to continue to pre book your appointments😉 My schedule is filling up fast, and I’m booking out steadily 6-8 weeks!

Lastly, I have never had to require deposits for big color services, but with the increase of cancellations, I need to do so. This will only apply to appointments made on and after April 1st! Thank you all for your continued support and please reach out with any questions!!


It’s that time of year again🖤

Starting April 1, 2022 my prices will increase! Please remember to continue to pre book your appointments😉 My schedule is filling up fast, and I’m booking out steadily 6-8 weeks!

Lastly, I have never had to require deposits for big color services, but with the increase of cancellations, I need to do so. Thank you all for your continued supports and please reach out with any questions!!


When you want to go blonde from brunette, patience is 🔑😉

was all brunette just 10 months ago! 3 foiling appts, with toning sessions and trims in between, and we are just about to her blonde goals😍

Also, how gorgeous is this color?!


When one of your best friends is incredibly low maintenance with her hair, you give her a low maintenance color✌🏻


When you’re consistent with hair appointments, and use the recommended products for your hair, you too CAN have a healthy looking blonde😚


How many of you have never had a fun pop of color in your hair?! is no stranger to fun colors! We kept it subtle and added just 4 pops of green💚 Don’t ignore that fresh blonde though!

Come on, live on the edge a little 😎


When you’re content with how your hair is growing out from a foil TWO years ago😆👌🏻 The color in the right photo was achieved with just a tone!! We cancelled out all that yellow with a cool beige🤤🤤


Just me doing my blonde thangs 🤟🏻😉


In case you were wondering, I don’t just have blondes in my chair😆 She came in all dark wanting subtle dimension. We cut about 4 inches, then did a partial foil and glazed using Oligo Professionnel] 6n/7gk✨She also purchased Oligo Professionnel] blue shampoo to help keep the tone looking it’s best!


basically left me to decide what to do with her hair for this appointment 😆

When you’re unsure of what to do, I like to ask questions during your consult like these to help you decide⬇️

•What do you like/not like about your current color?
•How often are you willing to come in for maintenance?
•How do you style your hair normally?
•What tones do you like?
•Do you like the rooted, lived in look? Or do you like to see less dimension/depth?

Inspiration pics are great! Especially if you have more than 3! This helps me get a better idea of what you like😉 Remember , we do our best to give you the hair you want, but it’s up to you to use the recommended products to ensure longevity with your hair!


Why wouldn’t you want hair this luscious?!🤤


The best blonde I ever did see😬🖤


Out of the trillion different colors we’ve done, we’ve both decided this is our favorite!

Fall time, we did a deeper root shadow (bringing her root down about 3-4inches). This session, I utilized her root melt from the previous appt. for her base, and added a bold money piece and just NINE FOILS between the crown and front!🙌🏻


This is a look a could do every single day🙌🏻🖤


Basically this is the first appt we’ve done where we’ve added dimension! This time around I did a partial foil (slices), while those were processing I used a warm level 8 for her lowlights✨


I can’t decide which I love more, the cut or I’m going to play it safe and say I’m obsessing over both🖤


Happy Saturday✨


Gina started with purple hair, and now we’re here😍❤️

What will her next color be⁉️


These products have absolutely blown me away! It’s been about 2 weeks since I started carrying SEVEN® haircare], and I still have yet to try everything, but the products I have used have exceeded my expectations 🤩😆

That being said, I want to give you all a little something extra! Perfect for a holiday gift or for yourself!

TUESDAY 11/23 and WEDNESDAY 11/24 ONLY, You can buy two SEVEN® haircare] products and get a free one‼️


said those magic words that make my arm hairs stand up😆
“I want to go more dimensional with the color”😍😍🙌🏻

Truth is, you can still have a bright blonde when you add dimension! During Amanda’s appt,I was able to use her 3-4 inches of outgrowth to create this look. I left 1.5-2inch sections in between my foils, alternating teasylights and foils to her root. No smudge, glossed using 10gv/9a✨


You know you’re a busy stylist when….. Myself and meet at my salon, on a Sunday, with our kids, to trade hair services😂

This is also the longest I have ever seen her hair! All we did today was 10 foils at her face, and color melted her root/ tone😉 Her hair is growing out amazing from foils we did back in July‼️



In honor of the holidays approaching, and the first year anniversary of opening my salon, I want to give back for the continued support you’ve all shown! From showing up to your appointments, sending your friends and family my way, and purchasing your haircare products from me💕 THANK YOU!

Here’s how you could win👇🏻

1️⃣Follow/like 👍🏼
2️⃣ Tag 2 friends👭
3️⃣Share this post💛
Optional: If you’ve been in my chair, please share your experience and leave a review 😘
✨There will be 3 winners, and I will announce the winners on 11/26/21!
Good luck‼️


We’re coming up on our two year anniversary of being in my chair🥰

It’s been quite some time since we’ve brought her this dark, but I’m wondering why we didn’t do it sooner😅😍


Make sure you get your lash services in this month!🖤


This month will be the one year anniversary of Winks Beauty Studio 💜💜 How exciting right?!?!? I just wanna take a moment and thank each and everyone of you! Because of all of you, my dreams have become a reality and I couldn't be more grateful 🤗🤗🙏🙏

On another note I'd like to thank a special someone... and that is Krista from Haircreations_bykrista .

Whoo hoo girl! 1 year!! I'm proud of you and greatful all at once. Thank you for being you and for bringing the business and I on board. I couldn't have done it with out ya and I wouldnt have it any other way. 🤗🤗

Now back to my babes,

Its Thanksgiving this month so I'd like to give back! Every client to get a service this month with be entered in our drawing at the end of the month💜💜 Also classic sets for the month are only 150!! This price is good forgot certificates as well and can be used before January 1st . good luck everyone 💜💜 and again thank you🤗🤗🙏🙏



Sure we love the waves, but I’m also loving the silky soft straight look🤘🏻


They call it a “money piece” for a reason😆
12 foils later and a whole new look!👏🏻

in for the win with their seasonal glosses! 7ra/7kv💕

Photos from Haircreations_bykrista's post 10/19/2021

I love the ones who decide to CUT CUT they’re hair during I’m the coloring process😅😂 was feeling bold, and wanted to try something different! Reverse balayage with a whole new cut👏🏻

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We were totally gonna switch it up and get rid of the half/half look, buttt she wasn’t ready to move on and I had an ide...
The joy you see on your clients face after they see a transition this big🥰 Embracing your silver can be fun, but also hi...
I may have been more excited for the 5 inch chop😎 #bluntcut #blunthaircut #joicointensity #colormelt #ashytones #hairtut...
Here’s why👇🏻•Our scalp produces natural oils, which is why we only shampoo our roots. Your ends do not need to be mushed...
We may have decided to do this video half way through her color😂💃🏻
I love a good hair transition 🧡💛💖
Volume/beach wave hair 💕
Just because I can fix certain at home color jobs, doesn’t mean it’s okay to do so!😆😆This color was supposed to wash it ...




5909 Tower Ave.
Superior, WI

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm

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